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8 July 2019

The venue is beautiful for an inside or outside wedding and perfect for the ceremony and reception in one place. There are flowers, trees, and gardens in front and in back of the Inn that make you feel like there is nobody else around and these provide beautiful backdrops for pictures. The bride’s room is done in white and has a full large bathroom connected to it. The Groom’s room is more casual for the guys but is still great and also has a full bathroom. The Bride is upstairs and the Groom is downstairs, so no chance of running into each other accidentally. There is a Gorgeous spiral staircase for the Bride’s grand entrance. Everything was on time and professional and they are very accommodating to special requests. The staff was always on top of things and catered to us like we were royalty. The food was great. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Also, They provide plenty of parking for guests. We don’t have our professional photos but have included a few from cell phones.


Aaron M Meyers

27 May 2019

I was a wedding photographer for this venue on Saturday 5/25/19. The staff was super friendly and extremely helpful. Even on a day with rain, which happened on Saturday I was able to still keep the couple under cover and get some outdoor type photos using techniques I have in my big bag of tricks. The upstairs views allows for stunning photos during the ceremony, and the reception hall is easy to bounce light off to give off camera light.

The DJ was HILARIOUS. He was full of 1 liners and employed quite a few different tactics to entertain the guests and bridal party during the reception. I can not wait to go back and work this venue again.


Shannon Lindquist Perkes

5 February 2019

They are amazing to work with. Our daughters wedding was beautiful. They captured the vision and performed beyond our expectations! Thank you Jenn & Colleen!



7 September 2018

We had a great experience at the Grand Willow Inn! Connie and Jamie were very friendly, attentive, and flexible. They made sure the day was perfect, even when our DJ stood us up. The venue was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better day! More...


Tiffany Towne

6 June 2018

Beautiful flowers!!!


Ellen Weger Romesburg

23 February 2018

My Valentine bought me flowers from Floral Smith and they were absolutely stunning! A wonderful assortment of flowers arranged beautifully in a really cool vase. Floral Smith is my new go-to florist. Great job!! More...



27 July 2017

From the moment my Fiance and I stepped into The Grand Willow I knew it was the perfect place for us to get married. I fell in love with the Carriage Room and all of the twinkle lights, it was just amazing! The Bed and Breakfast available to rent on the 3rd floor made it even more amazing knowing our family could rent it for the weekend and be together getting ready for the big day. Carmen is so amazing, kind, and talented. She immediately made us feel welcome and answered all of our questions. She was so accommodating when we wanted to bring our families all 10 of us to see the venue again we are quite a handful. Connie's food is absolutely AMAZING! I cannot say Thank You enough for giving us the wedding of our dreams. People are still raving about it a month later that it was the BEST wedding they had been too!! Knowing that we just had to show up and EVERYTHING was taken care of was the best feeling ever. We didn't have to worry about anything. Our wedding was MAGICAL, the flowers, the food, the tables, it was PERFECT! Carmen and Connie are AMAZING, they truly care about making your special day Wonderful!!! Just yesterday my friend was still talking about the Braised Beef Brisket, LOL and the Red Potato Gorgonzola Bacon Salad! YUMMY! My husband Paul and I cannot say THANK YOU ENOUGH!! We love The Grand Willow, best decision ever!!! More...



1 May 2017

Having my wedding at The Grand Willow Inn was one of the best decisions I made when it came to my wedding. First off, this place is BEAUTIFUL and Connie and Carmen are fantastic at what they do! They made my dream wedding day become a reality! We had an absolute blast at my decoration consultation and they easily created exactly what I wanted. When my wedding day came, they had every little detail taken care of and I was stress free. Oh, and the food! It was delicious! I can't say enough great things about The Grand Willow Inn! I'm so thankful I chose it for my wedding venue. So if you are looking for an absolutely gorgeous venue for your perfect, stress free wedding day look no further, you've found it! Thank you Connie and Carmen!!!! More...



27 January 2017

We loved our wedding. The venue is very beautiful and has a comfortable feeling. The photos turned out so lovely because of the well maintained grounds and beautiful foliage everywhere in the venue. The decorations that Connie and Carmen added for our special day gave the venue a really personal touch that matched the mood that we wanted. We had a few ideas for the consult and taste trial meeting and they were all executed beautifully on the wedding day. The rehearsal was also a very effective use of time, Connie and Carmen were very helpful on that stressful day. Everyone loved the dinner, and the appetizers, all of the guests said it was the best wedding dinner they had ever had. I was also thrilled to have a plate made up for me when we entered the carriage room, I don't think I would have been able to eat otherwise. My husband and I would highly recommend venue and would book our wedding here again in the future. Another nice feature was the ability to stay the night in their b&b.

The only bad experience I had was with the end of the night, my husband and I had paid for extra time with the understanding that we would be leaving the venue at 9pm. However, they started moving our guests out and starting the walkout at 8pm! With the wedding starting at 4 and guests leaving at 8 it was just heartbreakingly too short. The venue was not willing to work with us on this at all. When I realized all the guests were being moved out I spoke with the day of coordinator about why the event was ending early, when we paid for extra time and would have paid for more extra time if necessary, she said it would be 9 pm by time we were out. Keep in mind that 9 had already been the agreed upon exit time so that we would be completely out by 10. So, if I had to do it again, I would book with Grand Willow Inn, but I'd either start the wedding earlier so I'd have more time with my guests, or I'd have brought my contract with me so that I could show them the times we agreed on.


