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MI Tax CPA is a full-service CPA firm serving the people of Michigan and local businesses. We combine the convenience of an online tax service with the expertise of a personal CPA, so our clients know someone is looking out for their best interests.



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Our bread and butter core is a full service approach. For a monthly fee we will take care of the bookeeping, sales tax, payroll and payroll tax, along with helpful advisory along the way. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. The more we understand their business and financial situation, the better we can assist with tax planning and consulting during our engagement.

It is so important for every business to hire a great accountant because the business owner should focus on one thing and one thing only, the growth and operations of their business. Every business big or small should have an accountant. Even if some businesses do the bookkeeping in-house, it is always important to have an expert review your general ledger to make sure everything is being reconciled and recorded properly to reflect accurate financial statements.

An accountant can add value by providing tax advisory to the business owner especially during the growth stages. An accountant can help advise on what type of entity to form for the business (such as LLC, C Corporation or S Corporation). Tax treatments vary for each entity structure and choosing the right one for you could mean a ton of tax savings verses choosing another.

Another reason to hire a great accountant is so that they can help you when tax season comes around. Proper planning and maintenance of timely financial recording is crucial when it comes down to the wire. An accountant can help guide you through this process and make it less burdensome on the business owners.

There are many many other reasons why businesses should hire an accountant. Save the accounting and tax problems for us, and you focus on your business!

After college I went off to get a job at a small CPA firm for a couple years. I gained so much knowledge during that time I felt like I had to experience the deeper waters, so I spent another couple years at the large international Big 4 CPA firms. I also learned and gained experience working on multi-million dollar clients, however I was not satisfied.

I grew up and was raised by immigrants who came to this country for opportunity to start their own business. Working in the family business all throughout college taught me discipline and hard work at a young age. I then realized that these are the people who I'd love to work with. I decided to open my own firm to serve the small businesses and helping their owners succeed! Opening my own firm allowed me to be both a small business owner as well as a Certified Public Accountant helping and providing solutions to clients with their tax and accounting problems.