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My company offers remote bookkeeping services with an emphasis on small businesses. Monthly service packages range from $297 to $497, and include the following: A/R, A/P, bank and credit card reconciliation, Payroll, and financial analysis.


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Justin M

4 September 2018

Martin Bookkeeping is great! Tom was a massive help getting our startup business organized and staying on track with all the daily, weekly, monthly financial bookkeeping required. We saved hours and hours of time and likely avoided dozens of mistakes working with Tom and not doing it all ourselves. Green Home Solutions of NorCal highly recommends Martin Bookkeeping. More...

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Monthly service packages range from $297 to $497, and include the following: A/R, A/P, business consulting, bank and credit card reconciliation, Payroll, financial analysis, and controllership.

A great accountant is important for a business because while many business owners may handle the different aspects of the company, finances are the most important part of running a business. If this critical piece of the company is not carefully maintained, it can spell disaster or at least a fair bit of difficulty.

The most rewarding aspect of the job is that I am helping others reach their goals and dreams by providing a basic business service to help them make more informed decisions.

I was inspired to start a business because there appeared to be a lack of affordable bookkeeping service providers that are not CPA firms. I believe that when a business uses a competent bookkeeper, it not only saves the client time and money during tax time (CPA services can get expensive), but it makes the CPA office's job easier as well. With a well-maintained set of books, the CPA should be able to quickly serve the small business owner.

Clients should choose me because I take the time to learn the nuances of each business with which I work. This not only helps me when I am working on a client's books, but should give the client peace of mind that I have their best interest on the top of my priority list.