Kati C.

25 January 2017

This venue is incredibly beautiful. The staff was wonderful and the food delicious. I was thrilled with the service and would absolutely recommend them for future events.



25 January 2017

We had an amazing experience with this venue and our guests indicated the same on our big day. We did the full meal deal and used all the services available including the bed and breakfast upstairs the night before and after the ceremony for ease and comfort even though we lived locally. We used their recommendations for other vendors needed and were very pleased with all. Our only disappointment was the weather and we had to move our plan to inside and it ended up spitting the guests at dinner which didn't work as well as we had hoped having a divided party and some guests noticed some awkwardness. But----- Overall I can't think of anywhere else I would recommend, we loved the owner, manager and staff and they gave us an incredible experience that day and year in prep. Originally I thought a little pricey but so worth it in the end ! I would highly recommend to anyone for "one stop shopping" and very personal touch. More...



23 January 2017

We were working within a 7 month time frame (January engagement and early August wedding). Having both the wedding/reception venue and the reception food nailed down early was a great bonus. Their cake, photography and DJ recommendations also worked out great. The flexibility of being both indoors and/or outdoors as the weather would permit was also a great stress relief. Their decor selection was quite broad and they were very open to anything we wanted to add on our own. Carmen and Connie's experience and oversight gave us great confidence that we were well prepared before the big day. The day went very smoothly and we were able to fully enjoy our family and guests while Carmen and Connie worked in the background. In short, it was a wonderful day. More...



20 January 2017

We loved the grand willow because they made the day of our wedding soooo easy! They set up and tear down all decorations, so no having to worry about that! They provide so much for such a great price! They were always so helpful and quick to respond when I had questions. I recommend this to anyone getting married and looking to make their day as easy and seamless as possible! More...



19 January 2017

I really appreciated the lack of pressure to sign at the beginning. The Grand Willow team is really interested in making sure you're making the right decision for you and is there for any questions.



12 July 2016

We had our wedding tasting and decorating appointment over the weekend, it was so fun! Connie & Carmen are so fun to work with!! I loved how supportive & prepared they were prior to my visit & they matched exactly what I was in- visioning. Truly Great wedding coordinators. Very processional & helped us stay right on budget! Thanks so much Connie & Carmen. See you soon for the Rehersal & big day!! #November2016 More...



27 October 2015

Connie and her staff provide a one of a kind, stress free, all inclusive venue. There were so many options for ceremony set ups both indoor and out. My husband and I had a few requests for the ceremony that were custom taylored gracefully to our liking by The Grand Willow Inn and staff. Great menu options, and the food was fabulous! I truly had the most beautiful day of my life at this venue, and I am truly gratedul for their experience and encouragement that made our wedding such a memorable experience. I highly recommend The Hrand Willow Inn. More...



27 October 2015

Oh my, the Grand Willow Inn was absolutely the best decision we made for our daughter's wedding. It was a very good value for all they do for the bride and groom. We cannot recommend them enough. You will not be disappointed. The food was exceptionally great, also a huge value! They are very delightful to work with and knowledgeable about what it takes to have a smooth running, successful event.
Thank you Connie and Carman,
Sharon Littell, mother of the bride.,



27 October 2015

Connie offers a lot of great things for the price. They're willing to accommodate to different dietary guests and work well with your budget and what you can afford. She decorated the whole place for us and it was absolutely beautiful. The only downside is Connie wasn't very present on the actual day because of an injury so there was a lot of chaos and things that didn't go as planned or that I wished would have happened. I also had about 6 vegetarians and three of them didn't get their food that I paid for so after some scrambling around my step dad eventually found someone in the kitchen to help them out, but that's something I didn't want my family to have to take care of.
I will however stay at the bed and breakfast on our first anniversary because the venue and property are so beautiful and special to us.


Laura C.

15 October 2015

Connie and Carmen were incredible! I booked the Grand Willow Inn for our wedding as far in advance as possible. Connie still answered all of my emails quickly and thoughtfully, even when the wedding was well over a year away. If you want a low-stress experience, the Grand Willow Inn is the way to go. They do all the decorating AND clean up for you! My husband and I had a specific vision, old library theme. We wanted a masculine look with feminine touches. Connie and Carmen went WAY above and beyond in making our vision a reality. They completely understood what we wanted and ran with it. They not only pulled the perfect decorations from their huge stock, they went out and bought new decorations to make our day beautiful and just as we pictured it. They were always full of enthusiasm which made the wedding planning process so much fun! We dropped off any of our own personal additions to the day (alcohol, more decorations, etc) during the rehearsal. Everything was set up before we arrived on our wedding day. Before we left for the evening, the staff packed up everything that needed to go home with us, including food! I highly recommend the Grand Willow Inn for your wedding day. It's a gorgeous venue with a dedicated, hard working, professional staff. I would love to go to a wedding here and experience it from another perspective! More...



12 July 2015

This review is long overdue. But better late than never, I suppose. With much time to reflect, I'm just as happy, if not happier, with the Grand Willow. In all honesty, I cannot think of one negative thing to say about Connie, the venue, or our wedding day. It was a magical day & I cannot sing Connie's praises enough. I am still blown away by all that she does. And she pulled it all off in a way that left me surprisingly very low stress. Connie is amazing at what she does. When it came to my ideas for decor, it's like she could read my mind. I am a very detail-oriented person & she went above & beyond! The food was so good too & we got lots of compliments on it! The whole experience from start to finish was more than I could have hoped for! I also *highly* recommend the house mc...he was fantastic! Everything was perfect & I cannot thank Connie & her team enough! More...



