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Anxiety Management/Relief, Weight Reduction, Stress Release, Pain Management (with a doctor referral), childbirth preparation, etc.

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31 May 2019

I first went to Mark to help me with weight loss. Very early in our first session Mark saw a deeper need in me for release from the bondage of anger, fear, sadness, guilt and shame. He led me to realize the sources of all those emotions and release them, replacing them with joy, hope, love and peace. Mark used his relationship and knowledge of Christ to help me "transform" and" renew my mind". I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is seeking freedom from damaging thoughts and getting to the root of our issues. Very professional and compassionate. His genuine desires to help people who are suffering. More...

Thank you for putting your trust in me Patty! It was a pleasure working with you!


Mindi Norris

26 February 2019

Amazing experience! I had never been hypnotized before and it was an amazing experience. I was able to piece things together that made so much sense! I highly recommend anyone making an appointment. More...


Debbie Fox

29 October 2018

Mark Sewell has been very helpful getting me to a place that I can actually put words and action together and be successful with my weight loss. He helped me identify the underlying anxiety I felt and gave me tools to deal with my purely emotional eating. A lot of a person’s success at anything is based on their attitude. Mark’s methods have been very helpful. It isn’t a magic wand. You need to practice the activities consistently to see results, but it does help. I actually lost 2 sizes without doing more than the calming behaviors and self meditations, every day, every meal. Finding a different way to deal with stress kept my hands out of the “cookie jar”, and as I get better I don’t hit the drive throughs so much anymore. And when I do, I make better choices because I am more mindful of what I am doing. I am eating better and feeling better. I am actually looking forward as I work on getting more active to see more weight come off. More...


Corey Dotson

23 July 2018

It is helping me in my life in more ways then I can imagine.


Sherry Colgan

23 July 2018

Mark is a phenomenal hypnotist. Every time he hypnotized me, I benefited! He is filled with integrity and concerned about his clients well being.


Jay Goff

23 July 2018

Two fellas who turned their passion for helping others to achieve their very best in life, love, and leadership into a dream come true in the entrepreneurial world. You want professional and personal growth? We can help you to go from aspiration to achievement. Your growth is our success. More...


Christine Ingram

23 July 2018

I had a Mindscaping session with Mark today via Skype, and I loved it! Mark is a very thorough and compasionate therapist who takes his time to ensure that you are comfortable, feel safe, and that all issues are addressed. You are definitely in good hands when you see Mark. I am definitely looking forward to working with you in the very near future. Thank you Mark! More...


Rachel Anderson

23 July 2018

It was an amazing opportunity to work with Mark Sewell. He provided me with day to day tools I could use to help me with stress in my personal life and business life. I highly recommend him if you struggle with any aspects in your life. More...


Maysa Hawwash

27 May 2018

Mark is an excellent hypnotist. I have been working with Mark for a few months now, and have experienced great results. Mark combines excellent technical skills and techniques as well as the ability to identify the root cause of issues. His caring nature and sense of humour makes the experience that much more rewarding. If you are looking to achievement improvement in any area of your life, I highly recommend Mark! More...


Laurie Arnold

27 May 2018

Mark is amazing at what he does. He helped me gain a more positive attitude towards myself and helped me to open up to endless possibilities. He genuinely cares about what he does and that shows. I’d highly recommend him. More...


Vicki Buraczynski

27 May 2018

Mark has been helping me to control my eating habits to lose weight and ward off becoming a diabetic. I have been able to cut my sugar/sugary food intake in half and I am much more aware of what foods I am eating and why I am eating them...to fuel my body or to feed an emotion. After each session I feel so rested and uplifted. Mark is great at what he does and truely cares about his clients. More...


Monica Wilke

27 May 2018

After having a session with Mark, I had an incident happen that normally would throw me into a panic attack. For the first time in 7 Years, I didn’t! It took minutes to even realize I wasn’t having any emotional reaction at all. It is so freeing not having a panic attack then explaining the reasons for it. I’m looking forward to continued work with Mark and recommend him for help with any aspect of your life! Truly grateful!! More...


James Ledoux

27 May 2018

Mark is a great resoruce and offered effective support in progressing my weight managment goal. He used mindscaping and hypnosis to help me visulzie my fitness goals, the steps to get there, and prepare for a 12 week fitneess challenge at my gym. In the few weeks since our sesson I've changed my eating to low carb, exercised regularly, and have lost 6 lbs so far. I'm not sure if everyone will have the same success or not but if you are reading this and curious about hypnosis, you might as well pick up the phoen and give Mark a call. He will be upfront and let you know if he can helpw ith whatever you are looking to change. More...


Anne Klaus

27 May 2018

I use the tapping method Mark taught me on a daily basis to interrupt the emotional patterns that are getting in my way. Little by little, the reactions are loosening and I am more at choice. Yesterday it stopped a raging reaction clean in its tracks. And it's helped me build trust with my daughter. In the same conversation, Mark introduced me to Mindscaping. We redesigned my mindscape of my relationship to money. At the start it was cold and heavy and when we were done it looked like some of my favorite places in this world. Since then (in less than 3 weeks) I have had 3 paying jobs - doing work that makes my heart sing - turn up unexpectedly. Thank you, sir. More...


Wendy Ryan

27 May 2018

Mark is amazing! I booked a mindscaping session with him and was amazed how he helped me get re-centered. He also gave me some tools that have been crucial in de-escalating stressful situations and I feel a lot less emotional about past baggage I was unknowingly carrying around. Mark really helped me to feel more peaceful and whole. I would highly recommend Mark and plan to see him again soon! More...


Mark Breeden

27 May 2018

Mark Sewell helped me through the parts of me that would make it difficult to kick a 37 year habit. With that dealt with we started on the smoking. I'm amazed how easy he made it to quit. More...

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Being a healer, I believed I could be much more effective on my own.

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