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Laura S.

17 January 2019

So Todd is a patient of mine at abbey dental and we did some work for him, he said he was going to bring a cake and guess what he did the hole office went nuts this cake like a work of art my goodness, wow wow wow talk about decadent.   And mouth watering it was a chocolate moose cake with 6 layers the cake was cold the moose was perfect creamy not to sweet!!!! I can vouch for the hole office this guy is a master chef.... so if your looking to impress anyone order from Todd you can not go wrong worth every dollar hands down.... thank you so much Todd this cake was the best I have ever had!!!!! You are the best!!!! Decently recommend his cakes More...


Eat N.

13 January 2019

I worked with Todd and Marissa for 3 years, They provided all of our desserts for our special events and catering dept. Our parties were up to 4000ppl, which required up to 12000 -15k pieces of pastries, They're desserts were always consistent, fun, whimsical, and always received compliments from our guests. Maries Gourmet Bakery team does an extraordinary work and are always on time. They also have baked cakes for my family that were memorable and delicious. The Chef team can make anything to your needs: as a professional chef, I highly recommend this bakery as a business partner, catering dept and just to make cakes or pastries for your  small family birthday party..Thx,JB More...


Paitra Y.

20 December 2018

So this is the second cake that I have bought from this company they are superb it is perfect it is tasty and it is Affordable and I love them so if you ever need a cake this is the place to go


Karin T.

20 December 2018

Todd and Marisa have always come through whether we needed one cake or many, and catering for multiple celebrations over the years. They take care of every detail and the menu selection, food and service has always been amazing. I no longer live in Vegas but my mouth waters just thinking about the sandwiches I used to stop in and pick up. All around a top notch establishment. Stop in for a quick bite or hire them for your next party, no matter the size.  You won't be disappointed! More...


Veronica W.

18 December 2018

Todd Philbrook has been my awesome Baker/Catering to go to person for many years. He did an amazing job on my daughters wedding cake, has made many Birthday cakes for me and has catered parties for me. Todd is known for his fabulous chicken salad.  Love everything he does. The staff is 5 star. More...


Deb H.

17 December 2018

When it comes time to have a party, the first two things I do are pick the date and call Todd at Marie's Gourmet Catering.  Whether it's an intimate gathering for 25 or a wedding reception for 150 people, Todd takes a HUGE burden off my shoulders and takes care of ALL the details.  Everything is perfect every time.Todd and his crew (especially Marisa) assume the responsibility for everything from the rental equipment to all the food preparation and set-up.  I clear the decks in my kitchen, Todd arrives and sets the stage for a perfect event.  I worry about nothing.  He chooses the menu just how I want it without any fuss.... just a few "pow wow" phone calls and it's perfect every time.The last event I hosted was my son's wedding reception with dinner for 150 people at my home in Las Vegas.  The compliments I received were too numerous to count.  The food was exquisite and plentiful, so beautifully presented.  The wedding cake was outstanding, just what the bride wanted!  My guests were overwhelmed at how delicious everything was.  Todd is always so cute.  He checks in with me throughout the gathering, making sure I am happy whether I lost my cocktail or hadn't yet taken the time to have something to eat myself.  At the end of the evening, my kitchen is back to it's original condition, there is not a dirty dish to be seen.Todd is someone I can always count on.  I wouldn't think of using a different caterer. More...


Hollee Spollino-Schultz

25 July 2018

This is, hands down the best bakery ever! The cakes, cupcakes just melt in your mouth. It is a little piece of heaven in my mouth!


Keolani S.

24 September 2016

Mr. Philbrook is awesome! He makes the best pasta salad! My mouth waters just thinking about it! I will have to go get some soon.


Amaris M.

16 June 2016

We ordered our Wedding cake from there. We looked all over this town to find a dependable baker. When we found Marie's it was a dream come true. They made our 4 tiered chocolate and vanilla cake with raspberry filling for both came out so perfectly! Our cake was amazing and all our guests loved it! I found out they are moving closer to Henderson and that means we will be back to sample all the good stuff Marie's has to offer. Thank you for making our wedding special! :) More...


Tanya V.

1 December 2015

So good! They had a tiny selection since the shopping center is under construction, but this is mm, delicious. Im gonna have to save some for my love.


Marion P.

