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So, it's time for a brand evolution. YIPPEE!

If you're looking for a real original unique bespoke, well designed logo and you want to take your business to the next level, then contact me!  Investing in branding from a professional would be in you and your business's best interest.

I’m all about helping small businesses to utilise the power of the internet to achieve success, whether that means giving your current image a makeover, or create a complete brand identity overhaul or you just need business cards, I'd love to work with you and create some awesome design pieces for you.



I'm a Graphic Designer living in London, UK. In 2000, I graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design. Since then, I've worked with advertising companies and small businesses to create their brand image effectively. I'm currently working as a freelance designer and I love working with a variety of creative-driven businesses who are passionate, authentic, and ready to make their dreams a reality. I always continue to learn and expand my knowledge base.

I provide, top quality design to anyone who requires my services. I am an expert with the Adobe Suite ( Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, In Design and more ). I have fast turn around and I am very communicative. :). I am creative and am committed to providing high quality professional design services. 

- My expertise include all aspect of design. I specialise in complete brand development, including design solutions for logo, print and web. From custom logo, stationery design, marketing (promotional) material, packaging, business cards, flyer / brochure design, mockup design, sticker design, social media kits, brand identity boards, mini cards, seamless patterns, catalogues to large scale graphics and posters.

- I also create custom editable mockups with smart objects for your products & services, photo manipulations and compositions and photo / product editing and retouching. Reviews Reviews

Review of by Andriana Stathatou
5 Andriana Stathatou

Την συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα! Εξαιρετική στην δουλειά της με ταλέντο και φαντασία και προσοχή στις λεπτομέρειες. Παίρνει το όνειρο σου και το κάνει πραγματικότητα!

Review of by Nadia Baoustanou
5 Nadia Baoustanou

Μοναδική στο ειδος της! Μέσα σε μια καρτουλα κατάφερε να αποτύπωσει όλα όσα είμαι ... Τυχερη- μαμα-οικογένεια- καλλιτέχνης. Δεν έχω λογια να σου πω ...ευχαριστωωωω

Review of by Amanda J Alexander
5 Amanda J Alexander

She cleaned up a old picture of my Nan for me and i am so pleased thank you

Review of by Michelle Crooks
5 Michelle Crooks

Above and beyond. Also excellent customer service even on Christmas Eve. Thank you ♡

Review of by Suzi Wright
5 Suzi Wright

Absolutely thrilled with my new leaflet for my business designed by Madeleine. Quick and efficient service ... what more could you want!

Review of by Jackie Bellinder Hoerauf
5 Jackie Bellinder Hoerauf

Magdart created a logo package that for my needs and was able to deliver exactly what I had in envisioned and more! Love her work!

Review of by Michelle Rashbrook
5 Michelle Rashbrook

Great to work with and really helpful, couldn’t fault the work or service and will definitely be back

Review of by Ruth Smith
5 Ruth Smith

What can i say ... I posted on the craft page and you offered to help. i cant thank you enough ... service ... manners ... kindness ... quality ... �
Thank you very very much x

Review of by Cheryl Meek
5 Cheryl Meek

I am absolutely stunned with the logo that has been made for my little business. The effort, and detail is amazing, and I really can't thank or rate your work enough. Thanks so so much.

Review of by Kelly Haynes
5 Kelly Haynes

This lady has helped me for hours she really is a pro ! She took full control of my computer and helped me with everything , highly recommend her such a life saver thankyou !

Review of by Tara Cross
5 Tara Cross

You truly are a special lady and you have an amazing talent! Thank you for being so patient with me and helping me with my daughters picture and creating something so magical, that I shall treasure forever xxx

Review of by Marie-Louise O'Connor
5 Marie-Louise O'Connor

When my business cards were nearly gone. I was looking to order more however I wanted a logo unique to me. The following day Magdart popped up on my Instagram. I am a strong believer in fate so I got chatting and placed my order. The whole process I was kept updated on ideas on how I wanted my logo to look.
I can't thank Magdalena enough. You really have helped rebrand my business. I can't thank you enough.
I know I will be back when I want more.

Thank you

Review of by Zoe Leonard
5 Zoe Leonard

Well, I made the mistake of using a cheap logo designer, and that’s what I got! So I’ve got it redone by this fantastic company; in various formats. With a list of colours and fonts used. I have a real brand now and for a lot less money than I though! I can’t wait to get everything updated and a super professional look!

