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Manites Flower Shop & Accessories

Maple Beach, Washington


Manites Flower Shop & Accessories

Maple Beach, Washington


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Adam Lo

15 September 2019

Love the flowers, very well decorated. Would definitely come again


June Kim

16 August 2019

We needed a wedding bouquet in a hurry and found this flower shop. The owner was so nice and fully understood what we needed. She made a beautiful wedding bouquet for us. Thank you very much. You made our big day great!! More...


C. H.

14 August 2019

I stopped by for some flowers as I was in the area. Bouquet of flowers was fresh and nicely wrapped. Price was a bit more expensive than a big box grocery store.


Kevin Jee

28 March 2019

The owner is very friendly and professional. I love this place.


georgia inglis

28 December 2018

Best ever..fun personalities...Mani and Tessa...beautiful Unicorn(rainbow) roses from Ecuador and fabulous customer service and prices


Shirley Larose

29 October 2018

I want to congratulate Manites on the recent flower arrangement, sent to celebrate our ruby anniversary. Red roses, red and pink carnations and assorted greenery in a dark red vase, and everything fresh. Simple, elegant and beautiful. Well done. More...


Trucut Barbershop

29 October 2018

Yes there is a good local place for flowers and roses:


Ron Dubin

27 May 2017

They did our flowers for our wedding and wow, were we blown away! They went above and beyond in making sure all the floral arrangements were perfect, even adding special jewels to the bouquets to get the right colours. Would definitely recommend!


Lance Morrison

27 May 2016

Outstanding ser ice at a fair price, only went here in the first place because another local florist was very rude to me. You should give this place a shot, you wint be disappointed.


Sunny Soreni

27 May 2016

Absolutely beautiful! Got flowers done last minute for wedding. The owners really understood what I wanted when I couldn't describe my thoughts. Prices excellent results of bouquets, boutiners and shoulders flowers ...beautiful. More...


Dee C.

1 March 2016

I had the sad news of a close friend that suddenly passed away and had no clue what kind of flowers to send to his funeral.  I searched online and decided to visit Manites Flower Shop.  Walking in clueless, Manny greeted me right away.  Manny is very knowledgeable about appropriate flower choices and colours for funerals.  Manny and Tessa were very helpful which gave me comfort in my decision.  At the funeral all my friends thanked me for arranging the flowers which turned out big and beautiful, just like my friend smiling in his picture.  I would definitely go back to them for flower arrangements, hopefully for a happier occasion. More...


marichu j.

19 April 2011

Thanks to the one and only review by Joe S., I have found the most wonderful and outstanding florist outside of the U.S. and inside Canada!Owners husband & wife, Mani and Tess (a/k/a Manites for short),  were not only sweet & friendly but very helpful, accomodating, understanding and even went above and beyond my wants and needs in a very narrow window of time (I, myself, do flower arrangements on occassion so I know what it takes.)  They've been in the business for ten years in their small shop and they do all the work themselves. They're not out there to compete with the big names and make lots of money.  Instead, they're there to please their customer and hopefully get repeat or new business  through the quality of their work.  To be specific, last Friday morning just 3 hours before going out of town for the weekend, I was online browsing at all the flower shops looking for one that will make an arrangement to be delivered at the nearby Inn At The Quay in New Westminster for a co-worker, Joanne, and her family's memorial service for their father the next day.  Being in California, I have no knowledge nor connections as to which florist to call or order from, therefore, most of those 3 hours were spent looking reading reviews after reviews and going through all the florist websites in and around the area.  I made a few calls but to no avail.  Finally and by process of elimination, I took a chance with Manites Flower Shop and I am so happy and relieved that I did.  What a very nice couple.  Tess was very helpful and charming on the phone while Mani, the artistic one, made a gorgeous arrangement that would rival major designer florists according to Joanne.  My other co-workers and I here in L.A., didn't have a big budget but Joanne and their guests at the reception thought it was worth three to four times what I paid.  Mani created an exquisite, exotic and zen arrangement not found in their website.  He added his own personal touch and artistry that made it unique.  Finally, it was delivered very early that the hotel staff managed to set aside a table just for the arrangement alone that guests saw and admired it as they entered the room.  Joanne and her family were moved to tears not just because it was a surprise from us but couldn't believe how beautiful it was.  Guests took photos next to and of the arrangement and even asked the name of the florist.  I heard nothing but rave and positive things about the flowers from Joanne yesterday and that was good enough for me.  Needless to say, I spent my entire out of town weekend without any worries.  Manites took care of everything.I hope to visit Vancouver again someday and I will make sure to stop by and give Mani and Tess a big hug and say "thank you" for everything. More...

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