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Maidpro wants to make sure every customer is completely happy with their cleaning service. That's why we offer a 24 hours Re-Cleaning Guarantee. If you are ever dissatisfied with your cleaning, all you have to do is call us here at the office within 24 hours of your service, and we'll re-clean at no additional charge.


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Diane Kirchen

25 September 2019

They have been amazing. I have used them for over 20 years. Brionna came out yesterday and she was amazing.


Kim Roderick

22 September 2019

A very thorough job was done by the MaidPro Cleaners. We were so impressed with the attention to detail. I was cooking dinner tonight and I opened the microwave to find it spotless inside. Thank you Yainelis, Leta and Anna for a job superbly done. More...


Angel Kelly

20 September 2019

I have been using Maidpro for a few years now and love when I come home to a clean house and can just relax instead of cleaning and my weekends are free to do what I want to do. Today Kimberly Boyd cleaned my house and did a wonderful job! Thank you Kimberly! More...


Martha Bowles Pugh

20 September 2019

Rebecca is AMAZING!!! Thank you for making my house sparkle!


Ellyn Lastinger

5 September 2019

MaidPro is professional and we were impressed with the cleaning that Cynthia did!! Would recommend!!


Beth Belof-Jasko

30 August 2019

Maria Melgar did a great job. Perhaps the best cleaning we’ve had. MaidPro is reliable and professional.


Alla Trapeznikova

6 August 2019

very nice cleaning company MaidPro


Anna Yarashus

3 August 2019

Corinne, Kyia and Hailey did a fantastic job, right before our vacation: it is so wonderful to come home to a perfectly set house after you have been traveling:


Rami Ghannam

27 July 2019

Love Maidpro. Gread job !!! Thank you Frandes. Ka


Karen Bain

13 July 2019

We love MaidPro. Melissa is a champ... she has an eye for detail, she is well organized and does not miss a thing. I appreciate her speed and thoroughness. See you next month.


Karen Wilson Cooley

9 July 2019

Maid Pro came today to do a cleaning and the team of Brianna G and Alla R did a fantastic job, I have no complaints and my house looks amazing. Thanks MaidPro


Scott Brawley

27 June 2019

I highly recommend Maid Pro. Ashley and Shea did an awesome job getting our home ready to host a July 4th wedding. Thank you very much Ashley, Shea, and Maid Pro!


Melissa R Ebanks

14 June 2019

I love MaidPro. They have been making my home sparkle since 2012. Nakesha has been doing the best job in my home this past year. I always look forward to going home to see how wonderful everything is. Thank you!! More...


Steven Dente

14 June 2019

I've had nothing but positive experiences with MaidPro. The last two times I've had Derek and he has done a wonderful job each time. Cleaning is something that is stressful for me and hard to stay on top of, but I really value a clean place so I've gotten assistance from MaidPro. I met Derek in person during his most recent visit. He is a warm and friendly guy and always does a great job with the cleaning, and I know my place is never an easy one to clean. I've had a great experience with all of the employees at Maidpro, but I'd like to keep working with Derek if possible! More...


Kathleen Fodor Koffman

11 June 2019

I would not hesitate to recommend Maid Pro to anyone. They are very professional and accommodating. Katy is wonderful! She always leave her personal touch! Thank you for taking such great care of my home! More...


Steve Barthel

9 June 2019

Our Maple Grove MaidPro is very easy to work with. Alex has been cleaning our home for nearly a year and we couldn’t be happier with the great job she does!


Ilana Kowalsky Strickon

6 May 2019

Alba did a fantastic job.


Terri Kerr

5 May 2019

Have hired Maid pro for several years and have been impressed by many Maid Pro employees. Today we were exceptionally impressed w Sonja. 1 Maid Pro left the house clean like a cleaning crew of 3. I hope to have Sonja as our regular cleaning pro. She also cleaned the entry area to our home covered w pesky love bugs. Thanks Sonja! You are an asset to Maid Pro. More...


