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Lacey Walters

27 January 2019

To the Park District of Oak Park, Our family had the pleasure of attending the sensory friendly Cookies with Santa last Wednesday at Cheney Mansion. As our little kiddo has challenges, attending events can be very stressful and overwhelming for him and subsequently for the whole family. I wanted to share how incredible of an experience we all had. It was just a few families at a time, everyone with kiddos that process things a little differently. The four of us went and it was a dimly lit, quiet atmosphere at Cheney Mansion. Our son walked in and lit up, helped himself to cookies and juice with ease (unlike him!) due to the relaxing surroundings. The Santa (Jeff Blake) that was there was amazing - he knew just how to talk to our son and others. He encouraged deep breaths at times when it was necessary and knew just how to engage with these special kids. Our son found Santa and talked to Santa for about 15 minutes about dinosaurs with so with so much joy with a calm body. Our daughter was overjoyed too. We were blown away at how wonderful his approach and interaction was with the kids and parents. The other staff members were patient and so engaging with crafts and pictures, truly impressed.My husband and I were holding back happy tears at how amazing of an experience it was. It was one of the first experiences that went magically from beginning to end. We sincerely thank the Park District of Oak Park for hosting such an important and meaningful experience for these kiddos and families with different needs and will always be a supporter and advocate for more events as thoughtful as this in the future. If there is any way more of these events can take place and continue to be inclusive of kids with special needs, we will truly appreciate it. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday - ours already has been delightful thanks to this experience. All my best, Shital Vora More...


Ashley Blake

1 July 2018

Thanks for doing such a great job. My parents loved the banana costume and the song from family guy. It made their Anniversary a little more special. I do not think they ever had a singing telegram before. I want to thank for doing it for me at the last minute. I will definitely use you again. C E Hansen, Brookfield IL More...


Call Clare 312-613-6804 Singing Telegram Today!

1 July 2018

We want to thank you for your review. It feels great to have a fan.We would appreciate if you can also share your review so others can benefit.OUR CUSTOMER WROTEOctober 26, 2017We hired Jeff for Our Mid Autumn festival. He is a magician who has an amazingly effective way of getting children on their feet to see that anything is possible. He simultaneously delights an individual’s inner child while delivering a colorful magic show that even the most stern adult can learn from and appreciate. Toni Pham, Vietnamese Association Of Illinois V.A.I. More...


Balloons And More Fun

27 May 2018

Sun 10/08/2017 3:59 PMHello Clare-You were a hit last nite at George's 60th bday party. Thank you so much! It was very cute. Hope you have a relaxing day today.Missy & Kevin Scanlon More...


Coral B.

5 March 2018

We are located 60 miles southwest of Chicago in Morris. We called and were serenaded with all the options and she did a phenomenal job!!! We ordered President Trump. It was hilarious yet tastefully done. Just an excellent job!!! Cost wasn't bad for having to drive all the way to Morris!!! We highly recommend them!! Well done!!! More...


Adam G.

26 December 2017

My sister was in the hospital on her birthday, and had been there for the preceding five days.  She was seriously ill, and in pain all the time.  She couldn't receive flowers to her room, and was unable to eat, so i went with a singing telegram.The singing chicken brightened up her day enormously.  She said it was the first time she had laughed in a week, and was the best present she ever received.Would recommend to everyone. More...


Melissa E.

18 October 2017

Singing chicken was a hit for my co-worker's 30th birthday! The routine was so fun to watch for everyone and included some participation by the recipient (dancing and singing). Overall it's a hilarious gag. Service was incredibly easy to arrange and chicken was prompt. Thanks Clare! More...


Allison N.

18 September 2017

My company hired a Hello Kitty singing telegram for my co-worker's 10 year work anniversary. Clare A. was the woman I spoke with and she was very accommodating taking my order - even sang me one of the songs over the phone! Hello Kitty arrived a few minutes earlier than the agreed upon time which was great, allowed me time to sneak her in without being noticed. She personalized the performance with my co-workers name, his job functions, our company name, and even got him to dance with her! Overall this was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend this company (and Clare specifically) for any occasion. Thanks for a very memorable experience! More...


Paul D.

