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Mantua Hills, Virginia

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Mantua Hills, Virginia


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22 September 2019

The person doing my massage was awesome. I don't remember his name but I definitely recommend him. The environment here was very relaxing and I am planning on going here again!


Solbiato Solbiato Sale

1 September 2019

Massage was great! Highly recommend!


Ben S.

24 August 2019

I found this place, which is not far from my office.  This is one of the best deep tissue massages I've ever had.  Very professional, super easy scheduling, and very clean.  The prices are incredible here as well.  I will definitely be coming back for more work. More...


Susan C.

23 August 2019

I LOVE having a foot massage here! It is reasonable, professional and totally relaxing! I always sleep so well that night after having this massage. I look forward to it each time



8 August 2019

Great foot massage, left with my legs and feet feeling great!


Melissa D.

1 July 2019

This is hands down my favorite place to come for foot reflexology. I found this location through Groupon and have been coming ever since. Keep in mind that you can call them to get the same deal without having to buy a Groupon! They are extremely affordable and very professional.  I fight falling asleep each time...You lay down, with a towel snug wrapped around your front and a cloth over your eyes. They start by washing your feet and end with a hot stone massage and hot towels. This is something everyone should do at LEAST once a month!!  Perfect to do when pregnant! More...


Zam T.

30 June 2019

Did a couple's massage here. It was our first massage ever. We were not disappointed. They were professional and courteous. We were able to get an appointment same day. Within an hour of calling. Cash tipping is preferred, and payments using a card have slightly higher prices. It looks a little sus from the outside, but 10/10 would recommend. More...


Winnie Wang

30 June 2019

Online scheduling did not work as intended. We scheduled an appointment, got confirmation email, showed up and was told there was nothing available until 2-3 hours later. We did go back 2-3 hours later, and enjoyed the massage. More...


Naelis E.

24 May 2019

I was more than pleased with my first ever foot massage. Earlier today, I purchased a Groupon and called the venue at 6:30pm to see if they had any last minute appointments. I got a 7pm secured and flew over there. The receptionist and massage therapist made me feel super comfortable. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and I was nervous about the pain and pressure during the massage, but Tom handed me my earplugs and eye mask and worked a miracle on my feet.I tipped big and booked a follow-up appointment. I can't wait for round 2!!! More...


David Woodhead

20 May 2019

We went for a foot/leg massage in the afternoon mid-week, to share the experience with a friend visiting from out of town. The peaceful environment, with soft background music, and the friendly, expert staff resulted in 3 fully relaxed and refreshed customers. We're already looking forward to our next visit More...


Ann M.

20 May 2019

Management followed up with me. Just had another great foot masssage! I continue to recommend this place and will go often.


Tina T.

20 May 2019

My husband and I called last minute to get the couple's massage before going on vacation. It was a great experience. The deep tissue is just what we needed to relieve the stress. The staff was professional and very friendly. I would definitely come back!!! More...


Daysi Cordova

5 April 2019

Excelente fue el mejor massage que he recibido en mi vida. Muchas gracias


Desenia C.

16 March 2019

I've been to several massage therapy facilities around the area and this place is hands down the best. I have had 5+ session and tried 3 therapist and they were all equally magnificent. I can't wait to visit again.


Karen Bakowski

9 March 2019

Very relaxing experience. Would go again


ann mattiucci

26 February 2019

Great place, best massage ever!


David T.

23 February 2019

I've been a client since they opened. They are the best! I go often to stay tuned up. You'd be surprised how much your body needs a regular massage. Pricing is fair and competitive.


Carol Nicotera-Ward

27 January 2019

My husband & I have had two terrific therapeutic massages here. Not a fancy place, but very clean, in a small strip mall. The massage therapists are all Chinese, but understand/speak some English. To a person, they have great hands and can determine what body parts need their attention. There are Groupon discounts available, but those are usually for hour-long foot massages. I look forward to my next massage here! More...


arlene w.

22 January 2019

This is my third massage at massage therapy works. I've had two operators and they both have been excellent, sensitive, and clearly know what they're doing.   I've done full body massages, my husband is now been there for a foot massage and we will both definitely be back. This place is a real fine. More...


John F.

11 December 2018

Today I met the owner Yu. The day did not start off well, because I saw a difference in price from what I saw online. I took a picture of it,  but have since deleted that photo. Yu is the owner I met when she started her business. I am glad we were able patch things up and things went more smoothly. I was originally going to get a foot massage but was told the men do only the foot massage and the women do full body and feet.  Yu sold me on the full body and feet for $30 more.  $70 gets you one hour and $40 gets you a half an hour.Now that I am a member, I am on the list of getting a free massage after ten trips here. The membership from what I saw if free.  Hanna is a charming young woman who knows her role in massage. Should you Express where you need more attention she was on it.  She noticed I need more attention in my lower back, I never noticed how much tension had built up.  She fixed that problem  as well as the muscle tension in the inner thighs. It is a area that can be missed, but she nailed it.  I can feel a big difference now, that I wasn't feeling then. My legs feel lighter and obviously there were under a lot of stress.  The other two massage places I visited never made me feel this way.  Maybe the whole leg massage was just what I needed today. I plan to be back here very soon.  Thanks for the massage Hanna, I will call and make an appointment with you very soon.Oh!, one more thing.One of the first times I was here, Yu's massage place was much smaller. It looks like she was able to buy the next door business and expand her work place.  The place looks fantastic. The massage tables are heated too. There is also comfortable sofa designed for body masssge; as well, as feet. It is set up in the private room I was in. I believe all the room, but the couples room has the massage sofa. More...


