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San Jose, California, Santa Clara

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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San Jose, California, Santa Clara

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019

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Monica W.

8 November 2019

Bao was very responsive to our needs. He was able to stop by to check out the location and space to see if the photobooth can work in the space given . We were able to customize the photobooth template and backdrop as well to suit our open house event. His team member Matthew was friendly had provided extra copies of the photos upon our guests request. I would suggest they get newer props and lengthen the time between each picture that can be taken. More...


Melanie E.

21 October 2019

These guys were great! I use them for all of my photo booth needs for both corporate and personal! If there is ever an issue they are always prompt to fix and remedy the situation! They have always worked with me on the graphics of the layout and using customized artwork and backdrops! The prints come out great and they give you the option of Photobooth strips or 4x6 and you can even get double prints as an option, but you always have access to the soft copies via their online gallery which you can download each individual photo from! Great feature!I always work with Bao and he is always very quick at responses and attentive to detail! Their attendants have always been awesome! Tuan came out to our event this past weekend and he was amazing! Great job!I definitely recommend MementoStrip to anyone looking for a Photobooth, you will not be disappointed! More...


Danielle C.

11 April 2019

perfect! we were contacted prior to the wedding and were given so many options of how we wanted the photo strips to look. They arrived on time and were fabulous! I'd recommend them to anyone planning a wedding! More...


Sophia L.

9 April 2019

I got in contact with Bao a few months prior to our event, and he was always super quick at responding! He even took the extra step to create a personalized and themed graphic for our photo print template. On the day of the event, our attendant Jesus was set up and ready to go before our event even started, and everything went really smoothly. Great deal for a great service! More...


Ann N.

5 April 2019

I reached out to Mementostrip via email to inquire. I was in contact with Bao for most of the communication. Bao was super responsive in answering all my questions in a timely manner. Booking Mementostrip was a breeze and they happened to be a preferred vendor at my venue (a coincidence and a plus). I chose their standard frame template and font. I wish they had more options but I wasn't too picky. One thing to note was that our standard package only came with (1) 4x6 or (2) 2x6. It is not unlimited prints. However, all photos are available through an online gallery which I could easily send to guests. The gallery was available just a couple days after the wedding. Super fast! One thing I want to note was in my email communications, I specifically asked for a gold sequin backdrop (to match the frame I chose which was black and gold). On the day of the wedding, the backdrop was a silver sequin backdrop. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to concentrate on such a small detail but it would have been nice to get the backdrop I requested. I didn't get any communication that they backdrop wasn't available or would be different. Not sure what happened there. More...


Patricia T.

12 March 2019

Hired mementostrip for my retirement party and all I can say is they are the best!!! I was unsure about hiring a photobooth company, but so happy I did!! The attendant was absolutely awesome!!! Very helpful and attentive. The prints that guests took home were the best party favors!!!Will definitely use them again in the future...worth every penny!! More...


Jin N.

19 February 2019

I highly recommend MementoStrip for those looking for a photobooth service for their wedding. The service is professional and friendly, the props are plentiful, and the online customization of the backdrop and photostrip design is relatively straightforward. The cost is also good bang for buck. More...


Jamie Brandau

28 December 2018

Really affordable prices and excellent quality pictures really easy to work with just need to book in advance during busy season. My guesta always enjoy the photobooth with the props and the instant printing make for some good ole fun. I wouldn’t have a party w out it ever again. Good for all events and very accommodating on location. Attendant stays the whole time and usually is laughing and having a good time with us. Recommend when u book to remind ur guests to take pictures in the beginning because the only draw back is there’s never enough time to get all the pictures taken at the end. To my surprise they were able to extend my original slot time so the procrastinators in my group could get there last memorable photos in. They loved every minute of it and still talk about how neat all the props were to play with and how it was entertaining to have as an interactive party favor. I joined the company as a photobooth attendant. More...


Lizzie C.

12 November 2018

They did a great job at our wedding this past weekend! Bao really helped us to find a package that worked for our budget and also helped to customize the graphic art on the printouts. Jesus was our on-site staff member and he was great- very friendly and even came to let me know he'd be leaving soon and let us gather more people to the photo booth before he left. I was surprised with how great the pictures looked! The lighting was great and the photos were of very high quality. Great team and I would definitely recommend. More...


Trixie S.

8 October 2018

Used them for our wedding n now babyshower....wedding was perfect but for the babyshower the flash broke lol...but the dude Matthew was nice n made up for it by staying til the party ended n he remained patient n coo the whole time so I guess that made up for it haha. Thanks guys. Next time i rent from yall tho ima bug u guys to see if all flashes work haha jk. thx again! More...


Nghia L.

5 October 2018

Overall I was very happy with MementoStrip.  My wedding was a blast and the attendant (Jesus) was great!  You can get all Photo Booth photos online!  Bao's team made it available the very next day! Super great for aunts and uncles going on flights out of town immediately afterwards.My only concern was the custom frame.  I paid ($100) to design/upload my personal logo. On the screen it looked awesome! But the actual print-outs on the wedding day were a disappointment. The fonts and pink colors were faded and looked cheap. I was so sad. However, when Bao sent me the link for the Digital download, the photos were awesome!  I was happy again because most people viewed their photos on their cell phones and the digital downloads were excellent. If you do a custom frame make sure you get a real print out (proof) of the graphic.  It may look different than on the computer screen.My venue had very low lighting and I was worried of the photo quality.  Bao assured me that his equipment had the proper flashes. He was right. The photos of the guest were great. The logo no so much as stated earlier. It's funny seeing my older uncles and aunts taking a photo with their cellphones of the actual print-outs (faded pink) and posting it on FB when they could have uploaded the better resolution digital prints from the downloads webpage.  oh well.  Can't win it all.My sister got me a laser cutout of my logo and frame to be used with the photo-booth. I don't know how much it costed, but this could be a service MementoStrip may want to offer their customers.  Just an FYI.see me and my dad holding the laser cut frame below.  MementoStrip, you can add this to your options!!! More...


Raquel R.

29 September 2018

Review in short: -Quality prints -Nice lighting-Great communication prior to event-Good pricing if you check your options-Fun self maintaining booth (as most photobooths are)-*props not included* ‍-Please ask for an outgoing attendant or at least someone who smiles (ours was not friendly at all) and that really does something to the atmosphere -Ask what their back up plan is should the printer go down -Came without table cloth -Ask when digital images go up (so you don't have people asking you daily)Detailed review: Bao & Jaimie Le were excellent with communicating with me prior to the event, which deserves a star in itself, at the beginning I was a little taken back when I found out that props were an additional $50 since I've rented photoboths several times for other events & they've always been included but Bao was nice enough to honor the ad as it mentioned props were included. From what I can see they are well organized as I received an invoice from the finance team, the designs for me to choose from came from their graphics team and any questions I would need to have answered I believe was addressed directly by the owner, which is excellent, but did get a bit confusing for me since I alone was dealing with all of the above, so I made a few mistakes and sent emails out to incorrect parts of the team but it still got to where it needed to go. The 2nd & 3rd Star are for good images, & the quality of the prints & of course the fun the photobooth was, which most photobooths are pretty much self ran and fun all on their own! Now here's where we start to run into some problems  the attendant just isn't a very personable outgoing guy which is ok but if your going to do parties you have to be ready to talk to people and have some sort of friendly demeanor & not give off a type of "I don't want to be here vibe" or at the very least please just smile next time,as your demeanor really can impact the atmosphere, also we weren't told to have an extra table cloth on hand for their table but thankfully we happened to have an extra 1 that we were able to loan him, he did thankfully get set up on time however it wasn't fully functional (pictures weren't printing) for slightly over 30 minutes, at which point he told me he wouldn't be able to go back and print out the pictures everyone already took but he was working on getting a replacement printer which the printer came and he set it up and got it going shortly after about 30 minutes in. A few minutes prior to the party ending I asked him if he could please check with his manager if they could make up the 30 minutes for when the booth wasn't fully operational at which he became very agitated & kind of surprised me especially since I was only trying to make up for the time where the booth wasn't fully working, he than went on to tell me he gave everyone their prints already. Since he become frustrated my husband took over from there and asked him if he wasn't able to stay for the 30 minutes to please refund the 30 minutes for the time the booth wasn't in full operation and he said he would let his boss know and they would get back to me, unfortunately all the great communication I was getting ended the day of the party & nobody contacted me. I wasn't told when the pictures would be uploaded and with teen girls you can imagine they were asking daily so I just checked daily & they were up within 3 business days & with that we will however end on a good note, that's the digital memories of all our family & friends having a fun time and that's why even though I wasn't completely satisfied, I feel a business should be deserving of every single star it earns, and these stars are for their communication prior to the event, the fun pretty much self maintaining photobooth & the quality prints however that's where it ends for me. This however could have been a 5 star rating had we had a fully functional booth for the full time we paid, a different attendant or at least the one we had smiling & pretending like he wasn't hating every second he had to be there & the tablecloth wouldn't have even mattered at all to me, but I'm pretty sure the company wouldn't have accepted a partial payment so I don't think It should have been ok to give me a partially working booth even if it had been for 10 minutes which mind you it was much longer! Anyhow they have potential so hopefully they have better back up plans next time, because this was a pretty big event we had and I wish they had something in place at the time of ours.Updated review:I came back to add on another star because my party planner told me they partially refunded some of our money, I'm not positive it was them as there was no effort to contact us letting us know they made a refund but she's pretty sure it was them as we racked our brains and couldn't think of any of the other vendors the refund could have been from so we are giving them the benefit of the doubt since this was the only mishap of the night. More...


