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Personal training as in-person, hybrid, and online training for individuals or semi-private utilizing weights, machines, and high-intensity interval training. Also focusing on nutrition principles for attaining body fat loss or muscle definition/gain.

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Adri Hernandez

23 July 2018

Mandie has helped me be accountable to my fitness goals. She creates a plan that targets your needs and has helped me build strength and endurance.


Hilary Baltz

23 July 2018

The girl knows her stuff! Her drive, energy and love for fitness has her at the top of the list! Your success is definitely her priority!


Lindsey Malone

23 July 2018

Mandie is very knowledgable about fitness and nutrition! She takes the time to answer questions, address any concerns you may have, and she creates the best fitness plan tailored to your personal needs and fitness goals. Excellent trainer and a fantastic person!! More...


Carden CeCe

23 July 2018

Make no mistake, Mandie is the real deal! She is knowledgeable, great personality and will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. She can also teach you exactly how to get your nutrition under control! More...


Jeanna Wright

23 July 2018

Awesome coaching!! Mandie Kay is super nice, comes up with great workouts (while keeping strengths and limitations in mind) and helps with tips and nutrition. She will push you further than you will push yourself, and stresses good for and great quality. Loved my experience! More...

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By focusing on correct habits, nutrition principles, and utilizing weights, machines, and some cardio to help achieve their aesthetic, movement, or quality of life goals.

Nutrition is 90% of it. The other part is by continuing to lift weight to either maintain lean muscle to not be "skinny fat" during body fat loss, or to build lean muscle if muscle gain or definition is the goal.

Seeing the true joy of victories large or small on a person's face.

My mother going through cancer twice and then passing away made me realize I have to keep up with nutrition and fitness to remain healthy.

I take the time and effort to truly customize everything about your program and also care about you and how you are doing and feeling.