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Lina Aiko Krueger

24 September 2019

Everything is Ono and chef is always changing it up! ♥️♥️♥️


Michael T.

5 September 2019

Saw them on DDD. In Maui on business and tracked them down thru Instagram. Wailuku Wednesday!Ordered red wine oxtail on bed of polenta. AMAZING! Mango-Pineapple Tapioca for desert. This is not a just a food truck. It's Fine Dining on wheels! Track them down. You will not be disappointed! More...


Michelle S.

24 August 2019

What took me so long to try this food truck!!!! We went to the home show today and this food truck was here.  Im so thankful.  Chef Kyle is the bomb.com we saw that there was a line but I wasn't afraid to wait.  Im one who hates to wait in lines. I saw the menu and I knew what I wanted.  I really wanted to try everything on the menu but I knew my eyes were bigger then my opu. So we took a fre things.Food: crispy garlic chicken bowlO damn this was ao Ono.. crispy pieces of chicken with garlic sauce o my the taste was so yummy.  With rice and a bed of greens.Crispy pork belly with bao buns: 3 pieces of pork belly with bao buns delicious the pork belly was with hoisin sauce.  Perfection.  I couldn't get enough.  1 piece was good for me. Kamikaze fries: krinkle kut fries ooooo my favorite with an aioli sauce with furikake and green onions.  This was worth trying and worth the 8 bucks.   Perfect and more then enough for 2 people to share. The wait wasn't that long.  Not more then 20 minutes.  They do accept cash and card.. If you see this food truck be sure to try them out.  He always had creative and delicious food on the menu. You know it's good when that always sell out and there's always a line.. More...


Sadie S.

7 August 2019

Maui Fresh Streatery was hired for our wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House. We were so pleased with everything that was served at our wedding. We chose to have the food truck serve during the cocktail hour as well as dinner. For the cocktail menu we had a fruit platter, edamame, mini musubi, poke tostadas, and pork buns. EVERYTHING was phenomenal. For dinner we had grilled mahi mahi with mango salsa and a spring mix salad. We loved everything that Kyle put out for us. It was important for our guests to have a taste of Hawaii which is why we wanted to go with food trucks for our wedding. We were absolutely impressed and everyone kept talking about how delicious the food was. We really felt like the Maui Fresh Streatery made our wedding that much more memorable. If you're looking for a 5 star meal, this is definitely one of them. Thank you so much! More...


Kelli Myers

6 August 2019

Terrific menus, fresh & delicious food, plus they always do good in our community, from the heart. Once you try Maui Fresh Streatery, you’ll want to go back


Traci Hughes

23 July 2019

Try Chef Kyle's everything, you won't be disappointed. His ever changimg menu, fresh local ingredients and his attiude of giving back to his community. Awesome Chef


Jay Bautista

16 July 2019

Awesome truck to experience!!!


LeeAnne Jackson Rogers

12 July 2019

Chef Kyle and Big Red are the best! Amazing food, service, and I love that they give back to the Maui community. We are fans for life! Definitely eat here when you are visiting. If you are a local, what a great to try all the amazing new menus! More...


Cathy Scott

19 June 2019

Maui Fresh Streatery makes amazing food. But the thing I love the most is his Aloha Spirt. This man is filled with ❤️


Kadrienne E.

29 May 2019

Wow! Splendid!! Beautiful! All around magical experience!! We had the honor and privilege of booking Kyle and "Big Red" for our wedding in Makena this April. It was one of the highlights of the day for us and our guests as Kyle was so easy to work with and his culinary creations were among some of the best food we've had.As the bride, I was relieved to find that no stress was required when booking and consulting with Kyle for our event. He made everything so simple and from the beginning I knew that we were all on the same page when it came to menu items, vibe, and all around aesthetic of the dishes and service. All it took was one phone call with my husband and I and he was able to spit out all these plate ideas and serving options and you could tell by his level of excitement and his variety of ideas, that he was one gifted chef that knew exactly what to do and what we wanted. My husband and I hung up feeling elated and comforted knowing we were in good hands. I am so happy that we went this route for our catering service. Even months after our wedding, we still hear the occasional praise of Kyle's Kalua pork with purple sweet potato and lomi-lomi salad topping, his Mahi Mahi on a bed of white rice with a fresh fruit slaw, his to-die-for Pohole salad, and his Kamikaze fries. Everything was delicious and looked beautiful- local Hawaiian with an elegant twist as Kyle accurately described it.We were only on Maui the week before the wedding, but it was easy to meet up with Kyle for payment and he stopped by the venue on his own time to scope it out and discuss where the food truck would work and look best. Easy- peasy!!Thank you so much Kyle. For all your hard work and wonderful food. Congrats on "Best Chef on Maui" and "Best Food truck"!! I'm excited to see what you do next!!Photo cred: Megan Moura Photography!! More...