12 June 2017

The singing chicken was a good gag for a co-worker's 40th. She immediately caught everyone's attention when she arrived and what was supposed to be a crowd of 12 shortly attracted upwards of 50. The chicken was just the right amount of embarrassment as he was put on the spot to sing and dance. I knock it down 1 star due to timeliness. We were scheduled for a 10 - 10:30 window but the chicken didn't arrive until 11:15. I understand you cannot guarantee a time due to traffic and building security (hence they give us a window), but 45 minutes makes a huge difference when you're trying to get executives to block off time on their calendars. More...


Marissa G.

20 January 2017

Best surprise birthday gift ever! I had no idea what to expect and my sister was perfectly embarrassed by the "hairy fairy". Highly recommend to anyone looking to make someones day extra special. More...


Stacy S.

8 August 2016

I hired the Richard Simmons impersonator for my boss' birthday and got every penny's worth!  The performer went above and beyond what I expected in hamming it up for a very funny and memorable experience had by all.  I would highly recommend using this company.  They were responsive and flexible in setting it up and reasonably priced.  We had an unexpected glitch when my boss showed up later than expected, but the performer rolled with it and still gave us an amazing show regardless.  I would definitely use this company again if the need arose. More...


Clare Ashley

27 May 2016

Our customer wrote:Absolutely worth the money. We hired Darth Vader for mybrother's birthday and I was delighted. The guy had a great costume. He also waited 20 minutes for us to get our stuff together. After he came in, he sang "You Are My Sunshine" to my brother, then he removed his helm. He did about 15 minutes of close-up magic tricks, then sang Happy Birthday. Although this was hired for an adult, he recognized the children in the audience. Surprisingly, after waiting a full 20 minutes, he didn't rush through everything quickly. I'm such a ditz, I didn't have my camera ready and failed to get a photo with his helm on. For 150 dollars for 15 mins, (plus the wait) I was very appreciative.Kara M. Crystal Lake IL More...


C J.

22 August 2013

We had a 'magical clown' entertain at our son's 5th birthday. The performer was nothing short of fabulous!! None of the children were scared seeing the clown as his make up & costume were just perfect. He was enthusiastic and so genuine that the kids and grown ups had loads of fun. The balloon twisting was a big hit as well. We had a whole bunch of happy kids, a beaming birthday boy and relaxed parents at the end of the party, which is quite an achievement :)) We would definitely use their services again and highly recommend Ballooons and More Fun for their professionalism, reliability and talent. Thank you for making our son's birthday party an unforgettable experience!!PS: Both Jeff and Clare have been extremely polite at all times. They were recommended to me by another top rated magician and I'm so glad I they were able to arrange a performance on our chosen date:) More...


Gwen T.

19 February 2013

HOLY MOLY. This was totally insane!!!!!! My sister orchestrated this from California and her effort was well worth it. Right after we started in on our first drink at a great tequila bar, a gorilla (which, from afar, I initially thought was a hobo wearing a shroud) stepped into the restaurant and chatted with the manager. Then the gorilla approached our table. What ensued was 5-7 minutes of superior singing telegram repertoire with very specific details about the source of the telegram et al, and then a grand finale with a soft shoe dance and Puttin' on the Ritz. WELL PLAYED. WELL PLAYED. I'm a performing artist for a living - trust me, this was THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!! FIVE BILLION STARS & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!! More...


A W.

12 February 2013

I sent the singing chicken to my boss and coworker and am so happy I did! We got such a good laugh out of it, it was well worth it. (Pretty sure it's going to be a topic of conversation for a long time).Chicken was punctual and sang about 3 songs. If you want a truly memorable gift, order this singing telegram! I'm already contemplating who else I can send one to. More...


Becca G.

2 July 2012

We had Jiovanny the "policeman" surprise my mother for her 70th birthday and what a great call! He took our wholesome bbq into a whole new direction and the laughter and roars of the crowd, especially from my mother, made what seemed an expensive indulgence into a mere pittance for a lifetime memory for my mom and her guests. She even said he was a true professional vetting his every move with her via a quick whisper to make sure she was ok. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! More...


Kellie k.

25 January 2012

Clare is a wonderful performer. Her singing is nothing short of amazing and has been nothing but a complete professional. Her magic is beyond compare! 5 enthusiastic stars.