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Hanna Rosin

23 March 2019

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Mark Anderson

Great place with great staff. Nice gym , great staff come and you will see the results


Dave Suttling

if you want to get fit and improve you could not find a better gym, Mark and Maz are just lovely, but will push you and get the best from you, but they are supportive and caring


Nina Stubban

So nice and friendly. Not like other gyms, but in a good way. Love the place!


Kim Linder

The only gym that actually managed to make sense to me and keep me on track! Maz and Mark are a brilliant team, knowledgeable, approachable, highly motivating and non judgemental. friendly place with a great atmosphere. More...


Carolina Lamas

I wouldn't call it a "gym", as it's much more than that, knowledge and support on different ways and most important of all is that you feel treated as an individual, lovely bunch of trainers and people!


Elisa Liddicott

Love MAZFIT it's not like any other gym more like a family. So much support and knowledge it's the only thing to have really made a difference to my workout and diet with fantastic results. Now I just need to get some self discipline :0) More...


Becky Morey

Took me a year to pluck up the courage to book an assessment because I hate the typical gym environment- maz is a great motivator and makes your time as beneficial as possible - wish I had started going a year ago!


Claire Fuller

I was recommended to Mazfit via a friend and I haven't been dissapointed. Maz has been such a great motivator and I'm confident for the first time in my life I'll get the body I've always dreamed of. I actually look forward to going to the gym something I never thought possible. New diet , new body win win!!! More...


Mandi Eagle

At 53 years old I didn't think I would ever find a gym that was so right for me. I lost weight without dieting. And I feel fitter and healthier than I have for years. Well done Maz and Mark. My husband Colin even enjoys going and that is unheard of!! More...


Gillian Blackburn

I've had experiences of PTs before and maz has surpassed them all! She gets results because she takes a holistic approach to health and Fitness. My only regret is that I wish I'd met her in my clueless 20s! Supportive, flexible and really understands women's brains and bodies! More...


Christine Wilson

It sounds a bit crazy to say that I actually want to go 5.45am classes but if I don't go I feel I've missed out. Probably will go tomorrow morning before going on holiday - it just wouldn't be right if I didn't! I've been to lots of gyms before (and my dad used to own one) and this is the best down-to-earth place I've been to (alongside dad's, of course!). It's great for me because I like a gym to be a place where I can really work but where I'll get great advice and care if I've got a problem or am flagging a bit. Maz and Mark have amazing enthusiasm and actually want everyone to succeed and will help them to do that. Love it!! More...


Rachel Bradley

Maz & Mark are the best! They manage to accept you for who you are whilst at the same time pushing you to be a better version of yourself. I've done a range of their classes from the early risers classes (strangely addictive!), to evening classes as well as PT and I love them all. There's nothing and no one scary at Mazfit, everyone is great; it's so friendly & welcoming. It's great to feel part of The Mazfit Family. More...


Victoria Gardiner

Great people, great place, who knew I'd start to love working out and find the process just as exciting as the results. For years I thought working out was punishing your body, but I've learnt to embrace it and enjoy what I'm achieving none of which would have been possible without Maz, Mark and team.


Jolene A Adamowicz

Mazfit is more than a gym its a family and a lifestyle. I attend the pt, some classes and weight management and can honestly say after years of no exercise I love attending here!


Jackie Fenner

Motivational, friendly, fun in a mad way! Definitely not your average gym.. fabulous people and knowledgeable trainers. Mazfit cater for all levels of fitness. I am one of the larger gym users on the weight management programme course.. and have lost 65lbs since starting my first course about 6 months ago. I love HIIT exercises and am stronger and fitter than I've been for years! The nutrition advice has worked and its not about starving yourself! It's about healthy living and finding your own level of fitness that works for you. The support is fantastic.. Definitely 5* from me... More...


Liz Corse

I still can't believe what a find this place is and I have been going for nearly 18months. This is not your normal gym. It's a place you can excercise in a way that suits you and everyone is part of the Mazfit family. I personally use the morning classes which run from 5.45 to 6.30am. It might sound mad but there is no better feeling than getting home just after 6.30am having done your excercise for the day. Maz is full of advice. You can do classes or PT as well as just use the gym equipment. You meet lots of lovely people too. More...


Dan Berryman

I have been going to Mazfit for a couple if months now and I absolutely love it! I use it as a general gym to which it has all the equipment you could possibly need to suit any workout routine. I also go to classes run by both Maz and Mark and they are excellent. They make it fun and enjoyable aswell as pushing you to go a little faster and lift a little heavier! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun and very friendly gym! More...


Seetal Kaur Bhatti

Great place to work out. Great trainers, classes and equipment. Love that it’s not a corporate chain gym which can be really soulless, Mazfit is fun and sociable and importantly, Maz and Mark really invest in helping clients to get results.


Laura Feather

Mazfit has changed my life, sounds cheesy but it has really changed my mindset. I can't wait for my PT sessions with Maz, fun (I laugh alot), motivating and she's made me realise it's not just about the exercise! I'm addicted to spinning with Mark - the variety keeps it fun. After 15 years of yoyo dieting I will never go back - thank you! More...


Amy Miles

I had such a fantastic experience with Maz. She is incredibly knowledgeable and just understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and how to get there. She knows how to strip back to foundation levels in order to build back up again. With an incredible eye for detail, Maz spots all common mistakes and poor form from a mile away and corrects swiftly in order to reach fitness and physical goals. More...