hayden h.

27 September 2018

We had a great experience with MementoStrip, from communicating our wishes to the delivery and experience of the service. Our guests love the photobooth too and it was affordable. Thank you Bao and Huy!


Margo McClellan

22 August 2018

We had a blast! Our annual July 4th block party was once again a success!! The photo booth was a hit, we have got to do it again!
Our booth attendant, Long was great!! He had a great sense of humor, was helpful and cordial. I highly recommend them.
Thank you Long!


Opal Cherelle Arenas

22 August 2018

Was on time! Excellent choice of props appropriate for my graduation party. I would definitely recommend this Mementostrip photo booth to everyone. Loved how the custom green screen overlay was designed, and the graphic design. Bao, our photobooth attendant, was great!!!! Thanks mementostrip!!!! More...


Lisa M.

22 August 2018

Bought a Groupon for 4 hour service. Totally loved them! Did a great job at our wedding. We had an open booth in a real sketchy area (unlevel, redwood forest). Super friendly and attentive attendant. Constantly readjusting the camera to account for the little kids, making sure no ones head got cut off from photo. Brough cute props to play with. Can't recommend them enough! More...


Ines Alejandra H.

17 July 2018

Booked them super last minute for my nieces 4th Birthday party! And they were very accommodating. I only booked them 3days before the event. My guest enjoyed the photobooth to the max! (Even the adults lol) The attendant was really nice and helpful. The price is super affordable compared to others. Although it took almost a week for my pictures to be up on their website it was worth the waitI asked for a rustic cowboy theme and they totally made it happen with the graphics! They work with you and edit the graphics to your liking.Will definitely book again! More...


Kaman M.

6 January 2018

We hired MementoStrip for our wedding, they were super easy to book and had very reasonable prices.


Natalie H.

12 December 2017

We hired MementoStrip Photobooth for our company holiday party and it was a huge hit! Joe was the perfect guy to attend to the photobooth and really got our attendees into it, before the liquid courage kicked in. Mementostrip had great props for the event and great service. The booking process was smooth and easy, with timely responses to emails and questions. I highly recommend Mementostrip for your company event, wedding, etc. More...


Mabel Y.

26 October 2017

Great Services!Quick responseeasy to book (everything pretty much done via messaging)affordable and reasonable pricinggreat selection of photo layouts and designThanks Bao and Staff!  We loved our pictures!Definitely recommend MementoStrip to anyone looking for a Photo Booth for their wedding reception. More...


Lark B.

24 October 2017

This was a great experience, they were easy to book, showed up promptly, were polite and the pictures were adorable. Would definitely recommend.


D W.

11 September 2017

They had nice design options for the photos, they were on-time and did a great job. Be sure to check ceiling height clearance in advance - we had an issue with one room and luckily we had another space we could use. I'd use them again.


Bebe G.

31 July 2017

They saved the day for me and were so easy and accommodating to work with! I had originally booked through another company and they cancelled the week of my event! I called and Amy was able to schedule in the time I needed, was very helpful, honest, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to book! More...


Jenny M.

6 June 2017

I highly recommend Mementostrip to everyone.  They are able to service any kind of party!I work at an elementary school and had an end of the year celebration for the entire school.  Mementostrip was one of our vendors and they serviced about 420 students.  Bao and Jaimie were awesome to work with because they truly wanted the students to feel special on the day they get to hang with their friends.   Both of them were really prompt with their emails. I never had to wait more than a day for a response.  They provided great feedback and suggestions to where it benefited the students.  They were attentive, helpful, and professional at all times during the event. The next day, they were able to provide a link with all the photos taken.  I would definitely use Mementopstrip again for a personal or school event because they work as a team.  They made my day feel at ease and the smiles on the kiddos faces were priceless. You guys have been very accommodating and flexible to work with. Thank you Mementostrip!  Our school is so grateful for all that you have done!  Our school looks forward in working with you again! More...


Doug L.

30 May 2017

What a GREAT find...highly recommended, and very reasonably priced.We used mementostrips for my son's wedding reception, and it was a big hit.  Before the event, Bao made sure we were happy with the design of the strips.  The open booth allowed for many family shots, and the attendant was really helpful.  They were there on time, and were a joy to have around.  The adults and kids were all anxious to "get their shots".  At the en of the night, the attendant also returned a misplaced purse that was left unattended.Amazingly enough, Bao sent me a link with all of the photos at 2:00 am, only 4 1/2 hours after the event ended.  Now that's great service.I can't wait until the next event, so we can use them again. More...


Kat D.

3 May 2017

Thanks so much to Memento Strip for servicing our wedding! The photo booth was such a great hit and the quality of the photos and the prop options were fantastic!   You seriously were one of the few vendors who really executed for us on the day. They provided great service before, during and even after our wedding with their responsiveness, flexibility and attention to detail and we cannot thank you enough for the memories you helped us create. More...


John D.

27 April 2017

I can't say enough great things about MementoStrip! They provided a fantastic photobooth for my wedding and I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Yvonne for being so responsive and for your understanding when I changed the graphic 10 times. You were so patient with me! Albert manned the photobooth, and was very professional. He provided great service, and handled all the crazy kids at the wedding so well. He was also very punctual, and worked hard the whole time. We chose to have an album, which our guests contributed to with their pictures and comments. It turned out great! I would highly recommend MementoStrip, and will definetly use their service again in the future. More...


Katie M.

9 January 2017

After a while I'll update them to 3 stars. After I posted this the owner did contact me and try to make it right, giving me a refund on the guest book option. He then asked me to rewrite this review (which really turned me off - hence why it took me so long to do it), but I feel like he did go out of his way to try and make it right. More...


Dennis C.

15 December 2016

Momentostrip was great to work with and I highly recommend their services! We used them for our October wedding and they were absolutely great!There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to choosing a photobooth partner, but I would say that Momentostrip most exemplifies the professionalism and fun that I expect out of this service.Ease of CoordinationIt starts with working with Bao who helps to conceptualize design of your photostrip, selection of props and coordination of day of scheduling. He was incredibly responsive and had a very fast turnaround when it came to new designs and the many requests I had. Bao not only worked well with me, but he also worked will my (now) wife and our wedding planner through all steps of the process.The Big DayOn the day of our wedding, the photobooth could not have gone more smooth. Lines never piled up, guests were able to easily access it and the software/hardware was easy to navigate. Bao let me know ahead of time that he would be sending one of his newer employees, which worried me a bit, but it could not have gone better! She was super professional, helpful and fun! This is a true testament to the focus Momentostrip places on high quality customer service.Afterward the Big DayBefore the weekend was even over, Bao was able to get all photobooth pictures posted to our own personalized website so that we could quickly share it with all of our guests.Highly recommend! More...


