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Nikki Salomon

26 February 2019

Thank you for all the kind reviews! My purpose and passion as a massage therapist and life/spirituality coach is assisting people with chronic pain, emotional challenges and repetitive stress injuries!


Jonah Salomon

27 May 2016

Nikki has hands like magic. She knows exactly what to do. The precise application of her massage gives you relief that normally would take multiple sessions with other massage therapist.


Jules Connor

27 May 2016

Nikki is the best and has helped me so much! She truly cares about all her clients and provides such a healing and personable experience.


William Bourassa

28 May 2013

Yup.....same last name. Nikki is my daughter – yes I’m Dad. However, all prejudice aside, allow me to state further facts:• I have two herniated discs in my lower back – I can’t stand straight• Two bulging discs to boot• A fractured disc (I think that’s what it’s called)• And a herniated disc in my neck• I’m a mess – I can’t stand straight (have I mentioned that?)• My Osteopath asked if I knew a massage therapist to assist him in this therapy• Yes my daughter says I, and I now have a partnership• Tonight when I left Nikki’s office I was standing straight• She didn’t cut Dad any slack – it hurt at times• All the while, she worked it, talked to me, encouraged me, listened to me• I walked away standing straightIn summary, a note to Nikki: Thank you……. From the bottom of my heart. I am still standing straight….. More...


Colette Marshall

28 May 2012

Best Sports Massage Ever! I've been going to Nikki for the past 2 months for Sports Massage every Monday. Without her, there's no way I would be able to get through the rigorous exercise training regiment I'm going through. She's helped me with my neck pain, my shoulder pain, and my lower back pain. Working at a desk for the majority of the day also doesn't help and she's taken care of that. I highly recommend her for any medical massage or sports massage need. She rocks! More...


A Google User

29 August 2011

Nikki is the real deal when it comes to medical massage !!! I have been to spas all over the world and none can compare to the experience you will receive when you visit Nikki. I have been receiving treatments from her for over 3 years. She has an amazing ability to listen to your body and seek out the true source of the pain and take care of it. Her clients truly benefit from her extensive training and experience. She is a very professional and caring therapist who delivers incredible results. As a busy working mom of 2 boys, I depend on Nikki to keep me going & pain free. Thank you Nikki for giving me my healing "mommy time". More...

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