Alvin Smith

8 December 2018

Best massage and professional


Jason Alicea

6 December 2018

Great quiet place with peaceful music, professional staff


Uppasna Chand

6 December 2018

Best foot massage in northern Va.


Carla P.

4 December 2018

Most of the time you can bet you'll have a great massage. It's a 7 out of 10. Very friendly staff and usually available when you call. Every man I've had here is great, not every female so far. Clean simple place to get a massage. I'd recommend a room if you want privacy while enjoying your massage otherwise there is an express area near the front where they offer eye covers while you sit up in a sofa chair and enjoy a foot massage. More...


Melanie Irwin

2 December 2018

Relaxing professional atmosphere. Great place to go to just get away from it all. Excellent management.


Tiff Cruz

28 November 2018

This is my weekly go to. Excellent trained staff that are patient and consistent. Nice music and atmosphere. The rooms are clean and quiet.


Lisa Gump

28 November 2018

I loved my reflexology appointment at massage therapy works. The hour flew by and I felt so wonderful when I left. I have severe osteoarthritis and I wasn't sure reflexology would help me but it did. My knees are my biggest source of pain and after my massage I felt better. I am already looking forward to my next reflexology appointment. More...


Gail Fishkin

6 November 2018

Always a great experience


Shay Amrani

29 October 2018

I love this place. It's so relaxing and I always feel great when I leave . Awesome massages and my therapist really knew how to focus on the areas that needed it the most. Defiantly will be back.


Br Mich

6 October 2018

Great foot massage slept the whole time easily


Clara R.

5 October 2018

Love Massage Therapy Works! I always leave feeling relaxed. The staff is kind and informative. John gives the best foot massages! Be sure to read their policies as they flow them strictly. More...


Fay Y.

1 October 2018

Purchased the voucher on Groupon, didn't have a high expectation before I go, but I'm amazed now! First of all, appointment scheduling process is easy, location is easily to be found ( compare to the other massage places I have been to...). Staff are friendly, they provide water, coffee and candies to make sure I was hydrated. I had a 1-hour foot massage. I felt so relaxed and I even fell asleep. The staff are friendly and always making sure if we are comfortable with the room temperature, if it's too strong/soft. The cons is: I shared the space with other people when I was given massage, and it was next to the door area, so frequently can hear the phone call/ greetings/ conversation between customers and front desk lady. It is a little bit disturbing. Overall, I think the service was great, massage is good, and the value is 100% worthy! More...


Saori K.

6 September 2018

John was great! After an hour of foot massage, I felt sooooo refreshed mentally as well as physically. Nice warm foot bath and massage with just the right amount of pressure. Highly recommend this place!


Edward Chen

30 August 2018

I went to DC for a trip and got a massage from this place which is the best. The staff are very friendly, and the place is beautiful with relaxing music. The massage was really help to relief my back pain. I regret I only got one hour. I would like to get a long one next time. More...


A Polich

30 August 2018

Yup just gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. I literally feel like I’m standing up straighter. I wish I could give more than 5 stars


Chrystina H.

20 August 2018

I travel for work and when I work I stand for 12-16 hours a day. Therefore when I do get home I really enjoy a massage. I have never had an issue booking an appointment. When I get massages I don't care for all the frills and fancy smells and spa like decor. I want someone who can get out all those knots! This is that kind of place. The decor is simple and relaxing. Every time I go I have someone different and they're all great. They get out every knot and I always feel so relaxed and refreshed when I leave. I definitely recommend this place. More...


rahul joshi

6 August 2018

Good Message


Maria Cecilia Laturnas

18 July 2018

I feel more better after my foot and back massage Susan is great � I will be coming here regularly. Thanks again.


Rose Martinez

15 July 2018

Foot massage was awesome! Staff is very professional.


Marty Jackson

9 July 2018

This is the best Massage place in Northern Virginia I have been going here 4 over 5 years and my body let's me know that they are the best..


Patricia Abelson

6 July 2018

Best feet and leg massage


shari poinsette

24 June 2018

Great reflexology treatment. Place was clean and staff was friendly.


Elvis Williams

12 June 2018

Fantastic service and calm environment. After I left I wanted to immediately go to sleep.


Brooke Shuster

6 June 2018

Excellent deep tissue massage. They really get in between all the small muscles!


Demetrius Mizell

6 June 2018

I received an excellent deep tissue massage at this location which was perfect for helping me with my shoulder and back issues.


J Fabulous

6 June 2018

The therapist got rid of my pain


Krisztina Hargitai

6 June 2018

Best foot massage EVER! 5 STARS FOR SURE! I'll be back!


Yvonne T

27 May 2018

I get monthly hour-long foot massages and love them. Usually have John but others have also been good. Convenient because you keep your clothes on.


Dino Yemane

26 May 2018

This place is awesome.
Can setup appointment with sms with quick response time.
And it's clean.
I referred friends and family to this place they like it too.


Sheima شيمة

15 May 2018

Best Foot Massage!!
Yet I wish the Foot massage chairs were away from the entrance.


Jimmy L.

21 April 2018

My wife and I come here frequently for foot massages. I first found out about this place through Groupon. For about $40, one can get a 60 minute foot massage with foot bath and hot stone therapy. Today, the hot stone for my right foot/leg was a little too hot; hence, the four star rating and not perfect score. Also, some drunk customers who got a massage lingered in the front and were loud and obnoxious. Other than that, it was a good experience as usual. More...


Amanda M.

