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My company offers great quality in henna tattoos but also temporary tattoos. We also would love to help you with tutoring lessons in French, whatever you need to get ready for, get in touch and we can make it work!


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I love the feeling of helping someone getting from here to there and seeing them grow, but I also love taking care of people when it comes to temporary tattoos, people are amazed at the result and it brings satisfaction to me.

I just love doing what I love, not be limited to one thing/one job and also plan my timetable and my work.

Being a native French speaker, I know the best way to pronounce words and have lived most of my life in France, studying literature at high school which gives me a great level about things like writing and communication in different languages ( I also learnt Spanish and English at school ). I know what it feels like to learn another language and I don't provide some kind of 'school' lessons, I make it enjoyable and fun to a level that pleases you.
There is nobody else in the area who offers temporary tattoos with products that do not harm your skin and last up to 3 weeks.



I offer henna tattoos of any kind. The material is safe and handmade, of good quality and long lasting.

I offer help for homework or exams, but also support during the year at school if you are doing French. I help along lessons done at school, but I do not teach.

I offer temporary tattoos lasting up to 3 weeks, made from a plant, the product is organic and harmless for the skin, long lasting and looks amazing in its dark blue/black color, just like a real tattoo!