13 April 2015

Christine and Carmen were so sweet and attentive.....had all the answers and wonderful suggestions for our wedding event.

The DJ was terrific and had a great sense of humor!
The venue itself was beautifully decorated and so many of our guests were moved by it's beauty inside and outside.
Thank you again for a beautiful memory to cherish!



7 January 2015

Connie and staff were great. Everything was perfect for our special day. The food was real good and everyone loved martin the dj. It really was just so beautiful! Our guest had a great time even all our antiwedding friends enjoyed themselves and said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Thank you so much connie! More...


Thomas R.

29 December 2014

Enough cannot be said about the experience we had with the Grand Willow owner and staff!My wife and I were wed 12/13/14 (our actual anniversary 7 yrs. ago). Upon our initial meeting with Connie (owner) we were not only treated like valued customers but also treated like family. We really felt at ease while we viewed the beautiful venue and property. We arrived with our ideas of color and decor upon arriving as well as already having purchased a wedding dress which gave Connie a good starting point for the venue decorations, colors, runners, table cloths and center pieces etc (included in our price!). Connie brought us into a room that really feels like a "behind the scenes" movie set prop room but much nicer with a table already decorated to give you a reference piece and first run concept and let me tell you that before we left we had the entire decor done! This room has everything so you can decorate the table on the spot. Connie even had multiple center piece concepts so we were able to have (2) alternating center pieces at every table. I cannot tell this story without some background information leading up to the day of though. During the month of December while planning this wedding the wife and I had experienced a larger than normal amount of stressful events in our life. One such major event while on our way to the Grand Willow Open House for food tasting and during a call to touch base with our officiant our timing belt in our family car broke unexpectedly destroying the engine. So to top off the month we decided we needed to take the plunge into buying a new car if things were not stressful enough! I could go on and on but when it rains it pours! The one true rock here was Connie and when I saw her the night of rehearsal I had to give her a hug like she was my own mother. She really made me feel that everything was going to be ok. Alright, back to the venue. We were blown away period. We had a Christmas themed wedding and it was amazing! From the huge Christmas tree, the seating, aisle and stair decor all the way back to the reception room nothing was left out, it was magical and incredible! There are so many beautiful photo ops here and our photographer at Ashley Photography can a test to that! The outside was just as amazing and fairy tale like with Christmas lights and landscaping that does not disappoint! I cannot forget to touch on a couple more things here. The food, staff and bartenders were also amazing. We had the prime rib and Salmon which we received a ton of compliments on and there was very little leftovers it was so popular including the side dishes! My wife and I were waited on hand and foot during the whole evening and really felt like royalty! Connie also brought in a new General Manager "Bree" and she is terrific too. We would definitely like to give a thanks to her as well. Bree stepped up and MC'd the evening to help out the DJ as there was supposed to be a second which did not show up leaving just the one. I did not know this until afterwards as Bree did such a good job. She was also extremely attentive and we were very glad she could be a part of our special day Thank You Bree!I could go on and on about this place but you will have to see it for yourself, heck just look at the pictures from my event as well as others on her website and FB.Thanks again Connie and Bree from the Riverson's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...



11 December 2014

It was the best place I and my wife choose for our wedding,
our guests and family were delighted
with the place.
It is also a good place for all kinds of events.
very friendly and attentive manager.



11 December 2014

Our wedding was this last August at the Grand Willow. I can't say enough of how amazing it was. There was no stress or hassle for any of our family or friends. Everything was taken care of! Connie is so thoughtful and has a huge imagination. She puts so much love into everything she does. I can't brag enough about that venue and how everyone should expierence it. Thank you!!! More...



10 December 2014

Absolutely an amazing place! Connie and her staff are so fabulous; she was so responsive during our planning, answering every little question I had quickly and thoroughly. Our wedding day was perfect. I wouldn't have changed a thing. The decorations were breathtaking and fit our theme beautifully. The property is so amazing as well with all the beautiful plants and flowers. The food was so fabulous; our guests were raving about it. Every little detail was totally taken care of for us, my groom and I didn't worry about a single thing (besides showing up and getting married) the entire day. Connie even made sure we had some leftovers to take with us when we departed for the night. The Grand Willow is just a great place! The price for everything that we got that night was very affordable. The DJ/MC (Martin Iverson) was awesome; he kept the events moving along at a perfect speed and was so entertaining! I can't recommend this place enough to make for the perfect wedding day. More...


Lisa G.

12 October 2014

Let me start by saying it is a beautiful venue and was pleased with the atmosphere and surroundings at the wedding I attended. The DJ was amazing....don't know his name but he was awesome!  There was a point in the day of the wedding that some negative things were done and said by the staff though that put a weight on not only the brides shoulders, but her family and wedding party!  I feel during the day of the wedding all things should be positive and the negatives can wait for the next day in a phone call or other ways of communication!   Aside from those two encounters I felt it was a great experience!   Only other constructive feedback I can give is to maybe place more garbage cans (pretty ones lol) around your main lobby and outside area so guest may use them instead of placing their dirty cups around the venue! More...


Michelle B.