Jm Masters

1 May 2019

Chandra is amazing!!! She works very hard and is doing the best job ever for Maid Pro!!!


Julian Lander

30 April 2019

Judging by other reviews, it seems that results can vary widely by location. My local MaidPro is in Arlington, Massachusetts. I have used them for cleaning every other week for well over 10 years. I have found them to be honest, reliable, flexible, and the cleaning is done very well. I have been very happy with them. (This review is prompted by the fact that I'm moving away and will no longer be using this local office because I'll be in another state.) More...


Jessica Tang

21 April 2019

First time we contacted their service in Santa Clara to clean our bathtub as the top priority. No complaints, it looks good as new.


Pavich Amber

19 April 2019

Great service! Very friendly and reliable. Thanks you Alba


Rob Nystrom

13 April 2019

Maid pro in Lufkin dose a great job. Carissa dose a great job


Dave DeLoy

13 April 2019

Tamela (Tammy) was awesome. Very meticulous and conscientious. Place is immaculate. Thanks to Dorothy, too! Great job cleaning! Portsmouth, VA


Tim Fleming

8 April 2019

Team of Yolenny Angelica, and Antonio were just here and my wife and I both were THRILLED with the professionalism, and the way they made the house sparkle. We have requested them again for our regular cleanings and this is a huge Kudos to each, hoping they are recognized for great work and customer service, Thank You Tim Fleming More...


Philip Walker

29 March 2019

Maid Pro - I would only use Trish from Maid Pro. After my wife hired 5 star cleaners on yelp that stole from us . Maid Pro has restored my personal security having a cleaning service at my house


Jonathan Serota

22 March 2019

Best cleaning service I ever had.


Melanie M York

19 March 2019

I am posting this review on behalf of my mother Rebecca Lunsford who does not have a Facebook account. She LOVES Jeanna! • I have been a satisfied user of MaidPro for over 7 years, probably closer to 10 years. In the early stages, MaidPro worked with me to learn things I expected each time my house was cleaned, and they worked with me till we found the “perfect lady” to take care of my home. Thru the years, we have had new ladies come and clean, but MaidPro always sent ladies that were well trained, fast, efficient, and always cleaned things the way I specifically asked for. Then several years ago, they sent us Jeanna. We are so fortunate to have her come to our home. She is in constant demand by other clients, and we had to wait a while until she became available to us on the day and time that we needed. When she leaves, my house sparkles. It’s not the “big” things she does, like mopping, and dusting, etc., but the little things---her personal touch that can been seen throughout the house. Not too long ago, Jeanna needed to be away for a length of time. At first, we agreed to another housekeeper who was also well trained, pleasant, friendly, and a hard worker, but she wasn’t Jeanna. We welcomed a second lady to come and clean, and again MaidPro was quick to provide another very excellently skilled housekeeper, who worked tirelessly in our home, but………….she wasn’t Jeanna. So we decided to just wait for Jeanna’s return and approximately 12 weeks later, she did. She came to our house last Friday, and after she left, we definitely knew it was Jeanna! I would not look for another maid service. Their professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile for their customers is a quality you don’t often find. Their staff is prompt, courteous, very knowledgeable of the tasks at hand, and willing to accommodate any request you have for them. If you have been hesitant to call MaidPro, stop waiting and do it now. You won’t be disappointed. Only thing is, you can’t have Jeanna! :-) More...


RazzBerri Bush

8 March 2019

I am new to Columbus and have been searching for someone to come in and give me a hand cleaning my new home. The first company I used was horrible however when I called Maidpro last minute today they were more than happy to fit me in and email me a detailed 49 point checklist of what they would be doing for my full house clean. I can't say enough good things about Paige and Shrellel! They were both really sweet and paid attention to detail. I had mentioned that I was having the house cleaned because of my grandson's 5th birthday party. The house smells and looks AMAZING! They even wrote a note and left it on the counter wishing my baby a happy birthday; how thoughtful!! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Maidpro to anyone needing an extra pair of hands around the house! The customer service continued even after the ladies left. Rhonda from the office called to check and make certain I was happy and satisfied with the work. JOB WELL DONE Maidpro!!! More...


