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Q Foods Canada

27 April 2019

Over the years I have worked with many marketing agencies and I can genuinely say that the team at Maguire Marketing Group are very knowledgeable and goal oriented, They are all very pragmatic and focused on growing businesses. I highly recommend them to CEO’s that are looking for growth! A very cost effective marketing groupSam More...


Francesco Nguyen

26 February 2019

My new brother and I acquired a small marketing workshop in downtown Toronto on Queen Street east. Michelene from Maguire Marketing Group was teaching the class that day. We alway had trouble marketing our small business so we were in seach for the best marketing mentor in the city. A good friend referred us to Michelene and her effectively and marketing style was a perfect match for us. The plans she showed us were very detailed, and they stuck to the tight schedule. The whole experience was a pleasure, and we almost forgot how stressful marketing was in the past. I would recommend Maguire marketing group if your looking to grow your business into a success company. I’m sure you will be as impressed as I was. More...


Frank Cunha

26 February 2019

Results-oriented and target driven, Michelene and her team deliver the goods for B2B marketing in our little business. Big hug, guys!


Jessica Siqueira

26 February 2019

I’ve been working with Maguire Marketing Group for 7 months. Mich inspires me every day as a mentor and a leader. Whether we are creating content, generating demand, enabling sales or managing events for clients; I keep increasing my knowledge, and I am really proud to see businesses succeeding because of Maguire Marketing Group’s marketing strategies.I know it may sound biased, but I strongly recommend Maguire Marketing Group as a B2B Marketing Agency. More...


Fiorella Cunha

30 August 2018

We found Maguire Marketing Group by a google search. We typed in B2B Marketing Agencies because we knew that we wanted to grow that side of our business. We have refreshed our website and are now working on campaigns. We can't say enough about Michelene and her team. From our first conversation I felt they understood our business and our needs. We LOVE working with the team and know it will be a long partnership. More...


MaryAnn Dunlop

31 July 2018

As co-owner of B&B business Carriage House on Kent in Queenston Ontario; part of Niagara on the Lake, we wanted to start to put the marketing pieces in place to support us in our first year. The initial step we took was to build a website together with Michelene. She helped us formulate our approach toward doing marketing in our first year and led us through a process to build our website and the preliminary steps we should consider and take. Knowing she has worked for more matured industries and businesses, we appreciated the experience she brought to us as a start up business. We liked working with her and hope as we build our business we can continue to tap into her marketing experience and knowledge. More...


Karoline Marie

1 July 2018

Maguire Marketing Group brought me on to support some of their internal projects which has been a truly enjoyable experience. Michelene’s energy, clear communication, and strategic thinking are inspiring to be around and I can see how her clients grow with her. Maguire Marketing Group is a B2B Marketing Agency that I highly recommend working with. If you’re looking for guidance, it’s time to book a session so you can boost your business growth, too! More...


The Period Purse

27 May 2018

Mich was so easy to work with- she listened to what I wanted, took it back and returned to me in such a quick turn around, that is hugely appreciated! Edits were made quickly and I appreciate the positive and giving manner that Mich works with. I definitely will be recommending her in the future! More...


Mike Khorev

27 May 2018

If you want to work with a marketing agency that delivers on time results and cares about their client's success, then you have to work with Michelene and her team. She's always happy to offer advice on marketing tactics and strategies that will help achieve your objectives. The B2B Marketing Mastermind and other events that her team put up bring the best networking and educational opportunities to marketers of any level of expertise. More...


Gerald Gakwandi

27 May 2018

As a B2B professional, Mich is fantastic to work with, brainstorm and and get advice from. Her experience and expertise really shine through when tackling complex topics and as someone looking for a Marketing Consultant or B2B Marketing Agency, there's not much more you could ask for than someone who helps you achieve your goals. It goes without saying she's also incredibly personable! More...