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I am a self-employed handyman with over 30 years of experience in civil and residential construction. We have had our own construction company in Romania for 15 years. I have been in England for 2 years and I only work in the private domain: conversions, extensions, refurbishment, log cabins, and more.



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first of all, we will be interested in what kind of structure the garage has, if it is safe enough to support the necessary work, secondly the installation of electrical installations and plumbing (where applicable), not least what kind of walls have that garage, simple or insulated,

installation of partition walls, if the garage is glued to the house, access to property, garage, installation of electrical and sanitary installations, insulation of the ceiling and walls, finishing of walls and ceilings (possibly with plasterboard), mounting of doors and windows , floors, wall and ceiling finishes and many more at the customer's request.

I have over 30 years of experience in civil and residential construction, started in 1982 as an apprentice at a construction site and after only 3 years I obtained a level 5 qualification certificate. In 2000 I opened in Constanta in Romania a construction company, with which we have worked for about 15 years, the period when we built many new buildings, (at that time the Romanian seaside was investing heavily). We built familiar houses or holiday villas, but also two small hotels and other commercial spaces, such as restaurants or leisure facilities.

depending on the type of work between 1 and 30 years ...
  considering "1" for painting works, and 30 for building a new house, from "0" ...

the customer who thanks me for my job and who only says words of praise to me.

Constructions are a field, although it is rather hard work, it has very good financial rewards. And it's the only thing I know how to do it well. Normally, I would prefer to work at an office, but unfortunately I do not have the necessary experience, and I do not think it would be nice to me because I am a man of action and I like to see that they are able to build something durable, physically, and not on the computer.

first of all, I am a person with self-esteem. The customer can be sure that if I affirm that I can do a high-quality job, that's how it will be. I have a vast (over 30 years) experience in civil and residential construction, I have had my own civil and residential construction company in Romania for 15 years. I also have over 5 years of experience in interior design on cruise ships of +5 *, where I learned what really means high quality in interior finishes. I prefer to work in addition or to call a specialist (if a certain phase of my work exceeds me) just to get the best results and to give the clients the maximum that can be obtained at a job.