Bryttany Palmore

7 March 2019

My first time using a cleaning service and I am impressed. I was wary to have people come in to clean my home, but Katrina & Jerry did a great job making my home sparkle today. I appreciate their attention to detail and will use them again. Thank you! More...


Linda B. Sands

14 February 2019

Maid Pro is the best professional house cleaning company we have ever used! They beat the competition by miles. Their staff is the most awesome as well as outstanding group of people I’ve ever met. I especially appreciate Kim; she arrives on time and is ready to work! She never misses a detail and cleans our home as if it were her own. Kim is by far a person Maid Pro should be proud of for her professionalism, attention to derail and very thorough cleaning. I would recommend Maid Pro to anyone needing a one-time cleaning or ongoing service! I’m so glad I found them! More...


Susan Walters

22 January 2019

Kim came to our house to clean today. She did an outstanding job. The house is so clean and smells great! I would love to have her every week.


Sarah Hackney

21 January 2019

Cause they really good company


Vanessa Simpson

11 January 2019

Great cleaning! I loved the person who came to clean our house, Kaylie! She was so nice and thoughtful. She did an excellent job!! I would recommend this company if you need your home cleaned! More...


Shirley-Roy Ferguson

10 December 2018

Excellent cleaning done by Carissa. Very pleased & do recommend this company to all. MaidPro.


Tracy Payne

27 October 2018

I do not use a regular service to clean my home, but I will call whenever things are really busy. I work full time and am the mother of 5 young men and now have 2 grandsons. When a friend of mine called to say he would be in town later that day, I called MaidPro. They came in just a couple of hours and WOW! Did they do an excellent job! Yolenny, Noe, and Sermarie made that place sparkle and even got rid of the dog hair from everything and his smell!! I was thrilled with what the 3 of them got down in such a short time. The price was absolutely reasonable to boot! I recommend them to anyone looking for fast, reliable, thorough cleaning. More...


Barbara Brennan

25 October 2018

Kesha Lowery cleaned my home beautifully AND helped me bring in my groceries AND folded my towels AND helped me sort my mail. All your girls do a great job but Kesha really went above and beyond. Thank you SO much! More...


Janey Moore Martin

25 October 2018

MaidPro in Bridgewater Ma did an outstanding job of cleaning my Mom’s house before we passed it on to the new owners. They went above and beyond. Her home was spotless!!! I would highly recommend MaidPro in Bridgewater, MA. More...


Jessica Menard

19 October 2018

The best place to work great management go schedule clean you won't be disappointed


Lynn Ruderman

28 August 2018

Katharine always does a great job. She is so very attentive to all our needs and the house looks great when she is done! The dogs love her too!


Jordan Docking

15 August 2018

Candice cleaned our house today, she did a fantastic job. We were so impressed, 5 stars for sure!


Jennifer Mills

14 August 2018

We love our team at MaidPro! Thank you for all of your kindness and hard work!


Becky Hart

15 December 2017

Ashleigh cleaned my house and did a great job! I will be using Maid pro again. Such a relief to have a nice clean house before family comes over for the holidays!!


Litfin Jan

22 November 2017

I would like to recommend Carrie Burns for the $25 bonus. She did a very good job cleaning our house, and was a delightful person and hard worker.


Brian D.

8 November 2017

Just had my first clean with MaidPro on 11/7/17, and can't sing their praises enough - for background, I work a full time job and my partner works full time as well, on top of running their own small business... needless to say, things can get a bit messy at our little home!The two cleaners they sent over were PHENOMENAL - super sweet dispositions, brought all of their own supplies... I left for the day so I wouldn't get in their way. When I came home, I was blown away! I hadn't seen my condo this clean in the past decade since I've lived there. Outside of the work being beyond great, the staff in Bridgewater were quick to respond to my requests, making this a very efficient experience across the board. THANK YOU! Can't recommend MaidPro Bridgewater enough! More...


