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Mentalist & Corporate Entertainer

Eastern Shores, Florida, USA

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Mentalist & Corporate Entertainer

Eastern Shores, Florida, USA



Alan Chamo offers corporate magic entertainment to your entire organization in one amazing show. His mentalism will unite them in amazement.
Alan has been blowing minds for over 20 years with his unique blend of mentalism and comedy.

With amazing feats of mental magic, mindfulness, and hypnosis, an Alan Chamo “M1ND H4CK3R” experience leaves audiences excited, entertained- and engaged.


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Nick Moss

9 July 2019

Saw Mind Hacker at the Colony and thought it was fantastic. Gets the heart pumping. Loved the interaction, and since all the seats are on stage it really reverses the normal theater experience. Very entertaining!


Zita D.

10 June 2018

Alan was AMAZING!  We hired him at the last minute and he was extremely accommodating with us.  He exceeded all our expectations with jaw dropping acts over and over!  He greatly involved us and we could not believe the things he was able to do!  We were an audience of varying ages and backgrounds and he kept everyone involved and entertained!  I could not believe my eyes and we are still talking about it... More...


Marti Brill

20 August 2017

the best mind reading mentalist ever! 7 stars! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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I have been performing magic since I was a child, For over 35 years!

This is a very funny show with lots of audience participation.
The show highlights the power of our minds and throughout the show, Alan does amazing presentations with simple everyday objects.

you can expect to see divinations, Mind reading or as Alan likes to call it "Mind Influencing", Hypnotic suggestions, a Blindfold effects where Alan has his eyes blindfolded using duct tape and he can find and describe objects without seeing them.

I love every moment I get on stage and mostly the feedback I get when the audience reacts to my material and is engaged.

I was always interested in being an entertainer and as such, I had to learn how to do the business part of performing.

Providing entertainment for Corporate client is my bread and butter, this is all I do and I take it very seriously. This is not a hobby or a part-time job for me.
I'm also well regarded in the industry and an award winner on more than one category. I'm trusted by fortune 500 companies to entertain their clients and employees and hope to win your business as well.



The perfect ice breaker and conversation starter for any party or event. In this casual show, Alan brings his mental magic and sleight of hand up close right under your guests’ noses, They will be screaming in awe! During the reception, Alan strolls among your guests and approaches small groups, entertaining them for about five to ten minutes with incredible mind magic and charming humor. These short shows are repeated so all guests can have a magical experience. In this show, your audience will experience mind reading, hypnotic suggestions, Sleight of hand, Metal Bending, and much more. Book Alan now and dazzle your guests with an unforgettable “Mind Blowing” Experience!

Alan Chamo: Mind Hacker is a fast-paced, intimate, interactive experience where you’ll spend as much time laughing as you do scratching your head, wondering “How the heck did that just happen?” Alan created this show in 2017. It was debuted with rave review at the Colony Theatre Miami Beach. This show is design to appeal to a general audience and is family friendly. There are two versions to this show; 45 min for cruise lines and corporate and 90 min for theaters.