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Social Media Management

✅ Social Media Strategy
✅ Growth Optimization
✅ Platform Maintenance
✅ Content Creation

Social Media is an extension of your customer service, protection of your reputation, and enhancement of your brand awareness.


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Dillon Atwood

9 April 2019

These guys rock! I have worked off and on with a handful of other digital marketing agencies. However, every time it seemed like I was either too small of a fish to be a focus, or the companies never delivered the results that were promised. Mapogos Media really took the time to understand my needs and goals and created a custom marketing plan for my business. The best part about it? They actually delivered on what they said they would do and generated awesome results! Thanks Mapogos! More...

Thanks Dillon! We are glad that we had the opportunity to work with you

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Social Media is an extension of your customer service, protection of your reputation, and enhancement of your brand awareness. It’s hard to stay on top and ahead of all of the chatter when you have better things to do, such as running your business. Hiring Mapogos Media to take on your social media strategy also means you can guarantee you are staying up to date on the latest strategy trends, platforms, and tools. It is important for your clients and customers to know that they are being heard and their opinions are being valued. If you already have a positive social media presence, it is important to carefully curate and maintain the conversation. If you social presence is less than savory, it is important to dedicate some time to correct negative sentiment and leverage strategic platforms for your business. ✅ Social Media Strategy ✅ Growth Optimization ✅ Platform Maintenance ✅ Content Creation

Your website is an invaluable tool that can enhance your online marketing campaigns, attract new customers with greater customer loyalty, increase product awareness, and grow your reputation. However, if your website is not user friendly, responsive, and beautiful to look at, it can be one of the biggest detriments to your business. At Mapogos Media, our team of professionals work with you to design websites and landing pages that are assets to your business. ✅ Built to Convert Visitors ✅ Custom, Quality Content ✅ Beautiful & Responsive Design ✅ Lightning Fast Load Times ✅ User Experience Optimized

When you need to get users to your website, paid advertising can generate targeted, quality traffic almost immediately to your website, blogs, and sales pages. When done properly by the experts at Mapogos Media, the results will help achieve your business goals. It is all about delivering the right message to the right customer. We set up, optimize, and manage campaigns for both paid search and paid social media campaigns using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. With us, you will maximize your budget, grow your visibility and website traffic, and increase revenue. ✅ Advertising Audits ✅ Audience Research & Creation ✅ Campaign Creation & Management ✅ Landing Page Creation ✅ Strategic Retargeting Campaign Creation

Unfortunately, just getting more visitors to your website doesn’t guarantee a spike in sales. You have to be able to guide the visitor from the landing page to the sale without breaking the trail. No distractions. No extra steps. No breach of trust. If your product pages are confusing, visitors may abandon your site and buy somewhere else. To top it off, if your brand messaging is inconsistent or your content doesn’t capture the visitor’s emotional reasons for buying, you are losing revenue from existing traffic without even realizing it. At Mapogos Media we fix the leaks in your business by understand your goals, creating a custom tailored plan for conversion, and then implementing our strategies to effectively boost your conversion rates and accomplish your goals. ✅ Competitor Research ✅ Funnel Research & Analysis ✅ Conversion Copywriting ✅ Lead Magnet Creation ✅ A/B Testing

SEO is a long-term strategy to increase your online presence and strengthen your long-term sales goals. At Mapogos Media, our strategies are specifically designed with the small business owner in mind. We know that business owners care about three things: Results, Service, and Price. That's why we’ve built an affordable full-service product that gets results without compromising service. Our SEO clients begin seeing the benefits of our services as their content improves, their website starts getting recognized by google, and traffic to their website spikes and their business starts growing like never before. Here's a breakdown of how we deliver incredible results for our customers. ✅ Maximizing Current Rankings With Our "Easy Wins Method" ✅ Advanced Competitive Research ✅ Link Building ✅ Guest Posts ✅ Blog Writing ✅ Local Citations

Have you ever wonder how powerful one email can be when it comes to growing your business? Imagine – about how many times do you check your email in a day? Now imagine the opportunity to have your potential customers discover your product or service through an email campaign. Mapogos Media builds effective email marketing campaigns that increase traffic to your site. We target qualified and active leads to deliver you the results you have are looking for. Our email marketing services can help you target the right prospects, expand your customer base quicker, and increase your conversion rate. ✅ Email Lead Generation Using Cold & Warm Lists ✅ Hands-Free Automation ✅ Engage & Re-engage Strategies ✅ Metrics & Reporting