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Greetings and welcome! As you know I’m Deja, Owner of Massage by Deja, established in April of 2004, well allot has happened in some 15 years of practice, I feel I’ve perfected many of my modalities I use daily and yet still learn something new with every new client, what is universal is the affects stress has on the body.



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That it works in real time. My Clients need someone who is comfortable and gets it!

Passion for helping others realize how awesome they are!

Because I get results I go above and beyond and I’m not watching the Clock! I’m watching your body give in to the modality 🌱y


Helps to erase tenu

One of my favorites it inhibits soothes lifts the veil clears brain fog and can leave you feeling amazing 😉

Creating positive blood flow detox the body de stress and works in real time

Lifts the countenance allows for process lifts and penetrates the body

Penetrate all the way down to your bones

You can purchase your loved one pure carrot juice for it’s cancer fighting qualities!

2 week supply