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Magic Man Entertainment

Los Angeles, Los Angeles

31 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Magic Man Entertainment

Los Angeles, Los Angeles

31 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Magical entertainment from experienced magicians with a minimum of 25 years experience, in such fields as: close up magic, parlor magic, stage magic that would be good for corporate events, birthday parties for adults, birthday parties for children, schools, christmas parties, holiday parties...

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2 April 2019

Stephen provided up close magic and a magic show for a surprise party! The guests had a great time and really enjoyed the party



31 March 2019

It was fast easy and work well.


Michele Houghton

14 January 2019

Was funny and entertaining! Would hire him for another party

Thank you Michelle! Your party was so much fun!



13 November 2018

Steven evaluated the audience, but ncluded many in his act which enhanced the show.


Tammy Zar

8 October 2018

We loved Magic Man! He came 30 minutes early to set up and get acquainted. Super nice and professional! Stephen strolled around to my guest and left them amazed. I can’t say enough good things! Some of my guest will be using him and I will definitely be calling him back again! More...


Sue M.

18 December 2017

Stephen Wood was amazing! He saved the day by signing on at the last minute to entertain 170 people at our Employee Christmas Party. Everyone absolutely loved his magic and his great sense of humor! He did close up and stage and both were great! I highly recommend him for any party big or small! More...



8 December 2017

Stephen was very accommodating to our needs, he was willing to change the time of his program to fit the last minute change in our own agenda. He was very professional even showing up on time when the freeway was extra snarled by fires all around the Southland. The act was a lot of fun and I would recommend Mr. Wood to any that would like to hire an Illusionist. More...


Sheila D.

30 August 2017

Last week we decided that we wanted to make our Annual Appreciation Pool Party more fun for all the ladies on our Planning Team & in our Women's Group. You know, do something special for all their hard work. So at the last hour, we decided to invite Stephen Wood and his Magic Show for fun and clean entertainment. Would he be willing to do his Magic Show in our backyard?  Absolutely very accommodating!  And he did an excellent job!  He gets everyone involved and making it fun and interactive. Lots of laughing and unbelievable tricks. He was awesome. Stephen is truly a professional and will lighten up your party!  His price was very fair. Thank you Stephen! We will definitely have you perform at one of our upcoming monthly luncheons!Sheila DillonChino Valley Christian Women's Connection More...


Rianne A.

2 July 2017

He's fun, entertaining with an element of surprise! My family and I truly enjoyed Stephen's excellent performance for my mom's birthday dinner.  Thank you for making our memories extra special. If you guys need a magician, Stephen is your guy. I would recommend his service to family and friends More...


sfactress s.

27 June 2017

My hubby and I were blown away my Stephens magic! We were so close up I kept rubbing my eyes as if I missed something, nope HE IS THAT GOOD!!!!! I love the story behind each trick and how he takes you on a meaningful journey. You must see his show! Thank you for an unforgettable night! More...


Jack N Mary Z.

13 June 2017

Where do I begin?  How I was impressed at Stephen's magic? Or how I was and still wondering, "how the hell did he do that?"   I've seen his performance at least 3 times, and each time... I'm either in shock, amazed, or laugh. He is very entertaining.  Even my husband was impressed with his show.  He does private parties, kids parties, or even at restaurants. You want to see magic and be entertained by this amazing magician? You need to hire him. More...


Rich K.

9 June 2017

I came to Taste of China in Chino Hills for dinner specifically to see Magician Wood, whom I understand is a truly talented magician who uses his powers of illusion to help organizations visually reinforce key messages to their members. I did not know what to expect; however, when I saw up close Stephen Wood pull a pre-marked card from a deck through a pane of glass from outside the restaurant I realized how powerful this man's use of metaphor messaging really is. Wow.  As a bonus the menu her is as stunning as Stephen Wood's illusions. You MUST come on Fridays to see Stephen and enjoy this marvelous menu before Stephen is "discovered" and you're paying serious money to see him work his magic and message!! More...


Chantal B.

7 June 2017

I've had the opportunity to see Stephen perform on a few different occasions and even hired him for my son's 7th birthday party.  :)  I noticed he alters his performance based on the crowd.  For instance, the children's performance was very different from when I saw him perform at Taste of China which is different, again, from when he's hired to perform for a general audience.  I love the variety, I found Stephen's sense of humor kept us laughing throughout the show, and the tricks were unique.  I'm really looking forward to seeing another performance from Stephen and have no problem recommending him to my friends.  :)I also understand that Stephen runs a magic school for children 8 years old and up.  My son has already expressed interest in learning magic so we'll certainly be looking into that opportunity next year.  :DETA: I wanted to quickly mention some of the tricks Stephen has amazed my family, friends, and I with. At my son's birthday party he made a bowling ball fall out of a book of drawing paper and finished the show with my son levitating!  My son is a very nervous child but Stephen was in control of the situation and knew what to do and say to make sure my little guy was at ease.  :)  Much appreciated!At his other performances, he's left us awestruck by turning a one dollar bill into a $100 bill.  My favorite of his card tricks is where he has you choose and sign a playing card, shuffles it back into the deck, puts a rubber band on the deck to keep the cards together, and then throws the deck onto the ceiling only to leave your signed card stuck there while the rest drop back into his hand undisturbed!!!  That one is crazy!  :D More...


Ed B.

7 June 2017

If there is a job I really wish I could do. It be to be a magician. I had the pleasure to enjoy Mr. Magic Man Stephen Wood shows a number of times. I have seen the same and I have seen different. I enjoyed each and every time and I would watch it again tomorrow if I could. So thoroughly enjoyable. Great personality. Fantastic sense of humor he is extremely funny. The word that describes it best is amazing. My recommendation. Not only for children parties. Because I have seen him at restaurants. That's an adult minded venue. But he's really great with kids too. And as far as Magic is concerned. Aren't we all kids. I thoroughly enjoyed the shows. And I fully and wholeheartedly recommend you hire Mr. Stephen Woods. For the best, most amazing magic entertainment you will ever have. Ask him to do the $100 bill trick! More...

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I've always been interested in magic, but at age 26, I was on a band trip to Estes Park, Colorado, and I happened to stop in a magic shop. The magician showed me a trick called Wild Card. It was an instant visual hook - I bought it, and then when I came home to California, I bought $700 worth of instructional materials and props, studied for 8 months, started street performing in Pasadena, and the rest is rock and roll history - although, it really should be magic history, right?

You can expect you'll have fun. I enjoy performing, and I create an interactive experience every time I perform, that will leave you amazed, laughing, and will show you a different way to see your world, whether it's producing a bowling ball from a large pad of paper, turning a dollar bill into a $100, performing the cups and balls, or producing a signed $100 out of a lemon!

Leaving people with smiles on their faces, gasps coming from their mouths, and truly bring them into an experience that will help them escape to a different place.

The idea that I could make money by having fun. I enjoy what I do - and a job isn't a job if you enjoy it.

Because I am a personable, funny, amazing guy - and I use magic to bring you to the same place. A client once said that my performance helped them get through a very hard time with their family because I brought their family out of depression and into joy. I use magic to meet your needs!


I am a part of a Tuba Quartet - who can come to your christmas event and bring Christmas carols with a low, sonorous sound that will not only make your Carols beautiful but your Christmas bright!