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Kelly R.

11 April 2019

I am extremely grateful to be a patient of Dr. Hasan. She is extremely professional, patient, and really tries to ensure you receive the best medicine suited for your needs, as well as any and all counseling. Since being under her care my life has improved tremendously. I can not recommend anyone else but her. More...


Angela H.

22 March 2019

Great doctor. Very personable and understanding. Office ambience and staff attitude is very professional.


Kamrie R.

4 July 2018

I've been seeing Dr. Hasan for about 6 months now and I have been satisfied. She seems a bit short but she's isn't my therapist, so our appointments are focused on how I'm feeling based on the medicine she's prescribing. My appointments are short, easy and to the point, which is my preferred method. Office staff is very nice too! More...



14 June 2018

Office is very clean, relaxing and inviting... at least as much as a medical office can be.Office staff, are professional and attentive.  They go about their task quickly and truly seem to understand their roles.  Only issue, and it's not their fault, is its difficult to maintain privacy. However, I stress this isn't the fault of anyone as it's just a function of the office design. However, due to the profficency of the office staff this is minimized and truly not a huge issue/concern. Just something to be mindful of.Physician is very profficency and professional. She's nice, interactive and responsive.  I find her to be a great listener and one who seems to care about me. Certainly she's knowledgeable and understanding and to me those are my two biggest concerns.In the end, I highly recommend the practice and feel it's one that can offer the support that's so needed in today's healthcare environment.I wish you the absolute best and hope this review has been helpful. More...


Jerred M.

21 February 2018

I've been seeing Dr. Hasan for about 5 years now.  She is very professional yet easy to open up and talk to.  She is genuinely concerned about my well-being in all aspects of life and always makes sure that everything is going well in my work as well as my personal life which I feel is important because personal life is where most of my anxiety and depression has come from in the past.  Dr. Hasan is very knowledgeable about a variety of mental problems as well as the drug interactions for said problems.  I would highly recommend going to Dr. Hasan if you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable psychiatrist who will care about your well-being in the long term. More...


Jeanne F.

31 December 2017

Dr. Hassan is personable, professional, and good.  Her assoicates are as well.  I've had one objection to the way something was handled by office staff and it was rectified before I got back to my office.