Heather Ross

21 May 2019

Great food and owned by great people!


Donald Harp

12 May 2019

Everything I ordered here was excellent.


Holly Dayz

3 May 2019

fresh and fun menu that's always changing


Keoni Wats

16 April 2019

Chef Kyle creates unreal culinary delights. After returning from Sydney Australia and Tokyo Japan. He takes comfort grindz to another level. Mahalo piha, Keoni W.


Courtnee S.

27 March 2019

Chef Kyle is always coming up with fun and different menu themes! Definitely worth the wait in line! Fast and friendly service!


Brian Clancy

24 March 2019

Unreal quality and great price


Christophe Re

6 March 2019

One of the best meals I have ever eaten!


Eddie Rabinowitz

9 February 2019

Stopped by here on the way to the airport after my visit to Maui. Best food I had on the island. They had their Korean menu and it was awesome. Me and the misses shared The Seoul Bowl, The other KFC and the Gangnam Fries. One was better then the other!! Will be back on my next trip to Maui. More...


Jennifer Skelton

27 January 2019

fresh octopus salad octopus was very tender and the sauce was incredible.


Dan Harrang

25 January 2019

Good people work here. And while this is not a nonprofit, nor should it be, these folks make efforts to feed the hungry without charging.


Lynda Hart Fortier

20 January 2019

These guys are taking such good care of our Govt. employees during the shutdown! You fed my son, THANK YOU!!!!


Ol' Dirty Bastard ?.

18 January 2019

Thank You Muchos! For helping us federal workers food was ono broke da mouth action and really appreciate what you are doing for our community.


Greg White

16 January 2019

Stepping up to feed those in our community working without pay!


Bonnie M.

1 January 2019

We were lucky enough to have Maui Fresh Streatery at work as a reward, and the food was excellent! From my understanding their menu varies based on the ingredients, event, etc. For our work event they had build your Mediterranean bowls to accommodate everyone's dietary restrictions and preferences (from omnivores to vegans to gluten free and everything in between). The vegan protein option was falafel, the meat options were chicken, tri-tip steak, and seared ahi. The choices for the base of your bowl were salad greens, Mediterranean rice, and cous cous. There were 3 different veggie toppings to choose from and 4 different sauces. I chose Mediterranean rice as my base, with all the veggies, lemon aioli sauce, and the tri-tip steak. It also came with pita and hummus. The flavors were so fresh and delicious and the steak was cooked perfectly. Not only would I go back for lunch, I'd definitely recommend them for catering events because they have the ability to accommodate all kind of dietary preferences. And the food was BOMB More...


Tammy Wilson

21 December 2018

Food is creative and reasonably priced. Onolicious always


Traci Hughes

8 November 2018

Always changing menu, never get's old.


J Mapuana Costa

5 November 2018

Kyleʻs food never disappoints!


Marina-Lee Valentina

24 October 2018

Whenever in Maui don’t waste your time or money going to any other truck, once you’ve eaten at Maui Fresh Streatery you’ve struck gold! The employees both have the best personalities, you won’t ever catch them without a smile on their face! Do your self a favor and fill your belly with some food from Big Red and chef Kyle. More...


Keith Asbell

24 October 2018

Wow. Well worth the 45 min drive.. I cook a lot of competition bbq pork and this was amazing


Stephanie H.

6 September 2018

Wow! Not enough amazing words can capture the awesome-ness of Maui Fresh Streatery. But they say pictures are worth 1,000 words. So I hope my pictures can do all the talking. What I love most about Maui Fresh Streatery is that they switch up their theme/menu every so often. Pro tip: follow them on social media to be up-to-date with the current menu. Also! Social media is the best way to know their location and hours. They also update if/when they'll be closed. Right now, they're offering a Mexican menu. In my opinion, the shining star is the elote! The portion is just enough to enjoy every bite of the savory flavor. More...


Brent H.

4 September 2018

Today I visited Maui Fresh Streetery at the Pomaika'i Back to School rally. The line was soooo long, you knew was going be 'ono.  We ordered Pulled Pork Quesadilla, animal fries, and elotes.Pulled pork quesadilla was paired with a small side salad. It had sour cream and some sort of thick creamy sauce (blue cheese?). It was crispy and flavorful. The sauces kept it from being dry. The flavors were a little uneven as the bottom quesadilla didn't have sauce on it, and the top had too much. I would order it again, but price was a little steep.Animal fries. Description said it is like in n out burger fries. The fries themselves are nicely salted crinkle fries and served generously. The sauce it is covered in reminded me of Big Mac secret sauce (relish, mayo, and ketchup?). It also had small white onion dices and American cheese slices that made it taste even more Big Mac like. These were interesting, but I won't order again.Elotes: oh my god! Yesssss! 4 half cobs of deep fried sweet corn with buttery lime and cheese like flavor. Not sure what is on it, but I couldn't stop eating it. My beard got suuuuper messy as I ate it, but I didn't care. I went through 5 napkins, and I am still enjoying the aroma in my moustache. Do not get this if messy, buttery, delicious food bothers you...on second thought, get it anyway. It is that good. More...