Lynnette N.

31 October 2016

I would like to thank Mementostrip for servicing our event on Saturday, October 29, 2016! United Cerebral Palsy with Xi Chi Sigma hosted a prom night for people living with disabilities and the Photobooth was a great hit. I was able to acquire graphics with my printed strips and I was very pleased with how they turned out. I was also able to view my custom made graphics prior to my event date so that I could accommodate for any possible necessary changes. I was able to speak to the manager, Bao, and he made the overall process simple and easy. The attendant for my event, Dyllin, arrived early and set up was a breeze. I was glad he was able to use the backdrop I provided which turned out great in the photos! I also like to thank him for adjusting the camera to a balanced height, which allowed people in wheelchairs and taller people to both be included in the photos. He made the picture taking process easy for our guests by counting down the timer and letting them know when they were done. He was also a very active attendant, always trying to make conversation with people waiting in line and letting them know how everything works before they got to the booth. Although, we only rented the booth for one hour, that's plenty of time to take photos. I believe the line was non-stop the entire night and we ended up taking close to 30 printed strips. Dyllin also stayed an extra 5 minutes, making sure everyone that waited in line got their photos taken! I don't know if there's such a bad thing as "too much props" but he definitely had a crazy amount of props. There was so many choices and the combinations were endless. Adding on props was definitely a good choice as it also leads people's attention to the booth. Props were really fun so I highly recommend adding those to your rental. The strips were very high quality and I love how the graphics turned out! I also like how Mementostrip creates my very own photo gallery online, so that I can reprint all the photos taken if I need to. Overall, Mementostrip did an excellent job servicing my event so I highly recommend this company if you are searching for a photobooth. I will definitely be referring and using them again in the future! More...


Sarah T.

11 October 2016

I'm so impressed by the quality of service provided by MementoStrip. I've actually used MementoStrip for two events now and each time they delivered high quality photos and I was always met with helpful and happy staff. Everyone from the graphics designer to the photographer handling the event were very professional. The graphics designer helped create a custom design that we asked for and it came out even better than expected! The photo booth operated smoothly - it was a such a fun and memorable experience for my family and friends. Thanks MementoStrip for being a part of our celebration! More...


Justin L.

25 September 2016

Almost 11 months ago when my then fiancee and now wife were shopping for photo booths for our wedding, we came across Mementostrip.  I inquired online and immediately received instructions from Bao and Amy.  They were very accommodating with exactly what I was looking for.After a few email exchanges regarding the logistics (which normally is such a pain with many businesses, it was seamless in this case), they assured me that we're all set.Fast forward to wedding day.  The attendant arrived early and was set up before guests were allowed to enter.  Full of props, a scrap book, double prints, and a smile, guests were fully entertained and had a blast.  Unfortunately, the attendant did not receive a meal (whether the vendor forgot or attendant declined), but never once did he complain.  I would've been hangry if I was him but guests would have never guessed since he was friendly and had a smile throughout the night.  If you're looking for a high quality photo booth with great customer service from beginning to end, look no further and book with them now! More...


Karen L.

21 September 2016

I highly recommend mementostrip if you're looking for a photo booth for a wedding or cooperate event.First off, the staff working on attending the booth is super nice. We used mementostrip for our wedding and the staff made sure our guests leaves a copy of their photo with a signed note in our guest book.  Also, our venue accidentally forgot to provide him his meal and he was very nice and professional about it. As the bride and groom we felt really bad he worked 5 hours and didn't eat anything. He was so nice and didn't want to disturb us for his meal.Second, the props were great. A lot of our guests enjoyed the props the company provided.  Also, it was not a long wait for the guest to get their two copies of pics. I've been to some weddings and events that took forever for us to get our pics and we usually end up forgetting about it. Mementostrip's photo machine is fast and provides great quality photos!I highly recommend this company ! More...


Kenneth H.

19 September 2016

A tremendous Thank You to Bao and Memento Strip!  We had our wedding banquet on 9/10 and Bao's team was instrumental in making our banquet a success.  There were many many moving parts to our banquet - from the decorator showing up late, to our bar running out of ice, to our ice cream station not keeping up with demand, etc etc ... but the one solid reliable piece at our wedding banquet which our guests had a lot of fun with  (aside from the delicious food, so I've heard - groom didn't get to eat lol) was the Photo and Video Booth from Memento Strip.Bao and his team showed up early to setup to ensure everything was running smoothly.  In addition we had wanted both a Video and Photo Booth for our guests to both record messages and take pictures - because space was limited, Bao, during his consultation with us, was able to customize a booth that had both functions in one - this really helped our space issue and allowed us space for our wishing tree without sacrificing the video messages.Service was great, the attendant was friendly and helpful the entire time, prints came out quickly in high quality and the double prints worked well for our many guests.After the banquet the Memento Strip team even stayed a little bit later and helped us with a few odd and ends!We will undoubtedly be using Memento Strip for our next event! More...


Jenny H.

16 August 2016

Thank you to Jessica for being such a great host and attendant at my wedding! All my guests loves her and compliment on how professional and patience she was even though she had to deal with so many drunk people!Amy is such a nice woman and such a big sweetheart! She was so accommodating to all the needs and requests I wanted. Their graphic design team was so nice and kind enough to change our photo designs multiple times. My guests enjoyed this photo booth! They are great vendors to work with! I will be using them from now on! More...


Luis O.

25 July 2016

I was extremely happy with the photo booth. they were able to come early and set up promptly.  I loved that we were able to get two copies of the photos- one for the guest and one for the scrapbook and thanks for the lovely lady from mementostrip that made this party an incredible time, she was Friendly and professional.They were responsive (specially mr. Bao Nguyen) always emailed back withing a couple of hours even when I had to add something at the last minute, He made it possible. I would definitely  book again just for the awesome service!!!!!Thanks again guys!!!! More...


Katherine K.

18 July 2016

I asked my guests to get dressed up in iconic clothing from either their "coming of age" decade or decade of their choice (for my 60th birthday party).  So, of course, I wanted to memorialize their efforts with a photobooth.  What made the event so successful was how uninhibited everyone was in front of the camera.  I have such great images of my friends acting silly, letting loose and this is due in no small part to our photobooth attendant, Ken.  He always had a smile and helped us with the simplest of tasks.  He was kind and all around lovely person to have at my event.  People were getting a little intoxicated but he never looked like they were irritating him.  He was always very professional. I've been to parties where the photobooth person had a "tired"attitude.  And, it was easy to hire the service - good website and they got back to me immediately.   I would hire Mememto Strip in a heartbeat for my next event. More...


Deepika K.

27 June 2016

Mementostrip did a great job for my son's 1st bday party . they responded on time and also they customised my graphics for free and kept on changing the proof until I approved them. They came in on time to set it up and I asked for 4*6 single print he even made that happen and all the props were really funny and good . all my guest enjoyed the photo booth. Sorry I forgot the guy who came there to set it up he did an amazing job he patiently explained each guest about the booth and camera and great job guys. I would recommend you for all my friends party. More...


msp r.

15 June 2016

These guys are great. You should have no hesitation in calling and booking this company. I can't say enough good things about them


Mike R.

4 June 2016

Met Ken at the Plank. Really cool photobooth set up! Great props and good customer service! Highly recommend!


Chandra K.

1 June 2016

We used Memento Strip for our wedding this past weekend and it was an absolute hit! The customer service was great throughout our entire process. We were able to get the perfect custom design and layout for our photobooth pictures, the attendants at the wedding were very nice and easy to work with, the props were fun and unique and they even showed up early to set up! Amy was our point of contact throughout the customer service experience and she was very courteous and punctual with her responses. Overall a wonderful evening with a great photobooth option! Thank you, Memento Strip! More...


Stephanie T.

8 April 2016

Easy vendor. They were a huge hit at my wedding AND for the service provided, the price couldn't be beat. The worker was right on time and very professional. He set up the booth within minutes. The booth was easy to use and the pictures were printed in seconds. They provide a digital album that be locked via password (not required). My husband and I did a custom design for our pictures. The thought of booking wedding vendors still gives me nightmares (I decided to opt for no wedding planner... Mistake...) but they made things super easy. I probably shouldn't say this but if you find a coupon online from a certain website it will cut the cost in half. Definitely worth every cent even without the coupon. Thank you! More...


natalie h.