8 September 2014

My husband and I got married here over Labor Day weekend, and we can't say enough about Connie and her team at the Grand Willow. While we were planning our big day, she was always responsive and quickly answered any little questions I had. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! The whole place was decorated so beautifully, and such wonderful attention to detail! Our Day-Of Coordinator, Amanda was just awesome. She kept everything running smoothly, and was constantly checking in on us to make sure we had everything we needed. We didn't worry about a single thing all day; absolutely everything was taken care of for us. Connie's food was incredible! Our guests were raving about how good everything was. My husband and I were so glad to have gotten some leftovers to take with us since we didn't get to eat much during our reception. I wouldn't change a single thing about our wedding day, and I am so grateful that we chose the Grand Willow as our venue. More...



27 August 2014

As Father of the Bride, and on behalf of both of our families, I wanted to thank you for all that you did to make the Gahnberg/Alves wedding a wonderful event for all of us. From your easy assistance to the perfect set up, to the food, and entertainment, we could not be more pleased with The Grand Willow, the venue, and all of your friendly, helpful staff. Thank you very much. More...



17 July 2014

Love Connie and her team! The most friendly and creative venue out there! Connie does a fabulous job and the food is tiredly to die for! I wish My husband and I could have a wedding every year just to experience it again! More...



12 June 2014

I couldn't have chosen a more perfect place to be married. The venue was beautiful and the staff went above and beyond to make sure that my day was flawless. Every single detail was carefully attended to, the staff even packed up my gifts and leftovers at the end of the night. I didn't have to lift a finger or worry about anything from the moment I walked in until the night ended. The catering was provided and the food was perfect. I received so many compliments on the reception, the whole setup was beautiful. I may be a little biased, but I think that my wedding was the most fun and smooth running wedding i've ever been to. My guests loved the DJ, he was hilarious! This place gave me the perfect wedding experience and its because the owner, Connie, and her staff truly made sure that all of my wishes and ideas were made into reality. I couldn't be happier. More...


Nichole P.

11 June 2014

I wish I could give more than 5 stars! I was a bride at The Grand Willow this past saturday and my special day couldn't have been more perfect. Every little detail was attended to by Connie and her staff. The decor was perfect and exactly what I had envisioned. The food was AMAZING, I had not one complaint. The MC that Connie recommended was hilarious, and he kept the night going. All in all, I cannot put into words how helpful and attentive the day of coordinators were. Connie made every idea of mine a reality and I was able to have the wedding of my dreams because of her and the staff. The venue is beautiful, but getting married there was so much more than just enjoying the home. The overall experience was simply perfect. I didn't stress or worry about ANYTHING!  I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a venue in the area. More...



7 May 2014

I have no words on how perfect this venue was! Connie was so wonderful to work with even after we had to change our date she was always so helpful and cooperative with what we wanted. She provided amazing decorations to what we wanted and gave amazing suggestions for other types of decorations. I really wanted an outdoor wedding but because of the weather we had to do it inside which was even better than I expected!! Her bartender, DJ and on-site coordinator were so kind and wonderful to work with. The catering was delicious I highly recommend her home-made dishes! This venue is absolutely perfect!!!!! More...



27 April 2014

My wedding was perfect. It was above and beyond my expectations. Connie and her staff have set the bar very high. The food was undeniably the best I have ever had, every single one of my guests were raving about how much they loved the food. The Grand Willow offers so much for so little. I don't think you will ever find a kinder, more genuine person like Connie to trust with something so special such as your wedding day.

5 stars all the way. I would have given more, but it only goes to 5.

I'm not just saying all this because Connie is my Mother :) I truly feel this way, as do my Spouse and her family, and just about anyone you talk to!

Thank you!

Wedding: 04/19/2014
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue



23 April 2014

Connie is so wonderful to work with! This venue is absolutely breathtaking! There are so many great places to take photos here and the service is wonderful.


Mary M.

16 March 2014

connie and her team hosted my wedding on 9/1/13. It was the PERFECT day. As the bride I didn't have to worry about a thing. They all worked behind the scenes and made everything move smoothly and beautifully. It was the big things like amazing food and gorgeous scenery down to the little things like bringing me and the bridal party water when were outside taking pictures. Connie was always receptive to my ideas and responsive to my (maannny) emails (typical bride!) She followed what we wanted for decorations to a TEE. I would 100 percent x 1000000 recommend this for a wedding venue. Not to mention it was affordable. I have heard from SO MANY people it was the best wedding they have ever attended. THANK YOU GRAND WILLOW!!!!! More...



21 February 2014

We had our wedding and reception at the Grand Willows. Connie is really good in accommodating you in any area of help you need. She has great ideas to help you plan your special day. I was able to do some of the decorating myself but all that Connie did was beautiful. She was helpful when we wanted to come out and do pictures. She has grest time management and keeps everything going smoothly. All the staff are really helpful, kind and were always there to help. Martin the DJ is very good, he kept our guests of all ages having a great time! I was so thankful when I finally got to sit down my plate was full of wonderful food, my glass was full of my favorite wine and I got to look around at all of our wonderful family and friends that came and shared our special day w us and just be so thankful for everything going so perfect all day! It was great to just pay and show up and know all would be done and be beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful wedding, the year of planning and working with you was great! I would recommend your beautiful home to anyone! More...



