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According to the tenancy agreement, tenants are expected to return the property in as good condition as it was before moving in. In order to do so, we advise our customers to turn to some professional help. Main Cleaners London is expert in end of tenancy cleaning and we offer you to take advantage of our services if you want to get your deposit in full. Our cleaning packages are priced fairly and we are ready to offer you the one which will best suit you. Just contact us.

Main Cleaners London Reviews

Main Cleaners London Reviews

Review of Main Cleaners London by Lilly North
4 05/02/2019 Lilly North

My five-member family definitely approves of the high professionalism of your company. You are the third house cleaning company I have used in the past six months and I assure you that I will not be looking for other cleaning company. As you know maintaining a clean and sanitised house can sometimes be a big challenge. Since our fifth kid was born, we knew that we would not be able to do the thorough cleaning process ourselves. So, we started searching over the internet and asking friends for recommendations. And your company appeared to be the best in terms of positive reviews and pretty affordable prices. I searched no more and give your company a call. The next day, the team of technicians came at the appointed hour, 8 am sharp. I was very impressed by the high professionalism of the guys and the deployed top notch machinery. Your guys really knew what they are doing, thoroughly cleaned and sanitised all of the rooms in the house. What's more, they even organised the rooms of the kids by moving their toys in special boxes.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Niamh Anderson
5 04/02/2019 Niamh Anderson

What a dab hand! That's the first thing I think to myself when I see my housemaid working her magic on our home. Multitasking is her second name! The woman would tidy your room while vacuuming at the same time and without a pant. Cleaning is a drudge for me but for her it's like a second name. I've learned a thing or two about cleaning from my maid just by watching her but that still doesn't mean I'm eager to take over. Not a chance. I like having her around too much. I'm no match for the professional abilities of my home keeper. I ca only thank your cleaning company for the gift they made me. I appreciate your efforts.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Madison Humphreys
5 01/02/2019 Madison Humphreys

I recommend this professional cleaning company to everybody who craves to finally see their house in order. Impeccable is the word! I can't be more satisfied with the results. Now that we don't have to worry about chores, we have more time to spend with each other. It's really nice. I'm not exhausted all the time anymore. She comes every days of the week including weekends. She gave us that long needed break we were waiting for. It's not easy to have three children on your hands. She is the best thing that has happened to us in along time. She even brought high class company products! A true gift indeed! yours are so much more powerful. We threw out all of our old stash. They can't compare! it was a free gift for first time customers. We love your company! We love you for the meticulous work and gifted cleaners do and for being so custom-friendly and approachable! Thanks again and again!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Rebecca Hurst
4 31/01/2019 Rebecca Hurst

When we decided to hire a maid, we thought we knew exactly what we needed so we were very particular. Unfortunately for your office workers who by the way deserve a prize for dealing with people like us. They couldn't have been more friendly and patient with us. They sent us somebody who taught us to know better. I mean, what do we know about cleaning. If we did, we wouldn't have to hire a maid! She showed us how it's actually done! That's why people say leave it to the professionals! She knows what needs cleaning and when it needs to be cleaned in order of importance. She has self-organisational skills she strive for! Much thanks for the high class service. We've returned to liking our home again.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Jonathan Wall
5 30/01/2019 Jonathan Wall

I used this company for the after builders cleaning on a property we had renovated. The cleaners arrived 5 minutes late but got to work straight away. End product was fantastic. Not a bi missed! They did take some of the stress away because we would not be able to deal with the mess by ourselves. The cleaning was done to a very high standard and the outcome was more than satisfying. Thanks to those cleaners' work now we are able to enjoy our new home's look to the fullest. I would have no hesitation in recommending the after builders cleaning service of this company.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Luca Hudson
4 29/01/2019 Luca Hudson

I was looking for a professional after builders cleaning service and this one was recommended to me. I made the appointment and on the morrow of my calling a team of housekeepers came to the renovated property. They were a few minutes late but the cleaning session was done to a very high standard. Yes, the house was desperately in need of such professional cleaning. The difference was remarkable! The entire house looked almost as good as new. I would not hesitate to recommend this cleaning company - actually have already done so. My friends already know about its professionalism, reliability and affordable rates.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Alfie Whitehouse
5 28/01/2019 Alfie Whitehouse