Barbara Taylor

1 September 2017

Candice has been coming to us every other Monday for a few years from MaidPro. We can't praise her enough and MaidPro has been very accommodating when we have made any changes to our schedule. Candace is a great, efficient worker with a cheerful personality. She has never "just not shown up". If she can not make it she notifies the office and they make another arrangement (which has not happened more than a couple of times. More...


MJ Dennehy

29 August 2017

Was so pleased with the job the girls did. It's so great to come home to a clean house.


Lisa Metzger Mashburn

28 June 2017

Bouchra goes above and beyond every week. She is flexible and always thorough. Every visit I find some nice little touch that she has done, such as arranging all of my child's stuffed toys. We highly recommend Bouchra!!


Kimberley Wolf

26 June 2017

Fabulous! I was in between tenants in a rental unit of ours and had so much to do to get it ready. It is such a load off my mind knowing that it is now spic and span and ready for move-in. One call and I was all set. Thank you Maid-Pros! More...


Dan Thurber

17 June 2017

The staff was excellent and meticulous in their work. They were friendly and did a great job. Thanks MaidPro


Jan Henderson Hart

18 May 2017

Fantastic! Honest, awesome cleaning! Had them cleaning for us over 10 years ...always great!


Stacy Lynn

11 May 2017

Christina and Lacie cleaned our home for the first time today! We were happy to find such personable and professional staff!


Billie Hoch

11 May 2017

What a treat it is coming home to a clean house on Maid Pro day. The staff is very friendly and professional. The house always looks great when they are done.


Courtney Kane Hoppe

5 May 2017

Karla did an awesome job cleaning my house. I would definitely use MaidPro again!


Sandi Rowe Mohler

9 April 2017

Alexis with the Mechanicsville, MD MaidPro does a great job! Thanks.


Nadine Gengras

28 March 2017

We've been having MaidPro come to our house 2x a month for about a year, and we couldn't be happier. Every single person I've met that works for this company is fantastic.


Lorie Wiler

24 March 2017

Used Maid Pro yesterday for the first time and wow what a great job!! Lacie has a great attitude and an awesome work ethic, pays attention to every detail. The house smells and looks great!!


Connie Borgel

15 March 2017

JayJay! Thanks soooo much! For your hard work! It's great to come home and look across the room at my shining hardwood floors. The little things you do...I DO notice! I have been using MaidPro services for just about a year. Very professional. Thanks again. More...


Åse Jakobsen Owens

7 February 2017

I have been diagnosed with cancer and gone through chemo and radiation treatments. I had two ladies come to my house today and clean and oh my what an awesome job they did. So very blessed I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you More...


Sarah Elston

21 January 2017

As a Valentine's Day gifts are concerned I would pick any one services offered by Maid Pro over a massage; or mani pedi any day. I will paint my own nails and scratch my own back from the comfort of my clean home That I Didn't clean! Hint nudge hint who is with me More...


Richard Friefman

20 January 2017

I started using MaidPro (in Leander TX) service a month ago. So far the service has been excellent. They are punctual and always open to accommodate last minute reschedule requests.


Barbara Vanderpol Tetzloff

21 December 2016

Maid Pro is GREAT ! I have looked for a very long time for a cleaning service that actually cleaned my home the way I would clean my home. I had big expectations when Elsie first cleaned my home....Elsie met all of my expectations! Travis, the owner, is a great guy. He is easy to talk to, he listens to what I have to say and he takes great care of his employees. That translates to......his employees take great care of us - the clients of Maid Pro. I am very happy to have found such a great cleaning service. Hats off to Maid Pro Edina - especially to Travis and Elsie ! More...


Craig Baron

17 November 2016

We've been using Maid Pro services for well over a year now and are always very pleased with the service and the staff. Our offices never looked so good until we hired this team. We look forward to their visits every two weeks. Thank you Star and Jay-Jay! More...