26 March 2018

Got the 60 minute Chinese traditional foot massage with hot stones and foot bath ($70) and I literally felt like I was floating on clouds after, my feet have never felt this weightless.  Perfect for:Someone on their feet a lot or run a lot like me, your feet are going to be very thankful for this level of pampering.  Any tension that you have in your feet at all melts away.  I drive about 45 minutes each way and it's worth every minute.What to Expect:1. Sit in a big reclined chair 2. Soak your feet in a bucket for 5-10 min3. Below knees down to feet massaged for about 40 min4. Below knees down to feet massaged with hot stones for about 5 min5. Quick over the clothes massage from thighs down 6. Legs and feet are wiped down so they aren't oilyPro tips:You can get this on Groupon for $40, save yourself $30.Wear comfy pants that can be pulled up above the knee.Tip in cash and you are good to go! More...


Aygyun Gyul

26 February 2018

The best Chinese style massage in the area - reminded me of HongKong!


Cheng X.

2 February 2018

Enjoyable experience! I got a groupon for a foot massage since this place is only a couple minutes from where I work. It was easy to make an appointment and everyone was very friendly when I got there. The seats were pretty close to the front entrance so it's not as private as a traditional massage (which makes sense since you're not getting undressed) but the seats are very comfy and it was quiet. More...



9 December 2017

This place is my favorite. One hour foot massage with hot stone is my little treat after long day at work. Thanks Susan, and Anna.


John H.

10 October 2017

The foot massage was wonderful. I was very relaxed enjoyed my time there.  The negative Is the lack of quiet when people come in or staff are talking to each other. Whispering is even allowed.


Bella I.

6 October 2017

YES! YES! YES! I have been coming here sporadically for years and it is life! Never a bad experience.  Simply relaxing, positive energy, and the best foot/leg massage ever!


Ashley F.

2 October 2017

This cute place offers amazing massages and nails services. Passed by with a friend and the experience was really worth it. The employees are really friendly and determined to make you feel relaxed. Their prices are really fair and affordable. I'm planning to come back for a full day of pampering. More...


Cara K.

21 September 2017

I bought the hour long Groupon foot massage and ended up adding on a 30 min body massage as well! All of it was amazing! Perfect pressure. I don't like froo froo massages but I also don't want to be in the middle of the mall at a booth. This was perfect. I will definitely be going back again and will recommend it to my friends More...


Michelle M.

20 September 2017

Wonderful full body massage using multiple techniques, friendly and kind staff.  Prices reasonable and flat rate for everyone which is refreshing. Will definitely come back!


Natasha Robbins

27 August 2017

I have been to several other massage places throughout the area and would highly recommend this one. I had Susan for a 90 minute massage for severe neck and back pin, and could not be any happier. She utilized a variety of different techniques and pressure and focused on the areas that were excessively painful. She also used a hot towel and stones at the end at no extra cost. The office was very clean, quiet and smelled great. This will be my go to location from now on. More...


Tiffany Locus

26 August 2017

I used a groupon to get a foot massage there. The foot massage was wonderful. The only draw back is that the foot massage station is in the lobby of the store. So, you are overhearing people talking and paying while the massage is happening. I suspect the way to avoid this is to get the first appointment of the day or the last appointment of the day. More...


N R.

26 August 2017

I have been to several other massage places throughout the area and would highly recommend this one. I had Susan for a 90 minute massage for severe neck and back pain, and could not be any happier. She utilized a variety of different techniques and pressure and focused on the areas that were excessively painful. She also used a hot towel and stones at the end at no extra cost. The office was very clean, quiet and smelled great.  This will be my go to location from now on. I was also able to schedule for a same day appointment which was wonderful More...


Brian D.

16 August 2017

I am on out of town from CA. I was working out at World's Gym in Fairfax and pulled my back. I called around to see who could fit me in to help loosen me up. Most places in the area were booked. When I calIed and explained my situation,  they were able to fit me in. The deep tissue massage was great, the staff was very professional, and the prices were fair and honest. They did such a good job, I tipped my massage therapist 50$. They really help elevated my pain. A+. Would go again, without a doubt. More...


Trang D.

1 August 2017

First time I came here for a 1 hour foot massage with my sisters. It was great. The environment was clean and relaxing. An old lady did for me was awesome but I didn't have any chance to ask for her name. We paid $40 for each person which was reasonable. Second time I came here with my brother and my boyfriend. We got body massage which was amazing. My brother had his own room. My boyfriend and I got a couple massage which was a great experience. 60 minutes body massage costs $70. Absolutely come back!!! More...


Amber G.

31 July 2017

This unassuming little place was awesome... I was perusing Groupon on a rainy day for foot massages and stumbled upon a groupon for $40/60 minutes here. I've never really gotten a foot massage before (besides with a pedicure), so I didn't know what to expect but this was AMAZING. I'm definitely coming back to this little hole-in-the-wall massage salon. When you walk in, there's a row of 4 reclining comfortable chairs, where you sit for a 30 or 60 minute foot rub complete with hot stones! The fact that you might be directly next to someone else isn't really as jarring as it seems because they play calming spa music and place a towel over your eyes so that you can nap (or you can read/put in headphones/do whatever you'd like, if you so choose). They also provide small blankets to cover yourself with and pillows for your head and back. I saw a few private massage rooms down the hall, which I'm guessing are for full body massages. The foot massage is amazing and definitely not just a light rub... After soaking your feet in a hot antiseptic bath, they really work on pressure points (they ask if they are applying too much pressure, so if you want a lighter massage you can just tell them). They also massage your calves and lower thighs. The masseuses seemed totally professional and really knew what they were doing. I left overjoyed and relaxed, and will be back soon! More...


