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San Antonio Texas, Bexar

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Medley of Photography

San Antonio Texas, Bexar



Medley of Photography has over 29years of Architecture, Commercial/Advertising and Corporate photography experience. We provide exceptional Architecture and Real Estate photography. Additionally we can provide all your marketing and advertising images with excellent attention to detail only eclipsed by our great customer service.

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Bert Taddei

20 January 2019

Berry Medley is an absolute artist and a consummate professional. He has a unique vision and way of capturing the essence of his subjects which, in my case, are my residential listings. I use Berry‘s services exclusively due to the fact that he is punctual, professional, takes the time to contemplate the best angles in which to capture the home relative to the position of the sun, and charges a fair fee for his services. The “Icing on the cake“ is the fact that Berry interacts extremely well with my clients who are typically present at the time of the photo shoot. He engages them and makes them feel comfortable which is a huge boost for my real estate practice because it demonstrates that I only align myself with proven, seasoned professionals that take as good of care of my clients as I do. Thank you for all you do, Berry! More...


Chad Barton

16 January 2019

Its always a pleasure working with Berry Medley and Medley of Photography. Running a business myself, my time is limited, but I can always count on Berry to provide his services with a great deal of integrity and honesty. If he says he will be there, he will. If he says he can meet a deadline, he will. And of course, his photography is second to none in my opinion. My business Midciti Realty is looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Berry. More...


KM Builders

8 December 2015

KM BUILDERS is pleased to have Medley of Photography conduct our photo sessions. They capture our craftsmanship by fully utilizing their lens, lights and any other tools they have available to them to ensure the best shot possible. Their attention to detail is seen in the photos we share on our website and submit for awards!
Our homeowners are also pleased to have them on site capturing their dream renovation. Medley of Photography accommodates their schedule by being available in the afternoons and weekends when necessary. We highly recommend Medley of Photography for all your photo needs.

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Communication, If your client has one vision and the photographer has another or misunderstanding of the image needs/requirments. the best photograph can miss the "mark"

What is the main goal of the finished images? Is there a desired style the client prefers?

I enjoy the diversity I am afforded by providing various types of photography services. One day I can be capturing the way light streams through a modern window design and the next stylizing a lifestyle table top or food setting.

Service, I enjoying providing the friendly service I can uniquely provide. I also enjoy being creative and producing technically solid photography. Opening my company provides me the opportunity to be flexible as well as relaxed providing my art work on a daily basis.

I have been in photography before photography was digital. Experience helps me provide problem solving "on the fly". For our Architectural and Real Estate clients, I have been within the building and design industries my entire life. For my design and graphic clients I have seen the pit falls and struggles working with the photography industry and strive to provide much friendly and better services while maintaining a high standard of creativity, attention to detail and overall results