9 March 2016

Amazing! Wonderful customer service from my initial phone call to Fannie the graphic designer to the last seconds of my party! Highly recommend. Fannie was really nice and easy to work with when designing my logo for my picketers. Joseph was my technician the day of and was just a delight. Really friendly and really helpful. I wanted to keep a copy of each photo for my daughter's photo book of her first birthday party and he made sure I got each and every picture. I can't say enough great things about this company. I will def use them again. More...


Elle C.

29 January 2016

We needed a photo booth for our annual party. I saw a groupon deal so I decided to call memento directly to ask a few questions. That's when I spoke with Amy and she was absolutely accommodating into what we were looking for and even offered their valentine deal which was the same deal advertise at groupon. Her ability to answer my questions and friendly customer service made me confident about booking with memento. On the day of the event, Jason was on time and always checked with me before setting up and breaking down the photo booth. Jason was so attentive and provided amazing customer service to our team members. On our next annual party, I plan to call memento again! More...


Stephanie Z.

5 August 2015

Loved this photo booth! Used them for my bridal shower in Pacifica and they were able to get in with less than a 2 week notice. Kevin was great, very friendly, quick communication and such a smooth process. I did a lot of research and they are the least expensive in the area! They came on time, the attendant was very friendly, and took down and left with no interruption. Best part was that I got the online gallery within 24 hours! Since it was just for my bridal shower, I didn't want to spend a lot or go all out- I just wanted something my guests can do besides just sit around and wait for the food and games. They loved it! The photo booth didn't come with props, which was fine since i had my own Paris themed props I bought on Etsy. (My shower theme was Paris)  I highly recommend Kevin and his staff! More...


Justin W.

16 July 2015

My wife and I have nothing but good things to say about Kevin Pham and our attendant Eric Huynh at MementoStrip. We booked MementoStrip for 5 hours at our Nestldown wedding last month in Los Gatos. From day one, Kevin and his team were responsive to our emails and inquiries. This was really important since we planned our wedding from Boston. For a number of weeks we worked closely with their graphic design artist Valerie Mack to fine tune our custom artwork which ultimately printed out beautifully on the photo strips. On the day of the wedding, our attendant Eric arrived early to set-up and was professional and entertaining throughout the evening. Eric was very patient and you could just tell he's one of those "good" guys. For example, he waited patiently (staying 45 minutes past his allotted time!) to make sure that my wife and I could take a photograph on our wedding night. On a hectic day, small gestures like that really make a difference. In addition, we were pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the photo booth and camera. In many ways it felt like stepping into a professional studio. The props were modern, clean and a lot of fun. The adults and kids alike enjoyed the photo booth and 3 weeks after the wedding are still sharing their mementostrips on Facebook and Instagram. We'd gladly recommend MementoStrip to those thinking about a wedding photo booth. More...


Tisha F.

30 June 2015

My family and I loved the photobooth provided by MSB.I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great service.


Pauline A.

30 June 2015

I booked them for my sisters wedding this weekend and they were on time and did great!' It was hit! They also communicated very well to all my concerns and questions and called me to let me know they were on they way! I forgot the name of the guy who set up the photo booth but he was great and so nice! We will definitely be using themAgain!! More...


Chanon C.

12 May 2015

I am happy with MementoStrip. The photobooth person came to set up and to packed up on the requested date and time. I am happy they were able to accommodate us in such a short notice. I would recommend this place to my friends and family. More...


Tina C.

21 April 2015

I was extremely happy that MementoStrip was able to come to Marina Del Rey for my sister's baby shower. It was outside of their usual service area, but they were able to come early and set up promptly.  I loved that we were able to get two copies of the photos- one for the guest and one for the scrapbook (and they always gave a friendly reminder for guests to comment and sign - me included since I was having so much fun and forgot!) So nice to have a completed album to commemorate a great day! Another fun thing they did was use the invitation background, and digitally create it as a backdrop for the photobooth! Had a great experience with them! More...


Caroline W.

9 April 2015

Had a privilege of checking out MementoStrip during a gathering at Easter 2015 weekend.  It was so easy to use, even for someone like me who is not that computer savvy.  The person there was very knowledgeable and was so friendly to assist in whatever that we needed.  The kiddos were able to participate too and the props were awesome, both kids and adults friendly.  We had a fun experience using MementoStrip and will definitely use them again for future parties/events.  I love that we have the memorable photos as keepsake to remind us of the gathering.   Thanks, MementoStrip. More...


Briana D.

8 April 2015

They were fantastic!  We had so much fun at my brother in laws wedding.  Thank you!


Erin K.

12 March 2015

My cousin recently turned 50, and to celebrate, we had a dance party. We knew having a photobooth would add to the fun. Just by chance, got a LivingSocial email with a discounted rate for MementoStrip and called right away. From my very first contact with Kevin, to setting up the event with Tina, and working on graphics with Tony, everything was effortless and went smoothly.  We got the closed photobooth. Kevin showed up, was professional, but also relaxed, and everyone had a blast! I will definitely work with MementoStrip again. Next time I'm going to order the open booth. Now just need a reason to throw a party! More...


Gauri R.

11 March 2015

We had rented a photobooth for our daughter's Sweet 16 and it was an incredible experience. Throughout the process the folks at MementoStrip were in tough with me, patiently answering any questions that I had The attendant arrived on time and had completed his set up before the slated time. All the guests had an amazing experience. After the party the photos were timely uploaded very quickly.All in all a great experience, so many people asked about who we got the photobooth from and we will surely give glowing reviews.Awesome experience thank you Mementostrip for making the party even more rocking!! More...


Megan K.

10 March 2015

I threw a Prom themed birthday bash, and loved our photobooth! We went with an open booth (which I recommend since it's hilarious to watch other people taking their pics!) and a silver backdrop.Leading up to the day, we had many changes with the location and our customized design for our event. MementoStrip accommodated everything we asked. Also I really appreciate that even though our event was on Saturday evening, I already received the link to see our pictures online by Monday! More...


Priscilla T.

18 February 2015

I booked MementoStrip for a luncheon with my extended family (about 40 people) at my house.  Our attendant arrived on time, set up and was ready to start at the appointed time.  Before the actual event, I received several e:mails and phone calls to confirm all the details and to make sure we were ready (and I had already pre-paid for their services).  They were really helpful in planning as well.  I would definitely use these guys again!  Everyone had a great time.  They also provided all the files for my family to download and reprint. More...


Adri B.

10 January 2015

I booked MementoStrip for our wedding through a Groupon special. I called first to inquire about availability, and received quick, friendly responses. They were also super easy-going and not pushing about me reserving services with them. I felt very comfortable. A few weeks before the event, I wanted to add props and discuss some changes in timing. Via email, everything was taken care of and my options were explained very clearly. They even added some nerdy calculator and notebook props that I had asked for, if they had them (no pressure if they didn't!). I was able to book some idle time while guests were having dinner, for a lower hourly rate, so that the photobooth could be open during "prime" times of the event. Props provided were not too excessive (too many choices make guests take too long), but just right. Wolverine mask, mini-sombrero, various sized sunglasses, notebooks, calculators, sailor hats, Mickey Mouse Fantasia hat, "OMG/LOL" speech bubbles, and so on. I was very pleased. The day of, the photobooth attendant was very friendly, not invasive, and really let people do their own thing. He helped push the button at first, show people how it worked, etc. One of our guests even took him in for a photobooth shot! The copies came our great that were printed; very cute, clear, and people loved them. The digital copies I received via an email link worked great too. I would highly recommend MementoStrip for any special event. They were professional, friendly, timely, and high-quality. Definitely worth it! More...


Candace A.

21 December 2014

They did an awesome job at our company holiday party! I'm just going through the photos now and it seems everyone was having so much fun! They are now my go to. Thanks guys. More...


Kenneth L.