Yvette Makahanaloa

26 August 2018

Mahalo For Offering Free Foods to The Family n friends who affect by fires n Hurricane Lahaina God Bless You Guys:)


Kimi Kusumoto

13 August 2018

Simply the best!! Love all the food he makes.


Carlton R.

17 July 2018

When I first started going to school at UH Maui, MCC to me and the rest of the old timers, they had just opened the then-new food court. There was a world plate section that featured a rotating menu of different food from different cultures every so often. It was also there that I fell in love with okonomiyaki. That was one delicious Japanese savory pancake. After leaving school, I sure missed that dish :*(Fast forward too many years to about half a year ago. My mom is telling me about this food truck she heard about that was featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (probably caught it from my dad watching TV) that she really wanted to try. A while after, we finally pin down where and when this truck was going to be open for business and we have a lunch date for "Wailuku Wednesday." Cool.We get there, not knowing what to expect and come to find they were serving Mediterranean food. I had falafel and babaganoosh for the first time. It was pretty good! Kinda wish I could have more babaganoosh in my life. It would be about another month before we decide to go again. That's when everything changed.No, really, everything changed! There was a whole new menu. They were serving out South American street foods. Babaganoosh was gone, but OMG this pork belly chili verde was just melting in my mouth and we had these fries that had all kinds of stuff on it and mom had this perfectly cooked mahi, but, before even getting our food, I finally notice in the truck. . .Chef Kyle!I recognized this man as one of the chefs that were in charge of the culinary program while I was at MCC (see, that intro makes sense now). This shapeshifting menu started to make sense to me.See, every two weeks, barring some kind of function or catering job or vacation that might cause them to take a break, they change the menu. A new culture/region is featured and you might not see a menu for a year. There's always a dish with fries, usually crinkle-cuts, tots in a blue moon. So far I've experienced Mediterranean, South American, Korean, Local-style plate lunch, SoCal, Indian, and, yes, Japanese. At long last I've been reunited with my dear okonomiyaki. I'm pretty sure I missed some menus, mom and I meet for Wailuku Wednesdays almost every week now.Though I wish I could just have okonomiyaki every day(2nd truck, come on!), I love this truck and recommend it for this reason: It's a great place to try new foods a local boy like me misses out on. We might have restaurants that might cover half his menus, but I don't know them, and I'm sure they aren't close by if they are (if I'm not eating in Wailuku or Kahului, it's way too far), but HUGE shout out for the fries. The fries are always a great representation of what kind of flavors to expect from the rest of the menu and reel you in.So, if you're looking to try something new/super tasty, move your feetery to the Maui Fresh Streatery and you'll be well fed over by Big Red. More...


Michele Watson

1 July 2018

Amazing! So glad we tried it after watching Triple D!!! Nice meeting you!


A. I.

14 May 2018

I was fortunate to have them in in wailea... AMAZING poke bowl. I'm now a huge fan! Highly recommended.


Kelly Richardson McLin

24 April 2018

We just happened upon them. It was close to lunch and we loved the idea of local cuisine from a food truck!! It was phenomenal!!! We had the Mahi Mahi Amondine and it was spectacular! We also had a strawberry mint refresher, which was so good...but to be honest, every drink listed sounded amazing..it was a hard choice!! Maybe before we leave Maui we will spot the truck again and try something else. Everything was SO FRESH!!� More...


Beth Carman

8 February 2018

The wait was very long but worth it. Everything was delicious. The Gangnam fries were mind blowing. Seoul Bowl was was delicious. Different foods grown locally and blended together and the Thai iced tea to top it off. A must go to when in Maui. More...


Ralph McGregor

5 February 2018

Some of the best food on Maui. We ate there friday night, making the trip there withour private tour service (maui transit) all the way from Kihei.


Jalen W.

14 January 2018

Awesome food truck. All fresh ingredients in the food that is from hawaii. There is a reason why its been on a tv show


Terri Richards

14 January 2018

My son and I are becoming regulars. And are really loving it!


Brant Holland

7 January 2018

Always awesome food. Clean and professional truck run by a chef who cares about quality.