Brooke W.

30 July 2017

I bought the foot massage on Groupon and figured I'd try the place out. We were immediately greeted and seated. The massages were amazing and I will be booking a full body massage soon.


Ed Adams

29 July 2017

I've been going here for over 3 years. Every time has been consistently great service. Unlike some other establishments, there is no hit or miss depending on which therapist provides the service. I've always left feeling like this is as good as it gets. Two therapists that deserve special mention are Yue and Hanna. They both talk to you before, during, and after to make sure they are addressing any concerns and making sure you're comfortable and relaxed. However, they are not intrusive with conversation, just enough to be sure they are giving you the best possible results. They are very friendly and genuinely care about how you feel. More...


Raha Y.

2 July 2017

Went for a last minute foot massage with my husband. They were very accommodating in fitting us in. The place is nice and the location is convenient with lots of parking. Going in I was slightly hesitant because the last foot massage I had gotten somewhere was too hard and painful. This was surprisingly not, I'd even say it was slightly too gentle--but I think it all depends on who you get and their style. They do a soak, hot stone, hot towels and oil. The price is very reasonable and will have me coming back for sure the next time I need a massage. Will maybe give the full body a try next! More...


Wong Yen

6 June 2017

It's a nice and awesome place, I had been here like a year ago when I had a back issue, they fixed it. I was so tired at this holiday season, I felt my neck, shoulder and my back are crying for relaxation. So I decided I need a good massage to relax myself. They doing better than before: more employees, more massage equipments and better decoration. Also they gave out more coupons and membership services, which is really nice for repeat customers. More...


Rohit Khanna

6 June 2017

I came in with sciatica and within 24 hours of the massage my pain was gone


Victoria Reece Wilson

6 June 2017

This is most definitely my favorite massage studio in the area. The staff is incredibly kind, skilled, and professional - and every session I've had has been excellent. The space itself is very well-kept and stylish, as well. And as far as location goes, I love its proximity to the Mosaic district! More...


Alisha Lee Sam

6 June 2017

No doubt the best massage I've ever had. After working a 12 hour shift, I really deserved this treat. I had a deep tissue with hot stone massage. It was phenomenal!


susan m.

6 June 2017

My husband and I went in for a last minute 1 hour foot message.  It was in a great location, nice parking, and clean.  We just came back from Vegas and got an hour foot message so I'm comparing it to my last massage in Vegas, which was only 10 dollars less.   Message Therapy Works was very different, I almost believe they knew more about the science behind reflexology and therefore gave a much better message.  I will definitely return! More...


Brandy H.

11 April 2017

Jimmy is amazing. Really great with trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. It's always hard to find the right therapist so was super happy to find him. Parking is super easy and the pricing is great for the area. I go every 3 weeks to get my kinks worked out. Definitely recommend this place. More...


Teri Hutteman Cowne

24 March 2017

Went on a girls day and we were treated like queens! My feet have never felt better! I will definitely come back!


Pooja S.

12 March 2017

Great massages, closeby location, flexible and easy appointments and appropriate pricing. Henry gives great therapeutic massages working on all the knots and ergonomic imbalances. Scope of improvement would be more welcoming reception staff, meeting/questionnaire before starting to know what client wants and more interaction/communication about promotions. Other than that great place More...


Alex Wheatstone

30 January 2017

If you need true therapudic massage, this place is legit. It'll hurt, but it'll do you good! I go there for tight lower back and sciatica.


Rohit K.

15 January 2017

I was skeptical that I would be able to get any relief from my back pain. I explained the problem to my therapist and he laid out a treatment plan. I have been very impressed with how much more flexibility and mobility I have. More...


Merry M.

25 December 2016

This review is for the 60 minute foot massage on groupon.Even though the set up wasn't private, you will still feel so relaxed! Right when I walked in, a man greeted me and led me to a row of comfy massage seats right there in the lobby. There was already two other people getting their massages and I felt like I was disturbing them by unzipping my coat and putting down my bag. It was dead quiet in there and since you are right next to other people, it's hard to say anything or make a noise with out them hearing. Other people came in during my massage but I could've cared less. I was so relaxed and on the verge of falling asleep! When I sat down and took off my shoes, the man brought me a tub of hot water to soak my feet for a few minutes. They also covered my body with a little blanket and covered my eyes with a towel. I instantly felt cozy. The chairs were comfortable and he put a pillow behind my neck. He then dried off my feet and massaged lotion on them working every inch of my feet to my knees. It felt so amazing! The massage came to an end with hot stones that felt oh so good. I loved it. The prices aren't too bad and I plan on rebooking more sessions. Perfect if you wear heels, work on your feet or just simply want a good long foot rub. Awesome deal. More...


Melanie I.

30 November 2016

This place is amazing!  The massage therapists here are so pleasant and professional.  I used to go for an hour appt and always asked for more.  Now I go for 2 hours each time.  The owner is just adorable, always has a smile and makes you feel good as soon as you walk in the door.  Jimmie is my massage therapist.  The first time I went for a massage I drifted off to sleep.  I have never done that before.  Jimmie has great hands and takes his time.  If he finds a stress point, he will work on it until it's gone.  I can have the worst possible week and when I leave here, I also leave all my stress on the table.  You have got to try this place!  It is the best in Fairfax County! More...


Tamir D.

14 November 2016

Just had an absolutely amazing 30 minute massage! I told the masseuse that my shoulder and back were tight and that my wrist hurt.  She found every knot effortlessly and I highly recommend them!! I'll be back! Thank you! More...


