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Mark E Edmondson DHP Acc Hyp - Hypnotherapist

Preston, Lancashire

Mark E Edmondson DHP Acc Hyp - Hypnotherapist logo

Mark E Edmondson DHP Acc Hyp - Hypnotherapist

Preston, Lancashire



Have you ever been so caught up in a book that you didn’t notice the hours drift by whilst you were reading? Or driven on a motorway and arrived at your destination, completely unaware of how you go there, or unable to remember part of the journey?


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30 July 2019

I came to Mark for Hypnotherapy to stop smoking and, 3 months later, touch wood, I am still smoke free.Firstly, Mark does his therapy from his own home, which make the experience less formal, and more inviting, which is what I preferred. He was very thorough, getting all my pertinent information before we proceeded and inviting me to have my last ever cigarette before we underwent the hypnotherapy. There was something about the confident way mark predicted that it would be my Last Cigarette that made me convinced it truly would be.I cannot fault Mark at all, and I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you once again :) More...

16 May 2019

Mark does wonders and gets results that are simply unbelievable. I was at the end of my tether with a compulsion to sneeze which had been happening for years. No medical reason had been found but it was truly debilitating. Mark managed to get rid of this in very few sessions, and now I can honestly say that I sneeze only when my body needs to, rather than when I feel stressed etc. My life has changed so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart More...

2 November 2018

Mark is a commited, dedicated and insightful practitioner. He has a breadth of knowledge that he can apply to so many different situations, to help you to overcome whatever you might be having difficulty with. I highly recommend Mark. He is a very compassionate, supportive Hypnotherapist who will go the extra mile to find the best route to help you to overcome whatever it is that you are facing. More...

21 September 2018

Been a massive help with my memory and few other issues for me. Highly recommend Mark if looking for hypnotherapy treatment

21 September 2018

I had one, 90 min hypnosis session to stop smoking and I am now free of cigarettes thanks to Mark. Feeling much better for it. It was a great session and I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants to stop smoking or for anything else. He also offers follow up sessions which is great, as some dont. Thank you Mark, already starting to see the benefits of not smoking. More...


The best thing about being a hypnotherapist is seeing clients change perceptibly over the course of a session or sessions. From seeing someone with acute Agoraphobia walking into a busy town after a few weeks, or seeing someone live smoke free after a few hours, or seeing someone's career blossom thanks to my intervention. Those are the things that make this job so satisfying.

My late Mum was my inspiration. She suffered from severe "White Coat Syndrome", a phobia of all things medical. And as she got older, she needed more medical intervention, and it caused her no end of worries and stresses. I had always had a fascination with hypnosis as entertainment but decided to train as a therapist, just so I could help Mum out. My proudest moment came just a few short weeks before she passed away when she had to undergo an invasive procedure on her eye. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy, she went into the hospital, as calm as I have ever seen her, and faced the procedure with no worries or fears whatsoever. Even the doctor said she was amongst the calmest patients he had ever had.

My philosophy, with regards to my hypnotherapy, is a holistic one. I firmly believe, and my experience has shown, that there is always a root cause for every issue a person faces, and 90% of the time, that issue is stress or anxiety related.
For example, people start smoking in response to stressful situations, and even when that situation has gone, the body has already made a connection between smoking and relaxation, and so the addiction continues.
Or, as a child, someone was bullied and so they have anxiety about not being liked. This leads to a lifetime of comfort eating, which weight gain, in turn, causes health problems and more stress, which feeds the vicious cycle and causes more comfort eating.
So, I always try to get to know my clients as much as possible and to take them back to when they first starting experiencing their issues, so that the root cause of them can be eliminated, and the presenting problem, eradicated.