David V.

5 January 2018

Best food truck on Maui.   Chef Kyle and his crew make the freshest and tastiest food you can get off a truck.  Always uses local high quality ingredients in every dish he makes.     They keep it interesting by changing the menu on a rotating culinary expedition around the world and innovating every step of the way.    Cannot say enough good things about this place.   Some of my favorites include his portobello Bahn mi, the cubano sandwich and any of his fresh fish dishes.     A must have while in Maui More...


Jessica Foulks

19 October 2017

Food was absolutely amazing. Came out on a new menu day and everything was delicious. We tried one of each item on the menu. None of it disappointed. Best food truck in Maui More...


Haley K.

13 October 2017

One of my most favorite food trucks. I have to admit I'm not the most adventurous eater, so I haven't tried all of the different menus,but everything I've had has always been amazing from the food all the way down to the drinks. Lemme just talk about a few of my favorites. The garlic parmesan truffle fries...to die for! I love love garlic so it was already a winner in my eyes. It had a garlic aioli sauce on top & just the right amount of it,so that your fries wouldn't get soggy. There was also some parmesan cheese & some crispy pepperonis sprinkled on top.The tamarind Arnold Palmer has to also be another one to remember. I rarely drink anything else but water,but when I do it's usually an Arnold Palmer. At some places the proportions just aren't too good or it just tastes watery. The tamarind had the perfect amount of sour to balance the tea! So good & so refreshing after waiting for your food in the sun.Thank you Maui Fresh Streatery for always providing delicious food! More...


Adam Steele Moreland

23 September 2017

Everything was amazing and Chef Kyle took the time to give us some great recommendations of other restaurants he loves on the island. A must try!


Sunyoung K.

16 September 2017

Make sure to look up the location for the day on Instagram or facebook instead of just following the address on here. They only serve a few days a week and only for a few hours so get there early before they run out! Looking for parking can be a struggle but it shouldnt be too hard since people get their food pretty fast and leave. They give you generous portions and everything tastes fresh. The menu is constantly changing as well. Definitely try it if the opportunity arises! More...


Tammy Fujihara

12 September 2017

Just happened upon this food truck when we were hungry. So glad I yelled, "STOP!" Best food we had in Maui, hands down. I can't remember the name of what I ate, but it was short ribs on rice, with so many wonderful flavors and textures. Little pickled pieces of veggies, nuts, cilantro... More...


Scott F.

28 August 2017

This was probably my most favorite food truck in Maui. Their menu changes each week, the week I went was Japanese food. I ordered their Kamikaze fries which had a lot of flavor. I think it had nori seaweed, wasabi and it for sure had some other seasonings. I also got their Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl because I wanted to try Poke at least once in Hawaii. It was really tasty and the ahi tuna was very fresh. They give you quite a lot of food so you'll have leftovers for the next day(s). They only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday though. You'll need to check their Facebook or Twitter to see their hours because they do change. More...


Andrew F.

25 August 2017

This was supposed to be the place we had to try. Best food truck award w/ Maui having a ton of food trucks. Pretty good, very local food with rather strong distinctive flavors. Ordered an okonomiyaki which is like a Japanese pizza. Have to pay attention to all of the ingredients which was a ton to figure out what I was eating... Texture was +/- which turned me a little off. Kamekaze fries were decent. Prices were reasonable. They have changing menus and not much variety on a particular day but you get food you've never heard of before / a unique experience on your tourism trip. More...


Deb Moroye

7 August 2017

Must do on Maui! The food was fresh and so Ono! We had the Kiawe Barbecue Chicken Wrap, Lemon Caper Mahi Mahi, and Kamakazi Fries! Can't wait to see what's on the menu next ! More...


Patty Hernandez

5 August 2017

One word: Superb!! Chef Kyle was gracious to serve us his Pork Belly Chile Verde Plate, a delicious salad with avocado and the Mango Rare Cheesecake. We got there after 1:00 pm and he did not turned us away, even though he had closed everything. We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to eat his delightful creations. Thank you. This is exactly what we were looking for. You have at least 4 customers for life. We will spread the word back in L.A. Aloha! More...


Swen Nater

19 July 2017

I have not had the food but I know enough from DDD, Chef Kyle is a huge cut above. I really like the rotation of the 20 menus, the creativity, and the yin, yang, not only of the flavors and textures, but of he colors as well. This is close to a five-star in a truck. I may have to make a trip to Maui just to dine at the food truck. More...


Sarah S.

3 May 2017

Love that they use local produce & food is 'ono!! Tried their Mexican Menu and it was bomb


Fernie K.