14 October 2015

I saw a review that their cupcakes don't taste good, but I'm pretty sure that lady was on drugs because I'm envious of how their cupcakes taste and wish the ones I baked at home tasted this good. The consistency of the cake is just perfect, not too firm/not too soft, and the buttercream frosting is amazing! As for the food:Caesar Salad - Not bad, the only thing I dislike is that their "Caesar" dressing tastes nothing like Caesar salad dressing, but the chicken is seasoned well. Doesn't have that tangy anchovy or lemon taste you expect.Pasta Salad - Personally not my favorite because it has a strange taste, but it isn't terrible; it's just not what you expect pasta salad to taste like. However, I believe they use the same ingredients to make the coleslaw and it works well with the coleslaw, just not the pasta salad.Gumbo - Their gumbo is very good. Being a person of ethnic background I was surprised just how good it was. The bread it comes with it quite tasty as well.Chicken Salad Sandwich - This is also pretty good.Portabella Panini - This is good depending on what day you get it. Sometimes it's WAY too greasy (especially since there's no meat in it) and the veggies are over cooked and slide out because there's so much grease, but I've had it a few times when it was made perfectly, with not much grease and just veggies that still have a bit of a crunch. Overall the flavor is always nice.Lemonade - you might walk in and think that there's dirt in their lemonade container, but IT'S FRESH VANILLA BEAN, and my god it's the most genius idea to put fresh vanilla bean into lemonade. It's not something you would expect to taste good, but it's seriously delicious.Beef Bahn Mi Sandwich - it's very good also, but very spicy so be careful if you don't like spicy food because the jalapenos had my mouth on fire. Essentially it tastes like pho on a bun, very flavorful. More...


Pamela R.

17 April 2015

Ordered a beautiful 6" cake with Marisa for my husbands birthday! The chocolate cake was moist with a light vanilla cream and strawberry filling, delicious! The cake was as beautiful as it was tasty!!! Will definitely order a special occasion cake from here again!!!! More...


Kevin B.

15 November 2014

This is my go to spot for whenever I have a craving for something sweet.  Some of my regular purchases here are their canolis, eclairs, pistachio cheesecake, and tiramisu.My only grip with this place is that they don't always have the previously mentioned items available for purchase. So with my most recent visit here I was stuck with just getting their ice cream sandwich.Now, I did say stuck, but not because I had to settle for a inferior purchase, it was the only thing I have had in the past that I knew I liked.The sandwich was just as good as the last time I had one. A big mound of ice cream in between two cookies, and coated in chocolate chips. Not one part of the sandwich out shined another. The two cookies were soft and had a good amount of chocolate chips in them, and tasted delicious on their own. Hopefully the next time I come back, the items I normally like will be available. If not, there are plenty of other delectable items to choose from to satisfy my sweet tooth. More...


Katrina L.

1 October 2014

We had Marie's make our wedding cake for our reception at Paris on 9/27.  They did such a great job.  We decided to go with a basic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting since our reception venue included a third dessert course and I didn't want to mix too many flavors or have it get too complicated.  We chose a single layer cake for about 27 or so guests.  It was PERFECT!  The cake was moist, and the frosting was decadent.  My husband doesn't care for really sweet desserts, and this cake was perfect!  It was sweet without being overly sweet.  Additionally, they were  able to use the cake topper I mailed them.  I would highly recommend them for any wedding cake job! More...


Kristin T.

5 May 2014

We ordered a cake from Marie's for a bachelorette party - they were so excellent to work with and the cake turned out perfectly!  It tasted delicious! Everyone in the group of twenty girls who we were with thought the cake flavor and icing were perfect.We weren't sure which bakery to go with since we are from out of town, I'm so glad we went with Marie's.Thanks! More...


Ellie B.

6 March 2014

I highly recommend this bakery/café. Their deserts are amazing and you can't beat their lunch menu! They also have the best customer service around!


Todd H.

30 November 2012

The cupcakes are amazing. This is a must visit place for locals and visitors. The service is great, and the food is great. We bought pies for Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit, I can't wait to see what they come up with for Christmas. More...


Heather H.

17 February 2012

My office regularly orders lunch here and this review is only for their deli lunches.  Prices are very reasonable and portions are ginormous.  I am partial to the Roast Beef sandwich and the pasta salad has kind of a pimento spice to it.  I like it and I am not a pasta fan.  You can do a half sandwich AND half salad and bring it in under my lunch budget.  Plus, they deliver like Dominos.  Always here in 30 minutes or less.  That's what I'm talking about! More...



15 August 2011

This is a great spot when the items are fresh and just out the oven.. The staff is always friendly and accommodating and the pastries are to die for! I always bring my nephew here for cookies and cupcakes and he never wants to leave... Keep up the good work! More...


Jill C.

2 June 2011

The cake that I ordered for my daughter's birthday at Rainforest Cafe came form this place. It was a tall vanilla cake with a raspberry cream filling and buttercream icing. It was hands down the best cake I have ever eaten. We had requests from several parents to take a piece home with them. We actually sliced up and froze some of the pieces (it was a huge cake) to save and it was just as good thawed out weeks later. Not only was this cake beautiful, it TASTED amazing too! More...


Nikki H.

8 May 2011

This is the bakery I get all of my real buttercream birthday cakes from! I am always last minute when it comes to ordering a cake, they never let me down. My favorite is the traditional "buttery" buttercream frosting, they have two types, a true butter and a sweeter shortening type buttercream so be specific. ok so the real buttercream frosting with marble cake, and a vanilla bavarian creme filling. MMMMM YUMMY! I have a picture of that cake in my photo album. More...


Richard B.

7 April 2011

Looks like Marie does a lot of fancy cakes.... She has photos of many special cakes for various occasions in her photo album.I got a chance to taste the dark chocolate dipped strawberry with white and milk chocolate shavings. It was very good. I will definitely come back for more. More...


Honey T.

