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Krystal Curtis

27 January 2019

Where do I begin? The minute I walked through the door, I knew this would be a different experience than I’d ever had in any kind of therapy (and I’ve been to a few:). I felt so comfortable right away, like I was at home. Jackie is so real, caring, intuitive, and supportive. I’m extremely lucky to have found her! I feel like I’m really making some progress in my journey and I thank her for it! More...


Jodi White

27 January 2019

Jackie's work is outstanding! I came to see her with my SO (significant other) to work on bettering some communication. She is such a great coach! This is not your typical "counseling" or therapy, she really helps couples SEE each other again. She helps couples appreciate the other and come from a space of love and care to work on strengthening the communication and intimacy. More...



27 January 2019

Seeing Jackie has been instrumental in strengthening our relationship and how we interact with each other mentally and physically. Immediately, Jackie put us at ease by her warm and gentle personality. She is a compassionate listener, knowledgeable in her profession, and fair to both sides. Jackie has a gift for getting to the core of the issue, and she steadily helps guide you to recognize what lies behind the struggles in a relationship. Jackie has helped us communicate better, which has helped the other parts of our relationship flourish. More...


Stephen Hoffman

28 November 2018

My girlfriend and I originally went to Jackie to try and sort out our mismatched libidos, but soon realized that there was much more going on below the surface. Jackie allowed us both to express our insecurities and frustrations about one another in way that both of us felt safe and validated. She has a way of connecting with people and drawing out the truth even when it can be painful; and she knows how to take that pain and turn it into a empathetic learning experience. Jackie saved our relationship, helped us grow as people, and my girlfriend and I are now engaged to be married, thanks in no small part to Jackie's intervention. More...


Meaghan Skrzynecki

31 July 2018

My boyfriend and I started seeing Jackie for mismatched libidos and discovered so much more beneath the surface. Jackie cared so deeply and was so thorough in dealing with both of our emotions and situations. I left each session feeling truly heard by my partner. I especially love that Jackie is an expert at reading my shy, quiet personality type! She understood that I needed pressure taken off in order for me to fully open up about how I was truly feeling. Jackie has helped my relationship to become much closer by strengthening our communication, how we argue, how we approach emotionally difficult subjects, and how we connect in our daily lives (and in the bedroom!). We learned how to approach all matters with how we were truly feeling at our cores and we both became more self-aware in the process. My relationship has become stronger, closer, and more meaningful because of Jackie's work with us. I highly recommend her to anyone! More...


danielle browning

1 July 2018

Jackie is AMAZING! She is so tender and supportive. When I was in a hard place of a relationship she doesn't tell you what to do, but supports you through those times. In working with her I learned that I had put so much pressure on myself to feel like I had to do everything on my own. I learned that I don't have to feel so lonely and isolated in holding "it all" together. There is something magical about Jackie. Her kindness and empathy is like no other. I have referred so many friends to her with absolute confidence that they are in safe, judgement free, loving and supportive presence of Jackie. More...


JT Runyan

1 July 2018

Jackie is a great listener! She is very quickly able to identify root causes of strife in a person's life. Her empathy and commitment to improve her patients quality of life is undeniable. Dont be afraid...go see Jackie.


Jill Runyan

4 June 2018

Jackie is a great listener! She is very quickly able to identify root causes of strife in a person's life. Her empathy and commitment to improve her patients quality of life is undeniable. Dont be afraid...go see Jackie.


David Gasser

4 April 2018

I've met with Jackie a handful of times to discuss our local businesses and how we can help each other. What I have found after each meeting, is new insights about myself as to who I am and how I can better communicate with others, especially in my marriage. Jackie is an empathetic listener, she's vulnerable and can help others feel safe enough to share and also be vulnerable. Sexuality and intimacy are complicated issues for our human race and Jackie is a pro at helping people uncover their issues that keep them from developing the trust and satisfaction they desire. More...


Paul Kuthe

1 April 2018

Jackie is not your average relationship coach... She goes well beyond what is expected and seems to be fueled by the deep seated desire to help everyone find not just love but complete understanding and appreciation for their partner. I know communication and open dialogue about sensitive subjects can seem intimidating and even scary but Jackie was able to not just put me at ease, but I instantly felt I could tell her ANYTHING without judgement or catching her off guard. She is experienced, well trained, and KNOWS how to cut through the BS and get couples closer than they have EVER been before. I can't say enough about this lovely professional coach. She's just amazing! More...


Suky Visocky

22 March 2018

Jackie has been able to mend a broken marriage with kindness and vulnerability. She helped us communicate in a language the other can understand, giving us accountability and enabling us to empower our relationship.


Chris Longest

14 January 2018

I can’t thank Jackie enough for opening my eyes to a more meaningful way to communicate with my loved ones. Her ability to navigate emotionally charged conversations and put my focus on empathy rather than fixing everything has allowed me to understand my partner and myself in deeper ways. She is able to put us at ease the moment we walk in her door, creating an atmosphere conducive to honest communication. I will be forever grateful for the skills she has taught me. More...


Dave Erickson

13 October 2017

I am so thankful to have met, befriended and worked with Jackie over the last three years. She was literally a godsend when I met her as I was going through one of the most difficult and scary times in my life and my relationship. Not only was she a friend and mentor, she was the best life coach I have had the privilege to work with. With her intuitive, empathetic and truly caring personality, she helped guide me out of what I can only call hell and the lowest point I had been in my life. She helped me to find the strength and love within that I had been missing for so long. I am and will forever be grateful to have her in my life and for helping me in my darkest hour. My life has changed so much for the better that I don't recognize the old hurting and lost me. I have Jackie to thank for that and I am forever grateful. More...


Michele Tran-Prescott

4 October 2017

After your first meeting with Jackie you will leave knowing that you have found the right person to open up your feelings to because Jackie is genuinely a great listener, open minded, and someone you can trust. You can tell she has had a lot training and has worked in this field for a while as she is a true professional. More...


Amy Smith

4 October 2017

Jackie literally saved our relationship! She taught us how to communicate and be vulnerable which has led to a deeper connection than we thought possible. Meeting with her will change your life forever - I cannot recommend her enough! More...


Marich Chen

27 September 2017

Jackie understands and connects with people in a whole other level. She's attentive, insightful, and seems to know what you're trying to say even if you are having difficulties communicating. I highly recommend!

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