24 February 2017

Streatery does it again and again. I love it so much that the food truck scene on maui is purely on point! LOVING that late night streatery is making a comeback since I work all week and can only drool over the pictures of what's being served to those that can leave work for lunch *not jealous at all* So stopped in for late night last Friday, was set on the soft shell crab sandwich all week..... Only thing that got me thru the week. While standing in line, i looked on Instagram and was thought "damn, the gumbo looks pretty good too tho", welp, i ended up getting both to try. The soft shell crab sandwich was DELISH, perfectly flavored, crispy soft shell crab, soft focaccia bread, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Then I too a bite of the gumbo that I was saving for lunch the next day..... ZOMG!!! It was so damn delicious!!!!!! The cajun rice soaked up all the gumbo soup, the mussels were delicious (and i usually am not a fan), the veggies were cooked perfectly, and the sausage... Yum. More...


Nani Whitcher

4 October 2016

The food is very fresh and tasty. It's my favorite food truck on Maui.


Lauren D.

21 September 2016

The freshest food, so delicious every time! I love how they have a different menu theme each week with a good variety. Everything is so good down to their dressing for salad too! The portobello Bahn mi is my fav but everything is awesome here! The owner and workers are so friendly and work really hard to get your order fast! Best food truck on Maui!!! More...


JaSteffi Ednrag Abut

11 September 2016

Chef Kyle the best famous... Got try it... It was soooooo onolious!!!!!


Danielle K.

20 August 2016

Amazing food, always something new and different, locally grown and reasonable pricing.  Keep your eye out for that red truck in Kahului and Wailuku!  Check them out on Instagram to find out what's on the menu any given week!!!  Definitely a must for lunch on Maui! More...


Meghna W.

29 June 2016

There is a reason MFS has won the Aipono awards for the best food truck on the island for the past 2 years (2015 & 2016).  Chef Kyle's vision of bringing fine dining experience to locals is nothing short of brilliant.  Every time my husband and I visit his food truck, when on the island, we're left wanting more.  He can definitely rock any kind of cuisine be it Californian, Korean, Indian, or Local.  It is excellent food with generous portions and at a reasonable price.  And what I really appreciate about MFS and Chef Kyle is that every month he has a non-profit cause that he supports and 100% of the tips he earns goes to that cause.  What a great way of giving back to the community.  Hats off to Chef Kyle & his team at Maui Fresh Streatery! More...


Ed A.

5 May 2016

Missing Maui and this place is one of the reasons why. Went there while on vacation and stumbled upon this food truck and wow! Had the tops vieja tacos with a Jamaica . Man wish I could go back and when I do I will be back to see what's on the menu for this truck! Keep it up guys! More...


Feli C.

8 April 2016

Best place ever . One of a kind distinct flavors amazing people  came here on vacation looking for a unique eat and found it here !!! Recommend this place to anyone looking for something to make their bellys happy More...


I-ta-da-ki-mas U.

11 March 2016

Gourmet grinds out of a classy red food truck!!Got to sample the Indian menu @ Wailuku Wednesday's, so nice to be able to get something "fresh" in town. Mahi quinoa salad on point was served with warm naan and chutney! Desi fries tasted just as good the day after - crinkle cuts are the best!Service was quick even as the crowd started to build - definitely going to keep going on Wednesdays!!! More...


Catherine G.

13 February 2016

Da bomb!! I have been in Maui for 11 days now, eaten at all the cool spots. This one right here is da best. Got the combo with poke and a Maui fillet.


Damon Austin

22 December 2015

We had Maui Fresh Streatery cater our Christmas party lunch, I could not get enough of the fish. cook perfect and the sauce was incredible. They did all the work and the food was hot and the presentation was wonderful. I have not had the food from the truck, but if they are the 4th Friday in Kihei, I will make it a point to give them my business. Thank you More...


Bridgett P.

27 November 2015

Ooh! I've been needing to visit this food truck like... last summer. E'rrrrybody buzzes about Chef Kyle and his ono grinds. Thankfully, he was serving up goods at the unofficial Yelp event and I got to give it a try.It was raining but this food truck has a really awesome overhang that kept me dry while I was ordering. Super nice-it's obvious that they think about the comfort of the customer with a move like that. Since it was raining, I wanted something that would be easy to eat... fair style food. And there it was: french fries. But alas, not just any ole fries, they are properly called: Parmesan Truffle Pommes Frites. AKA: awesome little bits of goodness.So I ordered and waited in the dry area, checking out the menu, smelling the goods. Just a minute later my name was called.. and the gluttony began. My husband and I were just going to "share" because we would order something else later.. buuuttttt.. I kiiinda hogged a lot of those fries. So it goes like this:Hot from the fryer thick cut fries, sprinkled with parm cheese and a delicious white cheese-like sauce, topped with pepperoni and some greens to make it pretty. The portion size is really good--just the right size for sharing, if you can handle sharing. I'm a fan. I'll be really excited the next time I see that red truck parked at an event or a parking lot serving lunch. No wonder he has such a big following on Instagram and has long lines whenever I see him. It's onolicious kids! More...