Kim Wilson

8 November 2016

We used Maidpro in Texas for 3 years prior to moving to Colorado 3 months ago and both facilities have always done an excellent job


Karen Turner

3 November 2016

I have been using MaidPro for about 18 months. I love the service I get from Yolanda. She pays attention to detail and I am always happy to come home to a clean house! And while it isn't easy to remember exactly where everything was arranged after clearing off an area to clean, she does take the initiative to return the items neatly. I don't come back home feeling I need to "re-do" all my décor! She also makes sure to let the dog back into the house (or out of his crate) and give him his treats before she leaves so that I don't have to leave work to take care of him. I am very glad I called MaidPro. Karen T. Phoenix, AZ More...


Eric Shurts

1 November 2016

Great service! It's such a nice feeling to come home from work on the day the come and clean each month. The house looks amazing.


Teri N Mike Bonner

28 October 2016

Very thorough and friendly staff. Highly recommend.


Lindy Roberts

19 October 2016

I've been using maidpro for almost a year, and I couldn't be happier! It is such a great feeling to come home from work after they've been here, and everything is spotless! I have two cats, and all the pros are extremely good with the cats and often leave little treats for them. The pros also are extremely accommodating with special requests. I can't say enough good things about my maidpro experiences! I never want to do without them! More...


Cathy Hehmeyer

26 September 2016

My experiences with Maidpro have been stellar. Everything From the team that cleans my home to the office staff have been excellent! I Highly recommend Maidpro.


Trisha Ann Logan

17 September 2016

This profession isn't for everyone but ones that love there job make a huge difference in a ot of people's lives. Busy family's come home to a clean fresh home, and can focus on their families. Will every clean be the best ever... No every one makes mistakes but if a problem is noticed contact the office give them chance to correct the problem. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised! More...


Pamela Greenwald

16 September 2016

These folks are so reliable. Every cleaner is top notch. They pay great attention to detail!


Diana Braun

10 September 2016

I love the cleaning crew at Maid Pro. They do an excellent job cleaning my home and I would recommend them to anyone Thank you maid pro


Alex Bunch

3 September 2016

I write reviews for extraordinarily good or extraordinarily bad experiences.


Brandy Michelle

25 August 2016

Jeanette is fantastic. I love that she treats our home as if it was her own. With 3 dogs the house can get gross real fast and she always takes care of things on her own and in no time at all. Highly recommend.


Tamara K Nikzad

2 August 2016

Great company. Wonderful spotless clean. Very professional. Great customer service and follow up. Would highly recommend this company.


Melissa Haas Bell

1 August 2016

I called looking for someone for Friday on Wednesday - and they put me on a waiting list - and Thursday called and told me that they had a cancellation! The ladies did a great job with a "priority" cleaning meaning I let them know what the order of importance was for the cleaning tasks. They didn't get it all done by far, but the parts they did were amazingly clean. They did better in my kitchen than another provider did with a "deep clean". I'm very satisfied! More...


Rudy Keenan

21 July 2016

Company is coming next week and I know I can always count on MaidPro. They are efficient, courteous and friendly. I have peace of mind knowing they will always do a thorough job and I'll have no worries! Thank you MaidPro!


Deb Obert

12 July 2016

Maid Pro Winter Garden, Maria is amazing!! Her work ethic and is second t none. She is the best!


Sandra Leedy

12 July 2016

MaidPro knocked it out of the park!!! Love the job that was done. We are so pleased with the work that was done. Our maid even cleaned my face-scrubbing brush- I didn't even realize it was dirty until I picked it up!! I keep saying "whaaaaat?!?!" out loud as I walked around the house and saw all the wonderful things she did. Thank you thank you thank you. She folded laundry, and went above and beyond. Home looks terrific!!! More...


Sarah McBeth

7 July 2016

Absolutely love! Wouldn't trade their services for the world!!! ❤️❤️❤️ their customer service is out of this world!!!


Bob Sachdeva

25 June 2016

Awesome job cleaning today! The attention to detail and the quality of your work is done like a pro!! Would highly recommended Maid Pro to family and friends!