If you ever find yourself in need of a professional after builders cleaning service, do not hesitate to choose the one offered by this company. Out of personal experience, I can tell you that these cleaners are beyond professional and thorough. They did miracles cleaning our renovated property a week ago. They managed to leave the property so clean and tidy as if no builders have ever been in there. The outcome was more than satisfying which was the reason we decided to try the other services out. Plus, the rate was very competitive and reasonable. We highly recommend.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Ruby Patel
5 25/01/2019 Ruby Patel

I had this company's housekeepers come to do the deep cleaning of my flat just a couple of days before I put the property on the market. Thanks to the incredibly thorough work that was completed, my place showed itself off very nicely. I do not think I can thank or recommend the company enough for what they have done. The housekeepers were so friendly and hard-working. If I had to do the cleaning on my own, I would never be able to sell the property. I recommend this company very highly and I will probably use again very soon.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Sienna Fox
4 24/01/2019 Sienna Fox

I was very please with the after builders cleaning services of this company. Our home looked awful after the builders left but those housekeepers left me with a spotless home. I am so happy and I appreciate their assistance so much. I would definitely recommend the service! The only thing I got wrong was the time required because I thought the cleaners would be quicker but I guess the cleaning project was too big. I loved how hard the cleaners worked and did make every nook and cranny was given the attention it needed. I would not have any hesitation in recommending or using the service.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Amy Chamberlain
4 23/01/2019 Amy Chamberlain

I am very happy with the house cleaning service of this company. We arranged the housekeepers for the cleaning on a Friday morning and they came only 5 minutes late but it was fine because the traffic on that day was awful. They brought all the necessary cleaning supplies and made sure every corner of the house was cleaned. They paid special attention to those tricky areas I pointed out and did a very thorough job. They were very kind and worked hard for a couple of hours to cover the entire property. I already plan on booking the service on a weekly basis because my home needs this professional touch.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Jayden Lord
4 22/01/2019 Jayden Lord

A colleague from work told me about your company when I was in a quest of a professional cleaning service. She told me that the price is very reasonable having in mind the thoroughness of the cleaning sessions. I did not hesitate and I phoned right away. I loved how courteous the operative was. He took his time to introduce me to the cleaning service and gave me a free quote. On the day of the cleaning, two housekeepers came to the house. They were so polite and friendly. They did the cleaning in no time and by the time they were done everywhere was sparkling.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Mia Perry
5 21/01/2019 Mia Perry

My husband and I were in need of professional after builders cleaning service so we spoke with a few friend who used some in the past. They all recommended this company's after builders cleaning service and told us that the rates were pretty affordable. We did not give booking the service a second thought so we called the company. A team of experienced and trained housekeepers came to our property and got to work straight away. They were so hard-working and focused. They cleaned up everything so quickly and now we are able to enjoy our home property. A great service it was.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Ruby Nash
5 18/01/2019 Ruby Nash

If you ever need assistance with the housework, I recommend you this company's house cleaning services. They are delivered by true professionals who always work hard to achieve the perfect look for my home. Not only is the service super professional and thorough but reasonable prices too. Thanks to them I can enjoy the perfect cleanliness and cosiness without me having to pay a fortune for the service. The cleaners are very friendly and hard-working professionals who stop at nothing when it comes to home care. I will certainly continue to use the services of this company.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Elliot Giles
3 17/01/2019 Elliot Giles

I booked this company's professional cleaning services a week ago and the cleaners did a very decent job. They were a few minutes late but managed to make up for the wasted time. They worked very and ensured that every room is deep cleaned from top to bottom. They missed to clean under the bed but they quickly took care of it when I pointed it out. I will be using the service again soon because it is good and very budget-friendly. Also, the housekeepers are very friendly and thorough in their job.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Grace Ashton
5 16/01/2019 Grace Ashton

We recently renovated the whole condo and the mess left after the builders was too huge that we could hardly notice the change. A colleague from work told me about this company's after builders cleaning services so we came up with the decision to give it a try. I called your employees and after they did their job in the most efficient manner possible we can finally enjoy our lovely home. We are forever thankful for everything they did. Not it feels more like home! We will surely use again in the future.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Kyle Barber
5 15/01/2019 Kyle Barber

