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Guillermina Contreras

23 August 2019

Very good customer service


Brenda Z.

29 July 2019

I've been coming here since I was a kid. Best donuts in San Diego. The customer service is great.


Lydia Garcia

30 June 2019

Best bakery in barrio Logan. best customer service


Estela Aguila

22 June 2019

Grew up around this area I return today and the donuts taste the same soft, warm and yummy


Kimberly J.

12 June 2019

I've been going here since I was a kid. The donuts are affordable and good. My favorite is the one with jalapeño and cheese inside.


Erica C.

9 June 2019

A cute little neighborhood Mexican donut shop at great prices. This bakery is small but they have a great variety from classic donuts to Mexican sweet breads, plain to stuffed with sweet cream. I was greeted by a sweet Mexican woman. A half dozen is about $5.50 and about $9 for a dozen. You definitely get a bang for your buck, as the donuts themselves are pretty big.This place has a little bit of everything, perfect to fulfill your sweet tooth. More...


Omar Z.

5 May 2019

The doughnuts are amazing! yes the place looks a little beat down and old but that doesn't make them any less delicious! Try them out


Elidia Gonzalez

27 April 2019

My whole family has been coming here for many years and we still love it. Everything here is delicious and is amazing quality for cheap prices.


Wicho Avila

27 April 2019

Best bread in the world


Chris G.

1 April 2019

It was great it was cheap amazing assortment of baked goods and more both Mexican and regular donuts were great so in total amazing 5 star


Enrique Zapata

26 February 2019

Good bread place has been there for decades and have a large variety of bread
And bow they sale tamales.


Dy Arrieta

26 February 2019

The best homemade bread taste. Their owners are the most kind people. You must definitely visit them.


Natalia Cohen

27 January 2019

Cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. Service is typically great. Prices are appropriate for the quality.


Dalia Barber

27 January 2019

Great panadería, I love coming here to get conchas de chocolate and biscuits.


Chepi Avila

4 January 2019

deliciosas roscas, pan dulce, donas y tamales


Kousei Argento

28 December 2018

My favourite bakery in San Diego. Might not look like much, but everything is delicious and cheap


Lisa Ortiz-Dixon

29 October 2018

They're open from 5am til 9pm. Very nice gentleman. And they have "happy hour" on their pandulce.


Ashley Calva

26 October 2018

My favorite doughnuts since I can remember, and always service with a smile!!


A.L. Marfo

29 September 2018

Secret donut shop worth every bite.


Dy Arrieta

22 September 2018

Delicioso! Excelente servicio. Gracias por su cálida atención. Bendiciones �����


Veronica Meza

22 September 2018

Delicious moist lemon filled cakes!!


william bossom

1 July 2018

Great hole in the wall donut spot. Love the apple fritters, crumb donuts, buttermilk bars, basically everything. Only complaint is that they dont have bigger sized to-go cups for their coffee.


Alba v.

9 September 2017

Easy to access location, delicious cake, particularly helpful in a pickle. I needed a baby shower cake last minute,took in pictures of what I wanted, and they totally delivered! Thank you!!!!


Cinthya Corina C.

28 July 2017

Mexican Sweetbread and Donuts in one place yay! My favorites are the huge apple fritters and the empanadas yummm. The prices are real good, church group, office and family all love the pastries from there.  The bearclaw is very good too and I am a sucker for an old fashion donut. More...


Jackie M.

25 June 2017

Lots of donuts and good Mexican pastries to choose from. I had a number of filled pastries, bread pudding bread, and an apple fritter.Enjoyed the pastries, nicely filled. I especially enjoyed the pineapple filled.The apple fritter wasn't greasy, and the apples tasted fresh.Bread pudding was tasty and moist.Will go back! More...


Arnie G.

8 May 2017

I stumbled across this place just looking for some donuts nearby, and man was I not disappointed. Imagine getting, a dozen freshly baked donuts for under ten bucks? This place is steal.


Daryl J.

3 February 2017

As good as it gets!  Our favorites are the pecan rolls and bear claws.  The bear claws are unlike any others, made with chocolate.  Tamales are cheap and very good.


Wes W.

13 August 2016

Went back to take on the Apple fritter challenge it's 12 inches around and weighs about 3lbs. This pace is so cool If you finish the thing off the totally super elegant baker will wink at you. It's like she's the daughter of the gods of Apple Fritter heaven.  If your a competitive eater or just like tastiness then you have to find this place. It's hidden behind a tree. Sadly it's hit or miss when you buy donuts from the case the owner "the guy" sold me stale donuts. I would not have sold them to a customer. I would have said hey these are old and no good come back tomorrow. But that was not the case. We threw them all out. More...


Rogelio S.

7 January 2016

Very inexpensive baked goods with lots of flavor.  The owner told me he bought off a Caucasian older man and kept some uses some of his recipes.  The bake goods are that of Mexican influence "pan dulce", donuts, and danishes.  Good variety and tasty.  I think they sell tamales but haven't tried them.  Street parking only. More...


Derek H.

6 June 2015

I really like donuts. This place has all the classic donuts plus Mexican style pastries. Their prices are what you expect from a small donut shop, cheap. Place is always good for a sugar boost before the skatepark. More...


Tish L.

1 June 2015

They did my girlfriends wedding cake and it did not dissapoint. The taste was on point. yum yum yum


Ricardo X.

6 February 2015

I went because it had good reviews and is true. I got 3 donuts and they were good and cheap.


K A.

19 October 2013

Mmmm...McCord's bear claws...This is not your average panaderia! In addition to all of the Mexican bakery staples, McCord's has fresh tamales, jalepeno cheese turnovers, and the best bear claws I've ever tasted. The selection is huge, they bake fresh pastries throughout the day, and the prices are extremely reasonable. Both the man and the woman who have been behind the counter when I've come in are very personable and warm, making McCord's an all-around excellent establishment! More...


Joseph B.

23 September 2012

My review may be a little bias because I have been going to McCord's for a couple years now. I generally stop by about once a month, when I am in San Diego for work. Usually, I get donuts for my co-workers and hey always comment on how good they are. I like to get the Mexican bread for myself. It's a lot fresher than what I can get from the larger markets. I really look forward to the winter time too because that's when they bring out the tamales. :-) Their tamales are La Bomba. Too bad they are only seasonal but I guess tamales are generally a holiday food. More...


Rodney M.

3 July 2010

I have been going here since I was a kid. GREAT donuts and pasteries. I take them to work and my coworkers can't get enough. You will not be disappointed.


Anita L.

10 April 2008

I'd have to say that when we got to this place I was really skeptical because it was this run-down looking store and the selection was really dismal. They really didn't have a lot of stuff so I just chose 3 items. Well, 2 items really and the man suggested the cheese danish. 3 items for $2, what a bargain!The baked goods made it home and we just tried it after eating dinner. MAN! Even though they'd been sitting here for a good portion of the day, they were tasty! I really liked the cheese danish even though they could've omitted the glaze. I just peeled the glaze off and it was just delicious!!The other two items: one looked like a scone with raisins and the other was your typical looking thing which is round and looks like Dutch crunch bread on top -- which I found out is pan dulce DUH! Both were rather good even though I'm sure they would've tasted far better had I eaten them the minute I bought them.I still didn't find my savory bread with queso and jalapeno here. The man said they don't have that sort of thing. Panchitas makes them but I was too late. I'm so craving those right now! More...

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