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I am an interior designer with a degree in design and over thirty years of experience. I have worked on constructions sites, in furniture and flooring stores, and in design studios. The scope of those projects can be as simple as a quick touch up, advice on a DIY project, or a total remodel or new construction.


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Anne W.

24 April 2012

I know Mary on a personal and professional level. I have seen several of her finished products and been the beneficiary of her talents in my rental and personal properties. She is a no nonsense go-getter who can see the forest for the trees and not only has innovative and exciting design concepts, but practical and "out of the box" solutions to the many issues that can arise when remodeling a room, or whole house. She works only with dependable, trustworthy, professional contractors and sub contractors. Her attention to detail, knowledge of design trends and styles is amazing. No matter the cost or size of the project, each one gets meticulous personal attention. I had no problem leaving the state and letting her take charge of the remodel for my rental property in San Diego. And, as expected, everything is perfect and gorgeous. More...

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First is a get acquainted meeting to go over the things that you want to address and talk about some solutions. If you want to proceed, we have a meeting to go over all the details and come up with a comprehensive scope of work. If it a remodel, it starts with multiple sketches of the new concept, if not then a starting point and a division of work if you want to be totally involved, if not I get started with what ever research, shopping or samples are needed. Everything is submitted to you for approval. I will make suggestions but if you have your own idea, I make sure it is implemented and that it ties into the rest of what we are doing. Since it is important that we can work comfortably together, the first meeting (usually an hour) is at no charge.

Your house should reflect your vision, not mine. I reserve my style for my house and work at getting your style focused, refined, and implemented. That’s why all my jobs have a unique look. The client sets the tone and style and we worked together to make it happen.

If you have three kids and a big dog, I help you find a practical look that you'll enjoy; a lot of entertaining, then a comfortable inviting space; gourmet cook gets the dream kitchen; kids gone then a care free just you and me home. All of these scenarios can be blended with your favorite style.

When I hear from the client, even years after the job is done, "I can't believe this is belongs to me and I still love coming home to it."

I enjoyed fixing up my surroundings and realized that I could never live in enough houses to create all the interiors that I'd like. The obvious solution was to do it in other people's homes.

I have raised a family giving me lots of practical insight into what makes a home practical, reduces stress, and is what you've always hoped it would be. (Disclaimer – not stress free just a little less of it.) Also, I shop where ever it is necessary to get the job done. I don’t sell products, only help and ideas. I’ve shopped sales, consignment shops, estate sales, designer showrooms, or whatever worked for the project. Nothing is purchased through me, so no mark-up and you get any discounts offered. I have a group of subcontractors that I've worked with and can suggest them or write out project specs for bid so you can compare apples and apples.


modification of existing to total renovation

modification to total renovation

partial home to total renovation

Painting, space planning, furniture arranging, rehanging art and accessorizing