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Manic Training East Greenwich

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We offer Instructor led, Group Trainng Classes. The programming is designed to increase strength, power, work capacity and durability for real world challenges, through purposeful variety. These sessions use full body workouts and compound movements utilizing free weights, medicine balls, sandbags, Kettlebells, Airdyne bikes, rowers, Ski Ergs, ropes, push sleds and many bodyweight exercises… in many different formats, across all planes of motion.

Classes are 1 hour long, incorporating a 10 minute warmup, setup and explanation of the workout, and a good 45 minutes of activity.

Manic Training East Greenwich  Reviews


Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Julie Mollo
5 19/01/2018 Julie Mollo

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Karee Morgan
5 29/06/2017 Karee Morgan

A nice long workout with variety and fun people!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Manic Training East Greenwich
5 18/02/2017 Manic Training East Greenwich

Format: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or short spurts of intense exercises followed by active recovery movements that runs the equipment gamut. A class may feature work with slam balls, rowing machines, kettlebells, free weights, step platforms, and suspension training straps, as well as body-weight exercises. But SkiErgs, Airdyne exercise bikes, battle ropes, yoga balls, and more also line the bright orange walls of the gym. The regimen’s designed to be done three times a week—Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and Friday or Saturday—so you can skip Tuesday’s class knowing you already did that workout Monday (if you were that ambitious). Your three classes in a week, though, are entirely different. Even if, say, the rowing machine is incorporated every time, you might be on it for 350 meters as part of a set one day and then try to burn 30 calories on it the next.
The self-explanatory Manic Lite lasts 45 minutes, while the flagship class, Manic Training, spans an hour, with participants completing more sets of exercises or longer ones.

What it’ll do for YOU: Increase power, endurance, and strength (especially in your core muscles)

Why it works: Doing exercises that cross multiple planes of motion work muscles that are normally stagnant; the variety means your body doesn’t get accustomed to any one routine; and the HIIT method is thought to increase metabolism by changing how much oxygen your body needs at different points in the workout.

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Michael Burghardt
5 Michael Burghardt

This will change your life!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Damon Park
5 Damon Park

Great workout this morning at Manic Training in EG!!!!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Charlie Boyle
4 Charlie Boyle

Great place to get in shape and workout!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Lauren Souler Taylor
5 Lauren Souler Taylor

Such a great workout! High intensity and strength workout all in one!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Sarah Rosciti
5 Sarah Rosciti

I Love Manic EG its Completely addicting, I never thought I would love anything fitness!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Glen Gauthier
5 Glen Gauthier

A workout like no other. You will love to hate it.

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Colleen Clare-Coen
4 Colleen Clare-Coen

Thank you Julie & Mike for the BEST workout this morning!! My favorite one yet.

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Susan Woodard
5 Susan Woodard

Enjoyed my first Manic high intensity circuit workout. Loved that the instructors continuously monitored each student to ensure proper form. Will be back!!!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Jackie DeBlois
5 Jackie DeBlois

Thanks for a great workout today John, Julie, and Michael! The new space is fabulous, can't wait it get back!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Kim Proto Saccucci
5 Kim Proto Saccucci

Great place with supportive staff! You leave feeling amazing because you got such a thorough workout.

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Laura-Lee Hensle Radtke
5 Laura-Lee Hensle Radtke

Just put Jake to bed after he taught his 7 year old twin sisters to do mountain climbers and seated rows.. Love it.... Thanks Julie and Mike for a great workout this morning

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Beth Francis
5 Beth Francis

Absolutely love Manic! They have become my gym family! Workout is always different and I've stuck to it for 2 years. Come try it out!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Erica Vigneau
5 Erica Vigneau

Best workouts ever. Different everyday for those of you that like variety. I've been consistently going since January and can notice a huge difference in my body. Manic is the best workout out there!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Edward Cicione
5 Edward Cicione

I first heard of the name Manic Training on a t-shirt at a Boldrdash race. I recently attended an open house and found out they offer a free week of classes. This could not have come at a better time as I could benefit to lose weight and train for my next Boldrdash race. This gym is huge, I like the amenities like sweat towels,water and storage places for personal belongings. I experienced a fantastic workout with people of all ages. It was a fast pace work out, and a trainer named Julie kept a close eye on me and corrected my form when needed. Julie was encouraging us all along. Never once did I feel intimidated. Manic Training has all kinds of exercise equipment to keep the gym experience enjoyable. The free week of workouts is also a plus, as it is getting me motivated. I encourage more people to do the same. Ed Cicione

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Danielle Iannotti
5 Danielle Iannotti

Manic is excellent! I've only taken classes with Mike so far and he is crazy in the best possible way! Fresh workouts push you to your limit and even though it's a group class, he's definitely keeping an eye on you individually, encouraging you along and offering guidance as needed. The gym itself is large, lots of open space, and the equipment is clean and modern. Other "nice to haves" are cubbies, Elkay water fountain/bottle filler, and they have a couple showers/small locker room area which is more than most "bootcamp" style gyms have. Great environment, great energy, great workouts. Go Manic!

Review of Manic Training East Greenwich  by Joann Zina McGowan
5 Joann Zina McGowan

Just did a trial and love it! If your looking to change it up from the regular gym like I am this is it. I just signed up for my first month and I can’t wait to see my results at the end of the month.

Manic Training East Greenwich

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1434, 3377 S County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818, USA

Manic Training East Greenwich  Q&A

Company Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Common client goals include losing weight, eating healthier and getting stronger. These are a start, but it’s worth taking some time to find out what motivates your clients. Why do they want to lose the weight, eat healthier or get stronger? What makes them feel empowered and in control? What do they enjoy eating or doing for exercise? It is a lot easier to stick to a workout regimen that includes bike riding if a person loves bike riding. And it is a lot harder to stick to a meal plan that includes salmon if the person hates fish. The bottom line: Find out what makes your clients feel great and use that to help devise the plans for achieving their goals.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

There is NO secret. 95% diet, 5% efficient HIIT exercise.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing the look on a clients face when they accomplish something they never thought they could ever do.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was burnt out after spending 20+ years in the IT world, and out of shape. I found Manic Training and knew it was for me. And it works!! I wanted to help others reach their fitness goals.

Why should our clients choose you?

Before you even consider choosing, come try out Manic Training, FREE, for a week. This will give you a great idea of what we're all about.

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