Thank you again ���

Review of by Amy Harvey
5 Amy Harvey

Such a lovely lady. Very helpful and professional. Talked through everything with me to make sure design matched the room it was going in. Done design nicer that I imagined in my head. I would definitely come back again x

Review of by Sharon Lane
5 Sharon Lane

AMAZING! I had no idea what I wanted as a logo but was helped from the very start. My logo is truly beautiful and very professional. Through the process I felt like I could have asked a million questions and nothing would have been too much trouble. I am very very grateful to you thank you

Review of by Liberty-Skye Dyas
5 Liberty-Skye Dyas

I’m so happy I came across Magdart, this lady knows her stuff and is so helpful when asking questions. Magdart took time and patience to explain things to me, the process etc, she gave me multiple choice for logos and together we worked to get the perfect one. She explained what each file was for, what I would need it for and when. Magdart if I give you more than 5 stars I would do. I will certainly be using your services in the future

Review of by Amanda McKeough
5 Amanda McKeough

The most difficult part of launching a new product & range is getting your branding & logo right. I shopped around and looked at some "so called graphic designers" and they wanted to "sell me their vision" which seemed to be very generic and stock type images. I stumbled upon Magdart and am so pleased I did. By browsing through her portfolio I knew this was the person I could trust for my new venture (it also helped that there was an offer package - much much less for a whole package than someone had quoted me just for the logo!). The procedure was very simple and feedback was helpful and minor changes were quickly actioned. I am very pleased with my new logo and branding and will be commissioning Magdart again when further projects materialise . Thank you for your very professional and competitive service

Review of by Gema Berry
5 Gema Berry

I made the mistake of trusting another "designer" with my logo and not realising they just used someone else's art I went into panic mode as I was just starting up my little business, Magdart has helped and guided me through the whole process, I couldn't of asked for a more friendly and professional service!! And my new design is just AMAZING, so in love with it!! Thank you so much ���

Review of by Emma Nightingale
5 Emma Nightingale

So happy I came across Magdart when I wanted a whole new look and name! I gave her my ideas of what I wanted and she produced a beautiful custom logo I didn’t even know I wanted! Wonderful lady pleasure to work with gave me everything I need and more within my budget. I can’t wait to start using my new look and will most definitely be back for anything else I might need. I highly recommend using Magdart for you business! ��

Review of by Trudy Louise Goldsworthy
5 Trudy Louise Goldsworthy

Magdart is pleasant and polite to work with, really putting you at ease with her professionalism and most of all very patient. The work produced is of the highest quality and available in all the formats you could possibly need. Packages cater for all, fit any budget and are totally way underpriced for the overall experience..certainly worth 5* in my book, I couldn't be more pleased!! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new/updated logo or even a whole rebranding.

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Describe your creative process.

I work with you from start to finish to ensure your new design speaks to you, your style, and your clients.
I have a VARIETY of project examples in my portfolio so you can see on your own the quality and variety of my work.
- There are BUNDLES you can choose from but I also give you the option to create your OWN PACKAGE deal according to your needs and work around your budget.
- There are steps for easy communication and fast successful results which I will guide you through, once we begin our collaboration.
- After briefing, market research, brainstorming and doodling, design concepts, everything is digitally drawn into a VECTOR based file format, that means a manipulatable and scaleable design.
- The BESPOKE logo design is custom made, tailored to your brand style and needs, according to your products and your overall aesthetic image. That means you alone have this unique design made for you and no-one else. Unless you decide that one of my PRE-MADE logos is your ideal.
~ Read about my process here ~
You can read about my process and what you can expect if we work together here:
I DO NOT use / copy .jpg images found from the internet / google etc.
I DO NOT copy designs from other designers.
I DO NOT use applications to create my logos. (Apps use stock imagery and you download a low resolution image that is useless for print)
I DO NOT use free downloadable stock images or vectors as they are ( unless you found one that you absolutely adore and want it bad. But still, I will have to buy the design and acquire the written license and permission from the original artist. Be aware that this is not a bespoke nor unique logo, that means other people can purchase the graphics from the artist, and you end up having same logo as others plus attribution in some cases is obligated. )
All my designs are LICENSED by me and I own the COPYRIGHTS so you will be safe knowing you wont have any problems in the future with infringement of copyrights.
On occasion stock imagery may be used, thats why they are there for to being with. But I only use graphics with commercial licenses, meaning I am able to sell them on to you and you are free to use them as you wish. However the stock imagery I use is in most cases heavily edited and / or used only bits and pieces, so you’re not going to find a duplicate logo just hanging around out there, worry not.
You get many files in different file formats that are ready to use. They will work both for digital ( watermark ) and print use ( business card, stickers etc ) flawlessly, without pixelation. All files are high resolution and delivered organised in folders / subfolders along with information and direction text.
~ View my past client work here ~
If you are interested in seeing my work and what I have created for past clients then click the link below:
Your logo is probably THE most important investment you’re going to make in your businesses identity.
I look forward in helping you with any graphic design and creative need.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