Peter De Mark

16 November 2015

Great food and prices. Chef Kyle is a true visionary when it comes to cuisine.


Mya C.

3 September 2015

I just had theeee best food truck meal in a long time! Since they were on campus today, i decided to try it & glad I did. I had sauteed mahi w/butter caper sauce, saffron risotto, & kula greens. I thought the wait was gonna be a while but it wasn't. Prices were reasonable for what you got. Definately recommend it! More...


Leslie T.

11 July 2015

We're believers! Came on a Wednesday for the first - but definitely not the last - time. Got here around 10:45 which was a good move since by the time our order was up a little before 11, there was no longer space to park and a hungry, eager, line had formed.We tried the mahi prepared Mediterranean style with capers eggplant and pita and the gyro sandwich. Both were delicious and the pita bread tasted fresh out of the oven good. But the mahi mahi was the real star, soooo ono that my very picky about fish mom couldn't stop exclaiming how good it was.Also the yuzu jamaica drink was great, perfectly refreshing for this heat wave we're experiencing.So cute that tips were designated to support a local kids baseball team and all the kids had signed a note of thanks.Go local! Go Maui fresh streatery! More...


Caroline K.

6 July 2015

Menu has a delicious variety of plate lunches, featuring fresh local ingredients. Family ordered the Mahi Mahi, gyros, feta fries and a variety of refreshers. A hidden gem!


Josua Medrano

19 June 2015

Chee action grindz


Kealii Reichel

8 June 2015

Stopped by for the first time today and had the Seoul Bowl....killahz...perhaps one the best things ever. I wen scarf that down so fast and my eyes was rolling backward. GO try em!


Brandon L.

30 April 2015

having caught, cleaned, and cooked many mahimahi over the years...it makes me smile when i order it out, and it's cooked perfectly.  Mahi piccata over spaghetti was great!  Thanks Kyle =) More...


Doreen B.

20 April 2015

There really isn't one thing that makes Maui Fresh Streatery stand out. It probably has to do with EVERYTHING that Chef Kyle does.From the rotating speciality fusion menu to the tips that go directly back to supporting the community - they have the Aloha down pat.The excitement of trying out a new dish inspired by Chefs travels is contagious. There is also that anticipation that goes into waiting for a favorite menu to make it back on rotation.Kumu Farms Organic Greens, original recipes, Cooler to Counter fresh fish? What else do you need to make it a fresh experience? Try a Fresh custom designed Streatery shirt. Represent! More...


Becky Speere

4 April 2015

His food rocks! My only complaint is that he is in Kahului and I am in Haiku. I think Chef Kyle needs a couple more food trucks. ;-)


Qiana Di Bari

25 March 2015

A gem & an elevated food experience in a laid back spot, in the cut. Loved it!


Jodi P.

6 February 2015

Just ate here! Love the late night Friday. Had the pork tenderloin hoagie which was amazing. The greens that topped it were seasoned perfectly and went well with the sandwich. Also had the chicken and olives, the chicken was moist and went well with the toppings, just wish there was more sauce to crush the rice into. The strawberry sparkler refresher was ok but I'll most likely try a lemonade next time. The salted caramel cheesecake was rich in flavor and very tasty. Service was very helpful, attentive, and kind. More...


Alika G.

30 January 2015

Just had the ahi salad, pork sando and the Mediterranean chicken.  Every one of these dishes were awesome.  I highly recommend stopping by here any grabbing a bite to eat.  Chef Kyle is extremely talented and I can't wait to try his other culinary works of art. More...


Asian P.

4 December 2014

The Feta Fries is the best and I'll definitely eat it again!  Even as the fries cooled down, the fries where crispy!  You know they using special oil that don't cause soggy fries after a while.  They spending that extra dollars for this so enjoy! More...


Wendy Ishibashi

13 November 2014

The Japanese menu was great! I tasted one of everything on the menu. I really liked the nasu agedashi and kamikaze fries. Great job Kyle! I can't wait for the next time I am able to go back to the truck. More...


Jen Russo

11 October 2014

Chef Kawakami's changing global menu is impressive inspired and always gastro-luxe


Gaivelle Parker Carouthers

20 September 2014

Delcious! I wish we had a Maui Fresh Streatery in NC.


Craig K.

