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Magic Stone Teaching provides a wide variety of personalized Life Coaching services for both individuals and groups who are seeking to improve their skills and relationships, expand their awareness and increase their confidence to experience the life they desire.

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Arthur Siqueira

29 September 2018

I was starting my career journey and Coach Mike supported me while I was still in college. I am very grateful for all his advice and acknowledge him as a great mentor.


Jordache Williams

28 May 2015

Through both mentorship and peer-to-peer interaction, I have witnessed and can attest to Mike’s genuineness. I have no doubt that he approaches Coaching in a genuine and professional fashion. Coach Mike possesses the willingness, thoughtfulness and capability to effectively assist individuals with personal growth. Coach Mike is a legitimate resource for individuals seeking self-improvement. More...


For details about the services offered, please see our webpage: http://magicstoneteaching.com/areas-of-instruction