Desiree P.

7 November 2016

I treated my mom, sister, and two family friends to massages after my bridal shower - I have never before witnessed 5 women exiting rooms in such a state of pure bliss.  These massages were WONDERFUL, and I have had a LOT of massages in the past.  Will be returning as often as possible. More...


Stefan S.

8 October 2016

What a great find!  Bought a Groupon for this place for a 60 minute foot massage with hot stones and chinese medicine.  I usually buy my first massage for any location through Groupon to try a place out.Having had foot massages and foot scrubs before, I had an idea of what to expect.  Because I was using a Groupon, I had to have an appointment and called a couple of days in advance.  They were not busy at all.  Immediately after using the restroom, I sat down and after taking off  shoes and socks, they had a container of warm to hot water with soap and chinese medicine.  After that, they brought my upper body to a flat, somewhat slightly raised position.  I was glad I was only in that position 15 minutes, tops, as it was bothering my low back.  They placed a warm towel over my chest and a washcloth over my eyes.  Then the masseuse went to work on my feet and lower legs.  I was glad I had worn shorts as he worked his magic all the way up to my knees.  This therapist was really good.  He knew his stuff and it seemed like he knew the art of reflexology based on his technique and the points he was hitting.  I could tell that he knew exactly what points were being worked at any given time.  I did not have a headache when I went in, but based on where he worked first, my headache would have been greatly improved in minutes.  I've studied the reflexology points on the foot, but am no expert, only know where certain points are off the top of my head.  He must have spent 30 minutes working on my feet and ankles.  Then brought out the hot stones, which he used to rub up and down my legs, around my ankles in a circular pattern and on the bottoms of each foot.  A quick rubdown and beat down of my legs and feet and we were done.This is a very quiet location.  A couple of people came in and went out while I was being worked on, but other than that, I didn't hear a thing.  The therapists are very professional and welcoming.  I will most definitely be back since this is right down the road from work, less than a mile for me.  Give this place a try.  I don't think you'll regret the visit. More...


Toya Johnson

31 August 2016

Just had a foot massage with Harry and it was the most unbelievably bestest thing ever. Got it on a Groupon and will most definitely be coming back. It was really amazing!!!


Rock f.

29 August 2016

Just had the most other worldly most deeply therapeutic massage with Susan.  She did more for me in 1 hour than several months of 3 times weekly physical therapy.  Susan is so incredibly intuitive.  Didn't even ask me about what type of massage, pressure, or my problem areas, she just knew.  Can't wait to go back! More...


Gloria S.

28 August 2016

Had a great massage ! came in with very stiff neck and jimmy knew just how much pressure to use. He did ask if it hurt at some point but I let him continue because I knew I needed it to help me . It was a clean and relaxing place. No pressure to try other services which I loved. They are very professional! More...


Alan K.

11 August 2016

Had a good experience here. Walked in around 5pm and was promptly serviced. I did the foot massage and it was pretty good. I wouldn't say this is a true foot reflexology massage because they don't indicate what issues you have and the technique is not specific to certain areas of the foot. I used to go to an excellent reflexology place in hawaii often and they were the best. Anyway I was pleased. They work a little bit with calves and used hot stones. Price was acceptable. The only negative is that you are literally beside someone else getting a foot massage with no separator. More...


Puria D.

5 August 2016

First ever foot massage and wow I'm shocked. I have frequent plantar fasciitis from running and general overuse (soccer and sports) and struggle with soreness and pain in my feet. I decided to give this place a shot and I'm still surprised at how much the 1 hr treatment helped. Antiseptic foot wash, warm towel scrub, tiger balm rub followed by hot stone rub. I feel like I have foot implants from a newborn that's never walked before. I would give this place a try if you have foot aches/pains b/c it's life changing! More...


Lisa M.

22 July 2016

I had the foot massage yesterday and it was AMAZING!  The best I have ever had.  I will definitely go back!



17 July 2016

I went to get a massage for my back and neck pain and this massage was great! This was my first time and I wasn't disappointed. I had a 90 min Swedish massage with Susan. She was good and very nice. I will go back there again. More...


Hilda M.

13 July 2016

Fell asleep with the Swedish massage lol! First I heard my friend snoring and I dozed off right after her!!! They are truly the best!!! I never thought I would ever get the same experience as back home in El Salvador, but I found it! More...


B C.

9 July 2016

If you enjoy a real therapeutic massage, this is an excellent place. No-frills but clean. The therapist truly know what they are doing.  They are reasonably priced. I have had several massages and have never been disappointed.  I was a member of massage envy and there is no comparison.  I also have frequented the red door, Mandarin Oriental, and Christie Adams. While all the massages that I received from these places have been good, they have never been as therapeutic massages I have received from massage therapy works. More...


Christiane V.

28 June 2016

if you drive around mosaic you will see signs for a $39.99 massage leading you to massage therapy works. i yelp'ed it before heading over and saw that they had promos on groupon so i purchased it to increase my 30 min massage to 60 mins. i had a foot massage/reflexology with henry. he was very professional and i would recommend him. at the end he offered me a frequent customer card so for every 9 visits, you get one free. a great deal!my only complaint was that in the beginning of my massage and end there were clients/friends that came in and would speak loudly with the host in the lobby which is only separated from the foot massage area by a sheer panel. it would have been ok for a quick check in/check out but they were lingering for like at least 10 minutes and it just took away from the relaxation aspect of the whole thing besides that can't beat the price and i would visit again. More...


Dave R.