18 July 2014

Amazing, amazing, amazing!  I now understand the raves and long lines...Demolished the Kamikaze fries in the car!  The Okonomiyaki and Chicken Katsu curry was more than delicious. Have not gotten to the Cheescakes yet, but the anticipation is killing me! Much Mahalos Chef! More...


Brenda F.

9 July 2014

Tried it and now I'm hooked! Had the poke bowl and Kamakazi fries.  Absolutly amazing! And I wasn't even hungry. Prices were reasonable and the food was hot fresh and fast! Can't wait for the Indian inspired menu to come back. Miss those curry spices! Making myself hungry again. This is a Must! Foodies have at it!! More...


Roni Tavares

7 July 2014

The food is incredible. We've had the Uchinanchu pork, Chicken katsu curry and the Okonomiyaki. You won't be disappointed. Such a treat and a deal. Love the use of local products. Mahalo Kyle! More...


Joanie G.

4 July 2014

As part of the Japanese menu, tried the ahi poke bowl. It was very flavorful with spicy aioli and unagi glaze. It also was topped with tempura sprinkles which added a nice crunch. Also tried the kamikaze fries with wasabi mayo and furikake. Delish! More...


Shauna L.

18 June 2014

Went here just for a quick snack.  Got the Desi fries and they were sooooo yummy, yummy, yummy! Just wish there was a little more sauce to cover all the fries.  Can't wait to go back and try some different stuff. More...


Melissa V.

13 June 2014

No Ka Oi! Yet another fantastic meal from Chef Kyle & crew today off the Indian Inspired Menu. Grilled Monchong with fresh veggies, basmati rice, salad & a yellow coconut curry sauce...Mmmm!! Everything I've tried from Maui Fresh Streatery hits a home run every time. The food is always super fresh & innovative, not the same "plate luches" that all the other guys carry. By far the best food truck on Maui & service is always friendly no matter how crazy busy they get (and they get BUSY)! I recommend getting there a little early to beat the crowds, even though it's always worth the wait. The menus rotate on a 2 week basis, which I think is genius so it gives you a good chance to try each one. Up next week......California Menu. Can't wait to see what awesome creations Chef Kyle will have on this one! Keep up the great work! More...


Chelton M.

21 May 2014

I visit Chef Kyle & the MFS Team at least once a week. His menus always incorporate local products, which I appreciate. The fries are a must try!


Ray Watanabe

12 May 2014

Awesome food. Always fresh and made to order.


Rebecca Goydish

10 May 2014

Saigon fries were delicious! Also really enjoyed the beef heart skewers...perfectly marinated! Capped off a great meal with the matcha green tea flourless cake. Can't forget about the refreshing deconstructed spring roll salad! My husband and I love exploring different food and Chef Kyle delivered! Mahalo! More...


Bernie Goydish

10 May 2014

Absolutely fantastic. Kyle is a great chef and a fun guy. Get there early because the customers are there waiting. Mahalo! -Bernie & Rebecca.


Ann S.

30 April 2014

You should expect long lines because the food is AWESOME, but so worth the wait!  Kyle always has a theme-inspired fries, which is the highlight of every meal I've had here. I love that he has something for everyone...salad, sandwich, entree.  Fresh ingredients and very creative...I'd expect to see his food at a bistro or cafe. I was also lucky enough to get one of those scrumptious desserts on Monday.  The Matcha was AMAZING!!! More...


John D.

30 April 2014

With a professional chef, Maui Fresh Streatery Is the best Food Truck on Maui. Kyle comes up with unique menus every other week, mixing fresh local products with skill and inventiveness. He cares about the food he serves, the needs in the community through his donations, and shows his customers he really cares about them. All I can say is get there early, because he sells out every time. More...


Kean Uyehara

30 April 2014

Excellent and Onolicious baby!


Kyler T.

29 April 2014

Everything I've tried here has been fantastic...food is fresh, flavors are amazing, I'm pretty picky about what goes on my food (don't really like mustard etc.) but Chef really knows how to make componets I would normally have taken off work well and taste great...I just wish they were open more More...


Ray R.

29 April 2014

we love it...I wish they would have longer hours but at the same time I guess its part of the experience...hurry up n get there before they run out of food.Everything we tried from there menu was good.They never fail...good food good service good price. More...


Danielle Salboro Leialoha Prieto

2 April 2014

LOVE Maui Fresh Streatery!!! Food is SOOO ONO, I haven't been disappointed.


Daniel Cornelius Griffiths

7 March 2014

Awesome fresh food with a news menu weekly


Deanna Davis-Alexander

10 February 2014

Yummiest food ever!


Jaimie Hinau-Kobatake

7 February 2014

Amazingly awesome food!!


