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I am a magician who loves doing what I do. Every event I do, my goal is to have fun. I am not flashy or arrogant. I tend to blend in to a crowd and pop up with some head turning magic.
I want people leaving the event knowing that they had an enjoyable experience.



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All my life. It wasn't until I met an old friend, who is a professional magician.I asked him how to get started doing magic. With his guidance and my love for the art of magic, I perform as much as I can!

I usually get to a clients place, check in with the contact and immediately start to mingle with the guests. I respect peoples privacy, if they do not like magic, I simply move on to the next group. Bouncing from group to group or table to table is super fun!!

The reactions I get when people re baffled as to what they just saw. that, to me. is priceless.

I have a unique talent that needs to be shared. Many restaurants and organizations benefit from different entertainment, such as a close up magician.

I am easy to work with, not flashy or arrogant. My magic, although mostly for adults, is not rude or vulgar. I like people to enjoy the magic without worrying if I am going to be offensive to anyone. My goal is to have fun performing magic!!


What I do best is strolling/ walk around magic. If there is a need to occupy time, that is when I get involved. Shorten the wait time for presentations, guest arrivals, etc