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Magnus specialises in small to medium businesses and high net worth individuals. We can provide excellent services and advice around income tax. capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, personal services income rules, structuring and estate planning.


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5 April 2020

Excellent service - thanks Warren

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A full range of business and tax services for small to medium businesses and individuals. Estate planning

Income Tax
Fringe Benefits Tax
Capital Gains Tax
Business Planning
Estate Planning

Because things aren't always what they seem. A current example is the Covid-19 business stimulus packages. A client of ours had a brief look at the packages and thought they did not qualify. Our team had spent more than 100 hours understanding the minute detail of the packages. We were able to qualify his business for $40K of tax free income and $1.5K per fortnight of Jobkeeper income for both he and his wife. All strictly legal and above board. There are many examples of how good advice (not just tax) will help many.

Getting great outcomes for our clients. Our motto is trust, performance and outcomes. Our motto is in our DNA.

I have been self employed for most of my working life. I love dealing with good people on my own terms. I also find the bureaucracy of larger business hard to understand. It tends to stifle innovation and better results.

Because we go the extra mile to find out everything about our clients to ensure that we get the very best result possible.