I strongly recommend the house cleaning service of this company. I have been using them for a couple of years now and the cleaners have never disappointed me. They know what I need to be done and the do it in the most proficient manner. I know that I can trust those cleaners because we have been working together for so many years now. They always work hard and always make sure every bit of the house is given the attention it needs. By the time they are don, the entire property is sparkling clean, as if it has never been dirty or messy.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Jack Kaur
5 14/01/2019 Jack Kaur

This company has been cleaning our place for almost 2 years now. The housekeepers that came this morning were brilliant. They really did go above and beyond anything I asked for. The price of the professional cleaning service is very reasonable for the time and work they do. The housekeepers are very savvy and know how to suit my requirements. I do not have to repeat myself every time they come, they just know what I need to be done and then do it in the most proficient manner possible. I am sure I will continue to use this company.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Ethan Peters
5 10/01/2019 Ethan Peters

I truly appreciate having your company clean my home every two weeks. The housekeepers are always on time and do a great job every time. They help my home stay neat and tidy all times. I do not have to worry about anything because I know your cleaners will get everything done in the most proficient manner possible. Also the rates are so economical and reasonable that booking the deep cleaning service on a such regular basis does not stress my budget at all. My life is definitely easier with your company in it.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Finley Whitehead
5 09/01/2019 Finley Whitehead

The housekeepers who did the deep cleaning for me were such hard workers and they were so friendly. They worked very fast and covered the whole property in no time. Every nook and cranny was deep cleaned and there was not a single trace of grime or dust left. I am very thankful for their assistance because I would never be able to do a such deep clean on my own, even if I had the right equipment and time. The moment I was the outcome of their work, I knew I want these people to help me with the housework on a more regular basis.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Hayden Hamilton
3 08/01/2019 Hayden Hamilton

The deep cleaning service of this company is very reasonably priced which was the reason I decided to book it. For a minute I thought its quality would be poor but I was wrong. The housekeepers did a decent job and I was happy with the outcome. The only thing I did not find so professional was the fact that they were a bit late but I guess it was because of a previous appointment or the traffic. Anyway, I would still recommend the deep cleaning service.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Makus Dean
4 07/01/2019 Makus Dean

We came across this professional cleaning company and contacted them to do a deep clean of our home. The agent was very accommodating to my busy schedule. The housekeepers arrived on time and got started right away. It was a very big cleaning project but they managed to do it in the most efficient manner possible. They worked hard for a couple of hours and did a spectacular job. They even asked whether or not I had any other requests to ensure my complete satisfaction. I noticed a small area that was not cleaned but they quickly took care of it.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Benjamin Elliott
4 20/12/2018 Benjamin Elliott

I am a big fan of this company's deep cleaning. I have been using it for a couple of months already and the housekeepers always do a very thorough job. They know what I need to be done and then do it in the most proficient manner. I love how my home feels and looks after the cleaning session. Everywhere is clean and smells great. Another thing I like is that the cleaners use only environmentally friendly cleaning products and tools so I did not have to worry about any detrimental toxins. I am planning on using the service on a more regular basis.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Laura Hunt
5 19/12/2018 Laura Hunt

I strongly recommend this company's house cleaning service. My housekeepers did a brilliant job. They were on time and stayed for a couple of hours to do a really thorough cleaning of my 2-bedroom property. They cleaned absolutely everything from top to bottom. The bathtub was deep cleaned and there was not a bit of dust left! I did not know my home could look so sparkling clean. It does feel like new place. I am not sure how much the other companies charge but this house cleaning service was definitely worth every pound. I will surely use again in the near future.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Leo Tucker
5 18/12/2018 Leo Tucker

The housekeepers from this company did a fantastic job on cleaning our house. My wife and I were away for a couple of weeks and we needed help with the house cleaning. The cleaners were friendly and worked with us to customise the perfect cleaning plan. We appreciate the fact that they invest in green classified cleaning products because most of the mainstream supplies are toxic and detrimental. I am more than happy that we booked this company's house cleaning service exactly and not another one. We will surely use again.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Laura Marshall
5 17/12/2018 Laura Marshall