13 January 2014

Simply stated, our wedding was WONDERFUL!! The venue was beautiful, the staff was hard working and very responsive to everything! We didn't have to ask for anything, everything was taken care of. The customer service we received was above and beyond and I couldn't have asked for more. It was almost a feeling of having your friends or family with you to make sure everything was going smooth. Connie has a wonderful young lady that works for her that just ran her butt off the whole time. She just jumped right in when she thought she saw something that needed to be handled. I wasn't feeling well, she brought me homemade cider from Connie, my granddaughter was needing a change and she just took care of it, it was time to wrap things up, and EVERYTHING was packed and ready to go. Literally. My purse was even in the car already. That is what I mean by above and beyond. Worth every penny it cost us. If you want a wedding that you just have to show up for the party, this is the place to do it!
Thank you for making our wedding so memorable and flawless!!



10 January 2014

Everything was done for us including the decorations which were beautiful. It was a wonderful night and as the mother on the bride( who lived out of town) I was responsible for the arrangements. The food was great and at the end of the evening everything was packed to go including a meal for the bride and groom and leftovers to feed the family the next day. The DJ entertained the guests and many thanked us for a wonderful evening. More...



2 January 2014

My husband and I could not have asked for a better place to get married. Connie and her team made the day so special with all of their little extra touches. They took all of the stress off of us so we were able to enjoy every minute of our time there. Unlike alot of brides, I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted, only a few thoughts and ideas, and Connie filled in all the holes to create something spectacular for us. Everyone raved about the food and Martin, the DJ. The day went flawlessly thanks to our day-of coordinator, Whitney. She was amazing.
You absolutely get what you pay for when choosing The Grand Willow!



29 December 2013

Connie with The Grand Willow went out of her way to make the venue into everything that we had dreamed of when it came to customer service, decor, service, staff and food. Everything was in house and it made for a very stress free time planning a wedding... because she did it ALL! We received nothing but compliments from our guests on the beauty of the venue and the amazing food. More...



29 December 2013

Getting married at The Grand Willow was the best decision we could have made. Connie is a fantastic wedding coordinator and really pours her heart and soul into making everything go off without a hitch. She is great about making everything about the couple and adds her expertise and flair to each and every part of the event. More...



28 December 2013

Connie and her staff were amazing she put everything together better than I could even imagine. My guests raved about the food tremendously and about the DJ! She kept everything running smoothly and made our day per effect if you're thinking of having a wedding here do it! She goes above and beyond and does everything she can to complete every request and make it individual to you and your family More...



26 December 2013

The Grand Willow is the BEST venue for a wedding. Connie and her staff work diligently to make sure your special day is perfect.



14 December 2013

Our wedding was 10/5/2013 and we couldn't have asked for a better venue and service. We had such a wonderful day and everything went smoothly and this is all thanks to Connie and her staff. The food was terrific, the decorations were amazing and the wedding package includes everything you could want and more. It was really important for me not to be stressed on our wedding day and Connie and her staff made sure this happened. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone! More...



28 October 2013

Where do you begin on writing a review when you LOVED everything !!
To make it simple, I’ll start by just categorizing it.

VENUE: (outside) Beautiful flowers, the landscaping on the property is so elegant and fresh. ZERO problem with bugs and bees, day time and night time.

VENUE: (inside) Breathtaking “grand room”. Stunning staircase. Fun and functional “carriage room.” Wonderful layout of the rooms that you can make into your own.

We loved everything in this venue; food, prices, Connie’s communication. Everything was excellent. It’s one thing hearing good reviews, or reading them, but when you get to write one, It’s so hard trying to get everything down to benefit future brides! Not only do we give rave reviews of this venue, but so do all of our guests! I even had someone say, “my son has a girlfriend, they aren’t engaged yet, but when they are, we’re having his wedding here.” This venue is that wonderful!

Martin, the MC that she highly recommends (included in the cost of the venue) was fantastic! He really made the night great! The decorations throughout the venue (table cloths, table decorations, lights…) all included in the venue cost. She also has a “day-of coordinator”, Jamie. Having her there was very nice. She kept the day flowing at a nice pace and made sure that everyone knew where they had to be and when.
Some special touches that Connie did, decorated the brides room and grooms room with our colors. She packaged up our leftovers. She packaged up all of our gifts and leftover favors.

This is place is not only the most beautiful venue that we found, but her price is AMAZING! Me being the budget bride, price is a factor. But I also was willing to spend more, given the circumstance that this is my wedding day… But in this case, I’m pretty sure I saved a lot with just having my wedding here  And I appreciate that, a lot.

My wedding day turned out better than I imagined, just by having my wedding here.



18 October 2013

Connie and her staff were absolutely amazing! Connie was so flexible and willing to work with the craziness of a military wedding and accepted that it could be cancelled at any moment. Everything was perfect, the decorations were stunning, the food was incredible (many of my guest commented on how delicious it was), everything at the Grand Willow Inn was so welcoming, I didn't feel like I was getting married at just another venue, I felt as if I was getting married in a place that was made solely for my wedding! The atmosphere that Connie and her staff create is so relaxed yet I never worried that things would get to laid back. Thank you for making my wedding a dream come true! More...


Kendall S.

2 October 2013

As a professional wedding photographer I see a lot of different venues every year. The Grand Willow Inn stood out this year as one of the best! Connie really welcomes all couples with opens arms! She takes her relationships from just business to creating lasting friendships with not only her couples who wed there but the vendors as well. The decor she created to go with the theme of the wedding was beautiful, the DJ included was fun, personable and kept the party going, and the food was amazing. There were several vegans in attendance and she made something extra special for us, as well as making sure other dishes were vegan as well. I was really impressed with everything she did to make the day go smoothly and beautifully. I will definitely be adding the Grand Willow Inn to my list of preferred venues to give to my clients! More...


