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Stephanie Wells

23 July 2019

So nice, friendly, very welcoming.


Juliet Perry

16 July 2019

I went to Max Tan and Spa for a tan a couple months before my wedding. The store was peaceful and relaxing to tan at. Everything was clean and the workers were always efficient and nice, and they helped me figure out times and a package that would work best in my time frame and skin type. This is the first time I’ve been to a tanning salon that I haven’t burned -- all employees were very cautious and careful with time spent in the beds! Thanks, Max Tan for helping me get bronzed for my big day. More...


Ms Audrey Renee

30 June 2019

Very kind staff good tanning here


Juliet Perry

23 May 2019

Always clean and I'm getting a great tan! The level 3 beds are the best, I'm getting a tan in less time. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable! You can purchase lotion and other products at the store too. More...


Michael Malinkey

6 April 2019

Great facility. Tonya is the Best. Michael....


Tracey Von Czoernig

6 March 2019

Always a friendly and helpful place


David Evans

6 October 2018

Maxx Tan Spa


Sara Perry

15 September 2018

Friendly and helpful staff. Knowledgeable. Owner is very friendly. Beds are good quality. Very happy with this place. Can't wait to try a reiki session. I only tanned.


michelle krekus

25 August 2018

Friendly staff, very clean and fantastic, affordable products


alyssa torres

6 August 2018

Great customer service


Niki Ripple

8 June 2018

Very friendly, clean, service is fantastic. 3 levels of tanning beds!! A must!!


Max Fisher

9 January 2018

Clean facilites and the owners are extremely friendly.


Mark Anthony Carbone

12 June 2017

Amazing customer service with a staff very knowledgeable about the different lotions, beds and skin types. Wide variety of lotions and services. Family owned and subsequently make you feel like a part of the family. More...


Andriana Akrap

6 June 2017

Super clean and really nice staff! I heard that they will be getting new beds soon!!


Michelle Stephenson

6 June 2017

All brand new beds put in last week. What a difference. Much stronger bulbs, even their level 1 beds. My tan nearly doubled with just 2 uses. Prices are comparable to other salons. Clean. Friendly staff and owner. More...


Nicole Gulak

6 June 2017

Great beds and great employees! Very knowledgeable on their products. I wouldn't go anywhere else but here! :)


Nikkie Forni

6 June 2017

Brand new bulbs, Brand new beds, all remodeled and extremely clean. Wouldn't tan anywhere else!! Very reasonably priced!


nicole greenfield

6 June 2017

New beds, friendly staff


Rachel Jakubiec

6 June 2016

BEST tanning experience I have ever had. Megan was a HUGE help. I had questions on lotions and she provided me with tons of knowledge about the products they sell. Megans willingness to spend time explaing the process and which products would work best for my skin type is what makes me feel 100% comfortable at Max Tan. More...


Carmen Russoniello

6 June 2015

Meagan was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable and confident about my first spray tan. I thought she did a great job. The tan evened out nicely by the wedding date. Thanks! More...


Frank Wolter

6 June 2015

Great place. We come again!


Liz Dankwardt

6 June 2014

Love this place. Great beds, nice employees, and they don't try to sell u something every time u walk in. They have great lotions too.