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Former Apple, Netflix and Amazon engineers offer advanced web and app design and coding. Current and Previous work includes Walmart, Unilever, Ebay, Warner, Sony, Universal and hundreds more. From initial designs to global distribution...from boutique to multi national ecommerce giants - we enjoy our craft and are ready to engage and assist with your project today.

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Jay Dahustler

8 December 2018

Awesome producer and the 1 place for shooting movies and music videos. Don't forget to check out GRIND STUDIO INSIDE KDS. ...


Queen Nique

8 December 2018

Mike Z provided excellent customer service with excellent studio prices. Love the set up there!


Harold Jones

8 June 2018

Great place of business just like every other business has it's ups and downs but yet it's a great place to come vibe and do ya music


Edwin Perales

8 June 2018

Food studio


Michael Lewis

5 June 2018

Always a great experience when using KDS. Top rated for a reason.


Rhys Mack

16 November 2017

Everyone here is the real deal. Great expertise. Good ppl


KDS Recording

27 June 2017

This post is to address Nik T. We tried everything possible on our end to give you a spectacular service and apologize for your disappointment. When you came to our studio you brought your own engineer that had files everywhere! We offered for you to do another session because what you were asking of us had to do with rendering and needed one of our engineers present. Our engineers were only trying to help what had already been messed up from YOUR engineer. Future clients we recommend to use our engineers so this wont be your experience. Have a great day! More...


Antonio Escobar, Jr

8 June 2017

This place has many stories to tell. Great artist have walked the halls at this studio, so my experience there was one a humbling experience.


Jose M

8 June 2016

Sienpre es bueno saber que ay Buenos estudios de música y este es 1

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