Melinda D.

4 September 2013

We were married at the Grand Willow in 2006.  We were actually living in CA, but "coming home" to get married, so this venue made a lot of sense for our logistics needs, as well as style.  I met with Connie and her wedding planner once in advance to plan the decoration and logistics ... then just showed up the day before for rehearsal.  We had coordinated other professionals from afar (DJ, food, photos, etc.) and everything worked out fine.  The Grand Willow delivered exactly what they promised, it was a sunny fall day (Oct 7) and our guests had a blast.  Friends and family still talk abou that day and The Grand Willow -- most of them local had never had the opportunity to attend an event there -- and were blown away.Thank you Connie for helping make our wedding day so special. More...


Erica V.

3 September 2013

I absolutely LOVED having my wedding at the Grand Willow.  Not only was the venue absolutely gorgeous but Connie and her staff went above and beyond my expectations.  Our pre-wedding session put me at ease on the extent of what would be done for us and the decorations she put together was spot on.  And the catering was fabulous.  There were more choices than I expected and everything was delicious.  The day of coordinator (Sara) was great to have and allowed for me to have everything I needed without even having to ask.  I had so many people tell me that our wedding was the best wedding they had ever been to and I know that Connie and her staff helped make that happen.  We stuck close to the recommended vendors and so happy we did.  Our DJ (Martin) made the night and the bartenders kept everyone well stocked but not too much.  I recommend the Grand Willow for any event but especially if you are on a budget.  We stuck close to our budget thanks to Connie and people thought we spent way more than we did. More...


Jeremy V.

3 September 2013

This was a great venue for our wedding, we couldn't have been happier with the way things turned out.  All of our guests had a great time.  The staff was very easy to work with and made the entire process very easy for us.  I would highly recommend this venue to anyone looking for a wedding venue in Western Washington. More...



30 April 2013

Our non-profit organization has held a fundraiser at the Grand Willow for two years in a row. This year was better than the last one because now that Connie, the owner, knows what we are attempting to do, she has been especially generous in offering advice and ideas. We couldn't have hoped for a more pleasant person to work with. The venue is unique and beautiful. More...



23 April 2013

As wedding officiants performing over 100 weddings a year, we get to experience lots of wedding venues, from elegant to rustic, from reasonably priced to “OMG!” Experience has shown that venues (at least, the ones we’ve seen) come in four basic “flavors:”

1. Venues that treat you like royalty. These are the most desirable venues, and tend to book up pretty early every year.

2. Venues that treat couples like royalty, and let vendors fend for themselves.

3. Venues that treat couples like money machines and vendors like nuisances. Luckily, there aren't many of these around anymore.

4. Venues that aren't very nice to anyone. Unfortunately, these do exist, but we’re not gonna write about them!

One venue that is definitely Type 1, and our favorite, is The Grand Willow Inn in Mt. Vernon. There are lots of reasons why we love it (and why you should seriously consider getting married here), but the main reason is probably Connie, herself. In the words of one happy couple, she is “caring, thoughtful, thorough, always reachable, will help you through any problems no matter what, knowledgeable, just plain awesome!!” We agree!

Not only is she “hands-on” to ensure virtually every facet of your wedding goes perfectly, but she does so with compassion, humor, and imagination. We’ve done many weddings at the Grand Willow and have never had cause for even the smallest complaint.

And while we’re on the subject, we don’t want to leave out Connie’s “right-hand woman,” Sarah, who helps keep everything running smoothly and never loses her sense of humor! Connie, Sarah and the rest of the superb Grand Willow crew offer an “island of calm” in what often seems like a “sea of chaos.”

But don’t take our word for it! See for yourself! For more information, photos and tons of great reviews (all well-deserved), visit the website, and have a great wedding!



15 October 2012

We had a nice wedding with dinner following for all our guests. The venue is beautiful. The food was awesome, hot and tasty. The dining area was decorated beautifully. We had a picture perfect wedding. Connie arranged everything. We used her DJ and photographer. Costs for both were very reasonable. The DJ was excellent. The photographer was friendly and accomodating. The photographs look beautiful. I highly recommend the Grand Willow for weddings and gatherings of any type. More...



12 October 2012

Connie and Jamie were amazing at the wedding. We had a couple of hiccups and they fixed them right up with no stress on me. So if you want a great value and a great venue I would definitely recommend this place. They are fantastic people and try to make sure that you have the best wedding day ever!! More...



12 October 2012

Connie and the Grand Willow were truly a dream come true. I couldn't have asked for a better place for a wedding. Every need was tended to, every question was answered and everyone left happy and well provided for. The venue itself is beautiful- well manicured lawns, clean, bright, warm rooms, accommodating bride/groom rooms, easy to do just a bit of decorating and call it our own for the day. The food Connie prepared was amazing. DJ Martin Iverson was such a hit! All in all- couldn't have been happier with my venue choice. More...



12 October 2012

The Grand Willow and Connie were amazing. Not only was the venue gorgeous (truly a hidden gem), but Connie and her staff went above and beyond to make sure our day was perfect.

There were some specific things I really wanted and Connie worked with me on everything. They were attentive, friendly, professional, and the day went off without a hitch. We were so thrilled we went with the Grand Willow for our venue - everyone was commenting on how amazing it was - and Connue took care if so much it made the day completely hassle free.



