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Rose B.

27 October 2018

Typical hotel coffee shop.  Liked that the tables were spaced out so if you were conducting business, privacy was assured. Coffee was good, didn't taste like drip Coffee. Service was friendly and saw that I was on laptop so not intrusive.  Nice quiet spot to get somethings done before you head out for the day. More...


Jim E.

10 May 2018

Café in the Renaissance Hotel Downtown Phoenix, had breakfast here the first morning we were in town, wasn't expecting much but we were pleasantly surprised. Food was all cooked perfectly and while a little more expensive than you would pay at a similar restaurant outside of a hotel it was not really too bad. About $60.00 with tax and tip for 3. Wife had the eggs benedict, which was very good, daughter had (plate sized) pancakes again good and a massive serving, I had the flat iron steak perfectly cooked and more than filling. Staff was very attentive and friendly. Highly recommend some of the best "hotel food" I've had in a long time. More...


Nathalee M.

12 March 2018

Had breakfast here this weekend and service and food was really good. We were served by Lori, who was a bit busy but very attentive and on point with service. She definitely made us feel taken care of and welcomed. Prior to having breakfast we were dealing with a room switch the morning of and luckily Lori noticed that when we billed the check to our room...something was off. Our last name didn't add up to our room number. Thankfully Lori caught this mistake and we had to talk to a manager at the front desk. Lori gave us excellent service and was very hospitable. Thanks Lori! More...


Brian B.

9 March 2018

The conference is over and It's the last day of my stay in Phoenix and it would be remiss of me not to write a glowing review of my experience at The Marston Cafe. My friendly waitress all week Lori and the host staff were great everyday became familiar with my needs and made it a great experience, the food was always presented well and very tasty. If your only in for a day or here all week I highly recommend the food and experience here at the Marston cafe. More...


Chel S.

12 January 2017

The staff is beyond nice and truly makes your experience a great one! The different options of tea is amazing and the breakfast too!


Tiffany M.

11 October 2016

Had a wonderful breakfast.  Ordered the Phoenix burrito and it was delicious!   Wait was short, Atmosphere was nice, restaurant was clean, service was great.  Would go back again!


Rick T.

5 March 2016

Enjoyed a nice buffet breakfast. Marriott always takes care of platinum members and provides a free breakfast with your stay. There is plenty of seating and our servers were very attentive. All your standard breakfast buffet items are available along with a few extras, like cheese blintz with lemon ricotta. All in all, a nice hotel restaurant but not to be compared to an outside restaurant. More...


Barbie H.

29 September 2015

Good Stuff! This is my second visit and both were great experiences. The fish tacos from the lunch menu totally superceded my expectations for a hotel restaurant. My favorite part was the well seasoned guacamole topping the taco. If you are visiting the Renaissance Hotel in Phoenix please give this place a try. Also, their Huevo Ranchero is a great breakfast item worth trying. More...


Paige F.

21 October 2014

Had a quick lunch here the other day.  Ordered the spinach salad and added salmon to it.  I have to say it was pretty good.  It had bacon and pomagranate seeds with citrus dressing that went well with my rare salmon.  Thier lunch menu is divided into 3 prices - $5, $7, and $9 each with 3 or more items to choose from.  Service was good and prompt and the iced tea I had was pretty typical.  I would revisit here maybe for dinner next time though.  It is located in the Renaissance Hotel and is accessible from the street via a separate entrance if you do not want to walk through the main lobby.  They usually have a menu posted outside in a display case by the side entrance. More...


Scott L.

15 December 2013

After visiting Phoenix for the first time, I can't imagine ever going back. Ever... I'm not sure how the people out there do it. But, the mimosas, our host and stellar server, Jo, at Marston's made our morning memorable! The food was good and the service was excellent. It was maybe the best part of our short trip to AZ. More...


Jim S.

13 June 2013

Love the fresh local food served here in the most professional and friendly manner. Great food staff and atmosphere!


Amy D.

