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Manzimvula Photography (Not an Active on Bark)

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Manzimvula Photography (Not an Active on Bark) logo

Manzimvula Photography (Not an Active on Bark)

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


As a photographer who is a father, husband, friend, cancer-warrior,and explorer, I'm passionate about people and life. I love capturing people's experiences in that instant the shutter closes, helping to create memories that invoke the thoughts and feelings around our most important memories.



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It's really about what you capture and the subjects. I ask lots of questions so that I can get you the picture you're looking for. Certainly lighting, accessories and location all play an important part of taking a great picture but most importantly its about you.

Depending on the type of picture or event I typically ask a lot of questions, for you to think about so you can get the outcome you want from your session.
- [ ] What is the purpose of your shoot?
- [ ] Who are the subjects?
- [ ] What will you be wearing?
- [ ] What is the color of each subjects hair, eyes and skin tone?
- [ ] Will you need make-up or hair styling?
- [ ] Are there any wardrobe changes?
- [ ] What colors will you be wearing?
- [ ] Who will be seeing the pictures?
- [ ] What emotion or reaction do you want viewers to have, when they see your pictures?
- [ ] What is important to you about this shoot?
- [ ] What shot(s) should I be sure to get?
- [ ] Does anyone in the shoot have special needs I should take into account?
- [ ] Will this be indoors or outdoors? This is important as location and the environment in and around the location can affect the outcome and style of your pictures.
- [ ] What environment will we be shooting in?
- [ ] What do you not want to see in your pictures?
- [ ] Are there any angles or poses you are not comfortable with?
- [ ] What is your best side, left or right?
- [ ] Are you comfortable with me shooting some shots from above or below you? I sometimes use ladders or platforms to get specific shots.
- [ ] What is the best time of day for you?
- [ ] What dates and times work for you, considering the type of pictures you want? Time of day can affect the look and feel of your pictures if you are wanting pictures taken outdoors.
- [ ] What is your budget?
- [ ] What travel might be involved?
- [ ] What is the location address?
- [ ] Will we need permits or permission to shoot in any of your locations?
- [ ] What format do you want see your pictures in?
- [ ] How would you like to pay your deposit?
- [ ] Is there anything else you want me to know or be aware of or take into account?
- [ ] Do you have any other questions you’d like to ask?

I love being able to capture a moment in the life of my subjects. Something that not only creates a memory but stirs an emotion. My favorite shoots probably involve children and animals. Recently, I was asked to do portraits for a newborn baby. He had been through a tough time after birth and was so calm and wonderful to work with. A little fighter and such a gift.

The work I do in developing countries working in communities inspired me to document their lives, struggles and successes using photography, and that led to me expanding that to do photography as a career and lifestyle.

I work hard too ensure my clients feel comfortable and happy with the work I do. I have some clients that I've been with for many years and have been there to document the stages and changes in their lives and the lives of their families. I have others who I see maybe once or twice. The thing that ties the two together is that they know I did and will go above and beyond to create pictures they love.