26 June 2016

I just had the most amazing professional Swedish massage I have had in years at this spa.  I drive by this place daily and always wondered what they were like. Wow. Really impressed. Susan was my therapist and she did an awesome job. Will be back soon. June 2016 updateAnother great 90 minute massage by Susan. More...


Kathrin H.

1 June 2016

I just came out and I AM SOOOOOO happy. The foot massage was so good. It was really deep tissue. I could have told him to use less pressure but I knew I needed that so it was a bit hurting at some spots but that was MY decision. He asked me if it hurt, but I said it is okI will definitely be back and also try other massages. This place is a germ!!!Also clean and pleasentFound it via Groupon and had no problem at all redeeming my grouponLove it! More...


Yoli B.

15 May 2016

I bought voucher from Groupon for 60' minutes foot massage w/foot bath, hot stones & Chinese special medicine. My therapist was Henry...my 60' minute session was "amazing". His gentle hands packed a precise pressure of enjoyment to my exhausted feet. I will be back. Thank you Henry!! More...


Christine L.

30 April 2016

Awesome massage. I am always looking for good massage places and finally I found one. I purchased a groupon for foot massage. Oh boy! It is so good. The massage therapist is professional and works on every part of your feet. It is very soothing and relaxing, all my muscles feel stretched and relaxed. I will come here again for full body massage for sure. Price is also very reasonable! More...


John G.

23 April 2016

The masseuse did an awesome job!  She gave a sports massage that really relaxed my shoulders, traps and back.  I am definitely returning here for another massage in the future.


Karen G.

18 April 2016

I bought a groupon to this place for a Chinese Medicine foot massage. The place is nice & clean. I've gone back 3 times since then because of how much I've loved it. I always ask for Henry. He is very professional and wise at his skill. I definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a great foot massage. I haven't tried the other massages but plan to in the future. More...


Rose Mary Cousins

1 April 2016

I've had two really great foot massages here and will be going back on a regular basis. Harry does a fantastic massage, making my feet feel so much better - and trust me, those feet have been abused lately! Highly recommend him and this business. More...


Michael R.

27 March 2016

Great place for Massage! Very clean, nice music, had foot massage done professionally! Light need to deem a bit to enjoy the music! Recommended and Will be back :)


Anna P.

5 March 2016

I fell in love with this place. Since I'm working a lot standing on my feet, I decided to treat myself with some feet massage. Felt like a baby after the session. So relaxing. Feet are the most important part of the body that connects with all our organs. Definitely going back soon. Roger did really good job. More...


Kaitlyn B.

17 February 2016

I booked my appointment here because I had been having some issues with my back. I booked a 30 minute massage and had no issues finding the place. Once inside one of the lady's took me to a back room where my massage would be. It should be known that this place is not exactly your extremely quiet, all the frills type of spa obviously, but I was ok with that because I just wanted my back fixed. This was the right place for that. The woman who put my in the room didn't say anything... At all. She gave no instructions and just turned and left (which was ok Bc I get massages all the time and new exactly what the protocol is, just want to let everyone else who doesn't go much know). My masseuse was a male who had awesome hands. He did an amazing job focusing on my back and definitely fixed my problem. Just so everyone knows, if you are looking for one of those light gentle massages THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. He worked on some of my knots so hard I almost tapped out at certain times. I should also mention near the end he left without saying anything, THIS DOESNT MEAN THE MASSAGE IS OVER (I made this mistake lol), he came back with hot rocks and towels which were wonderful. Also, if there are other customers getting their feet done in front you can hear everything, that might matter to some. All in all I like this place, they even have a loyalty program which is great. I only shorted them a star so others don't assume this is a resort type spa, but if you need a muscular issue fixed, this place is the place for you. :) More...



15 February 2016

My fiancé had gone here once when he had a shoulder issue and said it was great. So we decided to go on Valentine's Day for a couples massage and it was the best idea ever! They gave us cute heart balloons with a piece of chocolate. The beds were heated and the room was clean and comfortable. They asked in the beginning the level of pressure and I asked for a bit more and it was perfect. The hot pack and hot stones were a nice touch. Not sure if it was a Valentine's Day thing or an everyday thing for those add ons. We both did an hour and I think it was the perfect amount of time to feel totally relaxed. I highly recommend getting this great affordable massage. I can't wait to go back and I also want to try a foot massage! More...


A B.

28 January 2016

Greatest foot massage ever!  Had Roger give me the 60 min foot massage. It was a great deal with the Groupon I had. I am definitely going back. Exceptionally relaxing!


Ramzy A.

10 November 2015

Wow!  Foot massage! Wow!  Did I mention Wow!? I could have sat there all day long!  Roger was the best!  My feet have never been happier. Thanks guys!


Suhui L.

27 October 2015

Best massage I've tried in NOVA-- solid five stars! The place was clean and quiet. I initially tried the 30-min Chinese massage. Toward the end of the session I couldn't help asking for another 30 minutes! Susan did a thorough massage on my neck, shoulder, and back, where I have suffered from ache and stiffness. After the 1-hour session I felt completely relaxed, aroused, and energetic. It was totally worth of  the $70 price. Will definitely visit again. Although their massagers do not speak fluent English, they do a fantastic job on massaging. Personally, that's all it matters. More...


Anbinh P.

17 September 2015

A great no frills massage place. Don't be fooled by the small ladies, they have strong hands with great techniques, and it's all about relaxing those muscles. It my first time here and I'll be back. Don't judge the industrial building it's in. The only thing missing here is a few good smelling candles to help set the mood. Other than that I highly recommend this place. The prices and specials are attractive too. More...


Felicia B.

