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Magical Marketing provides custom creative marketing services including Marketing Strategy, Branding Message and Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Website Design and full Website Production. We serve solopreneurs, health practitioners, artists, authors, coaches and small businesses who want to attract their ideal clients from across town to across the globe.


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Annabel A.

24 April 2017

I have been working with Julia and Magical Marketing for years on branding and graphic design for my various enterprises, and there is none better!For our latest collaboration she is designing Taos Magazine, a regional magazine in both print and online. This requires a fantastic design and attention to detail to make 40-80 pages come out perfect every time. And--it does come out perfect.Thanks Julia, for making my business work better. More...


Gail C.

6 February 2013

As soon as I came across Julia online I knew that she was the perfect person to help me move forward with my branding and website.  Her unique approach took me deep into identifying what drives me to be who I am and then revealed the authentic ways to market what I have to offer.  It makes me thrilled to share who I am and what I do instead of hiding it.  If you are ready to step out and show the world what you've got, she is the one to help you do it!! More...

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The first thing your site visitors see is the design. The design must be unique and reflect your personality to attract the right clientele. The next thing is the organization of the page. This must be simple and streamlined to be user-friendly. The third thing is the copy. This must address the visitor in an engaging way and inspire them to take action. Finally the site must be accessible and easily updated by you or your VA so that it can be maintained and current.

If you are my client, I like to get to know you and what you want to achieve through the site. I ask questions like, "Who is your ideal client? What actions do you want people to take on the site? What is most important to you to express through the site? What are you offering through the site? What do you need the site to do for you in terms of admin/sales etc.?" I also ask about your aesthetic, what is beautiful to you, what symbology you want, etc. If you have trouble answering these questions, I can guide you through a simple process to uncover your unique brand, marketing plan, copy and design.

The Magical Marketing creative process is highly collaborative so we are sure to create unique marketing/branding/website designs that reflect the essence of our clients. Rather than disappearing and then returning with a selection of designs that you must choose from, we select elements, colors, fonts, style and imagery together and the design gets created magically before your eyes. This way you can guide the creative process to your liking.

We do need to meet to discuss what you want the site to do, who your ideal clients are, what your visual aesthetic is, etc. We have a specific process we take you through step-by-step so you are never lost in the process.

I love connecting with people from around the world who are doing their good works and helping people through their business or organization. I love collaborating creatively with my clients and helping them to express themselves more clearly and beautifully than ever before.

I have always been creative and always wanted to have my own design and marketing studio. I've been working on my own for over 25 years.

We create very unique and highly professional designs that will represent you well and make you stand out in the crowd. Our collaborative process allows you to have a lot of input into the result so it truly reflects your brand promise and originality. And we have fun! Also, if you are unfamiliar with technology, no worries, we handle all that for you and can guide you to interact with us so you are not confused. We hold your hand through the process.