12 October 2012

Connie and Staff! We loved you! It was the most special day of our life and I would not change a thing! The minute I talked to you on the phone when trying to find a place to book, I knew, you were the one! Your positive, outgoing and energetic attitude made me feel SO extremely welcomed and at ease. I felt like I could call you any moment of the day and you didn't mind. Not only me but my husband also. You made us both feel like you honestly cared about us and in making this the best day of our life and that it wasn't just about making the money. My bridezilla never came out thanks to all the hard work you and your staff put in. You TRULY are the most hard working woman I have seen and I don't know how you do it! I feel so sad thinking that I wont be in "contact" with you like I was cause you were so wonderful and nice to talk to and OH the tangents we got on!! LOL You truly have a great gift for creating the most memorable days for people and every one of our guest and family LOVED your venue and what you did!! I am still hearing about how amazing it was and being a waitress I have heard nothing but good things from people who have been to weddings there on a monthly basis!! I give you 20 thumbs up and 20 stars and I would recommend this place to ANYONE who asked! You listened to everything that I wanted and helped me with my indecisiveness. I couldn't have been more pleased and when it came down to it, it was more than we could have EVER imagined! The look on my husbands face when he saw it all finally put together was priceless and the best feeling ever...especially when his mom told me that he was SO happy and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. :) That melted my heart to hear. Can't thank you enough and hope that I get to see you in the near future!! XXOO ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Jenny Rawls More...



12 October 2012

The grand willow inn is the best place ever to get married!!! If you are a bride and want a beautiful and STRESS free, well everything, this is the place. Not to mention the friendly staff and incredible deal! The grounds are large and wonderful. I am so happy i chose the grand willow inn. More...



25 July 2012

Everything about this place is magical. I have always dreamed of being a stress free princess and Connie at the grandwillow made that happen. The food was all done in house and was amazing, everyone had plenty to eat! There was a in house DJ emcee and he made us dance the night away. I hate dancing but I could not stop. We had a adult kid dance off, break dancing, conga line. Even those oldies to get the uncles and aunts shaking it. Months later I still have my cousins asking if I could have a wedding again at the grand willow becaus it was the best wedding ever!

Thanks Grand Willow!



24 July 2012

The Grand Willow was everything that I could have dreamed of for our wedding day. Connie the owner and coordinator is fantastic. She is very caring for each and everyone of her brides. The rest of the staff was very professional and did a great job. Food is also very good, I've still been thinking about the Cajun Jerked Chicken that we had for our wedding. All of our wedding guest are still telling me how awesome and beautiful our wedding was at the Grand Willow. More...



24 July 2012

Connie made our day PERFECT! I could not have asked for more. Her and her staff were so helpful, responsive, creative, professional, personal, and more. There aren't words to say how greatful I am. I want to redo our day over and over again! More...



24 July 2012

I had my wedding at The Grand Willow on July 7, 2012. My wedding was the best day of my life to date and a lot of it is owed to Connie and her team. Connie goes above and beyond to make sure she sees the brides vision. A couple examples--- (1) After Connie and I met for our design meeting, she went out and purchased vases that would match my theme and had her husband cut birch candle holders; (2) She sent me photos of suitcases she had found, and I had been looking for a suitcase to hold my cards and the ones she found were perfect. I asked her if I could purchase one from her, at that time she had to use them for other weddings--HOWEVER, she went and purchased a suitcase for me to use; and (3) She was unhappy with the flowers that she received b/c she didn't think it was "my vision" so she went out and purchased different flowers that she thought I would like. These are just a few examples among many about how much work, time, effort, and thoughtfulness Connie gives to her brides.

In addition to the great attention and effort Connie and her staff put into the weddings, the food is amazing. I received several comments about how amazing the food was. AND, Connie packed a goodie bag for my husband and I to take with us -- those of us who have gotten married know you don't eat much during the reception!

Finally, the thing I love most about the Grand Willow is the Plan B option. Washington's prime wedding months are during the summer, but as us Washingtonian's know, you can't count on the weather here. Thankfully, the weather was perfect for my wedding and we were able to have an outdoor wedding. However, if it had rained, I would have been just as happy with Plan B. If it's raining outside, Plan B is to get married inside in the Great Room with amazingly tall ceilings and a wrap around staircase. A lot of outdoor venues in Washington offer a sub-par Plan B, and Plan B at the Grand Willow is just as amazing as Plan A.

The Grand Willow was the perfect selection for my wedding. My only negative... the day went by too quickly!!!!



21 June 2012

My wedding was beautiful...it was exactly the way I wanted it to be. It was very stress free, Connie took care of everything and made sure I had Did not have any worries. The venue was gorgeous and set up just as I had wanted. The catoring was delicious as well. Beautiful Venue and Connie was great! More...



4 June 2012

All I can say is that Connie, Sarah and the rest of the Grand Willow team are amazing. They went out of their way to make our special day absolutely perfect!!! They had such great ideas and offered such good advice throughout the entire wedding process and coordinated everything on our wedding day so that we didn't have to worry about a thing. More...



3 May 2012

Absolutely, positively a wonderful experience. Connie, the yard, the FOOD, the wait staff, everything was perfect... If you book with Connie, you will not be disappointed.



