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Julia Kollek Creative Services

9 July 2019

Fortunate to have tasted a delicious menu from these folks - a buffet of gluten-free & vegan dishes. Highly recommended!


Susan Labelle

5 February 2019

Amazing people! Would highly recommend to all of my Celiac / Gluten Free friends.


Emily Gayle Aitken

5 February 2019

Savory gluten free crepes perfect for lunch today!


Kayla Doslea

5 February 2019

Mes Amis Catering is the best catering company ever, with good food and amazing people, I highly recommend this company to everyone.


Thomas Adam Fletcher

5 February 2019

This place feeds you love crepes. The food made my soul happy.


Rod Craig

5 February 2019

Catered at the Pythons' Pit 5 year celebration at Tech Place, Burlington, this week. The food was outstanding (fresh, tasty and beautiful) and the team were helpful and friendly.


Amanda Mead

5 February 2019

I'm so happy to have this place as a safe space where I can enjoy delicious soups and baked goods without having to ask about ingredients. Vegan and Celiac friendly! Amazing people, warm and welcoming atmosphere and a great place to bring kids of any age! Well done. More...


Conzillia Cee

5 February 2019

Love this grassroots establishment that is totally unpretentious and cool. Everything is made with love, and care. I've tried everything from soups, to many of their desserts. Being closer to The Nook allows me to enjoy their snacks even more frequently :) More...


John Schuurman

29 September 2018

Great people and great food


Meghan Hers

27 May 2018

Mes Amis is an amazing local business, with tasty food and a whole lot of heart. The food is tailored to those with dietary restrictions, but remains inventive and delicious. The staff are wonderful, responsive to your needs, and give back to the community constantly. This week I went in and got free coffee, just for bringing in a child (it was March break). I wish there were more businesses in our city with the same ethos in our city! More...

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