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We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs.
We promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction.

We offer the very best services in our field.
We never settle for second best, and always have your satisfaction as our top priority.
It’s who we are, and we are proud of it.

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Janet McCarthy

8 May 2019

I hired Mary and her team to come in and do a deep cleaning at one of my listings. They did an outstanding job.


dyane filip

20 April 2019

She was thorough and completely professional. I couldn't have asked for a better cleaner.


Caroline Craig

25 July 2018

Mary is in a professional development course with me, a fellow residential cleaner. She’s a gem. She has such a positive personality and strong work ethic. She cares deeply about her craft and loves to learn more about it. I often call her for advice. Product safety is important to her, and she leans toward less harsh chemicals while at the same time being conscientious about germs. And she wears booties on her shoes to keep clients’ carpet clean! More...


Dyane Filip

25 July 2018

The owner, Mary came first, at the designated time (not a moment late like so many services). She was personable, and one of the hardest workers I've ever met. She gave me a quote and stuck to it even though the job was much more than what we both thought it would be. In other words she is great at what she does and has integrity. Her staff is equally as sweet, cheerful and diligent as she. She reviews everything her staff cleans to make sure that they are as thorough as she is.
I have had many cleaning services in my life, I think this is the best I have hired!


Ken Carfagno

25 July 2018

As a professional and consultant in the residential maid service industry, I have met the owner Mary and interacted with her on several occurrences. I am extremely impressed with her tenacity to serve and grow. These qualities are so important for the business we are in. You need a heart for service to people so you can build trust with every client. Mary truly cares for the people she works for. In the area of personal growth, Mary has gone above and beyond to grow her mindset. She has invested in out of state conferences, coaching, courses, and a lot of reading. If you are in need of a house cleaner, as in all scenarios, get 3 quotes. But I would definitely make Maid IV Service one of those 3. You will instantly trust Mary. More...


Rachael Jones

25 July 2018

I absolutely adore Mary and Maidivservice!! She is a joy to have!


Chris Schwab

25 July 2018

Thank you for the gift of a clean home when I got home


Dean Flickinger

25 July 2018

Professional, courteous, and they do a great job!


Megan Hudson

25 July 2018

Mary thank you for making my house look amazing. You're the best!


Kelli Joy

25 July 2018

Mary and her staff are so professional and courteous. I can’t thank you enough!


Rachel Robbins

25 July 2018

Very impressed with the work done in my home by Mary and her employees! Mary is just such a sweetheart.
Thank you so much for being so reliable and trustworthy. The work done in my home was outstanding! Thank you again. More...


Nicole Johnson

25 July 2018

Mary and her employees are nothing but professional and compassionate! The work is more than my expectations by far!!
Please call her for your home cleaning needs!!


Shannon Maez

25 July 2018

Mary and her staff are wonderful. What great service they provided! I will be recommending them to family and friends. �


Theresa Schubert

25 July 2018

Mary is phenomenal! She is such a great person, and really listens to your wants and needs! She goes the extra mile and it really shows.


Pat Birdsong

25 July 2018

I am so very impressed with Maid IV Service and the work they perform. Mary came highly recommended and far exceeded any expectation I may have had. She and her staff are not only professional, but also kind and compassionate. Customer service is the number one priority!!

Dont hesitate to call, highly recommend!!

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It's November 2017 when MaidIVService, LLC Cleaning Business.

Yes, We bring our own equipment and supplies. We're all ready!

MaidIVService, LLC provides all their own supplies and equipment unless a prior arrangement is made we will be happy to honor specific requests.

I love this job, especially when I see my client happy with the result of our work.
Helping people save time and provide clean homes are what I love the most in my job.

It's not totally planned but it's just started from a friend's request who needed help for her aunt and grew from there. The rest is history.

Clients should choose us for this main 5 reasons:

#1 The Best Value
We are the best value for their money!
MaidIVService, LLC offers quality service at reasonable prices to hire the best qualified cleaners to clean your home.

#2 Professional
MaidIVService, LLC they are hiring a professional cleaning company.
MaidIVService, LLC is licensed, insured and conducts comprehensive background checks on all employees.

#3 Trustworthy
MaidIVService, LLC is a trustworthy service and well-known in the community.
MaidIVService, LLC is a member of ISSA/ARCSI. and committed to continuing education.

#4 Eco-Friendly
MaidIVService, LLC uses cleaning products, equipment and cleaning methods that are safe for their home, family and pets.

#5 Quality
MaidIVService, LLC will ensure their satisfaction each time they clean your home with regular follow-up inspections, on-going communication and feedback via customer survey forms.



All exterior surfaces are dusted,and polished including: ● Counter-tops ● Sink and faucet ● Cabinet doors and hardware ● Interior and exterior of the microwave ● Countertop appliances ● Stove-top ● Exterior oven door ● Exterior refrigerator ● Load dishwasher ● Lighting fixtures ● Door handles ● Floors are swept and mopped ● Garbage is removed and garbage liner is replaced

All exterior surfaces are dusted, disinfected and polished including: ● Vanity area and faucet ● Lighting fixtures ● Mirrors ● Shower and shower tiles ● Shower doors ● Tub ● Interior and exterior toilet including base ● Door handles ● Carpets are vacuumed ● Floors are swept and mopped ● Garbage is removed and garbage liner is replaced

All exterior surfaces are dusted, and polished including: Headboard/footboard ● Nightstands ● Armoires/dressers ● Desk ● Seating furniture ● Make bed (fresh linens must be placed on top) ● Door handles ● Carpeted areas are vacuumed ● Floors are swept and mopped ● Garbage is removed and garbage liner is replaced COMMON AREAS ​(Living Room, Dining Room, Hallways) All exterior surfaces are dusted, and polished including: ● Tabletops ● Seating furniture ● Shelving units ● Lighting fixtures ● Ceiling fans ● Fireplace mantels ● Door handles ● Carpeted areas are vacuumed ● Floors are swept and mopped

Choose any of these add-on options: Deep Clean/Seasonal ● Baseboards hand wiped ● Interior windows and windowsills ● Blinds (Dusting) ● Interior cabinets ● Interior refrigerator ● Interior oven ● Vacuum inside couch and cushions/chairs