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Sick and tired of living with pain? Would you like to experience pain relief for at least a day or more?

Now offering mobile non-invasive massage therapy sessions for pain relief/pain management, relaxation, prenatal massages, skin care treatment sessions and corporate chair massage.


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Nancy Allen

29 May 2018

My visit to Time 2 Unwind Spa was the best experience I have ever had!!! I been to other spas and never had such great service. I recommend all my friends to Maria. She gives the best massages. I finally decided to get another facial since the bad experience I had years ago with another esthetician. Maria was gentle and very informative. This lady knows what she is doing! Thank you for making my day Maria! More...


Curtis White

29 May 2018

Michelle was awesome!


adrien daly

29 May 2018

Maria is great and very attentative to her client needs. She is passionate about her work and truly concerned with your well being. I left feeling instant relief and will be returning. Thanks, Maria! More...


Cindee P.

15 February 2018

I found this place by looking for another therapist, but I'm glad I found this one instead. Maria Elena really worked my trouble areas. She was easy to communicate with and very down-to-earth. She is getting her business up and running, so she's still tweaking things, but her technique is SPOT ON. She had adequate intake and exit. She really took care of my neck issues and I found out she went to school where I used to work, so I know she learned from the best! So I got undressed and under the sheets and she had a BELL for me to ring so I'm not waiting for her to return and cutting into my time or trying to scream through the door that I'm ready. I got a long overdue Therapeutic Massage which is more expensive than the Swedish, but she really spoiled me with the hot towels. She concentrated on my neck and upper back/shoulders, which I need since I'm in front of a computer all day. Her draping was good and she also ended with my feet. I love that so she's not touching the rest of my body after she rubbed on my peds.She has monthly autopay packages that offer discounted prices, which is what I signed up for. There are so many benefits to Massage.I might add a facial next time just to get some extra pampering. :) PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BOOK AN APPOINTMENT! You will not be disappointed! More...


Charlie H.

16 June 2017

Maria is an amazing massage therapist and so incredibly professional. My wife received a 90 minute massage and she was treated like a queen. I will definitely recommend this place and for sure we will have scheduled different sessions of both massages and facials.The place was so clean, and relaxing and truly a place where you can rest and unwind. More...


My passion is to be able to be an instrument of healing for those suffering from chronic pain. I love seeing the client's face of relief after their 1st session with me. I really enjoyed meeting clients and educating them about what massage therapy can help them live a better quality of life.

I have always wanted to have my own business but massage came into my life by "accident" after a car accident (rear ended while stopped in traffic). I had pain on my low back and a friend of mine suggested massage therapy and that's when I fell in love with it. I understand the power of massage. Started my massage career working for a big company but I didn't like how they treat people but I couldn't do it how I wanted it, so I decided to start my own business.

As I mentioned on my paragraph, I didn't like how these big companies treat their clients, like just another number. For me, massage therapy is very personal, there has to be trust, a relationship but also need to get results. I have several goals for every client I meet: 1) Get to know their problem area, 2) how long they have had it, 3) educate them in how I believe I could help them, 4) ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep the channel of communication opened. My ultimate goal is for the client to get relief from their pain without having to resort to pills which only masks their pain for a while.

I might not be the lowest price compared to the big franchises, but I do provide a complete 60 mins or 90 mins of massage and I really give them value for what they are paying in the convenience of their home or office.