There are steps for easy communication and fast successful results which I will guide you through, once we begin our collaboration
In order for me to draft a detailed offer for you I will need from you some info:
Your budget ( if you have any )
Timeline / Deadline ( so I can list your product as flexible or to add you in a priority list )
Services you want me to provide if you need a more complete package deal so I can be able to draft a detail offer!
Info about your company and link to your page / website / Instagram so I can see your products, to get an idea of what you do, your colour palette and your look and feel, style etc
Images of logos, designs, ideas, other pages that you have seen and like that will help and inspire us.
STEP 1: We book a briefing appointment to get to know each other and to ask you some basic questions about your business and what you want and need. The offer will be finalised and sent to you in details, once we decide the services you will need me to provide and a couple of days after the briefing.
STEP 2: When we agree upon the offer then we will begin the project detailed briefing of the logo design which is the core of your whole brand. I have a visual brief questionnaire you can work on and we can discuss further details in the appointed briefing appointment.
STEP 3: After everything is settled ( briefing, acceptance of quote, visual brief, I will begin my research and my creative process and after around 7 - 17 days from the date we will establish as your slot date that your project will begin, I will present you some draft proposals that I will believe are suitable to your brand aesthetics.
I am happy for you to send me images of logos that you have seen and like, this often helps the creative process, however I will NOT directly copy a logo for you, and I will not infringe on anybody’s copyright.
In case you found a stock image / vector that you absolutely adore and want it bad, I will still have to buy or acquire the written license and permission from the original artist and be aware that this is not a bespoke or unique logo, that means other people can purchase the graphics from the artist, and you end up having same logo as others. I create the bespoke logos from scratch. I usually draw the sketch idea and then design it digitally in vector file in illustrator.
The vector can be manipulatable and scaleable without "cracks" pixelations and blurs in printing even in a large giant poster.
STEP 4: Review the concept proposals that I will present and then we will begin the revisions, until we create the ideal for you.
Concept Proposal designs I present are 3 - 6 depending.
Revisions done to the chosen proposal: it takes around 5 revisions to achieve perfection.
( Please note that any EXTRA Proposals & Reviews created and done, exceeding the basic number that was agreed within the package deal are + £1 each. Although almost never needed. Please note that if you are not happy with any of the proposals and you wish to cancel the project, at this point you notify me and I stop immediately. and will invoice you only the cancelation fee based on the work done so far and not the entire amount of the offer )
STEP 5: Once your final design is agreed and I begin creating the final deliverable files in all the various file formats needed, no further changes can be made. The final files will be provided via email and a download link within 5 business days upon completion.

What do you love most about your job?

Design is my passion, and I believe that beautiful branding should be accessible to all businesses, no matter how small!
That's why I offer affordable logo design specifically for small businesses and creative freelancers. I want to create something you can be truly proud to show off and start promoting! I love working with creative-driven people & businesses who are passionate, authentic, and ready to make their dreams a reality.

Why should our clients choose you?

I provide, top quality design to anyone who requires my services.
I am legit registered freelance Designer with decades of experience. I have a bachelor degree in Art & Design.
I work with you from start to finish to ensure your new design speaks to you, your style, and your clients. I adapt my style to reflect what is required for YOUR brand.
Don’t make your decision to work with a designer purely on a better cheaper offer nor a seemingly good quality of the logo designs.
The design process and deliverables that you will receive are just as important to a successful logo design project.
Be sure that you are investing your time and money wisely and rule out buyer’s remorse.

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