Yabnia Nilda Felipe-Seeley

19 June 2016

MaidPro did an amazing job at cleaning my daughter's apartment. I had peace of mind knowing that they were taking care of it since I was hundreds of miles away and unable to help them when moving out. I will definitely use their services in the future! More...


Jackie Gaines

15 June 2016

I just want to drop a note to tell you how very happy I am with your service. Rose is truly sensational - she does such a wonderful job cleaning and straightening up. My home has never looked so good! Rose vacuums my furniture, dusts my blinds and sills - she finds every cob Web, my bathrooms glisten - ans she will even empty and wash my vacuums - she is fabulous! I tell all my friends and neighbors how wonderful it is to come home on Wednesdays to an immaculate house and her lovely notes and mints make my day. Thank you so much - please never take Rose away! Jackie Gaines More...


Crista Solano

10 June 2016

Love the cleaners I have in Arkansas! Thanks ladies for always doing such a great job!!


Mary Lynn Davis

9 June 2016

I've been using MaidPro in Dedham MA for over a year and I'm very happy with the service. They clean my house every two weeks and come during the day while I'm at work. I've had really good luck with them and they are super responsive for requests or if there is an issue of any kind. I recommend them. More...


Meg Flynn

7 June 2016

My house looks and smells great. The maid pro cleaners were pleasant and focused on their work. I'd recommend MaidPro to a friend.


Debra Watkins Barnard

3 June 2016

The two MaidPro professionals in Seminole/Indian Rocks Beach area that came to the rental apartment did a great job. They worked the entire time they were there, no breaks. The apartment had been left too dirty to complete in the time we scheduled, however the ladies cleaned the highest priority places per our instructions and were even down on hands and knees where necessary. We are very pleased with them and will use this service again next time a tenant moves out without cleaning. More...


Amy Brenna Ferreira

20 May 2016

They cleaned our house for the first time recently and did a fabulous job! They were very nice and professional, by far the best cleaning service we have ever had. They just gained another loyal customer.. More...


Nikki Takahashi

17 May 2016

I cannot say enough about the excellent results we've had with MaidPro in Airdrie, Alberta! I was hiring cleaners all wrong, before. I had no idea they could be precisely on time, so professional and personable, and have such an eye for detail. I feel like I'm stepping into a 5-star hotel when they are done! Most importantly, it's easy to see the cleaners take care and pride in what they do. More...


Michelle Hansford

21 April 2016

Best service you can get. Fast, very very good. Great pricing. Love em...you can't go wrong with MaidPro


Megan Buek Graziano

19 April 2016

We've been using them for a few years now and have been thrilled with our experience. If anything isn't right, they work to fix it right away. They also worked with us to find a cleaning schedule that works for our budget. We've tried some other cleaning people but haven't had nearly the good experience we have had with MaidPro. More...


Danielle Backes

19 April 2016

I just wanted to say that Casey and Colleen have been cleaning our house for a while now, and they are doing a fantastic job! They have done everything we asked and are always so pleasant! :) I come home for lunch every Tuesday and I've seen them the past 2 weeks and they are always so friendly and thorough when cleaning! More...


Debbie Davila

30 March 2016

Excellent clean every week by Cheryl Long at my house every week. I have had others but will not ever have any one but Cheryl clean my house. She is so thorough and spot on. I recommend her to all. Btw I live in Texas. More...


Monica Turner

8 March 2016

Had my first cleaning today. Excellent work and it was really easy to setup service.


Kurt James

25 February 2016

I have been with Maidpro for quite some time now and they always exceed my expectations! Very easy to work with and affordable!


Mary Ann Taylor

18 February 2016

Friendly personnel. Great job each time. Pixie looks forward to you coming out to clean.


Melissa Windsor

12 February 2016

I am so pleased with the professionalism and excellent service we receive from MaidPro East Valley. Thank you to all - including Paula and Crystal for their dedication to excellence. Our home shines every two weeks!! We love MaidPro East Valley!! More...


