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Hello my name is Martin Jones, I am a Financial Commentator. I used to be a FSA Regulated IFA but now I now help clients make the most of they & their families' money & assets by monitoring their investments / keep track of their assets (property, plant, vehicles, planes & boats etc) and advising what to say, to ask or tell their Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager, Bank Manager, Estate Agent, Mortgage Advisor, Accountant & the HMRC or by being the virtual company secretary for their various Limited Companies.



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Meeting & helping people.

How much is your normal "retainer fee"?
My "retainer fee" for most clients is £1 / day.

How much do you charge to prepare a Will?
Provided your affairs are relatively straight forward I charge £80 / Will. For this I also prepare any "Lasting Power of Attorney" Deeds that
you may need.

Do I have to visit your office?
I am happy to meet you were ever you please.

My late Father inspired me to own my own business.

Because I am not really selling you anything other than my time, my experience & my other clients experiences