3 December 2014

We had the photobooth for our wedding and people loved it! Abhi was our attendant that night and he was respectful and kind. He arrived on time even though it was a rainy day and stayed just a few minutes later because we (the bride & groom) were so busy that we never had a chance to take our own photobooth pictures.The only hiccup as a few might have already said is that sometimes the graphics design people were not as responsive. However, if you hop on Facebook and IM Tony, he will make whatever your request is happen that day! We changed our whole background design about 3 days before our event and they came through. My wife was happy about that!Another great thing was they uploaded the pictures in 1 day. That is awesome! We had pictures that we could send to every guest with a quick 'thank you for coming to our wedding' email and they loved being able to have a digital copy!I would definitely use their services again. Just remember to get the LivingSocial discount! More...


Linda H.

27 November 2014

A friend refer me to this as I needed for hosting a banquet event for 600 and 700 guests. I have been using their service twice in the past two years now and I am very pleased. I met Bao and Kevin at different times of hosting events and both were super friendly and extremely patience. Both waited at least 30 minutes for me to point where to do the setup without rushing me. Highly recommend. More...


Lita D.

26 November 2014

My husband's 50th b-day party was complete with our memories captured in the photo booth. Our guests had an evening of laughs striking poses and commemorating a really special event with not your run of the mill photos. The associate was also very friendly and made our guests feel very comfortable. I would definitely use or recommend this company again. Thank you. More...


Grace K.

23 November 2014

I had Memento for Nov 2014 wedding. The experience I had was a bit all over the place. It wasn't very consistent because in the start, the reply was quick and friendly. Then as I hired them on, the graphics girl was rude (Val). Not friendly at all and was annoyed by my comments and feedback. I was trying to contact my first point of contact (Kevin) and he was hard to reach for a few days. Turned out he had lots going on with his personal life. I understand that and would have been more understanding, but the way he replied and how he said it made me step back a bit. It was like I was bothering him in the midst of his personal life. I was thinking was this a professional business or a side job that they get to when they can. That's the feeling I got and I was put off. I then messaged another point of contact...I messaged them directly through their phone number and through Yelp messaging. I was contacting with Tony through Yelp. When I told him the situation he immediately alleviated the situation processed my comments and confirmations. With Tony, everything went smoothly. I wasn't hands on at all. Everything was confirmed and good and I didn't worry about the photo booth at all......Until the morning of the wedding. I got an email from them and was asking me about the graphics. I opened up the email while everything was going on- hair, makeup, people everywhere...lots of morning of things and then I get an email about the graphics for the photo booth the morning of. I felt disappointed bc why didn't this come up the day before? Why weren't they prepared before the day of? I was trying to call and emailing to call me back so I can answer quickly over the phone. As the bride, I wasn't going to sit and monitor my emails to wait for him. I never got a call back or my calls were never answered as I left a few voice messages. At this point I just let it go as they would figure it out. They ended up figuring out the graphic situation and it looked great. It just wasn't good that they didn't pick up the phone or call me in this last minute kind of situation when I was trying to call them and trying to be available for them. The layout/graphics was great. Came out like how i imagined. And what was also great was that the guests had an option for black and white photo or color printing. I thought that was super cool. The pictures, for the price, was good. I got a living social or something deal so it was a great price that I didn't pass up. The quality of the picture was nothing to make you say wow. There's no extra in the lighting that makes you looks better. It's a regular flash and camera and it is what it is. No softening or lighting to make the pics look better. I expected this from looking at the gallery from their website and also their confirmation. All in all, 4/5 stars. 4 stars because I got the layout that I wanted and the price was really competitive. Not a full 5 stars because the service was so bi polar and the last minute day of email was not good, in my opinion. But Tony was very approachable and better to talk to than anyone else. I would recommend reaching out to him first. More...


Alan L.

12 November 2014

We just had Momentostrip do our wedding and they were fantastic. Professional, courteous and prompt! Needless to say, with an open bar, there were a few obnoxious individuals running around the booth but the attendance was super friendly and patient. I suggest reviewing their props before hand as they have A TON of them available. More...


Lisa B.

10 November 2014

This photo booth was no trouble at all--and our guests had a fantastic time! The attendant was friendly and showed up on location with plenty of time to set up AND was ready ahead of schedule. We got a living social deal for 2 hours, so it was a great value! One suggestion: the prop box ($50 additional) should be expanded! But overall, our guests had a blast. More...


Melinda K.

7 November 2014

What an AWESOME Event!!!  Jonathan Nguyen was our representative. He was there very early to set up! He was friendly and cordial with all the guests! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Mementostrip for ALL occasions! Even the FB customer service was absolutely wonderful! I am in the Customer Service business, and SERVICE is most important.  They DELIVERED!!!! Thank you SO much Mementostrip for making our event a success! More...


Michiyo W.

4 November 2014

Phuc was our MementoStrip photo booth attendant!! He was awesome! Very punctual, professional and courteous. Over 80 guests jumped in & out of the photobooth during my Papa's 80th Casino Soiree'. I did make my own prop box just so I could customize it to the party theme. Definitely suggest you use this company for any photobooth needs! I also received a link to my photo guest book promptly after the event.  Wonderful entertainment for guests of all ages!! Everyone talked about this photobooth after the event!!!! Thanks again Phuc & MementoStrip! More...


Lisa Y.

2 November 2014

We used MementoStrip for our wedding in Sept 2014.  Great price, helpful staff that was quick to respond to our inquiries before the wedding.  Nice options of adding extras or going without (scrapbook, personalized logo, extra copies of prints), which helped it tailor to our liking.  The attendant on the day of was super friendly.  I highly recommend them! More...


Hau L.

1 November 2014

Great service. I will definitely use them again! David was vary helpful. He even offered to stay longer and even helped clean up at the end. And the online gallery is awesome our guest were able to view their photos online :) More...


Jen A.

1 November 2014

Great vendor to work with!  Friendly and personable, fun photos, and an overall great experience.  We met Bao at a wedding we officiated and assisted with day of coordination.  I made sure to take his card for future events, and am very particular about whom I refer.  My assistant Shannon agreed... We will refer this company to our clients.  Oh, Bao was flexible with my client who made changes here and there.  Very pleased. :) More...


Lynn O.

28 October 2014

The Mementostrip staff are always friendly, professional and create a wonderful experience for my clients and their party guests. I am an Event Planner and I have hired them many times for parties and would highly recommend them! More...


Joy L.

21 October 2014

Kevin Pham was our photobooth attendant for the evening and he was awesome. He was relaxed, nice, and offered to take our photos with our iPhones when there too many of us cramped like sardines in the photo booth. He was also punctual which is major for me. When we got yo the reception site, his booth was up and running just as discussed in our emails before our event. WIN.I was also in close communication (more like stalking) with Suzanne, Kathleen, and Tam prior to my event. They were responsive and always emailed back withing a couple days. They never left me in the dark. I would book again just for the awesome service! More...


Vinh N.

21 October 2014

Our Photobooth was out of service. These guys responded to our call within an hour or so and were able to show up for our clients wedding when we needed them to. It was such last minute and they saved our business reputation. The client was was satisfied with the experience and had nothing but good things to say.From a client and business associate perspective, I would recommend them to anyone for their service and their response times Cost is very reasonable as well! More...


Myra O.

13 October 2014

Amazing & so much fun!! Rented booth for my sons first birthday & it was a hit!!! The attendant was amazing too!!  Highly recommend them!



8 October 2014

I booked Memento for my wedding through Living Social and got them for 4 hours.  The Photo Booth was a hit and our guests had a blast with it.  I'm knocking off a star because we didn't get our custom graphic for the wedding.  I even checked in a couple times and they told me they get to them in the order they receive them and not to worry, that we would have it.  I was going to check in again a couple days before our wedding because we hadn't heard back, but with all the wedding stuff, I wasn't able to.  Still, that shouldn't be my responsibility and we definitely should have had a proof at that point.  We were disappointed we didn't get the graphic, so they sent us all the photos with it reprinted on there after the wedding and a refund for the graphic portion.  That helps, and we'll send our guests their photos with the thank you cards, but we really wish it was on there for the night of the wedding!  Other than that, it was a great booth. More...


Mepa R.

6 October 2014

We hired MememtoStrip for our twins' party. It was a big hit with the kids. The operator was punctual and friendly.