29 July 2010

Thank you to the vendor with the blonde tips on his hair for bringing the Interior department a big box of cupcakes. The blueberry and banana nut cupcakes are delicious!! Soft, scrumptious, sugary sweet and yet SINFUL!!! SSSSS More...


Laura I.

25 March 2010

For my wedding I checked with Freed's and decided to go with Marie's.  I'm so happy I did, it was the perfect experience!  I chose a cake by looking at their online pictures and it was exactly what I wanted.  I also sent them my cake topper by mail (which I was a little nervous about), but not to worry it was all there on wedding day.  One of my friends still raves about this cake!  It was italian creme with buttercream frosting.  I also went to Vegas on my b-day and HAD to order the exact same thing!  Just as good as the first time! More...



18 January 2009

I should have written 3 years ago when I first used Marie's. I had 3 weeks to plan a wedding and had lived in Vegas only 2 years. No clue who to use. Suggestions came in and Vegas wedding books were perused. Narrowing it down, I made 4 appointments with bakeries for tasting. Then, while at David's Bridal on Sahara I noticed a few doors down, Marie's. Walked in and made an appointment. Marie was above par with presentation, selections and understanding of what is done. My daughter wanted the words of a song written on her cake - done; she wanted separated cakes with different fillings - done; she wanted real flowers - done. Who can pick up the cake? Marie delivered to the house. Save the top for the couple to eat on their first anniversary? No, Marie bakes one special - just call. That same year we celebrated a 60th birthday. Whom did I call? That's right. She remembered my husband at the tasting and asked about other habits. She made a cake that spoke of him perfectly, including 2 chocolate cigars we still have in the refrigerator. Two years ago, we celebrated a 25th and 90th birthday together. Again, Marie's bakery was called. My dad was a chef and railroad worker. I asked the bakery to work their magic. You had to see the pots, pan and spatula placed in one area of the cake and a train with railroad tracks along the cake depicting his life. He could not believe it. My daughter is a south park fan. That too was delightful. So, today a cake for a shower is needed and I will not hesitate to call Marie's. Sure, you can find less expensive cakes, even Cosco! But, for service, professionalism, design, taste and care, I would recommend this company without fear. I see no reason to change. Marie is OK in my book! More...


Nauz D.

5 November 2008

This bakery is super delicious. They have some really really delicious breads and cakes here and they have a chocolate cake that is absolutely to die for



21 October 2008

Although I grew up in Las Vegas I no longer live there, so when I was asked to order a cake for my good friend's 50th birthday party I had to go on the internet to determine which bakery to use. I really like Marie's web site there were many cakes to choose from and a variety of flavors. I ordered the cake and asked for a few changes from the picture on the web and asked them to make it an ""asian"" theme without being very specific. The woman I ordered from was extremely nice and even offered to open the bakery briefly on Sunday to accomodate my party time which I found amazing! Needless to say, I worried a bit about whether I should have given more specific decorating instructions and what would happen if no one showed up on Sunday. My worries were for nothing, not only were they there waiting for me, they had fresh coffee waiting as well. My cake was absolutely gorgeous and perfectly decorated and everyone at the party said it was one of the best they had ever tasted. I will order every special occasion cake I can from them in the future and anyone reading this should as well! More...



21 August 2008

My fiance wanted a Martha Stewart wedding cake(from a pic from her web site)....(groan). We had the reception dinner at Bellagio, but they wanted an astronomical price for this specific cake, so we shopped around. We found a few local bakeries in Las Vegas who did nice wedding cakes, but Marie's stood out in presentation and quality. The chef of the bakery was a teacher at the Culinary Institute of America, which is one of the top cooking schools in the us. The chef, Todd, talked us through why this cake was difficult to do, and how the pricing went accordingly. It did fall slightly outside our budget, but the end result was definitely worth it. He duplicated the same cake design, and the flavors we picked tasted just as good as the ones we picked in the tasting....Mango mousse and chocolate mousse with hazelnut crunch. And this was 40% less than what Bellagio was charging for the same cake!!!! Hats off to Chef Todd! We got many compliments on the look and taste of our wedding cake. I will send photos if i can! More...


Jon L.

23 July 2008

I had my girlfriend's birthday cake made here and it was so wonderful.  She loved it, and it was super gorgeous with real flowers!  However it was too much for the two of us so we did share some of it with the guests next to us.  The cake was also quite delicious and both of us were super impressed.  Most important of all my dear GF loved it and that's priceless. =) More...



10 April 2008

Although I have not personally ordered a cake here, I have many friends who have...and have been very pleased. I work in this area so I stop by here often for lunch. Great salads, soups and sanwiches to choose from. And everyone here is very freindly. They do have delicious cookies and pastries available for sale individually to satisfy any sweet craving! More...



16 February 2007

I picked up some pastries from this bakery and let me tell you...they were all delicious! They have a wide variety of pastries, sweets, muffins, cookies and other unique offerings. I wasn't able to stay for lunch, but I have heard they have a some great sandwiches. They also create beautiful cakes for weddings and birthday parties. I will definitely be back soon!! More...

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