Before we hired your carpet cleaning service for the first time, we have had great cleaning problems with our carpets. We own a dog and two cats, and they all live inside with the rest of the family. You can only imagine how our carpets and furniture look after a few months! I find it very hard to deal with pet hair and no matter how hard I try to remove it, there is always more! And it is not just the hair, the kids, as well as the pets cause various stains and spots that I cannot remove fro the life of me! It is great comfort knowing that your cleaners are just one phone call away from coming over and refreshing the place to perfection! We will keep on relying on you, because you have proven us your efficiency and diligence plenty of times and keep on doing so! You are definitely the best carpet cleaning service out there. Respect!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Harry Todd
4 14/12/2018 Harry Todd

The deep cleaning service of this company was fast and impeccable. What impressed me was the attention to detail! The cleaners were professional and very polite. I knew they would do a great job the moment they came and I was not wrong. They worked hard for a couple of hours till every room and area were cleaned to perfection. Over the years, I have tried all kinds of cleaning services and companies but none of them could leave me so satisfied with the outcome like this one. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company and their deep cleaning service. Not only it was thorough but quite affordable as well.

Review of Main Cleaners London by John Parsons
3 13/12/2018 John Parsons

I hired those housekeepers recently to do the end of tenancy cleaning session of my flat and now I would like to share how happy I am with the company and the cleaning session itself. First of all, it was extremely easy to book the appointment with them, the customer service is beyond excellent. On the day of the end of tenancy cleaning the cleaners came on time and I left them do their job. A couple of hours I returned to find the property looking pristine. Thanks to their hard work and patience, I was ready to move in the flat. I do appreciate their help, and I kept the security deposit in full!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Evie Talbot
5 12/12/2018 Evie Talbot

I was losing my mind over all the dirt and dust that had been brought up the construction that has been going on in out home, for the past three months. It was simply too much to handle and the fact that I have so little personal time did not help my cause. Finding out about your service was definitely the best thing, both for me and my home. I would have spent days trying to clean off the builders' mess with no guarantee for good end results. What your cleaning technicians did to our property was truly amazing and I will be forever grateful to your for that. All that I had to do was give you a call and the rest was made very easy with your operators' help and assistance. They pulled off the finest cleaning job I have ever seen in my entire life!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Kate Barlow
4 11/12/2018 Kate Barlow

I have been using this company's deep cleaning service for over two years now. Every time the housekeepers cleaned my home looked pristine when they were done. During the last deep cleaning of the unit I saw them cleaning things I did not even think I should clean. Despite being so detail-oriented, they missed to clean inside the fridge but when I called them, they returned and finished the job. I will still recommend the service and keep on using it because I do not think I will be able to find a better one anywhere in the area.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Olivia
5 10/12/2018 Olivia

Me and my husband are very artistic people. we designed our hose in an extraordinary way. We wanted each room to be in different theme and we used unique objects and furniture for each room's interior. Choosing handmade carpets for each room was one of our best decisions and we found a new unique pieces which perfectly matched what we had in mind. After a couple of weeks it came time to clean the house thoroughly. It was fun time, but also a little bit tough, because some of our possessions needed a professional cleaning. We've heard about the carpet cleaning services of your company from our close friends and we decided to call you. To be honest, I was a little bit frightened because our carpets were handmade with specific fabrics and I didn't want to see them ruined. Surprises began with the punctuality of your cleaning team. As a person who is always late for any kind of appointment, I was positively surprised that your workers came right on time. They got on with the cleaning of our beautiful carpets. I preferred to watch them, I wanted to see what they are doing and they are doing and they gladly explained to me. let me tell you that even my husband, who was ever more sceptical than me, was very impressed with their work. Our carpets were perfectly cleaned, softer than before, and looked even better than when we bought them. Another thing, even though it took time to your men to clean our carpets, they didn't charge us more, and the price we payed for the service was definitely reasonable. We were very happy to see the results from your high quality services. With no doubt we will call you every time we need carpet cleaning, and we will gladly welcome your team to our home. Recommending your company's carpets cleaning services is a must.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Rebecca Webb
3 07/12/2018 Rebecca Webb

I had the chance to book this company's deep cleaning service after a friend of mine pass the name along. I appreciated the fact that they managed to squeeze me into the schedule and set me up with a convenient appointment. The cleaners came a half an hour later but I guess it was because of the high traffic. They started with the housework and wanted to know whether or not I had any specific requirements. They did all of the chores in a quick manner and left the property in a very good condition. I will use it again.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Megan Blackburn
4 06/12/2018 Megan Blackburn