Nancy P.

6 October 2014

I just used Mementostrip for my wedding this past Saturday, October 4, 2014.  I had Mementostrip use a custom graphic which I provided for the prints and although it took some back and forth to get the fonts right, the graphics turned out great. Kevin was also very responsive to all of my emails.The booth attendant(s) were very professional and were able to set up quickly.  Plenty of our wedding guests were able to enjoy the booth throughout the 2 hours I had them for.  I got a deal on Livingsocial and it was worth every penny.  It's October 6th and I'm already in receipt of the online gallery.  I can't wait to share them with my guests.  I'm sure they'll all trip out.  Looking back at these photos coupled with an open bar at the wedding, there are plenty of the most random photos, the ones that make you go "hmmm"... More...


Michaela M.

15 September 2014

Loved working with Mementostrip! Kevin was awesome- very responsive and willing to help. They set up on time and the booth was hit!


Nora S.

20 August 2014

I hired Mementostrip for a Kickball Prom I was organizing this past Friday, and it was a GREAT experience. I had originally discovered them via their LivingSocial deal. I was able to booth the booth at the LivingSocial price without first purchasing the deal, which was actually super helpful as I was not the holder of the credit card. The booking was super easy, and we opted to pay extra for a prop box and nicer backdrop.On the day of the event, our photo butler was super prompt (actually, early - definitely beating me to the venue) and an all around great guy. The photobooth was a SMASHING SUCCESS because, really, who DOESN'T like a photobooth? The prop options were great, and I personally loved the chalkboard signs. We got two copies of the photo strips at the event, and last night I received the link for the hi-res versions.I would absolutely recommend Mementostrip to others, and use them again myself. More...


Andrew N.

13 August 2014

We had them for wedding.  Everything worked out great, we made our own custom backdrop which were fine with setting up.The employees were very responsive with our emails and questions which was great!Thank you very much! More...


Valerie B.

7 August 2014

I hired Memento Strip Photo booth as a gift for my nephew's wedding which was on 08/02/14 at Castillo Hillside Shire Winery.  From the time i first called to ask about the services to the time they left the event they were professional and provided an outstanding service.  Tyler was our attendant. He arrived early and was set up ahead of schedule He treated all our guest with respect and took care of  breaking down the booth without interfering with the wedding celebration.  If you want to feel confident that you will have quality service use Memento Strip.  It was our first time using them and we will definitely use them again. More...


Liv A.

27 July 2014

These days, it's almost the norm that a photobooth will be present at any wedding event.  With so many photobooth companies popping up, it's hard to really differentiate one from another.  Yet, I've always had pleasant experience with all of them.  MementoStrip was hired at the most recent wedding that I attended.  It's an open booth - pretty much a backdrop where you pose in front of the camera.  They had a good amount of props and one employee who was the operator.  As usual, the photobooth was a hit and lots of fun throughout the evening.  Definitely a great way to keep guests entertained and to send them home with a memento to remember the event! More...


L N.

25 July 2014

Long overdue review!  Memento Strip serviced our wedding 08/2013 and they were nothing but accommodating and professional.  Communication with them was flawless before the wedding and they arrived on time and set up as planned.  If you need a booth vendor that you can count on, please contact Memento Strip.  I think it's important to have a wedding vendor that you can count on and who will ask the necessary questions about the event/site to ensure great service.  We were more than pleased with the attendant and the quality of service.that they provided us.  You won't regret choosing them for your special day!  =) More...


Valerie C.

20 July 2014

I booked MementoStrip for my wedding next year on 6/6/15. They had a great deal on living social so I had to jump on it! Although I haven't used them yet, I made a mistake in my booking request and they were very understanding. Instead of putting 6/6/15, I put 6/6/14! I contact them to let them know I accidently put the wrong date and even though the living social deal had an expiration date in October they still let me the deal for my date next year. Quynh helped me during this mix up and I'm so thankful. So, so far so good! More...


Lorraine P.

10 July 2014

We used MementoStrip for our July 5th wedding. Our guests loved it, and had such a good time. I like Hello Kitty, and we requested some Hello Kitty accessories if they had them. Not only did they bring them, they used a Hello Kitty photo album for our guests to leave the second copy for us. They were super professional in their setup and made everything super easy. Highly recommend for a fun event! More...


Gina K.

10 July 2014

My wedding on 7/7/14 was made complete with this added attraction. MementoStrip was seamless with their set up, constant support by their attendant, and the discreet clean up they provided when their time was up. We invited guests to bring their kids of all ages so I wanted to make sure they had something to do if they didn't want to dance so this was so perfect for everyone of all ages. Instead of a videographer or a 2nd photographer, we went with a photobooth set up and it was so much fun to see how everyone posed and dressed up in the booth when they were done. Many kept returning to it and being as crazy as they wanted without feeling self conscious. I really am glad I hired MememtoStrip to be part of our day, they were worth every penny! More...


Lisa E.

26 June 2014

Just used Mementostrip for my daughter & her friend's graduation dinner.  Kids loved it and pictures were great!  Liked the options they had & a la carte, so you can customize for any budget.  Thanks for the great memories, Mementostrip! More...


Chelsey C.

19 June 2014

Wow! We used MomentoStrip at our High School Graduation Party, and it was an amazing experience! The photobooth was extremely popular the entire night, and all our students were so sad to see the booth go after three hours.A man showed up promptly before we opened doors to set up. By the time we started allowing guests in, he was all ready. The props were extremely fun, the lighting was great, and we encountered no problems throughout the entire night. The on-site photo butler was extremely friendly, helpful, and non-intrusive as well. There were several times during the night where the light was knocked over (what can you expect having ~160 teens running around in dim lighting at 3AM?), but he set it back up quickly. There was always a line for the photobooth.The ground did get messy by the end due to all the feather boas shedding, but our photo butler cleaned that up as well.I also love the online gallery feature! It is so nice to be able to download the images to keep the memories forever. Thank you MomentoStrip for capturing our evening! More...


Laurie A.

19 June 2014

We just used Mementostrip for an 8th Grade Graduation Dance.  The attendant arrived early and the entire process was well orchestrated.  Their graphics department did a great job designing something that went with our theme.  They had great customer service before & after the event.  I would highly recommend them and would use them in the future. More...


Lynn V.

18 June 2014

I hired mementostrip for my wedding a month ago and these guys didn't let me down :) They were friendly, professional, and always on top of it. Tony and his team made sure that everything was the way I wanted. I brought in my own backdrop and even though it was a bit short, they made it work. Tony helped me with our layout and design. Our photos came out with great quality and there wasn't a glitch with our photobooth at all. Our photo butlers were super nice and did a great job helping out my intoxicated guests! I wish them all the best. You won't be disappointed if you book mementostrip! More...


Hanh M.

4 June 2014

Tony and the Mementrostrip team was amazing! He's not just your one booth shop, he has a variety of booth and booth styles, open/close as well as a lot of backdrops and designs you can choose from. I had my wedding last weekend and lots of our guests were social media enthusiasts, so we didn't only get the open photobooth, but as well as the social media one, where when someone uses our hashtags, it will print out their image and they would be able to take it home, it's pretty cool! With 350 guests, it was a great way for them to entertain themselves, next time I would probably get two booths since it was such a great hit, and some people were definitely using it for a lot longer period than others. My biggest regret was that I only got to use it twice and got to busy to really utilize the photobooth. All in all Tony and his team came in early, set up and when we didn't have wifi for the social media printer, he didn't once bugged the bride and groom, he figured it out himself and made it happen! We received a thank you email the next day along with the link to all of the photos from that day, it's nice for us to look back and see how much fun our guests had. Couldn't have asked for such a great vendor for our wedding. Will definitely use them again for my next event! More...


Tony Phan

28 May 2014

Love the booth. Great services, and friendly staff. Thanks


Jenny S.

27 May 2014

We used MementoStrip for our May 25th wedding and I couldn't be more happy with our choice to go with this company. The quality of the photobooth pictures were excellent and Long did a fantastic job attending to the photobooth. My guests had a lot of fun with the photobooth and we also enjoyed looking through all the pictures in the online photo gallery (which we received a day after the wedding. Talk about a speedy turnaround!) All in all, we were so pleased with Mementostrip and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to spice up their wedding/ birthday party/ other events. More...