Cindy King

12 February 2016

Mari the customer service rep and Summer and Alex my cleaners were absolutely the best! The ladies were on time friendly, professional, and very, very good at their jobs. i have used several different services trying to find a keeper and i certainly found one in Maidpro... my only critique is i wish they did cleaning services on Sat.. but overall an awesome experience! More...


Wendi Brown

27 January 2016

The service i received yesterday was top notched. Thank you so much!! Wendi. Roanoke TX


Keren Chowdhury

16 January 2016

Had my house cleaned today and they did an amazing job, smelled clean and fresh and not one spot was missed thank you again and see you in a few weeks :)


Tumeka Henry

9 January 2016

I am very pleased with the service of cleaning provided. I left a competitor and never looked back.


Dorrie Kwapisz

21 December 2015

The girl they sent for a one time cleaning was awesome!!! She did a great job and would ask for her again. I didn't giv five stars as I think they are too expensive. Having said that would use them again... More...


Mike Threlkeld

17 December 2015

I'm in Fayetteville, AR. Kerri has always done an excellent job for me! So has Kristen. Great job ladies!


Roz Sachs Monahan

16 December 2015

I have monthly service and I am always happy with the way my little house looks after Erika does her job. She always arrives on time and in a pleasant mood. I especially enjoy the note she leaves when she is finished. More...


Megan Hill Marcus

15 December 2015

I have been using the Orland Park, IL MaidPro since March 2015 and couldn't be happier with the level of service they provide. From the office staff to the ladies who come to my home, they are professional on every level. Communication is fantastic and I know that any time I need to make changes or add additional services all I need to do is send an email and almost immediately I get a reply back- they are very accommodating. The ladies that clean my home are polite and respectful and leave a detailed note so that I know everything that they have done. They even leave cute little notes from time to time- for example, when it was daughter's birthday they wrote her a happy birthday message on her art easel. It was such a kind gesture. They work hard and take pride in doing a good job and I appreciate all they do. I highly recommend MaidPro for your house-cleaning needs. More...


Christine Coll

10 December 2015

Tiffany did a wonderful job in my Mom's apt. She focused on the areas we discussed and the apt is sparkling and fresh. We are delighted. The office staff is efficient, communicative and respectful, five stars all the way More...


Sara Beth Fair

20 November 2015

Thanks Gannon and crystal for always doing a great job In Huntsville Alabama


Danie Waechter

6 November 2015

I've been having the gals at Maid Pro clean my townhouse for about a year now and I couldn't be happier! I have complete trust in them and they have a key to my place. They go in while I'm at work and I come back to a beautiful clean home. They leave a checklist to let me know what's been completed and leave me sweet notes! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable home cleaning service. More...


Angel Lunceford

5 November 2015

At maidpro were here to make sure you are satisfied with our service. If your not we'll come back and try again, ww want all our customers happy. Yes I work at maidpro in Morrisville NC and enjoy meeting new people every day. I love to clean so this job is great. At the end of the day I feel good about my cleaning, I know that my customer is going to come home to a clean home and be very happy they called maidpro. Check us out More...


Pamela Sue Young

29 October 2015

Professional, efficient and pleasant cleaning service. Management is interested to hear your perspective and focuses on customer needs. Great job!


Akala White Murray

9 October 2015

I love Maidpro of Burleson! They are very professional, timely and thorough. If I ever have special request they always take care of them promptly! Libia usually cleans our house, and we love her she does an awesome job! But if she's ever not available and another person comes out they leave the house just as clean! More...


Helana Cabral

29 September 2015

Maidpro in west palm beach, FL is amazing. I can not say enough great things about them.


Nick Ross

9 August 2015

Been using MaidPro for 6 years and they are outstanding. Their cleaning pros are very reliable, courteous, and thorough. I'd highly recommend MaidPro for your cleaning needs. More...


Jim Noble

16 July 2015

The girls worked hard and were very nice to deal with. I would recommend them.


Ellery Truesdell

11 July 2015

Candy and her crew have done an excellent job, right from the beginning. I am very pleased with the service.