10 January 2013

This listing definitely needs to be updated, because the hotel is now a Renaissance. I had a business lunch here today and it was amazing!!! The daily special was a short rib sandwich with roasted tomatoes and blue cheese. Whenever I see "blue cheese" with meat, I'm on board. You can get a half sandwich and a cup of soup, or a whole sandwich and a side of fries. I opted for the latter. I love love love when I see fries come in a cup with brown paper. I don't know why. It's just one of my "things." The fries were perfect and had good chunks of salt on them.But the sandwich...oh the sandwich! The bun was perfect. Crispy on the edges, chewy in the middle. The portion of pork was enough that pieces kept falling out. The rib meat was juicy and tender. There was enough blue cheese for flavor, but not enough to overpower the meat. It also came with some jus on the side.We had Rhonda serve us, who is also the main squeeze of the place. She works in the main bar in the lobby, but she's been there forever. The hotel itself has gone through a lot of changes, but Rhonda is always there.If you're looking for a nice vibe for a lunch Downtown, or a great place for a business meeting, you must check out Marston's. More...


Robert S.

15 February 2012

Exactly what  my fat butt needs... another buffet.The only reason we came here was because the Renaissance Hotel hooked me and wifey up with some breakfast vouchers. Not sure why we got them, but I wasn't going to ask questions. I had trouble sleeping that night, because I was so excited about running a train on some free grub in the morning. I woke wifey up at about 8:00 AM to get breakfast. I told her I was hungry, but I lied. I knew I probably could go till 9:00 AM, but she takes about 30 minutes to wake up and another 30 minutes to get ready. I figured by the time she's done, I will be legitimately hungry. The restaurant itself, wasn't hard to find. Down the elevator and make a right when you hit the lobby. It was pretty busy, because of some convention going on. We waited about 5-10 minutes and got seated. The buffet normally runs 17/head and it comes with hot entrees, fresh fruit, juices, coffee, etc. I started off with some scrambled eggs, sausage, smoked bacon, seasoned breakfast potatoes, and some citrus pancakes w/ agave butter. Delicious. The sausage was perfectly cooked; crisp casing with a juicy pork meat. The bacon had a crunch, but it wasn't overdone. The thing that really left a good impression was the citrus pancakes. It was crispy, but moist. A hint of orange, but not too overwhelming. The warm butter and agave butter make all the flavors marry together. I ate 4 pancakes. for round two, I loaded up on fresh berries, a couple pastries, and some banana nut bread. Nothing out of the ordinary, but pretty good as well. They also had some fancy cheeses too. Not your typical American and Provolone Cheese, but actual mushroom brie, camembert, etc. It would have went well with the Lox, but they ran out. for round three, I ate 4 more pancakes. (they were small, don't judge)Overall, the dining experience was pleasant. Wifey enjoyed her meal with some Starbucks coffee. I went with the freshly squeezed Orange Juice. I wanted to try their fresh squeeze fuji apple juice, but it was hard to pin down the server with every table in the restaurant full. Maybe next time.A little about my credentials:I first got into cooking & food when I was in college. After being rejected by numerous girls and getting zero action, I decided it was time for a change. I needed a new makeover to boost my geeky image. I applied for a cooking position at a Mediterranean-Italian Restaurant near my home and learned to cook all sorts of pastas and dishes. I never became a professional chef, but 9 years later and 55 lbs heavier, I continue to enjoy & love food. More...


Mike C.

7 June 2010

went here  today for the lunch buffet with Rand H. and it was amazing!!!! This place is going to my top ten list. I started with a bowl of corn chowder that was very good and then I had  a plate containing green beans with chopped bacon and onions,scalloped potatoes,BBQ pork spareribs and some pickled beets.All were just great.I went back and  got more ribs and the green beans they were awesome.then it was on to the desserts witch are lots to choose from and they are real good. I had this piece of carrot cake that had a solid pineapple top layer on it.Best carrot cake i ever had.i also had this pecan pie square but made with macadamia nuts yummm. They also had apple crumble with real whipped cream that was pretty good.  My lunch was so good this place is going to my top ten list. yum yum yum yum yum yummmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...

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