Debbie M.

28 April 2014

We had MementoStrip set up two photo booths at our (Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose) annual fundraising event.  Our 850 attendees loved it!  We had a closed booth in the VIP reception room and an open booth in the main reception area .Their staff was fun and professional and had fun with our guests.  We did find that the open booth attracted the most attention, there was a line the entire time!  They provided props, we added a few more and had a branded banner as the backdrop.  I'd book them again in a heart beat!  Plus having access to the photos post event is great! More...


Steven C.

28 April 2014

We used MementoStrip for our annual EyeBall event and it was a hit!Everyone enjoyed the photobooth and was happy with their printouts. They are very easy to work with and really accommodate your needs very well. It was great seeing an overview of all the pictures online that we were able to download and keep as a digital copy as well! The props were great as well! More...


mac g.

29 January 2014

Used this company for  my wedding and I was glad we did.  Our attendant was Long Le and he did an awesome job.  He was on time, polite, and patient with my guests.  I will definitely recommend this booth to other people.  Also a girl named quynh was very nIce and on top of keeping In  touch with me about the booth. Thanks again to your company. More...


T.N N.

4 January 2014

We had the pleasure of using Mementostrip for our wedding in December. We had not just one,  but TWO booths at our wedding- one enclosed and one open booth. Having 350 people at our wedding, I could not decide if I wanted a small private booth or a large open one, so we decided to go with both! It was really fun seeing all the photos come together at the end. So many of our guest utilized the booths and made for fun and good memories at the end. They help me customize our background templates. They even let me design my own photo backdrop because I was particular about wanting a light curtain and sparkly things. The team was early to arrive and stayed beyond the scheduled time. They were quick to set up and the whole night was seamless. The photos were being printed around the clock and the booth attendees were very friendly and professional. Quality of the prints were very sharp and clear. They posted all the photos in an online gallery and I was able to share this with our friends and family as well. Mementostrip and Company delivered above and beyond our expectations and I would highly recommend their services to ANY of your events. I know I surely will be using them again and again. Thanks Mementostrip!! More...


Erin N.

18 December 2013

MementoStrip rocked our party!  We hired MementoStrip for our company holiday party and the photo booth was a huge hit!!  Everyone on the MementoStrip team was very professional and timely from the very beginning.  They created a great background template with our company logo for all the pictures printed from the booth that night and all the employees loved the experience!  We will DEFINITELY hire MementoStrip again!  Can't wait for the next event!! :) More...


Andrea A.

10 December 2013

Mementostrip provided the most amazing service!  I purchased the rental from Groupon and I was fearful because of the great discount I received, I thought the service might not be great.  But I was WRONG!  I received a confirmation call 3 days before the event with the name and contact info for the attendant.  Our attendant, Long Le, arrived on time and eager to provide the best service possible.  And he did!  We hosted an event for over 200 people and they loved him so much that they asked him to be in the photos with them!  I will use Mementostrip for all my future events, even if I have to pay the full price!  They are worth it! More...


Amy P.

4 December 2013

I would definitely recommend and use these guys again! I booked them on somewhat short notice (about 1 1/2 weeks before the wedding), and they were very helpful. I've been to other events with a photo booth, and this was one of the classier setups I've seen. They use a nice black pop-up tent that fits well with a formal event. The attendant was also willing to dress in formal attire to fit into the party. He was very nice and professional.The Groupon deal made it very affordable. I also saved some $$ by bringing my own prop box, because they charge $50 to use theirs. FYI, you can get some cool props from Target's dollar bin, or the thrift store for way under $50! Just sayin'. The pictures came out on their website within a few days, which was cool because people were anxious to see them.Overall - GREAT JOB!! More...


Ken P.

29 October 2013

*2 Thumbs Up*I wanted to do something special for my wife's 30th birthday, and what better way to capture the night than to bring in a photobooth. They were easy to work with, very responsive, and very dependable. They have many options for different backgrounds, layouts, colors, ect. I actually picked a color for the background and at the last minute changed it and they were able to accommodate my request without any hassle. Brides and party planners - if you want a hassle free day, you won't go wrong with Mementostrip. My wife could not have been more happy with how everything turned out. Thanks again MementoStrip. More...


Chrystal B.

25 October 2013

had a great experience using memento strip. we hired them for my curvy girl lingerie store 1st anniversary party and we had a blast. they are affordable and very easy to work with. was seemless and we got everything we agreed to and everyone loved their pics. More...


Stephanie Y.

23 October 2013

We purchased a Living Social and used MementoStrip for our wedding. They traveled up to Napa in late September, had an incredibly reasonable price, and were absolutely phenomonal. We couldn't have been happier with the photobooth! Despite being a little difficult to get a hold of initially, after a few tries, we were able to iron out the contract and the rest was flawless. On the day of, they arrived promptly, and even moved their photobooth once to accomodate our guests during the cocktail hour as well as the dancing reception afterwards. The attendant was very accommodating, and the photobooth was fast and easy to use. I would highly recommend using MementoStrip! More...


Stephanie L.

22 October 2013

Just recently attended a wedding that had a MementoStrip Photobooth. As someone who throws a lot of events and has used a lot of different photobooths, I can say that I was extremely impressed with their service.The resolution, lighting, and camera made everyone look extremely flattering. There were two strips, so you could take one and then share with someone else. I liked the graphics and everything was put up online right away. Would highly recommend them! More...


Nina Y.

21 October 2013

I chose to use Momentobooth for my wedding a month ago and they were everything I had wanted in a photobooth!  I loved the option to have a custom graphic.  There were a ton of possibilities to pick from-- I ended up making my own and they helped me put everything together exactly the way I wanted it.  They were super flexible and easy to work with.  They provided fun props, were professional, and their packages are a really reasonable price.  At the end I was given a link to download the album of everyone's pictures, which I thought was really unnecessary at first but was actually really fun to look through :D  I'm a pretty picky person but would definitely pick them again for future events and would be happy to recommend them to any of my friends! More...


Tyler N.

21 October 2013

Booked them for my son's 1st bday over the weekend. Very glad I chose them over the others. Very professional. Quick set up. The pictures came out great!!! This was our first time booking a photo booth. We will definitely be a repeat customer. They exceeded my expectations. They accommodated to all of our requests, especially to the detailing for the photo strip. Thank you MementoStrip!!!! More...


Val N.

20 October 2013

Had the pleasure of having Mementostrip photobooth at a charity event in San Francisco. Tony and his friends arrived on time and set up was quick. There were so many props to pick from that the participants and visitors at the event all had such a blast - the booth was basically the biggest hit! Tony and friends were extremely professional and super friendly.Thanks for a fantastic service Tony and friends!! Looking forward to having your booth at our next event! More...


Twinn W.

16 October 2013

I hired Mementostrip for my nephew's 7th birthday and I couldn't be happier! They were very professional, responsive and friendly to all my inquiries. At the birthday party the attendant from Mementostrip was super patient with all the crazy kids running around. Everything was smooth from start to finish and all the guests loved the booth!Thank you so much! More...


Melissa J.

10 October 2013

I bought a livingsocial deal for a photobooth to have at my birthday party. Every person from this company that I had contact with was friendly and professional! Email correspondence was quick and thorough, the photobooth was set up quickly, and the pictures came out beautifully. The attendant, Kevin, was awesome - he stayed a little over the designated time, which was much appreciated! The props were plentiful and fun. If I had another event, I would not hesitate to use them again. Also, I would highly recommend them to any family or friends! You won't be disappointed :) More...


Megan P.

6 October 2013

MementoStrip Photobooth is the best!! I found them via LivingSocial and had the pleasure of working with Tony and Quynh. They were both so helpful in getting all the details ironed out for my September wedding in Livermore! They made it very easy for me!I was so blown away when they customized the design of my photo card printout to match my wedding colors/theme EXACTLY! I simply told them grey/white and lace and they came back with a beautiful design. Everyone at the wedding was commenting how much fun the photobooth was, how easy it was to operate, how fun the props were AND how beautiful the printout design was!! I am so glad that we had MementoStrip at our big day!! Thank you! More...


