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Manly Stewart and Finaldi Lawyers is one of the leading California law firms for sexual abuse cases. Our attorneys have been helping victims of harassment and sex crimes for over 20 years. Learn more about what we can do for you by scheduling a free consultation today!

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Brian P.

31 May 2019

Last year I needed legal advice and reached out to this firm to understand my options and to discuss my situation with the team. This firm went above and beyond to ensure that I understand my rights and helped me strategize a course of action that ultimately helped me to win my case. Justice prevailed thanks to Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. A special thank you to Alex Cunny who was incredibly responsive, thoughtful in his approach, and kept me informed throughout the legal process. The transparency they showed was unparalleled and their professionalism was outstanding. Thank you to everyone at this firm and I would highly recommend that anyone needing legal assistance would reach out to Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. More...


Eats Too Much F.

22 May 2019

I went to Manly, Stewart & Finaldi last year looking for legal advice. They reviewed the case and gave me excellent guidance. Ultimately, they referred an attorney who specialized in dealing with the situation and the outcome was great. I spoke directly to a partner who really took the time talk me through it and made me feel much more at ease. I really can't thank them enough. More...


Roy J.

29 November 2016

This attorneys are full of it they put u in a bad spot and start milking you you be better of with no attorney than this guys Yelp don't have the b*** to post there bad reviews do to the being a lawyers don't give your money to this ppl they are very bad and I had a business disputing case and the took it not even what they do they are sexual crime attorney not business litigation attorney so they had no business taking my case my case was a commercial lease litigation not what they do