14 September 2015

Finally found an awesome massage therapy place that works for sore muscles. Clean and comfortable place. Will definitely come back for my regular massages.


Jennie L.

31 August 2015

I've driven by this place a couple times and was always curious about it. My sciatica was bothering me so I decided to give it a try. One of the best massages I have ever gotten! The therapist seemed to know exactly where my problems were and dug in deep. This was more like a medical massage than one just for relaxation and was exactly what I needed. My back and glutes are super tight so it was painful to get it worked out but worth it! She used something that may have been Tiger Balm and it felt great! I plan on making me this my "go to" place for massages. The prices are more than reasonable and the therapist really knows what she's doing. The facilities are really nice; with great decor. Not only did I get a great one hour body massage I also got a hour foot massage. I never really thought too much about foot massages but the male therapist who did the massage did such an amazing job and I felt so relaxed I actually fell asleep for a couple minutes! The foot massage starts with a rose petal hot water soak which they put something soothing in. All in all, a great way to spend two hours on a Monday night!Please keep in mind that the people who work here are not native English speakers so communication may be an issue if you're impatient but the therapists here are first rate and genuinely want to help you feel better in the long run! More...


Biggi W.

30 August 2015

I've had the best reflexology session there and I'm already looking forward to trying their massages. Yoyo, the owner was very knowledgable and friendly. The gentleman who worked on my feet deserves special praise. He is a true professional and well educated way beyond his field of practice. He may not be proficient in English but Yoyo is always there to explain everything. Every massage can be called therapeutic, but very few really are. This is the right place for wellness with a more holistic touch. More...


Ron P.

29 August 2015

I have been back many time to get a massage here. I am very particular about the massages I get. I prefer someone who can actually do a deep tissue massage.  One of the newer therapists Hanna suggested that I try a  Ashiatsu massage.  I was pleased how much deeper she was able to get by the back walking technique.  If you like deep tissue work all the therapists are very strong but for that extra work you may want to try Hanna and have her walk on your back. Also recently have tried the foot massage. If you don't have the time for a full body massage try one of these, just as relaxing and you feet and legs feel so refreshed afterwards, very relaxing. More...


Doug T.

29 August 2015

I think this is best quality message at the best value.  It is deep tissue and really can revitalize your entire body.  In addition to delivering a top-notch message, there is a desire to please and satisfy the customer.  If something is not right, there is a strong desire to make it right.  This attitude comes from the owner and it is shared by every member of the staff.  If you looking for a friendly staff, who deliver a quality message at a great value, you must give Message Therapy Works try.  I assure you that you will not be disappointed.  People are their business and they know it. More...


Yesenia V.

13 August 2015

In love! Just discovered it by my job and Nancy took out knots that had been there forever. They have a buy 10 get one free massage card system. Great space and am coming back next month already :) More...


Rachel M.

14 July 2015

I have a difficult time finding people who can give a great deep-tissue massage, but Nancy  was amazing!


Carly D.

22 June 2015

Thank you Jenny! I had a rough day on Friday and Jenny took me last minute and was super awesome.  I think that was the best massage I've had in a LONG time.  Be back soon :)


Chieu L.

10 June 2015

My first impressions. When I first walked up to the store I was taken aback didn't look like much but when I walked in I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxing aroma and music. It was definitely setting the mood. I was nicely greeted by some ladies who asked if I had an appointment and I had told them that I did. She promptly guided us into the rooms and asked if I had any problem areas. She asked if I liked it harder or medium. She nicely addressed so many areas that I didn't know I had problems with. I left feeling fantastic and I only did 30 min....the price was great and the service was prompt. I can't imagine how it would be like if I had done an hour! I have no complaints. I'll definitely be back to try all their other services. More...


Isabelle H.

8 May 2015

The best foot massage I had outside China. I always have my foot massage done by Harry. He is from China and was professionally trained in foot massage. And that makes all the difference. I am very picky about foot massage, and have tried several salons in this area, Massage Therapy Works easily beat all the other locations. They have several masseurs but I always go with Harry, so not sure about the others. But as long as Harry works here, I will be coming back. I am glad this place is in my backyard, I live in Mosaic district. More...


Stephanie D.

21 April 2015

I have had massages all over the country and no longer trust anyone but Massage Therapy Works.  My husband, a notorious workaholic with major major back issues, has finally acquiesced and loves the professionalism and the true healing he gets from the team at Massage Therapy Works.  I remain grateful to Yue and Yen and the entire team- and the foot massages will blow your mind.  Amazing, wonderful place- we are so glad we found it!  They are kind and considerate and very, very good at what they do.  Thank you so much! More...


Wes T.

25 March 2015

I had my first Foot Massage at Massage Therapy Works Friday, what a treat. This is the first foot massage in the U.S. that was worth my time. I had foot massages in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, but hadn't found a place in America that compared until now. More...


Eric J.

19 March 2015

Try it, is to adopt it !I had another massage with Lisa, Yue being busy....I can only recommend the professionalism of this parlor. A comfortable, warm and clean place...I always take a 90 mn session and I get out of there really relieved, a little sore, but I need this as the next day, I feel like 10 years younger.....An excellent massage for the money...., and they do not "clock" your session, as it has happened to me at other businesses... More...


Fay Wheeler Sunshine

14 March 2015

The best and most relaxing professional massage in Northern Virginia. Prices are very good; it's pretty and super-clean. The therapists are very well trained and can address any problem areas. My husband's shoulder felt better than it had in years after a massage with Yue (the owner). Julia is also amazing. Can't wait to try the traditional Chinese foot massage in their new expanded space--one hour for $39.99. More...


