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My staff and I provide 24/7 gym access. Personal training is available one on one if needed. We have a wide selection of fitness equipment needed to help you achieve your goals.

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Brian Bell

28 March 2019

Best Gym in town. Very comfortable atmosphere!



27 January 2019

$25 a month, clean, easy to get in and out, showers, lockers, it's a great gym!


Taylor Bettis

28 November 2018

Very easy-going. Staff is always helpful. I don't get bugged when I want to just put my headphones on and work out


Nikita Ross

27 May 2018

Open 24/7! Clean and quiet atmosphere. Definitely a setting for the ambitious fitness enthusiast.


Patience Petersen

27 May 2018

Never too crowded and has all the equipment you could need. Has a lot of accessory bars that other gyms around here don't have... like an SSB and hex bar.


Hunter Mullins

27 May 2018

Great staff, great community, great access. Great place. 5/5. 10/10/. 100/100. Thanks for letting me lift.


Cody Pace

17 December 2017

Great local gym that has everything you will ever need, not much of a crowd even during peak hours, and offers 24/7 access for less than the competition. Check them out!


Zachary Miller

27 May 2017

Really like this gym. Has all the equipment a serious lifter needs. Also has a good selection of functional strength equipment that I haven't seen at any other gym. I don't like crowds when lifting, so I appreciate this small gym where I can go during non peak hours. I just wish they had a heavy bag. More...


Jeremy G.

5 September 2010

Small, but intimate. Bare minimum necessary to call itself a "gym," but somehow has just everything I need. If there early or late enough, sometimes possible to have full run of the place yourself.



21 July 2010

Member's Fitness club rocks. There's a good mix of cardio, machines & free weights. The facility is well kept & clean. The staff is friendly & helpful; they go out of thier way to make sure gym members are comfortable & happy.All in all it's a great place to work out. More...

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Each program is individually written for each person to directly address their specific fitness goals.

We believe that the best way to achieve your goals is hard work and time. There is no magic pill.

Helping people achieve their goals. That and having money to pay my bills lol.

We are a small local gym and not some big corporate gym . Our goal is to help and teach our clients, not fleece them out of every dime while they make no progress. Our trainers have almost a hundred years of combined experience to help design the best program that's right for you.