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Christine Smith

12 November 2018

They really worked with us to create the menu we wanted and were very sensitive and accommodating for food allergies. The food tasted great and everyone was raving about it!


Carleigh Welsh

19 March 2018

Delicious, festive, creative — endless flavors, lasting memories. Thank you for making each and every event a very special success!


Lisa Napolitan

3 April 2017

Worked with Allie to cater my dad's 80th surprise birthday party. What a wonderful job! Food was delicious, service staff all friendly and efficient - whole thing went off without a hitch. Highly recommend their services. Allie is an absolute pleasure to work with. More...


Amanda Schepise Totaro

16 December 2016

Our corporate holiday party was catered by Marilyn and everything was fantastic. Allie was so helpful from beginning to end, servers were friendly and food was delicious. I heard nothing but good reviews from everyone who attended. More...


Susan Schork

24 February 2014

Marilyn is the best!! I met her so long ago when I put a cappacinno machine in the Labrador Lounge in Belmar!


Duane Terrell

23 February 2014

Team drive


Michele Lanfrank

23 February 2014

Marilyn & Team are so talented, innovative, creative and truly caring. They provide the best and healthiest food on our planet but in the gourmet form. I am a huge fan obviously and wherever Marilyn's goes... energy flows... and I follow. Wherever Marilyn goes... the rest will follow. Michele Lanfrank More...


Mike M.

15 October 2013

Marie,The entire weekend was awesome!  The breakfast was soooo good.  Your staff on Sunday was awesome.They worked there tails off.  The servers -  Jeremy (. I think ). And the blond girl ,  I apologize I didn't get her name..... Did fantastic.It's not easy to take care of a larger group.   They were extremely patient and professional with everyone pulling them in 10 different directions .... Can I get another coffee,  can I get this,  can I get that.....it's a lot to deal with.  And only a real good waitstaff and kitchen staff can get it done with such quality .  We recognize that no doubt.Just an amazing job by you guys on Friday and Sunday .I do not have Marylyn and Scott's email but please pass this on.I also want you guys and Marylyn to know this -As you guys know ,  we love Asbury and were able to have our day in a place we love.   We would not have been able to do this if it wasn't for you guys as Asbury Park would not be what it is today if it wasn't for Marilyn and a few other business people that saw the vision and potential of this historic special place.We have been loyal customers since langosta opened.   I am so thankful that Marylyn pushed forward after hurricane sandy and reopened better then ever!You all should take great pride in the fact that you guys have had a major impact in bringing Asbury back before and after sandy.And there are literally thousands of people who feel the same. More...


Scott E.

14 September 2013

Kitschen's is the catering arm associated with some of the best restaurants at the Jersey Shore, including Langosta Lounge and the Daphne Grill in Asbury Park.  I was looking for a caterer a party at my home and they seemed like a perfect fit to make the evening special.  I made a fantastic choice!Every single aspect of the experience was superb.  Marie and her team made the arrangements easy and the event very special.  The food was beyond my expectations, which were already high given my love for their restaurants.  We had the Luau with a roast pig.  Every single item was unbelievable.  And when the party was winding down, they left our place looking even better than when they arrived without disrupting the party what-so-ever.  If you are planning event I can't recommend Kitschen's more.  Call Marie and enjoy an amazing evening. More...

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