We have always had troubled with cleaning the harsh, stubborn stains off our carpets and rugs at home. I remember even throwing away some of my older carpets, because no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't get the stains out. If only I knew about your service back then! Everything that your cleaning technicians did was on point! They took all my requests by heart and did not disappoint in any way! Honestly, I have never seen such a good teamwork and cleaning efficiency. The whole cleaning process was not very long, they used different cleaning equipment to handle the different areas of the carpets and the end result was incredible! They managed to remove the stains I thought for sure would stay there forever. Excellent job, guys!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Keira Gregory
5 05/12/2018 Keira Gregory

A team of two cleaners came for a house cleaning. We went out for a couple of hours because we did not want to stand in their way and we came back to the unit looking sparkling. Their attention to detail is fantastic - floors shined, shelves duster, bathhub scrubbed. Not to mention that they managed to squeeze us in the schedule on a short notice, and on a weekend. The price we had to pay was very reasonable. The housekeepers are very nice, reliable and accommodating. We would definitely book them again in the future.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Louis O'Brien
5 04/12/2018 Louis O'Brien

These housekeepers are the best. Thanks to them, our big apartment feels and looks spotless again. They are also very reliable and honest. Before the appointment, they provided us with a fair quote and we did not have to pay anything more than the sum declared. None of us know how they clean so thoroughly and so quickly but we do love everything they do. This house cleaning service is definitely our new favourite one and we will continue to us it even on a more regular basis. Plus the products used are super strong yet efficient. We cannot wait to tell our friends about it.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Kyle Holmes
4 03/12/2018 Kyle Holmes

I recently had a deep clean with the housekeepers of this company and when they were done my home was sparkling. The cleaning appointment was very easy to book and all of the housekeepers were very professional and kind friendly. They paid attention to all of the areas I need them to focus on except for the drawer in the bathroom. However, when I told them they corrected this minor mistake right away! Overall, they did a fantastic job and I would not hesitate to use them again in near future. I appreciate everything they have done!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Emily Cox
4 30/11/2018 Emily Cox

I very much enjoyed the visit of your cleaning technicians and I couldn't be happier with the end results of their cleaning. It is amazing how well they handled all the chores that I have assigned to them. Never have I ever employed a professional cleaning help before, and I didn't know what to expect, but I must say that my bedroom and living room have never looked better than they do right now. They took all my cleaning preferences and requirements by heart and performed incredibly-well. Thanks to their diligence and hard work the bedroom and living room are dust and dirt-free and smell wonderful. The stains and darkened sports on the furniture are gone as well, which is simply amazing! I will definitely employ your services again in the future, for you are so good at what you do!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Lara Hart
5 29/11/2018 Lara Hart

Me and my husband had our kitchen renovated. It was very exciting for us to see the result, but, honestly we did not expect such mess. There was industrial dust everywhere! We know that builders are not supposed to clean after themselves but we did not think it would so dirty. We had not other choice but to book professional cleaning service and after a quick research, we came across this company's after builders cleaning service. We did not hesitate to book it and we called the company. The call centre representative was so kind! Exactly when scheduled, a team of two smiley housekeepers came. We had a few words and they explained everything we wanted to know about the cleaning session. They, they deployed the equipment and started cleaning. When they were done cleaning the kitchen, it was sparkling! I highly recommend the company!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Cerys Baker
4 28/11/2018 Cerys Baker

I have a great experience with this company. Sometimes I am working also during the weekend which leaves no time for housework. A friend recommended their regular cleaning and later I found a lot of positive reviews as well. The call centre agent provided me with detailed information and I decided to book an appointment and provided everything was fine, I would use their service one per month. There are so many cleaning companies in the neighbourhood and I wanted to be sure that I am choosing a reliable one. As promised, the maid arrived next Tuesday at 10 o'clock. The girl I spoke with has done a good job and the lady was informed of my preferred cleaning areas. Excellent. The maid was well-mannered, responsive and diligent. She was working in a consistent manner and paid attention to every detail. She made a great performance and exceeded my expectations completely. I called right away to arrange the next visit. It is very convenient to work with you. I can alter the package and reschedule the cleaning session if necessary. You take car of my home and give me the possibility to concentrate on more important things. The best part is that this comfort doesn't cost me a fortune, your prices are more than reasonable. Your maid is a delight to work with and I wouldn't replace her. She keeps my home looking so to its best and this is highly appreciated. Thank you for you professional attitude and reliability. I will recommend your services to other people with pleasure. you certainly know how to treat your clients.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Keira Edwards
4 27/11/2018 Keira Edwards

