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30 March 2019

I had been admiring Maxine’s beautiful photos for a while. I loved her use of light and the way she was able to capture gorgeous natural moments. We already had a few posed family portraits but I really wanted some natural images. Maxine was fabulous. She spent two hours at our house hanging out with the kids and taking photos at the same time. I even got an undisturbed cup of coffee!!! Loving the end product which was turned around really quickly. Would highly recommend. More...

9 January 2019

Maxine's photos are real. That's the beauty of her work. She captures those moments that in years to come will evoke feelings of everyday life, which are not easily recalled by classically posed or staged portraits. Maxine is professional and fun, she is able to make anyone feel comfortable and works amazingly around kids. Highly recommended if you are looking for a different experience. More...

13 November 2018

Wow wow wow Maxine was amazing at our session today, she bonded with the children instantly, such a way with them it was magical! Very very impressed! Thank you so much - highly recommend More...

11 November 2018

I Just love her photography Her work is just so amazing

5 November 2018

Maxine takes such wonderful original photographs. Each one is a work of art. I’m so so sooo happy with the natural photos she took at our home and can’t wait to get her back for portraits!

28 October 2018

The photos Maxine puts up are so so good. She has real good talent in photography. I would definitely use Maxine if I need photos being done xx

28 October 2018

Maxine has developed her style over many years and it has developed into something unique, striking and beautiful. if you are looking for a portrait but want something a bit different, a bit thoughtful and thought provoking then I would recommend you get in touch.