24 April 2012

I'm not quite sure I can express in words how perfect our wedding day was and it is all because of Connie and Sara. Our first meeting with Connie set the tone of how things were going to work during the process of preparing for our day and there was no looking back once we made our decision to have the Grand Willow be our venue. We meet with Connie and Sara for a 3-hour consultation session in October and I walked out of the meeting so happy that I knew our wedding was in great hands and that the decorations and food would be exactly how I had pictured it my entire life.
The day of the event everything, that could be controlled, went exactly as planned and that is thanks to Sara, our day of coordinator. If we needed anything she was there. If we needed to be kept on track so that everything went on schedule, she was there with a smile and no one in my family or bridal party had to worry about getting things done. We had numerous family and friends tell us that it was the best wedding that they had ever been to and that made me smile. We both got to enjoy the day and will forever have fond memories of our special day.
Connie was our caterer and our food was so amazing. We were a very lucky couple that actually got to eat and enjoy the food served because they made sure once we were introduced at the reception that we had our own special table with food already served. Connie also made sure that when we left that we had to-go box of all of our appetizers and entrees, which worked out nicely after the party was over, especially since we didn't get to enjoy any of the appetizers because we were busy taking pictures.
Connie also had a vendor list available on her website of vendors that she had worked with in the past and all of the vendors we used (other than the photobooth and florist) were on her list and we are beyond happy with our choices. One of the best vendors is her in house DJ/Emcee, Martin Iverson, and he set the mood for the entire reception. Martin, feed from our group, and made it a very memorable night full of laughs and some happy tears.
I will recommend the Grand Willow Inn to anyone and everyone who wants to hear my opinion. I would absolutely love to attend someone's wedding there and enjoy from a guests persepective and have happy memories of my perfect day (which from now one, no wedding will ever compare).


C T.

28 December 2011

To start off with, don't discount this place just because it's a bit further north than lots of other venues around Seattle. Not only are the grounds impeccably cared for, the house is lovely, and the people are even better. Connie owns the venue and consistently went above and beyond in the year and a half that I spent planning our wedding. She was always there to guide me, answer questions (even if they didn't relate to the property), and made time for us to make several trips up to show family members the location.  While this may not be some ritzy hotel ballroom, this property is a gem, and every single one of my guests commented on how beautiful it was. Its rustic quality blends wonderfully with the elegant details that Connie provides (from candlelit floral centerpieces to gorgeous wall sconces filled with flowers that match your bouquet). Also, the food for our wedding was spectacular, and Connie/Sara and the team did a wonderful job on the day-of to keep things running smoothly. I can't say enough about how helpful Connie is, and how beautiful the venue is. The website does not do it justice, and for the price (the Platinum package includes everything a bride could need at just the right price) you won't find a better location for your special occasion. Aside from selecting Jenn Repp Photography for our wedding photographer, Connie and the Grand Willow were our favorite vendor/investment in our wedding. She made all the difference for us. More...



31 October 2011

Connie and Sara were amazing. They do everything, from the coordinating to the food and the decorating. I got and continue to get so many compliments on my wedding. I know it wouldn't have been the same if I had my wedding anywhere else. Connie makes the whole process very fun and she is very responsive and flexible. She even prepared a to go bag for my husband and I to take to the airport with us. I am so grateful that there is someone out there that is as passionate about their work as Connie is. It shows through and throuhg. I will recommend the Grand Willow to anyone I know getting married. More...


Flora C.

23 September 2011

Agreed with the only review for this place. I attended a wedding here and concurred the findings.  Everything is pretty home-made at this place.Luckily, the party was filled with good company and spirits. More...



9 August 2010

We loved the Grand Willow. Connie and her staff were very organized and yet flexible. Of course it rained on our wedding day in August and Connie patiently waited while I went back and forth about whether or not to keep the wedding outdoors. When it started pouring we knew it would be indoors, but it was perfect! I got so many compliments about the effect of me (the bride) "coming down the staircase" that I was very happy with our decision! Guests raved about the food, the service and just the venue itself. All of the vendors suggested by Connie were FABULOUS!! I am so thankful that our special day went so well and I recommend the Grand Willow whole heartedly. More...



13 May 2009

The Grand Willow did a wonderful job with our wedding! We are so thankful for all their
amazing help. Many guests told me ours was the best wedding they had ever been to in their entire lives! Also we were so appreciative of The Willow's help in making it a multicultural event as we had some East Indian as well as Western traditions. Many of the guests commented on how delicious the food was and how much they enjoyed the ceremony and party. Rahul and I both truly got really relax and cherish our day and will remember it for a lifetime. The atmosphere is elegant yet comfortable, the food and flowers were amazing, and the help with planning from Connie and her staff was spectacular. Go see it in person; pictures do not do this place justice. More...



14 March 2009

The Grand Willow was a beautiful location for an indoor or outdoor wedding. Connie Weech was very thorough and helped to make our day relaxing, fun and worry free!



1 August 2008

The Grand Willow was the dream place to get married. It is absolutely breath-taking in beauty with weeping willows, flowers, and overall natural beauty. The ceremony and reception are both at the same location, which was awesome for my 120 guests. They are the caterers and the food was SO good. They decorate for you and clean up for you. The help with everything really makes you day stress free. They have wedding coordinators for the day before and the day of (she was AMAZING). I really don't know how to tell you about Connie, the owner, she is caring, thoughtful, thorough, always reachable, will help you through any problems no matter what, knowledgeable, just plain awesome!! I highly HIGHLY recommend this venue for your consideration. More...



6 July 2008

This is an AMAZING setting! We could not have asked for a more beautiful setting, great food and wonderful atmosphere. Connie and her staff are very friendly and helpful! You definitely get above and beyond what you pay for! We stilll have friends and family raving about what an amazing wedding and place the Grand Willow was! More...

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