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Martin Laverty

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The Garden Converter

Qualified Landscape Gardener
Established Approx 10years
Extensive knowledge on plants and best conditions for optimum growth
Water Features
Sheds/Summer houses

Tree topping
Hedge trimming
Grass cutting
Roll out/ sow out lawns
Planting;Trees, Hedges, Plants, Shrubs.

No Job Too Small.

  • 6 hires on
  • 17 minutes average response time
Martin Laverty Reviews

Martin Laverty Reviews

Review of Martin Laverty by Jackie
1 25/03/2019 Jackie

Martin didn't show up wouldn't use again

Review of Martin Laverty by Frances Corbett
3 14/03/2019 Frances Corbett

Martin provided an excellent verbal summary of the work he could do but I found another supplier more locally.
I was also a little wary when I read some of his reviews from other customers

Review of Martin Laverty by TL
1 02/02/2019 TL

Initially I was quite impressed by Martin who was quick to respond to my phone call and visit my home to give an initial quotation for a few simple tasks. Little did I know that his time keeping at all other times was atrocious because he flits between so many different jobs each day. The only time he was ever early was to demand an upfront deposit at 8am on Saturday morning before he could commence any work. He then swiftly disappeared after he helped himself to a cup of tea never to be seen for at least 3 weeks. When he finally did turn up he told me the job was much more substantial that he had first thought and he would not be able to complete it properly until more funds were paid immediately - several hundred pounds extra in fact. This for a tiny task that was completed in a literally an hour with no parts required. He claimed to have used recycled parts but I have photos which confirm otherwise. If you ask for a receipt he will gladly offer to provide one but you'll never see it. As others have said his buddy does all the work while Martin quite happily helps himself to your tea and biscuits and spends most of the time chatting. It's comical to see his working hours listed online as 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri. You'll be lucky to get 2 hours per week out of him with a 1 day task taking about a month to actually complete he's so slow. Also If he sees you have anything useful in your garage or garden for him to complete some other job for someone else he wont be afraid to ask for it - he's as bold as brass and a real chancer! I can only agree with all the other negative comments which are entirely accurate and consistent with my own experience. All talk and no action would be a fitting description for Martin who charms his way into your home but does as little work as possible for as much as he can possibly get. Would definitely not recommend him to anyone even if you are desperate.

Review of Martin Laverty by Aileen M
5 21/01/2019 Aileen M

Martin and team finished up at my house and did a fantastic job and I would highly recommended him. Very friendly and high quality. Great value for money.

Martin Laverty replied:
Hi Aileen, a pleasure to work in your garden. Always a pleasure working and leaving my customers happy.
Review of Martin Laverty by John G.
1 25/08/2018 John G.

This gentleman did work for me off & on until I found a more reliable source. His second in command did most of the work while Martin flitted about, disappeared and drank coffee. He's what we term in these parts "a fly man".

Review of Martin Laverty by Tim Hughes
2 07/06/2018 Tim Hughes

Still waiting on quotation and plan

Review of Martin Laverty by George
1 15/05/2018 George

Yes, Martin Laverty came to me last year as I was getting 3 different quotes. I asked him to put it in writing, also told him I would need an invoice and receipt when the job was finished.
Never seen him again. Think he's frightened of issuing paperwork for some reason???

Review of Martin Laverty by Mary Monaghan
1 15/04/2018 Mary Monaghan

I would advise anyone thinking of employing Martin Laverty to be cautious. His charges were extortionate and he consistently refused to tell me where materials were bought. He was adamant that he never gave receipts to customers. Only two of the “statement” planters actually looked new.The work was spun out far too long, with him becoming more and more casual in his timekeeping. As a sideline, he tried to sell me what was obviously “snake oil”for arthritis. It was to cost £40. I refused.

Review of Martin Laverty by Patrick CAtchpole
5 09/11/2017 Patrick CAtchpole

Martin was fantastic - a very fast worker, took no breaks at all, and was very friendly and easy to deal with.
I would recommend him to anyone who wants garden or tree work done, and he also does carpentry and joinery!
All in all a fantastic result - I am delighted with the job and will certainly use him again!

Used this pro
Review of Martin Laverty by Mary Monaghan
2 31/10/2017 Mary Monaghan

I employed Martin laverty to do a comprehensive tidy up/cull in my garden.Work included some hard landscaping. The initial work was completed quickly and well. Over time his absences from site - never explained - became more frequent and the work was being spun out too long. His attitude seemed to be ‘now you see me, now you don’t ‘.
The statement plants and planters didn’t exactly match his promises. He consistently refused to give me any information about where he bought materials, or to provide receipts. His invariable reply was ‘I don’t give receipts to any customers ‘.
As a sideline, spotting that I had arthritis, he tried to sell me what was undoubtedly snake oil - for £40 ! I declined.

Review of Martin Laverty by Marian Kelly
1 09/10/2017 Marian Kelly

The company contacted me and quoted a price 150% higher than I knew the going rate to be. I said `I did not wish to pursue the matter as it was more than `I had been expecting to pay. He dropped the price and I agreed he could do the work. Despite me making arrangements with him (discussing the proposed arrangements over several phone calls) he never turned up to do the job and wasted. He therefore wasted 2 full weeks of my time during which I could have engaged a reliable contractor instead. He did not even have the manners to tell me he was not coming. I would give a negative star rating to this person if possible.

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Review of Martin Laverty by Wendell
5 15/09/2017 Wendell

Martin and crew did some work for me today. They did a terrific job - no fuss tidied up afterwards and I felt the cost was very reasonable and fair. I will definitely have hiim back.

Review of Martin Laverty by Annemarie
1 03/08/2017 Annemarie

Got quote from martain for work to be carried out in my back garden. Price was agreed. Week before work is due to start martin rang asking for another £900 as he said work was more labour intensive as he could not get digger into back garden. Disappointing to say the least.

Review of Martin Laverty by Ian kells
5 18/07/2017 Ian kells

Martin and Harry did an excellent job clearing our garden of weeds. They worked hard and left the area tidy.
We look forward to working with them again.

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Review of Martin Laverty by Antoinette
5 19/06/2017 Antoinette

Martin has totally transformed my garden both front and back he is very professional in how he works. The job is completed very thoroughly. I would be very pleased to recommend his services. My garden is totally different to what it was before Martin arrived.

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Review of Martin Laverty by Carole hall
5 18/05/2017 Carole hall

Martin and his team came to my nettle and weed filled garden two days ago and totally transformed it! He took the time to find out what I wanted from my garden and offered advice and ideas. I now have a patio area to enjoy on (hopefully) warm summer days and evenings, plus a grassy area, best of both worlds. I would thoroughly recommend The Garden Converter.

Martin Laverty

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Martin Laverty Q&A

Martin Laverty Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

To watch the garden transform, from start to finish , forming a good friendship with client , attention to detail. Happy end result , ready for next project.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Dad to blame, been gardening for over 50yrs , I joined up as a boy , and grew to love gardening . The great outdoors , love your garden , and all the wild life in it.

Why should our clients choose you?

Because I’m a professional, love gardening , from the heart , that’s what I do best.

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