Brenda S.

17 September 2013

We hired Mementostrip for our 40th high school reunion.  It was an enormous hit!  Everyone had so much fun and are still talking on facebook about the crazy and goofey shots groups were doing.  Those photos will be a wonderful souvenir of the great time we had reconnecting after so many years.  We also had a terrific band play called Fat Head Eric and the Surf Riders.  The combination made for an absolute blast.  I highly recommend Mementostrip.  They arrived on time and we never had a single problem with the equipment that evening but it was nice having the technician there the whole time in case anything went wrong.  We will definitely hire them again in 5 years for the next reunion. More...


Marco W.

30 August 2013

What a professional and overall great guy.  Tony donated his time and money and came out to the American Cancer Society - Bark For Live event and gave his full effort to support and serve the community.  The booth itself was amazing as it was roomy, user friendly, has lots of props to choose from and most importantly printed high quality photos.  I've seen and rented dozens of booths in the past and Memento Strip is indeed one of the best in the area.As a side note, I remember seeing Tony talking to one of the elderly ladies during the event and explained to her how to use the booth.  It was the elder lady's first time and she was amazed by it.  The lady took a set of beautiful photo with her doggy and had ton of fun doing so.  Sometimes you can't describe true joy and Tony and his services provided just that!Truly amazing!!!! More...


Megan L.

28 August 2013

I used MementoStrip for my 10 year class reunion and it was a huge hit!  The team was easy to work with and professional.  Very satisfied with how everything turned out and would recommend them to anyone! More...


Becky H.

27 August 2013

I wish I could travel with a photo booth because it just elevates the fun factor!  MementoStrip did everything right!  Great people, great props!  My guests had a fantastic time in the booth...what happens in the booth, stays in the booth, except for the photos that capture those moments!  I think my guests forgot about that part.  :-)Highly recommend! More...


Emily N.

21 August 2013

MementoStrip provided a photobooth at my wedding. Fun props and great quality photos.  Our guests had a great time.


Tom N.

15 July 2013

This guy are great! show up 15 minute before and stay an extra hour when we needed them too! They personally visited our location before hand to ensure we ordered the right type of booth. Keep up the good works!


Kitty M.

8 July 2013

We hired mementostrip for an open booth, props, and double prints for our wedding on June 29th. Service was great and everyone had a blast.


Vickie C.

3 July 2013

MementoStrip recently offered a deal through Living Social - within an hour of my email inquiry, one of the owners, Tony P. responded and we were off and running. We hosted our daughter and son-in-law's wedding reception in our backyard and had special needs for the placement of the booth. Tony personally visited our home to assess our property to ensure we ordered the appropriate type of booth - we opted for the unenclosed booth - and made sure we had the necessary sources to power the booth. Tony, Quynh and Pho were professional, courteous, more than accommodating and prompt in their communication and services provided. From beginning to end (a total of 19 days), we were mightily impressed with MementoStrip; our guests had non-stop fun, and most importantly, the bride and groom were thrilled with the memories provided through all the fun shots captured of their family & friends.And, if all that isn't enough to convince you, Tony followed up with a personal phone call a few days later after the wedding to make sure we were pleased with the services offered - how often does that happen in this day and age? And we already have the link to our photo gallery and downloadable photo album.If you're looking for an organization that's dependable, flexible and professional, look no further than MementoStrip. Too bad all our kids are married - now we need to find another occasion in which we can include these great folks! Continued success to you all, Tony! More...


Jimin L.

26 June 2013

MementoStrip provided a photobooth at my wedding.  On the whole, I was pleased.  The photo quality was good, the props were fun, and they promptly sent me a link to my gallery.


Jenn L.

23 May 2013

I bought this as a living social deal or Groupon deal ( I forget which one) and I'm so glad I did it. After calling around to several places to get quotes and what not, memento was the most helpful in setting me up and following up with me. They were able to create a customizable graphic for my event. On the day of, Kevin came to set up the booth and I had the props ready. Everyone had a blast.. I wish my party kept taking photos, but all in all, we had an awesome time.Kevin offered to stay a little later, since the setup took a little longer. That was much appreciated! =) I would definitely use them again the next time I plan a huge event. It was very successful. I even got a link to their online website so my guests can view all the pics. More...


Megan T.

10 May 2013

These guys were great! They had some printer issues and stayed an extra hour to make up for it. We would definitely use them again for an event.


Corinne L.

13 April 2013

I bought a livingsocial deal for MementoStrip Photobooth to have at my event...I am so glad we tried this.  The photobooth was a hit, especially for the kids!  The staff was professional and accommodating.  I highly recommend MementoStrip for your next event. More...


Tyson J.

29 March 2013

Tony and Bao great guys with a great service! I would hire them again! Very cool idea that is great for any kinda of party. Make sure you check them out for any occasion!! More...


Queenie T.

18 March 2013

I was at Jewelry & Goldsmiths Association event @ a restaurant last Friday. When got there, I noticed a long line of people, I wondered what the line was for. Then, I saw a Photobooth and a cheerful gentleman with a big smile on the face. He was helping the people had their pictures taken. And just like everyone else, my friends and I got in line waiting for our turn. There were many provided accessories for us to chose from. I loved all the cute masks they had there. My friends and I had a blast at the Photobooth. We did all kind of silly & childish things, funny faces for the pictures and got instant strip of 4 pictures. We sure did bring sweet memories home with us. I really like this service and surely will have it at my future parties. Oh, before I forget, I do like the guy who worked @ the booth on that day too. He made us feel so comfortable with his smile & friendliness. Thanks for bringing smiles on our faces, we had fun and loved our pictures. More...


Adi M.

18 March 2013

Bao did a fabulous job setting up the photo booth for our daughter's 1st bday party.  Very professional, stayed beyond the time we had hired his services for and always had a smile on his face. Very friendly, courteous, and got tonnes of props for us to use. He managed to burn us a CD of the pics right there after the event. Very affordable and they cut us a major deal. The photo booth was the star attraction of our party!! Will definitely recommend MementoStrip to others. More...


Tanya H.

12 March 2013

THANKS for everything, our personalized costume made photo strip for our wedding reception was the perfect favor and all my guest loved it!! Your company was on time, we had no complaints, and very affordable. Thanks for being apart of our special day on 3.2.13. Totally would use them again!cheers,Team Warden More...


Terate N.

10 March 2013

totally reliable and easy to work with. i would recommend them again to our next event. Quality of service is very good. Thank you!


Linh L.

18 February 2013

MomemtoStrip Photobooths is great! I like how we were able to get the photostrips customized to our theme color for our baby shower. Super cute! They are super affordable, too. I would totally recommend them for any fun events. More...


Q D.

17 February 2013

Great way to entertain your guests both kids and adults.  We had so much fun we asked them to stay another hour and they're  happy to stay.  Very professional service. Highly recommend for everyone. More...


S D.

24 January 2013

Went to a Halloween party last year and this company was great. They have great service and were quick to set up. The pictures came out really clear. The host was very friendly and very helpful with the props. Nice props to play with too. More...


Maily C.

12 January 2013

My company and I loved working with MementoStrip (MS)! They always responded quickly to my emails (I had lots of questions) and were great in helping me design and customize the photo strip. The photo booth was a HUGE hit the night of the company party in Lafayette. The attendants were so nice and worked great will all my guests (adults and children). With a limited budget, MS was able to work with us while providing a high quality of service and product (the photos looked amazing). With our wonderfully positive experience, I can't recommend them enough! You definitely cannot go wrong with booking MS for your next event!  Highlights:Friendly and professional staffDigital copies of the photosHigh quality photosTons of fun propsCustomized design for any type of eventPopular with all agesDifferent package options More...

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Photo Booths are a great party favor for guests since they get a memento of the event to keep right away.

We have a variety of hats, funny glasses and hand signs

Why choose us? With over 3000+ events, we have the experience to handle any event, big or small. We have cater to all event such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events, school events and fundraisers. We are fully insured and our photo booths use high resolution canon dlsr cameras with lab archival quality paper for every print.