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Welcome to MSA Master Sken Academy, a dedicated full-time and fully equipped Muay Thai -Thai Boxing facility located in Parkend Nr Lydney in Gloucestershire . We offer Muay Thai classes to suit all ages, sizes and abilities. Our members enjoy the benefits of internationally recognised MTQ Muay Thai trainers and a fully equipped gymnasium dedicated to the art of Muay Thai - Fitness Training.


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Simon Gibson



Mo's Martial Arts Centre

Very professional and humble master


Kad Ahmad

Great man with great words of wisdom.


Corrie Bennett

Quality Muay Thai academy and great fitness and fun


Kevin Mann

best time of my life training here !!!


John Steele

Grand Master Sken is the encyclopaedia of Muay Thai.
Absolute unrivalled knowledge.


Davey Duggan

Started off good but gradually got worse ending in the owners banning 2 loyal under 10 students for wanting to leave


Frank Ellul

A world class school run by a world class Instructor.


Robbie Hardman

Martial arts taught well by excellent instructors in a friendly family environment.


Adam Ainscough

My fist class today at Park Hall with Simon! Everyone was very welcoming and learn loads! Looking forward to next week! Cheers Guys!


John Robertson

Master Sken believes in and teaches excellence. He teaches from his heart and produces exceptional talent.
Huge Respect to you my friend.


Twipong Wee Chaigool

Real muaythai from the best kru muaythai master Sken!!


Mickey Flannagan

I use to train with master sken but moving away made me have to leave, but now I'm back I can't wait to train under master sken, he's my idle and the best instructor I have known by far.


Adam Morrell

First met master SKEN in 1988 when I was 8 years old while doin a grading in Manchester Clayton,Been amazed ever since. Trained many years with master sken and Paul tite and thank master sken for training me to the high level in muay thai, I remember the 2001 Thailand trip I went on with with M sken which was great! Thank you Grand Master Sken. Adam Morrell More...


Jonathan Kirk

Amazing academy with 100% dedicated and professional instructors
Kru Lundy teaching me all his knowledge of the martial art
An academy that caters for all.


Kru Lundy

Quality ,Professional and dedicated Team of true martial artists keeping the legacy of Muay Thai/Boran continuing and the legacy of the world renowned great Grand Master Sken who's aim is to make champions in the ring and in life for all ages and all in the world ���


Simon Green

The best Muay Thai gym and trainers in the world G M Sken and Kru Kay if you want to be the best train with the best �


Danny John Keenan

I have seen grand master sken perform the most skillfull moves that only a true master can accomplish. He has dedicated his whole life to the art of Muay Thai / Boran and is a superb teacher. If you have the opportunity to be one of his students you must do it. More...


Maria McCrudden

Could not recommend this place highly enough! Grand Master Sken and Kru Kay Hampson were so welcoming and friendly from the moment we arrived in Lydney. Whether it is Muay Thai, self-defence, fitness or you just want to improve your general well-being, then you need to train here. Thank you for having us over, we will be back :) More...


Eric-Angie Lawrence

I have been seriously involved in martial arts since 1983 and Master Sken is one of the best martial artists I have observed. I have only seen his videos, as I live in the U.S. but as a former martial arts instructor and police officer in the state of Florida, I recognize effective combat skills and Master Sken possesses those skills. The true measure of a good teacher is his students and from what i observe in multiple videos, Master Sken produces outstanding students. MSA is a very impressive martial arts organization. More...

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We focus on mental health & well being in a fun a friendly environment. We go that extra mile to help to motivate you and to increase your confidence. Our programmes are fun and exciting making sure you never get board helping you to achieve your goals

If you love what you are doing & you have the right trainers who motivate you can achieve all your goals.

We are passionate about what we do, We inspire others to achieve in life which inspires us to keep passing on the knowledge we have gained over 35 years in our business.There is nothing more rewarding than to see a happy healthy & inspired student.

We love what we do and we believe others will love what we do as well.

Because MSA stands for quality and we will never compromise on being the best we can be.