Rick Brandt

6 February 2014

The only negative aspect of the Maui Fresh Streatery are Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On the other days... some of the most delectable dishes your will ever try. “Life tastes good.” More...


Christine Nakao

10 January 2014

Had the Seoul bowl and Gangnam Fries today. OMGosh! It was so so YUMMERS! Or as my boys would say Oishii nei!


Russell C.

9 January 2014

Stopped by here because I happened to be in Kahului during of their open days and saw a pretty good line outside so I figure it had to be good. I had no idea this would be a food truck experience I've never had before. Menu was short and simple , something for everybody . I decided on the other KFC (Korean fried chicken) was informed they were out of rice because they been slamming for a while (busy for you non pidgin English speaking folk). Which was fine because I been watching my figure and had salad. And the gangnam fries with over easy egg. Firstly the Korean fried chicken were 3 huge fried chicken whole wings instead of the disassembled wing dings, they were covered in a highly flavorful Korean sauce with sprinkled sesame seeds over it . But what was amazing was how much flavor and sauce was on the wings but it was super crispy and juicy! A definite winner.  Now to the gangnam fries which blew my mind with flavor . Covered in diced up kalbi rib meat, kim chee mayo, furikake, fried garlic. Put those flavors together on crinkle cut fries was amazing , but then you add the runny hot yolk of the over easy egg and you are instantly transported to a euphoric mind blowing flavor fest of epic yummyness! If you are in the area of Kahului they are located at the Shell station across Maui beach hotel. Dates and times vary so check with the Facebook page and go early because they are really popular and run out fast! More...


Rhonda Alvarez

7 January 2014

The food here is DELICIOUS!


Mara Tabata

17 December 2013

Awesome food! Kyle never disappoints!


Christine L.

10 December 2013

Wow!  Had soft shell crab BLT, crispy fries with crab, and crawfish stew with kale and hawaiian fried rice today.....SUPERB!!!  OUT OF THIS WORLD AND I AM A CERTIFIED WORLD TRAVELED FOODIE!!! More...


Karey O.

10 November 2013

Amazing food - fresh, local and original!  With a rotating menu - always excited to hear the week's specials.


Janice S.

1 November 2013

Menu changes weekly and leaves me craving what I had during prior visits but also excited to try new items.  Everything is always packed with so much flavor and well seasoned.  If you haven't tried this place yet, you're missing out.  As the name says, everything is fresh all the time and you can taste that. More...


Melyssa S.

31 October 2013

New bright red food truck you can see and smell from a mile away. Service is great, if you see a line don't worry it moves fast.  The menu changes every few weeks so you're always surprised with something new. You can follow the truck on Facebook so you can get a sneak peek of the upcoming menu. This week's theme inspired menu is California. I had the Grilled Tri tip Sando and the Tupac Tots. Sando is very flavorful, delicious chimichurri sauce. Tater Tots were packed with flavor. Prices are reasonable and the portions are generous. A must stop! You'll regret it if you don't. More...


Jade Q.

31 October 2013

Awesome gourmet food!  Love the innovative menu using fresh, local produce.  Had the fried calamari salad and would definitely eat that again.  Recommend that you get there early to make sure you get what you want, and be prepared to wait a little bit...it's worth it!  Hoping they'll be able to take phone orders to reduce the wait soon. More...


Jamie A.

30 October 2013

Had the Fire Roasted Curried Vegetable Quesadilla, Raita Drizzle, Maui Gold pineapple and mango chutney, Kumu Farm's field greens and tried the Desi Fries... Crispy fries and chickpeas, dusted in Indian spices, curry aioli, cilantro, and fried garlic last week! It was super delicious. Very tasty, very affordable. Best of all he donated his tip jar this month to a great cause, Fire Battalion Chief, Louis Romero's Leukeumia fund. Going to try some of his California cuisine tomorrow. Love that he changes up the menu - everything is so fresh, supports local farms/businesses. Very top-notch! Kudos, Chef Kyle! More...


Kyler Tripp

25 October 2013

Ate here today after seeing it a couple times on my way to work and I cant wait to go back...food was fresh and tasted really good, so many different flavors in one dish and they went together very well...can't wait to see the next menu


Lisa D.

8 October 2013

so far i have tried the saigon fries, shattered spring roll salad, and the coffee rubbed pork sandwich.  all have been fabulous!  greatly exceeds the quality if food you would expect from a truck.  chef Kyle has an awesome thing going!! i highly recommend his truck for lunch (too bad he doesn't serve during the dinner hour) More...


Shane K.

23 September 2013

Portobello sandwich was the best I have eaten.   The saigon fries was delicious and coconut chicken curry was also good.  Don't forget the thai ice tea.