Georgie Davey

3 July 2015

I've not used MaidPro for very long, but so far it has been very much to my liking. The girls, Rose & Lisa, have been very good about coming in and doing just what I've wanted them to do and I'm very satisfied. Maybe it's because I have never used a service, but done my own cleaning, but it has been so nice to have the help. I've had back surgery and can't do what I once did so I have nothing but good to say about MaidPro of Indian Trail, NC. More...


Jeffrey Vaughn

30 June 2015

I have MS, so even though I'm a single person living alone, I have a hard time keeping up with housework. MaidPro has been a life saver, since they can vacuum, change the sheets, take out the trash, and do other tasks that are very difficult for me. I've used two different offices in Washington, and met the cleaners that have come out, and they've all been great. It's nice to know that I'm always ready for company. : ) More...


Ashlee Koerselman

29 May 2015

As an employee, I love every aspect of my job. Our office staff is amazing and so are our clients. MaidPro, especially at our office, truly supports and appreciates the work their service professionals do. I have never felt as at home as I do with MaidPro. More...


Jessica Dalton

19 May 2015

Purchased a Groupon to try this company and I am impressed! I will certainly look to them again for cleaning services.


Julie Bryant

1 May 2015

Another amazing clean! Lorena & Blanca in Fort Worth do excellent work and there is nothing more I could have asked for.


Elaine Christian

22 April 2015

In the midst of a family medical emergency, I was so pleased I went with MaidPro to clean my daughter's condo. . Marissa and Nora did an excellent job. it was easy to get an estimate and I was happy that the amount charged matched the estimate. A great service. Thank you. More...


Jennifer Gaffney Bishop

21 April 2015

I really like Melissa from the Collegeville location. Very nice and does a great job on my home cleaning.


Marianne Rose Price

3 April 2015

Had Maid Pro to my homhome in Kalkaska, MI yesterday. I couldn't be more thrilled wit their work. The rooms they cleaned look new again.


Andrés V. Vargas

24 March 2015

Temecula Maidpro is amazing... Will definitely recommend them to friends and family...


Stone Gernert

11 March 2015

After an unpleasant experience with our last house cleaner from another company we were really hesitant to try another service in Cranston Rhode Island. I did my research on Yelp and found Maidpro. I have to say that Maid Pro and Specifically Jose and Yolanda completely surpassed our expectations! Our house has never EVER looked this clean or gorgeous. They cleaned our house better than if I would have done it myself and they were so professional! We are definitely will be using Maidpro on a regular basis and asking for Jose and Yolanda. Great work Maidpro, we are never hiring anyone else but you. More...


Paul Moschell

7 December 2014

After much research, I am so pleased that I found MaidPro here in Denver. The communication I received before my first cleaning was very accurate and cordial. Both of my maids, Hilda and Courtney, were very professional and thorough. Excellent service that I will recommend to all of my friends and neighbors. Thank you! Paul in Denver More...


Kristine Clark

16 September 2014

The Winter Garden team is awesome! We were sorry to lose Brittney (kudos to her for moving up in the company) but Kasie took over for her and is doing a great job. Tina calls every time to remind us of the clean and again after the clean to make sure everything is ok; she listens to our concerns and makes corrections whenever needed. Thank you!! Very personalized and professional service. Plenty of opportunity for feedback. More...


Tryna Daurie

13 July 2014

Bryce was the best! So helpful! Def someone Id love to work with in the future!!!


Maidpro has been in business for over a decade. The East Bridgewater office has been in business for 2 years.

Yes, we bring everything we might need to clean your space, according to your needs.

The satisfaction of looking at a client`s house we just cleaned and imagining how the client will feel as they walk into that place. It is also great to know that we did the best job that could possibly be done in that space, which is why we offer the 24-hour re-clean if the client is not 100% happy.

We always wanted to make our customer`s lives easier with a very reliable service at an affordable price. Maidpro gives us the strength of a brand behind what we do with the excellence we do it.

We are in love with what we do and we have a whole database of satisfied clients to back us up. Try our services once and you will really feel the difference in our cleaning standards.