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Simona is specialized in The Art of Energy Healing, Mindfulness, Stress Management and Happiness coaching. She has a program Heal-Transform - Flourish that united healing, development and coaching. Energy Healing stimulates the energy flow in or around the human body to restore balance on all levels, enabling the physical body to heal itself.



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It is my Life Purpose to guide and accompany people during healing, transformation and flourishing process. Growth is amazing and it needs support.

Sharing is caring! Supporting and guiding others has been my passion since i was a child. I have been practicing energy healing for a long time and I couldn't help but share. Recently i had also manifested a beautiful location and opened a Holistic Center for our Community.

My work is mainly focused on the heart and it is done with the heart. Let's discover your truest self together. You choose remote or in person! Aloha