Fay W.

11 March 2015

Yue (also known as Yoyo) is the owner and a very talented massage therapist, who cares deeply about her client's health and well-being.  She has done wonders for my back and for my husband's shoulder.  The prices are very reasonable and you can usually get a same-day appointment.  It's pretty and super clean with parking right in front--amazing since it is literally steps from Home Depot and the Mosaic District.  There's a nice couple's massage room--we got a massage and then went to a movie at Angelika together.  I hear the new expanded space includes 4 foot massage stations, which would be fun for a girls' day out.  Although they are trained in many techniques, deep tissue seems to be the specialty. Note that Massage Therapy Works used to be called Merrifield Wellness Spa (it's the same place). More...


Chris M.

30 December 2014

Don't be modest. But if your in for good price and really good massage. You found the place.


Rebecca T.

23 December 2014

I have been coming to see Yue for quite some time and she is most definitely the best massage I have ever received. I felt compelled to review because of my most recent massage there. I suffer from migraines and have tried everything from migraine medicine to acupuncture to chiropractic to massage and even Botox injections. I have lived with these migraines and chronic headaches for as long as I can remember and there are times that I am constantly in some state of pain and don't even fully realize it. Recently I have been experiencing one of those times and Yue urged me to finally find the time to come back in. She immediately found the spots in my back and shoulders that were causing the pain and headaches. After the massage I felt so relaxed I almost felt drunk for a short period. Today I feel light as air. The relieve is incredible. Yue is extremely talented in finding trouble spots and taking the time to work those out. More...


Eric J.

26 September 2014

Definitely a 5 star massage.Got there yesterday, and although I have been a regular since opening 14 months ago, I only now take the time to write this review...sorry Yue !Yue is an incredibly talented, smart and attentive Masseuse. She possible is the person who has pays the most attention to the details of your body's specificities, going extremely precisely on each knot, each muscle, joint......quite incredible.She never looks at the clock, and stops right when t rings, but take the time to finish what she started....Location is very nice, comfortable and clean.......Go there , try it, and you'll see, you'll adopt it!Great Therapeutic Massage salon. More...


Michael D.

30 August 2014

Located inside a small, one story office complex just a minute or two walk from the Merrifield Mosaic District shopping center, the Merrifield Wellness Spa is a little known gem that is well worth discovering. The massages are professional, therapeutic, and target your pain areas as needed. Plus you can't beat the price as they are an incredible bargain especially when compared to massages my wife and I have received at "high end" spas. The spa itself consists of two rooms - a single room and a double one for couples massages - with tasteful, simple decor. It is clean and fresh sheets and towels are on all the tables. Relaxing music plays in the background and there is an incredible scent in the air. Here I'm going to a channel my inner yin for a moment for which my daughter teases me, but I really like the smell as it is fresh, slightly spicy and musky and has just a hint of orange. I like it! Yue owns Merrifield Wellness Spa and is assisted by her sister Yen. Yen doesn't speak much English, but Yue helps translate and both are attentive and make sure they ask where you need attention so they can target the areas where you might be having pain. They use hot stones, hot towels, and Tiger Balm or as they call it "Chinese Medicine." Massage pressure ranges from soft, gentle, and relaxing to hard, deep tissue, extra tears. However, rest assured that Yue and Yen are responsive to your needs and will only use as much pressure as you need / can take in order to alleviate your pain symptoms or just give you an incredible, relaxing massage. I've had lower back / sciatic pain for eleven months now. The treatments I've received at Merrifield Wellness Spa have helped alleviate my pain better than the pain killer injections I've gotten in the past. Again, this is professional massage. I've recommended Merrifield Wellness to my friends and neighbors and taken my brother and sister when they've been in town. My wife and son get massages there too. Truly a bargain. You're not getting a cut rate massage at a cheap price, you're getting a great massage at an incredibly reasonable price. More...


Peter C.

6 February 2014

Merrifield Wellness Spa is a wonderful addition to the Mosaic District.  Easy parking, spotlessly clean facilities and most importantly of all a fantastic massage.  Yue and her sister are both expert masseuses and will adjust the pressure according to your needs and wishes.  Friendly, professional and always with a welcoming smile, the therapists at Merrifield Wellness have converted me from an occasional visitor into a regular client.  I highly recommend! More...


Scott G.

29 December 2013

STRESSED OUT! I finally couldn't take it and broke down over the holiday stress, the job and the life I've created coming to a head. I needed a break!I called several places on Saturday at noon and everything was booked solid, but I called MERRIFIELD MASSAGE and was told to come within an hour.Their location was easy to get to, plenty of parking, and very well marked. Immediately upon entering I felt welcomed and I knew i had found a special place. Their reviews were right! My stress was immediately put at ease as I was asked exactly what I needed and a masseuse, YAN, was recommended. For 90 minutes she expertly worked from my back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, chest, stomach, face and head. I've had many massages before but this one was the perfect pressure, perfect environment, and absolutely the best group of people. Many thanks, and I'll definitely return! More...


Ed C.

9 July 2013

Let's be clear, we are talking about professional, therapeutic massage. From time to time a massage lover will find, by chance, that perfect choice. Yue is exactly that. Massage is both art and science. Your body is her canvas and she plies her skills, knowledge and deft touch to find areas of tension or tightness and proceeds to give you relief and better range of motion. Yue is a true professional and happens to be a very nice person with an engaging personality. Her sessions run full time, she is not over talkative and she is highly skilled. I receive a lot of massage and place her #1 in the DC Metro area. It's never a problem recommending the best. More...

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