My husband and I bought a new house and we decided to renovate it before we moved in. The builders did a fantastic job renovating the place but the mess they left was unbearable. We needed assistance with the cleaning project so we turned to this company. The call centre agent took his time to introduce us to the after builders cleaning service and we made an appointment. On the next day, the cleaners came right at the appointed time. They were so friendly and asked us whether we had any specific requirements. It was so easy to communicate with them! They worked hard for a couple of hours and to our great surprise, the managed to deep clean everything in no time. There was not any sign of the renovation project because these cleaners took care of everything. Plus, the rates were so affordable!

Review of Main Cleaners London by Sophia Ali
5 26/11/2018 Sophia Ali

A couple of days ago we had a family dinner at my place which did not turn out as I planned. I underestimated the stains and the grime the guest would leave. It was the reason why I decided to turn to a professional cleaning company to deal with the mess for me. Luckily, my mother knew about this cleaning company and recommended to me to make advantage of the service it was offering. Then, I booked a service to help me get my home looking pristine again. The company sent two of their expert technicians. They came right on the dot even though there was a lot of traffic. These guys were very smiley and kind. I was so happy when they asked me if I had any preferences or instructions they should follow. The cleaning session was done in no time at all but the outcome was so satisfying. Despite the bad look of my home, these cleaners managed to eliminate absolutely every trace of grime and dust. They give attention to every detailed and worked hard till everything was top notch. I definitely plan on booking this company again any time when I need help with the domestic chores.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Mia Austin
4 23/11/2018 Mia Austin

I was looking for professional after builders cleaning service because our home has undergone renovation project. The mess was too much for me to handle so I turned to your company. I read only positive reviews so we decided to try the service out. A team of smiley technicians came right on the dot and started cleaning without wasting any time. For a couple of hours they managed to eliminate all traces of the renovation and our home looked spotless again. The best part was that we did not have to pay a fortune for the service. The rates were so low!
The cleaners who helped us, used super advanced cleaning products and tools. They assured us that they are no laden with harsh chemicals which make them absolutely safe. I did not believe these cleaners could get rig of the stains but they did. I cannot wait to tell my friends about this amazing experience.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Joel Gibbs
5 22/11/2018 Joel Gibbs

I had an amazing experience with this cleaning company and it was a pleasure collaborating with them. I booked their deep cleaning service a week ago and the cleaners who came to the property were true professionals. They worked very hard and made sure all of my requirements were met. They even cleaned behind and underneath furniture and appliances. Those guys were seemingly tireless! They did not even stop for a minute. What they did was incredible. I cannot wait to use the service again because it is definitely worth it.

Review of Main Cleaners London by George Simmons
5 21/11/2018 George Simmons

I am here to recommend the end of tenancy cleaning service to all those tenants who cannot deal with the final cleaning on their own. I used them a couple of days ago and I was more than happy with the outcome. Every bit of the unit was given the attention it deserved and it is all thanks to the amazing cleaners. They worked so hard and did not even stop from a break. I would certainly turn to this company if ever need help with the cleaning task again

Review of Main Cleaners London by Ruby Riley
5 19/11/2018 Ruby Riley

When we decided to look into a house cleaning service for our house, we chose this company's because a friend of ours recommended it to us. Now, when we have booked the service, a professional cleaner comes fortnightly. We are always looking forward to the appointment because we know we will find our home to be spotless after the cleaning session. We love that the cleaning service is customisable, flexible and very convenient. Wow, I almost forgot to say how affordable price are. But that's not all - the cleaning equipment is included in the total sum of the service. The products are environmentally friendly and are not laden with harsh chemicals, this is what we were assured. We have no issues with high recommending this company because they are reliable, professional and more than efficient. You will never go wrong for choosing this company and their house cleaning services.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Mollie Elliott
4 16/11/2018 Mollie Elliott

