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After 30 years in the hospitality and service sector, starting at entry-level, working my way through every management position culminating in 15 years as sales and marketing director and then commercial director for a company whose annual turnover was over £35m.


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11 July 2019

A friendly person with a very high level of professionalism in his support.
I strongly recommend



19 June 2019

Enthusiastic and straightforward, just what we were looking for.



21 May 2019

Such an amazing professional; so knowledgeable and speaks in simple terms so we layman’s can understand what’s going on! Already I’m confident I’m in great hands and I’m looking forward to working together in making my dream come true! More...



20 May 2019

I would like to work with you Mr



28 April 2019

Communication & his expertise from his vast experience is incredibly rare to find.
I wish I found him sooner as he is the ideal Business Consultant.
Without hesitation I would recommend to all who wish to use his services.
I can see many more years to come whereby I will require his fountain of knowledge & tireless enthusiasm to get the job done at the tightest of deadlines.
If my Business was big enough I would hire him full-time.
For those needing the ideal candidate, look no further. Justin Manning is it.



1 April 2019

Justin helped me set up my new business, his knowledge on how to set things up, and his financial reports really enabled me to see exactly where I was going and what I needed to get my business up and off the ground. He is extremely knowledgeable and so helpful nothing was to much for him. i cannot recommend him enough to anyone out there who is either setting up a business or needs help looking at their existing business More...

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I have spent 30 years in this fascinating industry, and it's safe to say not a single day has been the same, I’ve worked for, at the time biggest hotel group in the world (Forte). For privately owned 5-star luxury hotels. Through to small independent hotels and hotel groups. I have laughed and cried and experienced every other possible emotion in-between.

Having been a consultant twice in the past only to be directly employed by the companies, I was helping. I decided yet again it was in this field I excelled at, and I am back to doing what I love full time.

I take all that I have learned, to help and advise companies old and new, and that is a huge privilege. Assisting existing businesses and their owners grow beyond their expectations is thrilling, don't get me wrong, it can also be extremely challenging.

I have also helped set up many new businesses up from Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, serviced Apartments through to retail outlets. Helping and guiding new business owner's take their initial thoughts and ideas and help them turn those into reality is a remarkably rewarding thing to do.

For the last 20 years of my career, I worked for a small independent group of businesses; it was during this time my passion for independently managed and run businesses really started to come in to focus.

In this day and age where big brands dominate the world so effectively, It gave me a tremendous sense of encouragement that despite the globalisation of everything and massive groups and chains. It became quite apparent that If managed and run correctly independent hotels, restaurants, shops and bars can not only do as well as the large chains but can actually trade at a higher level than them. One of my properties was and by quite some margin the busiest hotel in the City and for four Years achieved an annual occupancy of 95% just imagine that running at completely full capacity 95% of the time 365 days for four years

One of my job roles over the last 18 years was to source and carry out feasibility studies on prospective new properties, whether that would be businesses already operating or new builds. It became quite clear that I was able to assess extremely quickly any companies potential irrespective of current profit and or loss levels. Many significant decisions on expansion the company took were entirely based on my feasibility studies, and all were even more successful than my initial findings.

As the companies appetite for expansion slowed during the last five years or so, I also started advising friends and family on setting up their own new businesses and also advising other established business. And I realised that it was this, I wanted to do in the future and I now do this full time.

Passion, drive, and determination, these words are what I have heard used to describe me the most in my working life. And that's what I would also bring to your business whether you are just starting, or have been running one for decades.


Business plans are the most important documents a new business owner needs to produce. The plan outlines and formalises an initial idea into a working document that sets out the vision and goals for a new business. Moreover, if financial backing is required is the primary document used to convince and secure such funding, whether it be from banks or other financial institutions or individuals. During our first conversations, I will listen and take on board all the ideas and thoughts surrounding your concept, make assessments, carry out some initial research if needed and make sure your idea has a sound commercial basis to it. The business plans I produce are clear concise, and to the point, while giving significant insights on the business, it will contain all the key steps and requirements your specific business requires to go from idea to reality. From the initial Vision, position and or demand in the market. Analysis of any existing market in your location and what your plan to offer / why your business will succeed. Sales and Marketing, if required a SWOT analysis, a detailed breakdown of the cost of acquisition/startup costs. This leads on to a very detailed budget pack, that will clearly outline revenue assumptions including the rationale and thinking behind them. Show the costs of sales (these are associated costs directly attributable to the products or services you are selling), Staffing and payroll costs. And a detailed breakdown of all the expenses required to run the business, which will lead on to a very clear and easy to read and understand annual profit and loss projection month by month for the year. Many of the businesses I have helped have been self-funding, with the company owners funding the project themselves, while others have needed the business plan and financial reports to secure financial backing from Banks or other institutions. The business plans and financial reports, I have produced have for many helped that happen I guide my clients through every step and explain in detail the reasoning behind not only what is happening but also why, so you get a clear understanding of the processes required to get your business off the ground.

Every companies key to survival rests solely on its ability to generate a clear profit; it's obvious really. However, many business owners are often to personally invested or attached to admit or see where any issues may exist. Allowing someone from outside the company to review and assess can be a huge help, as they won't be so personally invested in the company. Subsequently, they would be able to review and evaluate the business on an utterly impartial basis. A review of all of the critical areas within your business could produce startling results. From assessing your topline revenue and coming up with new strategies, analysis of the cost of sales associated with either the products or services your offer. Staffing / Payroll reviews, sales and marketing activities and expenses can be carried out. Resulting in new thoughts, ideas, strategies and potentially new services offered, new customers found, and your cost base reduced. I would engage with you, the business owner, have an open discussion listen to your thoughts and views on how things are and what your future hopes and aspirations for the company are. Once we have agreed what form you would like the overview to take, I would set to work on reviewing the approved areas, talk you through every step of the process — ultimately providing you with a clear, concise report that would become a practical guide to future success for you, your company and employees.