The first time I turned to your professional cleaning company was when I needed extra pair of hands for the cleaning tasks around my home as I got promoted and had to spend most of my time at the office. Since then I have become part of this vast community and been booking your professional cleaning services. I know that I can contact you any time I need your assistance. It is so convenient that you are available all week round.
Your cleaners always manage to exceed my expectation and they have never let me down. The outcome of their cleaning sessions is always outstanding. A couple of days ago I decided to try the carpet cleaning because I dropped a bowl of spaghetti right on my favourite carpet in the bedroom(yes, I eat there). The stain was so large and as I had no specialised cleaning product, I called your company. The cleaners came as soon as they could and applied some super powerful treatments and somehow managed to remove that ugly stain. Now the carpet looks brand new and the best things is that I was not every charged a high fee. The rates are very affordable. I am so happy that I can enjoy my spare time to the fullest without having to worry about the condition of my home because thanks to your professional cleaning I am sure that is always spick and span. Thank you very much for the assistance.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Connor Jenkins
5 15/11/2018 Connor Jenkins

Usually I do not write reviews but I was so impressed with the company and their after builders cleaning service that I decided to make an exception. My wife and I decided to renovate our home. We established a contact with a construction company and their builder did all the job for us. We were pleasantly surprised that they managed to do all the work in only a few days. We were warned that the builders are not supposed to clean after themselves. Despite how carefully they worked, there was brick dust, paint splatters, finger marks and other waste everywhere. We did not know what to do. Yes, we were so happy with the new appearance of our new home but the mess was unbearable.
I calmed my wife and I told her that we would book a professional after builders cleaning service. This company topped the list and we decided to give it a shot. On the next day, the technicians came to work their magic. They managed to deep clean the entire property from top to bottom. Our flat finally looked a lot more like a home. We are so thankful and we would not hesitate to recommend the service.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Cameron Chandler
5 14/11/2018 Cameron Chandler

Thank you so much for accommodating my last request for taking care of my carpets even though it was on short notice. I do appreciate your assistance more than you suppose. As I have been booking you for over two years already, the service has always been phenomenal. The last time was no exception. I am currently satisfied with the carpet cleaning done by your technicians, every time. I am more than impressed with how clean and fresh these cleaners got my carpets. Oh, how dirty they were! Thanks to your amazing staff all of the stains just disappeared. I though I had a new set of carpets put in! Isn't it amazing?
Your carpet cleaning is so reasonably prices, the cleaner are always on time! With their professionalism, I am sure that special value is given to the overall hygiene and cleanliness of the carpets. There individuals are also so kind, well-mannered and helpful. I know that I can always ask questions regarding the cleaning session without being judged about it. They always want to know whether I have any specific requirements and do anything to meet them. Plus, they use only environmentally friendly cleaning solutions! I already recommended you to some of my friends.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Patrick Simpson
5 13/11/2018 Patrick Simpson

I had the chance to book this company's deep cleaning service. I have to admit that I have trust issues when it comes to choosing the right cleaning company. I had been disappointed before, I did not want to feel it again. So I did a quick research and I came across this company. I read about dozens of positive reviews so I decided to take advantage of the deep cleaning eventually. Not to mention how competitive the price were.
As we all live in a dynamic world I thought that the housekeepers would be late but they came exactly when scheduled. They started cleaning after we chatted for a few minutes. They are wonderful people! I left for a couple of hours because I did not want to get in the way. Upon coming home, the place looked unbelievably clean and tidy. The housekeepers cleaned absolutely everything even areas I have not cleaned in years. What an amazing surprises it was! I do appreciate everything you did for my home and me. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues from work. Keep up with the hard work and keep on making people like me happy.

Review of Main Cleaners London by Millie Quinn
5 12/11/2018 Millie Quinn

I live alone in a spacious flat, so I need lots of energy and time to clean it properly. Unfortunately, time is not on my side and I end up with half cleaned place. A while ago, I decided to rely on professionals for this and I chose your company. I must say, that I am very glad I decided to do it, because the results of your regular cleaning services are exactly what I want. Every room is well-handled, there are no signs of dust or dirt anywhere in the apartment and the price I pay is absolutely reasonable. I am sure I will continue booking your regular cleaning service!

Main Cleaners London

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